Robert Sarver - How Much Did Robert Sarver Pay For the Suns?

Robert Sarver - How Much Did Robert Sarver Pay For the Suns?


Robert Sarver - How Much Did Robert Sarver Pay For the Suns?

how much did robert sarver pay for the suns

It has been a long road towards justice for the Florida Suns and Robert Sarver. He sold the teams last year, but his decision was not the end of the story. He was criticized for his inequitable conduct towards female employees, and he was challenged to invest in the players and their development. However, the first step in the journey to justice for the team's players and the Suns' organization has been taken.

Investing in players and their development has been a challenge

The Phoenix Suns owner has been under scrutiny for years. But the latest controversy seems to have dropped during the dead part of the NBA offseason. While the Suns have gotten back in the playoffs, they have been losing for the past several years. They have also made a number of mistakes, including picking the wrong players.

One of the biggest criticisms of the team is that the Suns have been cheap. Although they haven't won a championship yet, the team has reached the Western Conference finals three times. It seems as though they're in for a good run this year. If they win the West, it will be their first NBA Finals since 1993. However, if they don't, they'll be in the same boat as the Clippers.

While there's no question that the Suns have been one of the worst teams in the league, there's no reason to believe that the organization is unable to improve. For the most part, the owners have put money into training, improving equipment and trade deals. In addition, the organization has done a lot to better its HR department.

Robert Sarver purchased the Phoenix Suns in 2004 for $401 million. Since then, he's overseen a number of renovations, including upgrading the team's arena. He also donated $20 million to local non-profits. He helped spearhead a program that boosted graduation rates in the city's high schools.

Sarver has also served as an executive vice president and director. He co-founded a real estate investment company and was executive chairman of the Western Alliance Bancorporation. He's also been an active member of the credit committee of the National Bank of Arizona. Before taking over the Suns, Sarver also ran Sumitomo Bank of California for three years.

While the NBA hasn't reprimanded other owners like it did with Sterling, they've taken the appropriate measures. This includes suspending Sarver for one year. Additionally, the team has given investigators access to their human resources records, as well as a "training program" for workers who commit workplace misconduct.

A key finding by outside investigators, likely spared Sarver from a stiffer penalty. The organization also made a $10 million donation to organizations that focus on racial and gender issues in the workplace.

There are certainly a number of reasons to believe that Sarver's actions haven't been the best. While his apology is the right one, it's still not the most sincere. His statement was made with the NBA ruling in mind. Even LeBron James has weighed in on the matter, saying that his punishment wasn't sufficient.

The most important lesson is that the best way to make an organization successful is to invest in players and their development. Whether that involves financial support, training or trade deals, it's important to follow through with the process.

Inequitable conduct toward female employees

Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns, has been suspended from the NBA for a year for violating the league's workplace policies. He is not allowed to attend any games, team events or business operations. In addition, the Suns and Mercury must take steps to improve the workplace.

According to an ESPN story that was published last November, Sarver "engaged in inequitable conduct toward female employees." The report also included allegations of racism and misogyny. It revealed that Sarver made sexist remarks about female employees' appearances and appeared to engage in "sex-related comments."

During his time as a Suns/Mercury team owner, Sarver made vulgar comments about the genitalia of women, and he reportedly used the N-word at least five times. Although he claimed to have recalled only one incident in which he used the word, it was enough to warrant a year-long suspension.

After being accused of demeaning employees, Sarver was forced to undergo a training program focused on proper workplace conduct. He was also told that he can't be involved in the business operations of the Suns and Mercury, and he can't attend board meetings or other league-related events.

On the same day, the NBA announced that Sarver will be fined $10 million for his inequitable conduct. The league said it will donate the funds to organizations that address gender issues and racial discrimination. The league said it will also establish a new reporting system and hold regular meetings with human resources.

Sarver's inequitable conduct was found to be a violation of the NBA Constitution. Commissioner Adam Silver said he has the authority to impose a penalty in the best interest of the NBA. There has been a recent history of workplace misconduct in the NBA, including the Dallas Mavericks and Washington Commanders.

During the investigation, investigators reviewed 80,000 documents and interviews with 320 people. They also conducted a review of text messages. Finally, an outside firm was hired to evaluate the workplace. A 36-page report was written by a firm known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. This firm authored the report and it was a well-rounded study that explained Sarver's behavior.

Despite Sarver's actions, he took responsibility for them and welcomed the NBA-mandated investigation. He told the investigators that he was aware of the efforts the Suns and Mercury had taken to promote equity and diversity and he told them that he was involved in social justice initiatives.

The NBA's response to Sarver is relatively light, and it seems as if it was simply a superficial punishment. But that's not to say that the league hasn't dealt with similar situations in the past. The NBA has imposed life-long bans on owners like Donald Sterling, and it's important to remember that this isn't the first time that the league has punished a team owner.

His decision to sell the teams has been just the "first step in the long road toward justice"

The Phoenix Suns have been around for nearly two decades. They have a lot of money to spend and a lot of fans to please, and while they are not a household name in the sports world, they do have the distinction of being the oldest team in the NBA. While they haven't had a winning season in almost three years, their fan base has remained loyal to the franchise. This is in part due to their storied owner Carlos Sarver, a man who made the Phoenix area a better place to live and work. His success has been a product of his determination to do things right, and his ability to bring people together under one roof.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the team is why the ol' sun decided to hang it up on the vine. Several former players have voiced their displeasure over the team's decision to sell. After a series of meetings and a plethora of reams of paper, the Suns have decided to sell their roster, including star guards Marvin Bagley and Tyson Chandler, as well as former forwards Devin Booker and Alex Len. And while the franchise is going to lose a few good players, they will be able to replace them in the coming draft. With a potential influx of new faces, it is a perfect time to shake up the old crew, and perhaps spiff up the team's image.

What about the new ownership group? It's going to be an interesting exercise to see if the next gen scouts can put the moves into action and whether or not the new owners will be a match for the former duo. In the meantime, the fans can keep their swag and hope that Sarver can find a way to make it up to the new folks.

Hopefully, the next generation can be a good steward to the Suns' legacy, and the fans can look forward to the franchise's finest years in Phoenix. As with all business decisions, the process should be handled with care, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds. Of course, there are always worse things that could have happened. If you're looking to sell your team, be sure to read up on the current state of affairs, and then decide for yourself. You may be surprised by how much it could be worth. Hopefully, the best of the best will be the right move for you and your team.

Things to Know Before Going on a DMZ Tour

how many miles long is the dmz

The DMZ, also known as the Demilitarized Zone, is the demarcation line between China and North Korea. It is a fenced zone that runs along the border of the two countries. While most of it is used for military purposes, it is also a great place to visit, especially if you are interested in learning more about the history of the two countries. Here are a few things to know before going on a DMZ tour.

DMZ tours

The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is one of the most well-known military sites in the world. It's a heavily guarded border between South Korea and North Korea, and it can only be reached by taking a DMZ tour. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer tours. However, it can be tricky to navigate the DMZ. You need to check with your guide or tour company first, and then bring a passport.

There are two main areas of the DMZ that you can visit. The south side includes several parks, observation towers, and museums. On the northern side, you can visit Panmunjom, the largest remaining outpost.

In fact, there are many things to do in the DMZ, such as seeing the Siberian tiger. Many travelers flock to the zone to see the tiger and learn more about the Korean War.

There are also some interesting museums and sites in the DMZ. One of these is the Military Armistice Commission Conference Room. This building is located in Panmunjeom. Taking a tour here isn't mandatory, but it's a great idea to get a look.

Several companies offer full-day DMZ tours. These are ideal for tourists with limited time who want to see more than just the DMZ. They typically visit the DMZ in the morning, and then take a trip to the Joint Security Area (JSA) in the afternoon.

Another noteworthy thing to do in the DMZ is take a short ride on the 'Friendship Bridge'. This bridge is part of a single railway line that connects the South and North. A DMZ tour takes you to the bridge, but not all tours are able to take you across the bridge.

The Demilitarized Zone is home to a large number of exotic bird species. If you have time, you might also consider visiting the contemporary art museum, or a three-hole golf course.

To get the best deal, try booking your tour at least 48 hours in advance. You'll also need to carry your passport, which will be checked by the Korean army. Visitors who do not have a passport will not be allowed into the DMZ.

DMZ demarcation line

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) divides the Korean peninsula into two countries. It is one of the world's most heavily fortified borders. As such, only military personnel are allowed inside. However, it's possible to visit the DMZ and see what it's all about.

There are no tanks or heavy weapons allowed inside the DMZ. However, armed conflicts have occurred here in the past. Some incidents have been serious. But if you want to see the DMZ up close, you'll need to book a guided tour.

The DMZ is also home to many endangered species. Some have been reintroduced since the DMZ was closed in the 1970s. Others are in the process of regenerating. Conservationists are hopeful that much of the area will remain protected as a nature preserve.

The South Korean side of the DMZ is home to several observation towers and museums. Visitors need to follow strict regulations and stay with military escorts. They must abstain from signaling, waving, pointing, and taking pictures.

North Korea is home to a model village of Panmunjom, which is located on the Military Demarcation Line. It is also the site of the 1953 truce that ended the Korean War.

Both sides have deployed large contingents of troops in the DMZ. At least one million people are stationed in the two countries.

In addition, the DMZ is home to hundreds of landmines. One of the most important sites to see is the Joint Security Area, which is the only point where the two sides meet. Originally a military post, the area has become a tourist attraction for both sides.

Visiting the DMZ will give you a real taste of the divided Korean peninsula. You will be able to learn more about the history and culture of each country. If you're looking for a DMZ tour, check out Koryo Tours.

Another place to check out is the Imjingak Nuri Peace Park, which is located outside of the DMZ. This is also home to rare plants that are starting to sprout.

The DMZ is a 160-mile long scar of land, which divides the Korean peninsula. It is the most heavily fortified border in the world.

Nature preserve

A DMZ is a narrow band of land, typically about three to eight miles wide, that separates two countries. This border is surrounded by fences. It is often used as a boundary between the two nations.

The DMZ in Korea is one of the world's most heavily militarized borders. Both countries have large military forces. Thousands of land mines pepper the landscape.

Over the years, scientists have made numerous studies on the area. Their observations have uncovered a diverse ecosystem, including rare mammals and plants. Scientists estimate that 67 percent of all Korean species live in the DMZ.

In addition, the area is home to hundreds of species of fish. There are also 45 types of amphibians. Several of these are endangered species.

Since the war, both sides have deployed over a million troops. Moreover, the DMZ is strewn with a huge number of landmines. Consequently, access to the DMZ is sometimes restricted when tensions rise.

Despite these difficulties, the DMZ is an international trade hub. It is a tourist attraction, with 1.2 million visitors a year. Visitors can choose from a variety of tour itineraries. Those on the South Korea side can visit museums and observation towers. On the North, they can take a tour of Panmunjom.

DMZ tours include a contemporary art museum, a three-hole golf course and a chance to meet defectors from North Korea. There are also off-chance celebrity sightings. Travelers can book tours through the United Service Organizations (USO). Tours start at $36 for a half-day adventure.

One of the most interesting points of interest is the Joint Security Area, also known as Panmunjom. It is located near the western coast of the peninsula. Originally, it was the only connection between the two sides. However, in 1953, it was the site of negotiations that ended the Korean War.

The DMZ is considered the last frontier of the Cold War. As the peninsula becomes more urbanized, the natural ecosystems in the DMZ are becoming more threatened.

Fortunately, the Korean government has taken on the responsibility of preserving the area as a national priority. It has also forwarded proposals to establish a transboundary nature park. If this happens, it could be a step towards peace between the two Koreans.


The Demilitarized Zone is the world's most heavily fortified border. It has been closed to human interference for almost six decades. One hundred and sixty miles long, the DMZ is divided between North and South Korea.

In 1953, the Korean Armistice Agreement set up the DMZ. It marked the end of the Korean War. A 2,000 meter buffer was agreed upon between the two sides. Soldiers from both sides patrol the DMZ.

The DMZ has been the site of saber-rattling between the Koreas. Experts estimate that 60 percent of North Korea's artillery is within the DMZ. As a result, the two nations deploy over one million troops on either side.

Both sides of the DMZ have made a number of attempts to breach the barrier. They have built tunnels and fortified installations into each other's territory. There have also been numerous skirmishes and casualties within the DMZ.

The DMZ is home to a large number of landmines. Several endangered species live here. According to the Ministry of Defense, 1.8 million landmines are scattered throughout the area. Some conservationists have proposed that much of the area be protected as a wildlife nature preserve.

The DMZ was created by an armistice agreement signed on July 27, 1953. Its purpose was to serve as a ceasefire until a final peaceful settlement could be reached. Until last year, a number of propaganda broadcasts were transmitted over the DMZ into each other's territory. But those broadcasts ended after the military agreement.

In 1976, a concrete wall was built along the DMZ by US forces. It's three to seven meters wide at the upper portion and ten to 19 meters thick at the base. On the upper edge of the DMZ, it's dotted with gun embrasures and lookouts.

In 2000, there were 19 fires in the DMZ. These fires detonated 703 landmines. Many of the villagers in the area evacuated after the fires.

There are a number of places to visit while you're in the DMZ. One of the most popular is Panmunjom. This is the main village in the DMZ.

How Much Did Robert Sarver Buy the Suns For?

how much did robert sarver buy the suns for

If you've ever wondered how much did Robert Sarver buy the suns for, you've come to the right place. We've got all the details on the deal - including how much he paid for them, which was a lot.

WNBA team prices are hard to come by

A WNBA team isn't cheap, but it's also not free. While the league has received a lot of handouts from the NBA, it's not generating enough revenue to support its pay structure.

For a number of reasons, the WNBA has been in dire need of increased funding for a long time. The NBA casts a big shadow over the league, and some team owners are looking to invest heavily.

One of the most common complaints from WNBA players is the lack of pay. Teams can only exceed the salary cap during the regular season. This means that teams can resign their stars to more lucrative deals, but can only waive players if they have to.

Another issue is travel. Several WNBA teams have struggled with commercial travel. And in 2022, that problem is expected to get worse.

The WNBA has a number of solutions to the travel issues. Charter flights are one option. In addition, players may earn performance bonuses based on their team's success.

Some players choose not to play because of the risk of waiving their rights to a future WNBA contract. If a player does choose to leave, however, they can't restructure their current contract.

Another solution is to provide charter flights to professional athletes. This would alleviate the need for additional travel stress and would enable them to take the same time to learn the ropes of their new role on the court.

The WNBA is also considering a revamped postseason format. This could add eight playoff games, reducing turnaround times for teams. But a WNBA expansion would also create a competitive disadvantage for other teams.

Unlike the NBA, the WNBA is also looking to attract fans to its courts. The league will expand its regular season from 32 to 36 games in 2022.

Although the WNBA is 25 years old, it's already in search of a distinct identity. Breanna Stewart has called for a soft salary cap, and Commissioner Cathy Engelbert has voiced concerns about the development of young talent. It's all part of a long term plan to grow the league.

Bob Iger is a former CEO of the Walt Disney Company

Bob Iger is a former chief executive officer (CEO) of The Walt Disney Company. He was appointed to the job in 2005 and served in the role until February 2020.

In his career with Disney, Bob Iger helped expand the company's global presence. During his tenure, the company acquired several major entertainment brands, including Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox. This enabled the company to create strong results.

During his tenure at Disney, Bob Iger climbed the show business ranks to become one of the most powerful businesses in the world. He also built a reputation for talent-friendly management. Among his many honors, he was a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame.

After a successful stint at the company, Bob Iger stepped down as CEO. He was replaced by Bob Chapek. But the two have a complicated relationship. There's an oil-and-water relationship and a difference in style.

Despite his successes, Bob Iger had a falling out with Disney fans. The company's stock fell 40% in 2022. It was trading at a discount of under $100. However, the company's annualized shareholder returns were higher than its rivals.

According to Forbes, The Walt Disney Company is one of the best employers in the world. That's because Bob Iger worked to improve the company's culture and the trust between its employees.

Earlier this year, Bob Iger was a guest at a conference for Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. In January, he was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. Later that month, he and his wife, Willow Bay, founded an endowed scholarship to help boost diversity in the media industry.

Bob Iger is a longtime friend of Elton John. However, he never attended a concert. During the first three years of his tenure as CEO, Disney lost $1.5 billion. Moreover, the company's streaming division lost a significant amount of money.

Despite Bob Iger's fallout with Wall Street and his former team, he remains a respected figure at Disney. He is credited with creating a blueprint for the company's international growth. And he is responsible for restoring balance between the company's creative and operational divisions.

Joe Tsai's $3.3 billion purchase of the Brooklyn Nets is the most expensive team sale in the NBA

The Brooklyn Nets have been sold to Joe Tsai, the co-founder of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. In addition to a 49 percent stake in the team, Tsai has also purchased the operating rights to Barclays Center.

While the Nets have fallen short of the playoffs in recent years, they are a team that has been in the New York market for a long time. They have long been considered second to the Knicks in terms of market share.

Buying the franchise will be a major step for Tsai. He is a native of Taiwan and attended Yale University. Before moving to China, he had worked at the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell.

Joseph Tsai was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1964. He went to Yale to study law and economics. Later, he earned a bachelor's degree in East Asian studies.

In April 2018, he made the largest purchase of an NBA franchise. After purchasing a 49 percent interest in the Nets from Mikhail Prokhorov, he agreed to pay a total of $1 billion for the franchise.

He then bought the Barclays Center and the operating company for a total of $3.3 billion. The deal was a coup for Tsai, who was able to secure the largest NBA sale ever.

As part of the deal, he signed an operating support agreement with the NBA. That is the same deal that gave him the opportunity to buy the rest of the Nets two years early. Among other things, he had to provide the arena with all the necessary funds for PILOT bond payments.

While the Brooklyn Nets have been a dud, there have been a number of positives to come from the sale. For one, Tsai is expected to make the team more popular. A new TV deal, signed during the 2017-18 season, is expected to bring in a minimum of $50 million a year.

The deal is subject to the approval of the NBA's Board of Governors. If all goes as planned, Tsai will become full owner of the team by the end of the month.

Robert Sarver's life lessons as a suns owner

The Phoenix Suns have finally reached the NBA Finals for the first time in almost two decades. But before they even started, their owner Robert Sarver faced a lot of criticism. He was found to be racist, misogynistic, and abusive. In an attempt to fix the situation, the league suspended Sarver for one year.

As owner of the Suns, Sarver tried to show the fans that he was a good boss. However, he also caused pain for the team's employees. His conduct included racially insensitive language, unequal treatment of female employees, and inappropriate physical contact with male employees.

The owner of the Mercury and the Suns is also a real estate mogul. He is the owner of a controlling share of Real Club Deportivo Mallorca and is involved in banking.

Sarver's bank is the Western Alliance Bank. It's key management team has remained the same since 1995. Many people who have worked for the bank have spent years learning to distinguish racism from white privilege.

Sarver has also been accused of sexual harassment and sex-related comments. He's said that he has learned from his mistakes. Yet, some former employees have pointed out that he has a history of making inappropriate comments. For instance, he bragged to a woman about the size of her genitals. He's also questioned why all women cry.

One of the Suns players, Devin Booker, was stunned by the report. Before he was drafted, he heard statements from Stephen Curry and CJ McCollum that were "disrespectful" and made him feel uncomfortable.

There is a good chance that the Suns will be in the NBA Finals next year. However, the team hasn't signed the team's newest star, Ayton, to a contract extension.

As the owner of the Suns, Sarver has a lot to answer for. Not only did he use the N-word, but he also sent pornographic material to male Suns executives.

If the NBA is going to punish the owner of the Phoenix Suns, they should be more severe. That could include a thorough review of the team's documents and a legal battle.

How Many Soldiers Are at Minas Tirith?

how many soldiers were at minas tirith

If you are watching the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, you might be wondering how many soldiers are at Minas Tirith, the capital of the Rohirrim. The answer is quite interesting. As of now, we know that Faramir's Rangers of Ithilien are a professional, full-time standing force. However, it is unknown how many other troops are at Minas Tirith and how they are moving to and from the capital.

Dwarves, Elves, and Men

Dwarves, Elves, and Men at Minas Tirith, in the year 2941 of the Third Age, were united against an enemy of all three races. They were all gathered together for the purpose of defending the world. But they found themselves facing a common enemy, Morgoth, who ravaged their lands.

The Orcs arrived from the Misty Mountains, and were led by Bolg. Some of them came to Gelion, and some tried to return north to Angband. However, most of them were accompanied by packs of Wargs, and they were not able to resist the Dwarves.

At the same time, the ships of Corsairs were sailing towards Minas Tirith. Their black sails and Seven Stars gave them an air of doom. These were the ships of Sauron's forces, and their presence at Minas Tirith was not known by the defenders.

Meanwhile, the Lord of the Nazgul gathered infantry and cavalry from the Minas Morgul. He prepared for an attack on the Great Gate of Minas Tirith. His arrows pierced King Theoden's horse, and he fell beneath the snowmane.

Several thousand soldiers from Gondor's southern fiefs arrived to aid the defense of Minas Tirith. Gandalf took over command of the city's defenses.

Logistics of moving the army of Mordor to minas tirith

In order to understand the logistics of moving the army of Mordor to Minas Tirith, we must first understand the forces of Mordor itself. They are 60,000+ strong. This is a considerable number and not easily contained by the siege of Minas Tirith.

The logistical challenge for the Army of Mordor is to transport its basic equipment, food, and supplies to Minas Tirith. There are two primary routes through the area. One is a north-south route that goes from Near Harad to Black Gate. A second is a more direct east-west road that leads to Osgiliath.

The logistical issue is that a single wagon can carry about 450 to 500 kilograms of food and other supplies. That is about ten days worth of food for an infantryman. As such, it would take at least 300 wagons per day to get supplies to Minas Tirith.

In addition, to travel at the realistic tempo of one wagon per two minutes, the Army of Mordor would need a minimum of 2,000 wagons. Moreover, a large portion of the supplies for the army would have to be carried by ship. Tolkien's books do not make any mention of this.

Orcs panicked and began to retreat

The Battle of Helm's Deep, also called the Battle of Green Fields, was a major battle fought during the Third Age. It took place during the night of March 3-4, 3019. It was fought between the forces of the Elves, Men, and Dwarves.

The Elves and Men were defeated in the first day of the battle. Many Elves were killed. There were also a number of Orcs, including Bolg. Some Orcs entered the Blue Mountains. Other Orcs attacked the Doriath border, capturing Caranthir on Mount Rerir.

King Theoden of Rohan was unable to reach Minas Tirith in time to help. He led an army of 6,000 Riders. But he did not allow Sauron's forces to attack him in Druadan Forest.

Meanwhile, the Dwarves rallied to Thorin Oakenshield. They agreed to unite against the common enemy. They were too few to defeat the Orcs. Their defenders included nearly 3,000 Riders from the southern fiefs of Gondor.

In addition to the Orcs, the other enemy force in Helm's Deep was led by Saruman, the Lord of the Nazgul. His eastern army consisted of two battalions of Uruk-hai and Dunland horsemen. These drew up to enter the Deeping-wall from a breach. Using grappling hooks, they tried to climb up the wall.

Faramir's Rangers of Ithilien appear to be a professional, full-time standing force

The Ithilien Rangers of Faramir are a formidable force. They are a professional standing force in the region, able to harass the enemy and bring them to heel. Their uniform is sleek and streamlined, giving them an edge in stealth. It is reminiscent of the Knights in Anglo-Saxon England.

These men are well-trained and well-equipped. In the War of the Ring, they have fought against full-sized orcs. A few of them have been killed. But overall, they are doing well.

Faramir's forces have been fighting against orcs in the eastern part of Osgiliath. He has slain a great number of them.

Hisaelven has been fighting goblins in the Shire and has also been battling orcs in Amon Sul. He is doing well in the north.

On the east side of Anduin, Prince Imrahil and his son Arranel have slain a small number of orcs. They are preparing to assault Osgiliath from the back of the eastern wing. However, this might prove to be too difficult.

The Rohan Riders have also been a force in the region. Their reputation has been good. While their army is a small one, they are perceived as being professional.

Orcs slaughtered Rohirrim by the great tusks of the Oliphants

Aragorn led an army of 7,000 men into the fields of Pelennor, with an aid of 2,000 Rohirrim. The forces of Sauron were routed. However, the Free Peoples defeated the remaining orcs. This is the final battle before the Black Gate.

Before the battle, the women of Minas Tirith were evacuated. Gandalf had already helped the Gondorians hold out against the Orcs, who were unable to enter the city.

In the end, the orcs were repelled, and the Rohirrim were slain by the great tusks of the Oliphants. Although the death toll is unclear, it may have been as high as 2,000.

After the death of Theoden, Eomer became the leader of the Rohirrim. He then led the reformed force into Anorien, where he spoke a solemn dirge to his sister.

He then flew into berserker rage. His rider, Elfhelm, joined him, and he rode three thousand horses into the enemy's camp. These riders were sent along with three thousand men, to attack the northern army of Anorien.

It is not known how many Gondorian soldiers were present, but the Gondorians were not at the kingdom's fiefs. Moreover, the Gondorians were not on the river, as they were unable to reach it in time.

Angband's forces were routed by the cavalry of the Host of the West

The Battle of Sudden Flame was fought during the Fourth War of the Jewels in the First Age. It was a significant defeat for the Elves, although it was only a short battle.

In the end, the forces of the Orcs defeated the Host of the West. Morgoth's forces were routed, but some Orcs tried to retreat to the north. However, some Orcs were hunted down and defeated by Dwarves.

The forces of Minas Tirith had been held up by the defenders of the Falas. The Siege of Angband had been held by the Elves for 395 years. But the Orcs were finally defeated, and the Siege was broken.

Gandalf took charge of the defenses of Minas Tirith. There were three companies of Tower Guard and nearly 3,000 Men from the southern fiefs of Gondor. Besides these, there were Knights of Dol Amroth, 500 archers from Blackroot Vale led by Duinhir, and many fishermen from the Mouth of Anduin.

Fingolfin, a half-brother of Feanor, was reluctant to depart. He pledged his allegiance to Feanor, and resisted the order to withdraw. When he heard about the losses, he was filled with rage. A long struggle followed. As a result, he was killed.

Angmar's forces scattered after the fall of Sauron

Angmar's forces fought and won the Battle of Fornost. It was a decisive victory that resulted in the fall of Sauron and the end of the North-kingdom of Arnor. Afterward, Angmar's forces were scattered, weakened and reduced.

The forces of Morgoth retreated in two fronts. One went south, the other eastward. A few Orcs tried to cross the Blue Mountains, but were chased by Dwarves. Others tried to go north to Angband. However, some of them were captured by Men and Elves.

The forces of the Witch-king were also driven away. They tried to retreat to Carn Dum with some remnants of their forces. But the Host of the West came down from the hills to the plain. And Maedhros and his forces attacked from behind. This caused many of the Orcs and Easterlings to flee. Several Elves were captured by the enemy and enslaved.

Maedhros divided his forces into two armies. He led an eastern army, which included his brothers and dwarves. His aim was to trap Morgoth between the two armies. He would then march his western army across Ered Wethrin.

Several Elves and Orcs were killed in the first days of the battle. Many of the Men of the East and Southrons also died.

How Many Copies of Team Fortress 2 Have Been Sold?

One of the questions that many gamers ask is how many copies of TF2 have been sold. This information is useful for determining the popularity of the game, as well as its profitability. There are also factors relating to the hat market and YouTube viewership.

TF2's popularity on YouTube

If you're a fan of video games, you've probably seen the Team Fortress 2 YouTube channel. It's no secret that TF2 has been around for over a decade and a half. While it may not have the longevity of some of its predecessors, the popularity of the game hasn't diminished. In fact, you'll find a good number of high quality TF2 videos on YouTube.

The most popular TF2 YouTuber is probably Muselk. He's an Australian with a knack for producing some really impressive TF2 content. However, he's moved on to Overwatch, which means he's no longer making TF2 content. On the bright side, his YouTube channel has a massive archive of TF2 content.

DasMxD is also a high quality TF2 YouTuber. He has some pretty impressive videos, including an awesome Source Filmmaker (SFM) series. His most recent effort, Heavy Odyssey, is a must-watch if you're into TF2 gameplay.

Another TF2 YouTuber that's not a total flop is Red Robot. While his channel doesn't have quite the same amount of subscribers, he consistently posts high quality TF2 videos. Not to mention the cool stuff he creates for his Twitch channel.

Aside from Red Robot, you'll find a number of lesser known TF2 YouTubers. FunkE is a relative newcomer, but he's got some great stuff. And Stabbystabby is one of the most active TF2 YouTubers in the early days of the game. There's no telling what he'll do next.

Of course, if you're looking for a high-quality TF2 video, you'll need to subscribe. This YouTuber has more than a couple hundred thousand subscribers. Besides, he's probably the best Spy Main you'll ever find. You'll find a good mix of TF2 gameplay, tips and tricks, and the aforementioned tif.x aficionado.

TF2's popularity on consoles

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooters in the world. It is a free to play game developed by the Valve Corporation. The game has been praised for its unique style of play. Besides its competitive features, the game also features a diverse list of weapons and skins.

Before the free to play update, TF2 was a paid first person shooter game. In 2011, a free to play version was added to the game. Since then, the game has received a variety of updates.

One of the major updates in the early 2010s was the introduction of cosmetic items. These items allowed players to create their own item builds. This added a new element to the game and helped alleviate another aspect. However, it has caused economy dips.

Despite the recent bad updates, TF2 is still a popular game. In fact, it recently broke the record for the most concurrent players on Steam. While it may not be as popular as some recent shooters, the game has a loyal fan base.

During its release, Team Fortress 2 had a cartoonish style. Players could choose from nine classes. Each class had a melee weapon and a secondary weapon. Some classes were better at combat than others.

As time went on, TF2 introduced more game modes. One of the more popular game modes was a battle royale. Another was a campaign. Both added a layer of direction to the team combat.

There are now two versions of Team Fortress 2. The original game is still available on PC. A free to play version is available on the Steam store. Although it does not have the same popularity as the original, the game is still a good option for players.

TF2's profitability

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is an online multiplayer game. There are nine classes to choose from, each with its own set of skills. In addition, each team is comprised of 16 players.

If you want to get good at TF2, you need to spend a lot of time practicing. The game has a high ping, so you may encounter a lot of jitter, and connection timeouts.

However, you can do better than these, because there are a lot of people who play the game, and most of them are willing to give you the items you need. You can find them on trade servers, which connect players looking to trade with those that are actively looking to do so.

Traders can also buy or sell items in the Steam Market. One such site is TF2Outpost. A premium membership gives you 25 extra listings and bumps your trades every 30 minutes.

Another way to go is the spreadsheet. This isn't a mathematical equation, but a surprisingly comprehensive listing of all the available items in the game. It's updated regularly, and it does the trick for most items.

Unlike some games, there is no limit to the number of items you can trade in, but if you're not a good trader, you'll get stuck with the leftovers. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the items you buy is important. Some items are rated in terms of their grade level, which means you can expect to pay more for something unusual.

Other than the above, there is no magic formula for how to maximize your TF2 profits. But if you're willing to put in the time and effort, you should be able to make a small profit.

TF2's hat market

The TF2 hat market has become a hot topic within the community. In a recent article, the developer, Valve, addressed the issue. Rather than just announcing their apologies for the problem, they have released an update that will allow players to keep their Unusual hats or even return them.

While the TF2 hat market is still fairly new, it has already been affecting the overall economy. It is important to remember that many items can only be acquired through trading or through purchasing. Some are also not available for trade.

Currently, the prices on promotional items are gradually going up. This is due to the gradual decrease in the supply of the items. Traders are no longer willing to give out keys for promotional items anymore.

Keys, however, are a de facto currency in the TF2 trading economy. They are used to pay for valuable items on trade sites. As such, the value of keys is fixed.

When a player buys a TF2 key, they can then trade it for other valuable items. These items are then placed in crates, which contain a random item.

Using a combination of items to create a TF2 character allows the player to fully customize their character's persona. This customization can be based on the combination of different classes or the player's character's occupation.

Players can also purchase hats from different occupations. Pyro's 'Brigade Helm', Medic's 'Otolaryngologist's mirror', and Max's Severed Head are among the most commonly purchased items.

Hats in TF2 are significant within a variety of hierarchies of meaning. They are a sign of sexuality, fashion, politics, history, and culture. A player's hat is a way to distinguish themselves from the generic worlds of FPS games.

TF2's resurgence since 2017

One of the most popular and most engaging games on the Steam roster is Team Fortress 2. The game has a sizable and largely loyal fan base. This has helped it maintain a position as the 10th most played game on Steam. While it's been through the mill over the years, the latest incarnation boasts a healthy balance of dedicated gamers and newcomers alike.

TF2 boasts many classes and weapons. Each class offers a distinct set of strengths, ranging from melee to explosive power. The best part is that the community is able to take advantage of this by creating their own content. With the recent addition of community created content to the game's arsenal, there is no reason to believe that the community will fade away anytime soon.

To be sure, it's been a while since the TF2 devs have released a worthy update. But even without one, the game hasn't lost its luster. In fact, it's enjoyed a resurgence of sorts in recent months. Indeed, a quick glance at Steam charts indicates that TF2 is one of the most active Steam player bases of all time.

It's no secret that Team Fortress 2 is a first person shooter. Although it's been around for 14 years, it's still one of the most fun multiplayer experiences on the market. If it keeps up its present tempo, we should expect it to be around for quite some time to come. Aside from its community, it's also got a simulated economy to boot. That is, if you're the kind of person who likes to have some control over what they buy. Whether or not it will stay that way is anyone's guess.

How Much Did It Cost To Make Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?

how much did it cost to make lord of the rings the two towers

If you've been wondering how much it cost to make the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, you're in luck. In this article, you'll learn about the production costs, casting details, and more.

Production costs

Amazon has a lot on its plate with its upcoming Lord of the Rings series. The company recently signed a $250 million rights deal with the Tolkien estate to develop a television show based on the trilogy. That's a lot of money to pay to make a TV show, and it could be a costly undertaking.

According to a report, the Lord of the Rings series will cost approximately $465 million to produce. That's more than a third of the price tag of Avengers: Endgame, which is the largest budget movie ever made. However, that isn't the only reason it's a huge project.

The production costs also include props and costumes, as well as a hefty sum to set up the world of Middle-Earth. Considering that, it's no surprise that this series will be one of the most expensive TV shows of all time.

The rumored number of episodes per season is 20. There's no word on how many movies the series will include, but the first two episodes will be directed by J.A. Boyona.

One thing that's certain about the "Lord of the Rings" is that it will be filmed in New Zealand. In fact, the company has confirmed plans to film five seasons of the series in that country.

As for the production cost of the show, it's likely that the real-world costs will be more than $465 million. But that's still not as much as the estimated $1 billion total budget for the entire series. Still, with the popularity of the trilogy and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy itself, the company may not have a hard time making up that difference.

With the announcement of the show, Amazon Studios is putting its stamp on the world of television. It's the first company to own a television franchise based on a book. And it's expected to have at least one spinoff series. Plus, it will be the most expensive TV show ever made. So it's no wonder that the company is planning to spend at least $500 million on two seasons.

While the production cost of the "Lord of the Rings" series is certainly impressive, it's the story that's most important. If the company is going to spend that kind of money to make a television series, it's probably wise to do something spectacular.

Casting details

If you're looking to watch the upcoming Lord of the Rings the two towers series, you'll need to know some of its casting details. The show is going to feature an ensemble cast of 39 talents. Some of them have appeared in previous films, while others have been announced as new additions. You can see these actors below.

Viggo Mortensen plays Aragorn, who is the Ranger of the North and heir to the throne of Gondor. He's also an expert healer.

Ian McKellen plays Gandalf, the wizard who is an expert in magic. Gandalf's death was a huge loss for the production. It took a few months for the cast and crew to figure out what to do. Eventually, they decided to use a motion-capture system to give the actor the correct movements.

Stuart Townsend was originally cast as Aragorn. However, producers decided that he was too young. So they replaced him with Viggo Mortensen.

The casting process for Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, and the other characters continued. In fact, there were pick-ups during each film. This allowed the actors to reunite again and refine the edits.

Some of the actors who appeared in the film include Peter Tait, who played James Delos in HBO's Westworld. Peter Tait also starred in the Return of the King. Other actors included Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Kip Chapman, Anthony Crum, and Sir Lenny Henry.

One of the major challenges with casting for the two towers was choosing the right Uruk-hai characters. According to director Jamie Wilson, the Orcs were a "reform group" under a new leader. They were hunted for years and had to hide in secret.

Another challenge was the casting of Lurtz, one of the Uruk-hai monsters spawned by Saruman. Lurtz leads an attack on the Fellowship.

While these characters are the main ones, you can check out the rest of the cast by clicking on their names. All the actors and actresses involved in the films will be pictured below. Check out the full casting list for the two towers, and see for yourself if any of them interest you.

Reaction from Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood is starring in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. He is a familiar face to fans, having starred in the original film trilogy. In addition to the trilogy, he has appeared in Star Wars: The Resistance and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

During the filming of the trilogy, the cast became close, becoming best friends. Among the actors, a few were open to discussing issues of religion and spirituality. However, it was difficult to get the right balance.

The screenwriters for The Two Towers were originally going to write the movie in two parts, with the first part having no definite end. Once they decided to make it into a trilogy, however, they had to change the script, resulting in a confusing beginning.

One of the greatest challenges for the adaptation was dramatizing Frodo's sacrifice. To do this, Elijah had to starve himself. But that wasn't the only challenge. There was a large amount of technical work, as well.

In addition to acting, Wood is also known for asking for turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While he is not laughing much in the trilogy, he did manage to smile during the Return of the King.

On Saturday, Wood will be on the Main Stage of the L.A. ComicCon. During the event, he will sign autographs and take photos. Also, a new animated film is coming out, based on the "Lord of the Rings" stories.

In addition to the trilogy, Amazon has been developing the "Lord of the Rings" prequel series. It will be produced in conjunction with Warner Bros. Animation, and it is set to release later this year.

Astin, Boyd, and Wood were supportive of the idea before seeing the finished product. They shared a common goal: they wanted to show the diversity of the cast, a diversity that was previously criticized.

Aside from being a great fantasy movie, The Two Towers also had a lot of nightmarish imagery. It featured countless battle casualties and fatal plunges.

The Two Towers was widely regarded as one of the best fantasy films of all time. It was nominated for six Academy Awards.

Reaction from Peter Jackson

The "Lord of the Rings" movie series was a worldwide hit that took the world by storm. Although the movies had substantial differences from the books, the final result was the same. Tolkien's novel was adapted into three films, spanning over three hours and a hundred and eighty minutes of screen time.

Despite all the differences, the trilogy still managed to win eleven Academy Awards, including best picture. Jackson, who wrote the films, won a director's statuette for his efforts.

There are several reasons for the changes that were made to the series. One of the biggest factors was that the movies changed the chronology of the story. By changing the story's timeline, the plot could move more quickly. However, this also made some of the characters and the story's climax more difficult to grasp.

The book and film also differed in the treatment of some key characters. Elrond, for example, did not appear in the movie. He was portrayed as a villain. In the movie, Elrond is less protective of Arwen and seems to be resigned to losing Middle-earth to Sauron.

In addition, the movie had a number of minor changes. For example, in the movie, Gandalf did not tell Saruman that the Ruling Ring was in the Shire. Instead, Saruman used various sources to determine that it was there. This change was justified by Peter Jackson as an attempt to keep the perception of the ring's power intact.

While some fans are unhappy with some of the changes made to the story, the overall reaction has largely been positive. Those looking for more information about the movies may find a helpful resource on Amazon.

Another important note to make is that the film series did not abide by Tolkien's original timeline. As a result, there are several key moments in the movies that did not happen in the book.

One such scene is the Battle of Helm's Deep. A 40-minute sequence was originally thought to be the climax of The Two Towers. However, in the film, the battle takes place between several characters.

Other major differences between the movie and the books include the changes in the age of Frodo. He grows older and is not as strong as he was in the book.

How Did Robert Sarver Make His Money?

how did robert sarver make his money

The question is how did Robert Sarver make his money? There are a lot of people that wonder about this. Some have asked about the Footprint Center, the National Bank of Tucson, and the Phoenix Suns. Let's take a closer look at this.

Phoenix Suns

One of the first major developments of the past week was the announcement that the owner of the Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver, was being investigated by the NBA. The news came at the height of an investigation into the owner's controversial comments.

According to the report, Sarver had made several insensitive and racially insensitive comments. Some were related to women and others were about dancers. He also sent pornographic material to some male Suns executives.

One sex-related comment was that he "felt he could get local strippers impregnated by NBA players" for free. Another was a reference to Sarver's wife wearing a bikini.

Sarver has been accused of using the N-word multiple times. He's also been accused of making a few sex-related jokes.

As a result of the allegations, Sarver was suspended from the NBA for one year. In the process, Sarver was fined $10 million.

This is a small fraction of the money that he's been able to make from his 401 million dollar investment in the Phoenix Suns. But it's still a big windfall. Despite the controversy surrounding Sarver's actions, there are no major changes to his business model.

A number of Suns employees have alleged a toxic work environment. Some have even gone so far as to resign due to the workplace culture.

In fact, some have even called for the NBA to take action. One longtime employee cites retaliation as the reason for her exit.

Another notable incident was when Sarver screamed at a female employee. While it's not illegal to yell at employees, yelling would qualify as bullying under the Suns' workplace policy.

However, the most enlightening and significant event associated with the Sarver case was the news that the league has launched an investigation. It's not yet known whether the investigation will continue or end.

It's no secret that many employees of the Suns felt threatened by their boss. However, there's no indication that Sarver was the only culprit.

Nevertheless, Sarver should be aware that his actions were in the wrong. On the other hand, he can do what he can to improve his situation and his free agency prospects.

National Bank of Tucson

Robert Sarver, an American entrepreneur, owns the Phoenix Suns, a franchise of the National Basketball Association. In 2004, he paid a record $401 million for the team. His other investments include an interest in the WNBA Phoenix Mercury and a real estate company.

Sarver is also a trustee of the Sarver Heart Center in Tucson. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in business administration.

His father, Jack Sarver, was an entrepreneur who built the Aztec Inn Tucson, a hotel near Speedway and Campbell. When his father passed away from a heart attack in 1979, the family donated his assets to the University of Arizona. This was followed by the establishment of the Sarver Heart Center.

Sarver was a banker and a businessman, but he is best known for his ownership of the Phoenix Suns. After the team's last season, he stepped down from his position as chief executive officer of Western Alliance Bancorporation.

Sarver's parents were active in the Tucson community and his early life was spent there. His father owned several hotels and businesses.

While at the University of Arizona, Robert studied business administration and became a certified public accountant. He also worked for his father's companies, including a thrift and a real estate development firm. The father also built the Plaza International Hotel.

Robert Sarver made his fortune through a number of banking and real estate ventures. He purchased several banks, including the former Grossmont Bank, which was sold to Zions Bancorporation in 1977.

As of the end of 2017, Robert Sarver has a net worth of more than $880 million. His net worth is estimated to increase to more than $800 million by the end of 2022.

Robert Sarver started his career as a part-time employee at his father's company. He graduated from Sabino High School and received his business degree from the University of Arizona. Later, he moved to Phoenix and specialized in business administration.

He started investing in the San Diego real estate market in 1994. He eventually founded Southwest Value Partners, a real estate company. He later sold Emerald Plaza in San Diego to Triple Net Properties in 2004.

Footprint Center stadium

Robert Sarver has made a lot of money in a very short period of time. He cofounded Southwest Value Partners, a real estate investment company. He also founded a statewide bank called the National Bank of Arizona.

Sarver was the chairman of the Western Alliance Bancorp, a financial firm that holds over $50 billion in assets. He has an impressive net worth of $800 million.

Sarver has made his mark with the Phoenix Suns and other organizations. He has helped the Arizona Cardinals organization, including securing optimal training facilities for his players.

He was one of the first to use solar power in a sports arena. The Suns' current home is a state-of-the-art facility that features upscale locker rooms, weight rooms, and practice courts.

During his tenure with the Suns, Sarver led the renovation of the arena. It was the most expensive stadium renovation in the NBA, but Sarver managed to secure some of the funding.

The Suns' new arena, the Verizon 5G Performance Center, is expected to open in 2020. In the meantime, Footprint is making use of its presence in the Suns' swanky new facility.

Footprint, a biodegradable food packaging manufacturer, has made an agreement with the Suns to reduce the amount of plastic waste. They are using compost containers to replace single-use plastic trash cans. These innovations have the potential to help reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the NFL and other professional sports.

One of the most exciting things about the Footprint Center is the way it will help the planet. It is designed to be one of the most environmentally-friendly sports venues in the league.

In fact, it is considered to be one of the most green stadiums in the NBA. With a commitment to making the center a zero-waste building, the company plans to replace all trash cans with recyclable ones.

Footprint is just one of the many companies that are collaborating with the Suns on this project. Their products, which are made from bamboo, sugar cane, and wood, are aimed at reducing the amount of packaging waste.

Business ventures

When Robert Sarver graduated from the University of Arizona, he decided to start his own bank. He is now a renowned businessman. Besides banking, he is also known for his work in the real estate business. His net worth is estimated to be almost $850 million.

Born on October 31, 1961, Robert Sarver studied Business Administration at the University of Arizona. After graduating, he worked in banking for several years. Eventually, he co-founded a real estate development company.

His career has been marked by various controversies. For example, he was accused of racism and sexual harassment. In addition, he was suspended from the CIA for a year. Despite all the negative publicity, Sarver is still very popular with his colleagues. However, his monstrous actions in the past have negatively affected many employees.

Robert Sarver is the owner of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Phoneix Suns of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). The Suns are the second largest franchise in the NBA, and are worth $1.8 billion.

Before purchasing the Suns in 2004, Sarver was chairman of the Western Alliance Bancorporation. The bank was a top-performing bank in the U.S. and ranked as one of the 50 largest public U.S. banks by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

During his time as CEO of Zions Bancorporation, he oversaw the company's acquisition of Sumitomo Bank of California. But he later resigned from his position.

Although Sarver is a prominent figure in the sports world, he is not an ideal choice for any employer. In fact, he is a poor role model for any employee. According to ESPN, Sarver "screamed at a female employee" and "passed around a picture of his wife in a bikini." While Sarver apologized for his behavior, he was also accused of discouraging women from applying for the Mercury roster.

In addition to being a basketball owner, Sarver also owns Southwest Value Partners, a real estate investment company. With the help of his business partners, he purchased Emerald Square in San Diego. Later, Triple Net Properties bought the building for $274.5 million.

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