Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva will be fighting

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva will be fighting


Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva will be fighting a court fight after it was discovered that she be taking a banned chemical

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva is facing the courts after she was discovered to have used the banned drug at an European competition. The Russian organization has promised to appeal the ruling, declaring that it is unfair. The athlete took trimetazidine the drug that is used to treat heart-related chest pain, just days before the Games. However, the ruling imposed on the CAS was so unjust that the medal ceremony was put off until after the investigation had been completed.

The Russian anti-doping service discovered the positive results from a drug test on Monday, which was shocking to the entire world. Valieva was later suspended by the agency and allowed to take part in the Beijing Olympics. It was lifted Wednesday. In spite of the exile, Valieva was allowed to compete in the Beijing Winter Games. The ITA has confirmed the athlete was not tested for a banned substance in December. The test result was confirmed by the Swedish laboratory following about six weeks.

The CAS has cited the work done by the International Olympic Committee's "Entourage Commission" for justification of the suspension. They said this is an illustration of their obligation to athletes and their entourages. The IOC acknowledged the significance of their entourage years ago and set up a committee specifically to perform this. This committee's work has been praised from the CAS. This has made the IOC realise that the members should play a greater involvement in the safety of its athletes.

Individually, Valieva will compete for gold on Tuesday. The team would be removed. A Court of Arbitration for Sport will decide in the matter on Monday. The career of the athlete could be in danger if banned from competing. They could stop her from taking the next steps on her path to professional success. The ban could also impact the team's gold medal. This will make it more difficult to perform in the future.

In October, Valieva took home the European championship in Estonia, but was found to be positive to a heart drug that was banned during the same event. The positive test was conducted just before Valieva was awarded the European Championship in Estonia. She is not cleared. The tournament took place in Finland as well as Estonia as well, and she's scheduled to compete in the team competition on Tuesday. The competition was a disaster for her. was thrown down by a triple axel and landed two more moves.

In the words of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Valieva has been found to take one of the banned heart drugs during December. Fortunately, she recovered and took home the gold medal in the team competition on Monday, and is expected to participate in an individual event on Tuesday. The triple-axel fell over her in practice, but managed to get two combos which amazed the jury. Her reputation, however, was destroyed. Also, her winnings could be in jeopardy if she is exempted.

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