Raw Winners and Losers: Cody and Sami Cut Emotional Promo On Go-Home

Raw Winners and Losers: Cody and Sami Cut Emotional Promo On Go-Home


Raw Winners and Losers Cody and Sami Cut Emotional Promo On GoHome

After months of anticipation, WWE finally delivered the kind of programming and storytelling fans have been waiting for in the lead-up to WrestleMania.

Monday's show was highlighted by Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn's stirring emotional promo, which should become a staple of Raw going forward. This was an incredible moment that will be watched time after time.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' promotion on Go-Home has been an emotional one. He has been receiving a great deal of attention over the last few years, and many fans have questioned why WWE is so determined to push him so hard when there are others more talented in the business who they would rather leave behind than push Roman to success.

His response to losing at Great Balls of Fire was distinctly negative, and he didn't seem too pleased about it. It was an insightful moment in his career, demonstrating how he felt about that loss at that point.

He has long been vocal about his dislike of Dean Ambrose, and it's evident that this hatred endures to this day. Additionally, Reigns never truly forgives Seth Rollins for breaking up The Shield; during their match in 2022, Reigns displayed even greater resentment towards Rollins.

Even if he may not possess Diesel's fury, he is certainly no slouch when angry. This was especially evident during his WrestleMania 31 match against Brock Lesnar where he endured FOUR F-5s from Lesnar and a Curb Stomp from Seth Rollins before finally being pinged.

Reigns has made no secret of his disdain for Paul Heyman, due to the treatment Roman suffered when they worked together. It's an indication that Reigns has no respect for Heyman's power or position as Tribal Chief.

The Bottom Line: Reigns' emotions are so strong that it can be challenging for him to maintain control, leading him into anger when provoked by those around him. While this can be a positive trait, it also causes him to make mistakes.

It's essential to watch his matches closely, particularly with someone like Roman Reigns who can turn on a dime. He has an immense anger button which can get jammed and when activated, he'll go off in an explosive rage.

The Usos

The Usos are one of the most beloved teams in WWE, having worked diligently to establish themselves as its number one tag team. While they've achieved numerous tag team titles over time, they remain determined to take their career to its next level.

Recently, Jimmy and Jey spoke about their aspiration to be remembered as the greatest tag team of all time. Additionally, they expressed that they would like to pursue a solo career in the future.

Jimmy and Jey have always shared an intense bond, which has allowed them to connect with their audience on a deeper level than many other wrestlers do. This has allowed them to stand out in the crowd and become renowned for their distinctive promo style.

They have leveraged this chemistry to propel themselves forward as a unit, quickly becoming one of the most successful tag teams in WWE. They've won multiple tag team titles over the years and are no strangers to iconic matches.

One of the things that sets The Usos apart is their devotion to their family heritage. They take great pride in knowing and celebrating the legacy of their ancestors, often performing dance moves related to family members during matches.

Another characteristic that sets The Usos apart is their willingness to fight for what they believe in. Throughout their careers, they have always demonstrated respect and dignity when standing up for what they believe in - something which makes The Usos truly remarkable and something they show their fans regularly.

The Usos are a prime example of what it takes to be successful as brother teams in WWE. By harnessing their bond and natural charisma, they've been able to achieve great success within the company.

Due to their success, The Usos are now the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history. Additionally, they have won a number of historic matches, such as the first-ever tag team title match at WrestleMania.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn last appeared in WWE as he was embroiled in an intense feud with The Bloodline and Paul Heyman. It was clearly a trying time for the former Intercontinental Champion. Despite some impressive promos, things appeared to be going south for him.

At the time, Zayn was being painted as a betrayer of The Bloodline by Paul Heyman and it hurt him deeply. After taking a short break from playing in order to express his emotions to the fans, he returned back into the match.

Roman Reigns appears to be set to face Sami Zayn for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber. This match promises to be thrilling, and it will be exciting to witness these two go head-to-head.

In addition to the title match, it would be exciting to witness a rivalry between Reigns and Zayn. Both men possess incredible strength, so seeing them battle each other at WrestleMania would be an incredible spectacle.

Zayn is an excellent character for WWE promotions, but he can also be very unpleasant if mistreated. This is especially true as a heel; even when treated nicely, Zayn can turn into an arrogant jerk if mistreated.

Zayn has the potential to be a superstar. His ring work is thrilling and his comedy act adds energy and anticipation to Raw. If given the opportunity by Vince McMahon, Zayn could make an excellent main eventer at WrestleMania.

After leaving NXT, he has proven that he is more than an athletic comedy act. His impressive ring work and charismatic personality have cemented him as one of WWE's most promising prospects in their developmental system.

Zayn is the likely candidate to be called up and given a shot at the main roster. His captivating ring work and suave demeanor make him an ideal addition for one of WWE's newest megastars.

Paul Heyman

One of the most essential abilities a wrestler must have is being able to cut a promo. WWE creatives appreciate when wrestlers possess this talent, and Paul Heyman is currently one of the best in the business at it.

On Monday night's Raw, Rhodes and Heyman engaged in an intense and emotional back-and-forth that will go down as one of RAW's classic moments. Additionally, it reignited some anticipation about Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes' match at WrestleMania.

In the midst of all this, Rhodes and Heyman shared a touching story about their shared history with one another. It was such an uplifting moment that both ended up breaking down in tears at some point during the segment.

After an extended exchange between them, Rhodes shared with Heyman his father Dusty Rhodes' struggle for financial security while they were growing up. He went on to explain how Heyman helped him out by offering him a job in ECW so they could both survive.

He went on to acknowledge Heyman for aiding his father and giving him the assurance he needed. Finally, he expressed gratitude for everything that Heyman had done.

Once he started speaking, the crowd burst with energy and it was obvious they were loving this moment. It's rare for a superstar to show such passion onstage - something we all wish for more of!

After that, Rhodes and Heyman engaged in another heated discussion, this time surrounding Cody's late father Dusty Rhodes. Here they discussed how much Dusty loved Cody as a son and wished Cody had a son like Reigns.

The conversation between Heyman and Dusty ended with an insightful statement by Heyman: Cody was his favorite son, but Reigns was the child he wished he had.

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