Roto Grip Hustle Camo Bowling Ball Review

Roto Grip Hustle Camo Bowling Ball Review


hustle camo bowling ball

Roto Grip Hustle Camo is an ideal ball for bowlers seeking a smoother, less aggressive ball at an affordable price point. Additionally, this ball provides great hook potential to those looking to add hook potential to their arsenal.

The Hustle Line of balls are the go-to entry-level option. Whether you're getting your first ball or adding a lighter condition ball to your arsenal, this is the ball for you.

VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock

For bowlers of any skill level, the VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock bowling ball is an ideal option. Not only does it provide control and stability in the mid-lane, but its durability makes it suitable for many different lane conditions.

VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock was specifically engineered with durability and consistent performance in mind for HP1 and HP2 lines, offering great stability and versatility to bowlers of any skill level or style. Featuring a 3000-grit pad (texture), this coverstock helps give you more control and grip across the entire lane regardless of your style or technique.

This coverstock features a blend of pearl and solid reactive materials which reduce friction on the lanes. This allows it to shoot farther down the lane before hooking more aggressively as it approaches the pocket on the backend. This type of reaction can be beneficial for both beginner and advanced bowlers who need control early in their game but still want an extended backend motion.

Though more porous than other coverstock materials, this ball does not absorb as much oil, making it less effective on slippery lanes. Furthermore, this type of coverstock reacts earlier than plastic coverstock does, making it perfect for those needing a gradual hook with a smaller entry angle.

Urethane coverstock was first popular in the '80s as manufacturers sought to achieve higher hook potential than what polyester bowling balls offered. Unfortunately, urethane doesn't absorb as much oil, creating less friction than other materials which may make it harder to control.

Hybrid reactive covers are a popular option as they combine the benefits of both solid and pearl reactive coverstock in one material. Hybrid reactive balls make an excellent choice for beginner bowlers due to their more balanced hook that breaks at an ideal point on the lane.

Medium RG Core

The Hustle Camo is a strong and versatile ball that offers a smoother roll than its predecessor, the Hustle INK. Featuring an 80 to medium RG core and VTC Solid coverstock, it's ideal for bowlers looking to trust their ball on both short and long patterns. Furthermore, novice bowlers who don't have much experience with hook balls but want high quality products at reasonable prices should find this model appealing too.

The Relative Gravity (RG) of a bowling ball's core determines its overall strength and track flare potential, as well as how dynamically strong it will perform when drilled by an experienced ball driller. Generally speaking, balls with higher total differentials tend to be stronger overall but may lack versatility in how a skilled driller can adjust these values after drilling.

Another reliable indicator of a core's strength and track flare potential is its total differential, which is the difference between its maximum and minimum RGS. A large total differential allows the ball to present a fresh, dry surface on all revolutions on oilier lanes with increased friction that helps it withstand increased torque and length potential on dry lanes for greater total hook.

This combination is ideal for mid-lane traction and control, creating a more linear reaction down the lane. Furthermore, its symmetrical core shape provides extra energy retention as well as drilling versatility.

The Hustle camo is an effective mid-lane traction and control ball, ideal for bowlers wanting more length on heavier oil conditions. It also makes an affordable option for novice bowlers as it doesn't cause too much damage on the lane and can be used throughout an entire block.

The core's high differential and symmetrical design make the camo ideal for drilling in a variety of lane conditions, from dry to medium-oiled lanes. The coverstock combined with its performance makes this ball ideal for novice bowlers who require an affordable yet reliable ball they can use throughout their entire block.

Medium Differential

The Hustle Camo bowling ball from Roto Grip is the ideal addition to your arsenal. Boasting a symmetric core and VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock, this ball offers plenty of variety for bowlers looking to spice up their game.

This ball features a slightly modified symmetric core from the 20 version that other models boast, along with VTC Solid coverstock polished to 1500 grit level for an incredibly smooth and controllable backend reaction. As a result, you get a high performance ball that can withstand even aggressive lighter oil patterns.

This high-performing ball is the perfect choice for light to medium oil patterns, giving you the assurance to move onto the next one with confidence. It's also ideal when looking for some mid-lane motion or just wanting more flair without going overboard on the backend.

With the right strategy and approach, this bowling ball is sure to be a winner on any lane. Plus, its glossy finish and shiny coverstock will help maximize your time on the lanes for maximum success.

The Hustle Camo is an excellent addition to your rotation, while VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock represents the pinnacle of bowling ball technology. With the right strategies and techniques, this ball will remain a force in bowling for years to come. Perfect for medium sized or larger leagues alike, you can get this ball at an unbeatable price point that makes it a welcome addition to your arsenal.

Versatile Traction Control

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hustle wine bowling ball

Hustle Wine Bowling Ball Review

The Hustle Wine bowling ball is an ideal choice for all levels of bowlers! With its excellent core and cover combination, it provides optimal support to every type of shooter.

Hustle Wine is designed for medium to light oil conditions with the VTC Pearl coverstock, giving it control and cutting through the lane. It accurately reads lanes well and works on most league shots.


The Hustle Wine from Roto Grip's industry-leading Hustle line is an ideal option for both beginner and seasoned bowlers alike. Engineered as a performance ball on dry lanes, this ball will give bowlers control while providing them with reliable performance.

The core of the hustle wine has a well-rounded and smooth-rolling core that offers predictable motion to both beginner and experienced bowlers alike. Additionally, its low/medium RRG and differential provide solid backend reaction that helps you keep your ball on target in the early part of the lane.

This core is ideal for beginner bowlers who are learning to control skid, hook and roll while developing their own styles of play. Additionally, it provides experienced bowlers with a more consistent backend reaction by offering a symmetrical core they can rely on when more expensive cores become too much to handle.

In addition to its core, this ball features VTC Pearl coverstock for optimal grip and length. Furthermore, its large surface area allows it to cover various lane surfaces effectively.

Many bowlers rely on the Hustle core as a reliable option in their arsenals. Its symmetrical shape has been tested and proven effective across various lane conditions.

Roto Grip balls feature a symmetric core made up of metal oxides and resins, surrounded by an outer layer composed of polyester or glass beads that helps give the ball its final weight. This layer also contains some resin for extra grip when in play.

The Hustle Wine ball is designed for use in a variety of lane conditions, from light oil patterns to medium oil ones. While not officially classified as an entry-performance ball on Roto Grip's website, this ball can generally be placed alongside Brunswick Rhino and Burner Pearl in terms of performance characteristics.


The Hustle Wine is an ideal option for bowlers who require a ball that will perform in various lane conditions. It is medium in length and suitable for dry or low oil conditions, making it suitable both for novices looking for their first performance ball as well as experienced users needing strong yet predictable performance on drier lanes.

The Psyched Solid reactive coverstock is an ideal choice for this ball. It boasts a 1500-grit polished finish which helps cut through oil finely and add extra skid down the lane. Plus, its solid surface helps the ball react faster and more predictably than other reactive covers.

This coverstock was specifically created for Hustle bowling balls. The Psyched Solid reactive coverstock helps you read your lane as soon as it hits it, helping you make better decisions on shots and get the most out of your game. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their bowling!

Roto Grip has done an excellent job with this coverstock, as it helps the ball respond to lane conditions and adds additional skid. Furthermore, the ball will remain stable during play for greater gaming precision and consistency.

For those just beginning their hooking journey, this is an excellent option as it keeps you focused and makes you feel like you are progressing with each throw. This will give you the assurance to continue practicing and experimenting with hooking!

As a medium length ball, it should fit the majority of bowlers. It provides more control than a Burner and allows you to play in the mid-lane with some backend motion. This ball is ideal for those just beginning their Hustle line of balls as it offers more options than other low-end entry-level options available on the market.

Lane Conditions

Roto Grip created the Hustle line of bowling balls to meet the performance needs of entry-level and casual bowlers alike. Whether you need your first set of bowling balls, or are a tournament competitor looking to add some high-performance products to your arsenal, the Hustle series has everything you need.

Hustle Wine is ideal for use on lighter oil lanes. With a low RG rating, it rolls faster and stronger at the front end of the lane while its medium RG rating makes it effective in drier conditions at the back end.

This ball is ideal for new bowlers just starting out or experienced players needing more control on dry lanes. Additionally, those with Brunswick Rhino bowling machines should look into this ball as it offers more mid-performance features.

The Hustle Wine has a pearl coverstock that reacts later on the lane compared to its camo counterpart. It can be used on various lane conditions, from medium oil to light oil, making it suitable for both novice and advanced bowlers alike. Plus, with BowlerX Membership Packages you can save even more on your next purchase!


The Hustle Wine is Roto Grip's newest addition to their Hustle series of bowling balls. This series offers high performance for both beginners and seasoned pros alike with its VTC Pearl coverstock and Hustle core, making this ball an excellent option for bowlers looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

For years, Roto Grip's Hustle line of bowling balls has been the benchmark for entry-level performance. Now with the introduction of Hustle Wine and Hustle Camo models, they are taking their line even further in terms of performance.

The Hustle Wine is an easy to roll, medium oil ball that can handle most regular league shots. Its length makes it fit into any rotation perfectly, while also having plenty of hook and control for better accuracy and control in dry conditions. Furthermore, experienced bowlers who have mastered stronger, faster balls but are struggling with keeping them straight should find this ball useful as a backup option if their current cover/core combination isn't cutting it anymore. With two options for every bowler: beginner looking for more performance than what basic balls offer or experienced bowlers looking for something versatile when their strong covers/core combination just isn't cutting it anymore

hustle hoodie

Add Flair to Your Wardrobe With the Hustle Hoodie

Basketball fans and those looking for an eye-catching fashion statement should check out our hustle hoodie. Its stylish design and comfortable fit will have you feeling confident and motivated whenever you don it.

This pullover is crafted from organic French terry fabric and designed with a front pocket for extra comfort. It's lightweight enough to layer under jackets or sweatshirts for extra warmth.

Jordan Essential Pullover

Jordan is an iconic brand synonymous with high-performance athleticwear, and this hoodie lives up to that reputation. This hoodie boasts plenty of details such as an embroidered logo on the chest and durable ribbed trims that will last a lifetime. If you don't feel comfortable twinning with other people's sweatshirts, just pull those flaps back onto yourself; either way, this hoodie will provide plenty of wear out of itself! Crafted with 100% cotton and flannel materials, its high-tech composition keeps you cool and dry while adding stylish flair.

Everlane Track Hoodie

Everlane's Track Hoodie is one of the top sellers in their new collection. Crafted from custom-developed organic French terry, it offers a luxurious feel at an accessible price point.

This minimalist staple features a relaxed fit and front kangaroo pocket to store your phone or keys securely. Crafted from soft yet durable fabric, you can count on this minimalist staple for years to come.

This sweatshirt comes in a range of neutral colors, making it suitable for day or night use. Plus, its wind and rain repellent properties make it the ideal choice for cold weather workouts.

The hoodie is part of Everlane's Track Collection, featuring loungewear and pants made with GOTS-certified organic cotton that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard from farm to factory. This is their most sustainable collection yet and sure to become a go-to staple for your cozy capsule wardrobe.

Alo Triumph Hoodie

The Alo Triumph Hoodie is designed to make you look good and feel good, made from a soft tri-blend fleece reminiscent of cashmere. It also has an up-front collared hood and slim, relaxed fit for a flattering silhouette. Additionally, this hoodie boasts invisible zippered pockets as well as breathable material which keeps your arms warm while staying cool.

With a focus on minimising waste in their manufacturing processes, Alo is an obvious choice when it comes to environmental design and innovation. They offer numerous eco-friendly products from paperless storage units to electric car charging stations. But perhaps their most sought-after product is the Alo Triumph Thruxton R - an alloy bike that perfectly embodies their eco-friendly brand name. You can get your hands on this futuristic ride by visiting one of their curated boutiques or placing an online pre-order.

Champion Cotton Pullover

Champion's Hometown Hustle hoodie is crafted with a soft cotton and polyester blend to reduce pilling and shrinkage for long-lasting wear. Featuring two-ply construction with colored lining, plus the iconic Champion logo on the left sleeve, this hoodie will keep you cozy in style.

Champion has built a reputation for innovation and quality that has cemented them as one of the premier sportswear manufacturers. Established in 1919 by Simon Feinbloom and his sons William and Abraham in Rochester, New York, Champion remains an industry leader today.

Their innovations were initially created with the purpose of improving the fit, durability and cost of their sweatshirts. They were created with input from coaches, students and alumni in mind.

Dockers Classic Pullover

The Dockers Classic Pullover is one of the most fashionable and functional hoodies on the market. Featuring 360 FLEX stretch technology and signature pleated khaki hue, it's sure to become a staple in any modern man's closet. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled polyester - which is more eco-friendly than cotton. Plus, you can get it in various sizes, including plus sizes!

Fear Of God Half-Zip Hoodie

Los Angeles-based artist Jerry Lorenzo's Fear Of God Half-Zip Hoodie is an essential addition to your streetwear collection. Inspired by classic retro styles, this LA label's clothing is constructed from plush fleece in a relaxed fit for breathability and features the brand's logo plaque on the chest for easy identification. Perfect for cool days, this versatile piece has plenty of warmth under it!

This hoodie is constructed with 80% cotton and 20% polyester for durability, making it suitable for daily wear. Choose from an array of colors to match your favorite jeans and sneakers - the perfect look-alike piece that works well in any season! Get it from Essentials Hoodie today for the perfect addition to your closet - click the button below to add it to your wish list!

J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie

Cashmere sweaters are a go-to for celebrities and street style icons alike: They look super cozy when worn. And with this winter's price drops on high-quality pieces, there's no excuse not to treat yourself to one of these cozy luxe hoodies!

J.Crew offers a wide selection of colors and sizes to fit everyone's style, but they also take great pride in the quality of their clothing. This cashmere crewneck sweater is made from certified Mongolian cashmere, making it softer and more durable.

You might want to purchase this sweater for yourself, but it also makes an ideal gift for friends and family. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but its soft cashmere construction ensures it will last years at a time.

Mack Weldon Zip-Up Hoodie

Mack Weldon is an excellent direct to consumer brand that produces reliable and comfortable men's basics. They've translated their tech fabrics into effortlessly wearable designs that make sense whether you're hitting the gym or just hanging out on weekends.

They offer a rewarding loyalty program that rewards level 1 members with free shipping and other perks after spending $200 in their shop. This No Middleman favorite is essential for anyone looking to add a hoodie to their collection.

The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Sweatshirt is a full-zip hoodie featuring microbrushed French terry exterior and cotton jersey lined interior, plus thoughtful details like stretch rib side panels and an interior stash pocket. Available in an array of colors to match your activewear wardrobe perfectly, the Ace Crew Sweatshirt will keep you cozy on cool days.

American Giant Classic Pullover

American Giant's classic hoodie is an American icon, proudly made in America. Available in two fits and over half a dozen colors, you'll want to take it with you wherever life takes you!

This hoodie is made of heavyweight cotton, making it the ideal material for a sweatshirt. Not only does it feel rugged and warm when touched, but its non-snag design won't pill or snag when washed repeatedly like polyester blends may do.

Finishes such as drawstring cords tipped with plastic aglets, zippers manufactured in Georgia by YKK, a logo tag sewn into the lower left hemline, and seam tape covering inside shoulder seams can make all the difference between a quality hoodie and one that's disposable.

Todd Snyder Terry Sweatshirt

The Todd Snyder Terry Sweatshirt is a timeless piece perfect for wearing post-swim or post-jog. Crafted from organic cotton with textured slub knit construction, this shirt will take on an aged look after just one wash.

This luxurious product is made with softly structured French terry from a family-owned factory in Canada and boasts classic details like the fixed hood, kangaroo pocket and ribbed hem and cuffs. Available in three colors: Hunt Club, Tuscan Terracotta and Antique Aqua.

In addition to this hoodie, the Todd Snyder x Champion drop includes two leather varsity jackets with Melton wool sleeves. Each features a chenille chest patch and is emblazoned with team logos from Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks or Golden State Warriors.

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