roster miami heat

roster miami heat



From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrosterros‧ter1 /ˈrÉ’stÉ™ $ ˈrɑːstÉ™r/ noun [countable] 1 a list of the names of people on a sports team, in an organization etcon a roster The club has outstanding players on the roster.roster of The campaign has a roster of 500 volunteers.2 LISTa list that shows when each person in a group must do a particular job SYN rota British English duty rosterExamples from the Corpusroster• We organized a roster for cleaning the house.• The organisation and roster of labour was much the same as usual.• Williams took Carney's place on the Miami Dolphin roster.• I noticed that my name was not on the night duty roster.• Here is the duty roster for all the members of the scout troop.• An informal survey of current major league rosters reveals nearly 50 athletes who once viewed themselves somewhat different defensively.• Nor was the record roster to be spared.• The nightclub's roster has always featured young punk bands.• The conference coaches will vote on the remaining seven roster spots for each squad.• Heavy losses from the roster may damage him, but heavy-handedness will hurt more.• Each cell has its own location and time of appearance in the roster of cell divisions.• And when the roster was called on evacuation, he was missing.• Towers said Arias, 25, likely will be promoted to the Padres when the rosters expand in September.on a roster• Each day, congress leaders have attended court, apparently on a roster.rosterroster2 verb [transitive] LISTto put someone’s name on a roster→ See Verb tableOrigin roster (1700-1800) Dutch rooster “frame for cooking things on, list”, from roosten “to roast” According to the roster, bench number 5 will consist of Justice Manzoor Malik, Justice Sardar Tariq and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and bench number 6 will comprise Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Yahya Afridi.


a list showing the work, duties etc that people are to do. a duty roster. rooster سِجِل، جَدْوَل الخِدْمَه разписание relação / lista de a fazeres rozpis der (Dienst-)Plan turnusliste κατάλογος υπηρεσίας lista töögraafik فهرست؛ صورت کار työvuorolista liste, tableau לוּח תוֹרָנוּת कार्यक्रमावली, नामावली, सूची, तालिका popis, lista munkarend, beosztás daftar tugas nafnaskrá, verkefnalisti elenco, lista 勤務表 근무 당번표 sÄ…rašas, tvarkaraštis (dežūru u.tml.) saraksts; grafiks jadual kerja rooster vakt-/ordensliste lista فهرست rol listă (de serviciu); tablou список rozpis seznam spisak tjänstgöringslista บัญชีรายชื่อ görev listesi, nöbet cetveli 值勤表 розклад нарядів; список обов'язків نظام اوقات bảng phân công 勤务册





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