Planet Fitness Near Me

Planet Fitness Near Me

If you are searching for Planet Fitness near me, click HERE to get your local PF club's information and location. At Planet Fitness (PF), you'll make your overall physical and mental health a priority, which will help you melt away stress, enhance your overall positive energy levels, and decrease stress. You'll feel strong and healthy for the daily work routine.


What is Planet Fitness (PFIP LLC)?

Planet Fitness franchising LLC is an American operator of fitness centers located in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company reports that it owns 2,039 fitness clubs, making it one of the largest fitness club franchises by the number of memberships and locations. 

There are several locations across the United States and other countries such as Mexico, Canada, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. In 2019, the company expanded to Australia. PF markets itself as a "Judgment Free Zone" accommodates beginner and casual gym users and is told to be the nation's fastest-growing fitness center club. 


PF has over 800 locations countrywide. The company prides itself on providing top-notch facilities, an unbeatable value, and an atmosphere that focuses on occasional or novice gym users' requirements rather than hard-core fitness fanatics. All Fitness clubs offer a wide selection of brand-name strength equipment and cardio and provide infinite fitness instruction with all memberships.

What's the Age Limit to Get a Planet Fitness Membership?

You can join PF starting at the age of 13 with a parent's legal guardian's approval and they must be present with you during the admission process. 

           Members between the ages of 13-15 must come along with a parent or guardian when they work out. 

           Members who are 16-17 years old must have a signed disclaimer from a parent or guardian on file. 

           Please note that your guests must be 18 years old with a valid ID, except a parent or guardian, accompanies them.





Do Planet Fitness Offer Classes or Personal Training?

They offer several focused fitness training sessions managed by certified fitness instructors to help members get familiar with the gym equipment and create an individual workout plan to follow at their own pace.

These sessions are done in small groups free to gym members and available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also find class schedules on the official page for your club.


The Planet Fitness App

If you want to get the most out of your membership, then download the PF App. It works as a gym in your pocket.

The Planet Fitness App features exercise and equipment tutorials, new training series, workout videos that can be done anywhere, progress tracking, and other helpful features such as an in-club crowd meter to check the club's tenancy before coming in.


PF Crowd Meter

Planet Fitness app introduces “Crowd Meter” to monitor gym capacity. Giving this information, different to each location, enables members to schedule their gym appointments during times when social distancing is easier. The innovation is just the latest safety measure implemented by PF.

Just download and open the PF App or visit your native club's page to access our Crowd Meter. You can find how many members there are in your local club! It just one of the many ways they're doing their part to guarantee you can gym confidently.


Planet Fitness Monthly Fees

  •   There are a few different membership choices at Planet Fitness. 
  •              A Black Card member fees a $1 startup fee, a $22.99 monthly fee, and a $39 annual fee. While that will run you annually for $315.88, and it comes with a few attractive benefits. 
  •           The Black Card membership offers accessibility at any location worldwide so that you can work out on vacations or business trips.
  •           With the card, you are also allowed unlimited use of tanning beds and massage chairs, 50% off drinks, and you can bring one person per day for free. If you're planning on hiring a gym buddy to inspire you, this might be the membership for you.
  •           PF also offers a base membership, which costs a $39 annual fee, $10 every month, and $1 to sign up. It's the more budget-friendly option, though you lose access to the rest of the above-mentioned Black Card bonuses. That means you'll pay extra for massage chairs, tanning beds, and more.
  •           The membership offers at Planet Fitness have exact deadlines and expiration dates. So before you go to the local club, be sure to call a location near you to confirm that you're getting your desired deals.


Planet Fitness Membership

PF prides itself on remarkably affordable memberships and a special Judgement Free Zone, unlike any other fitness club, where members experience a non-intimidating, hassle-free environment.

All clubs include access to state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, fully furnished locker rooms, unlimited small group fitness education by certified trainers, and much more.

Planet Fitness offers the PF Black Card membership ($19.99 a month), which includes the ability to bring a guest every day at no extra fee. Access to all 800+ clubs in the PF chain, HydroMassage bed, tanning, Total Body enhancement booth, massage chairs, and 50% off select chilled beverages.

Additionally, as an admiration gesture for all members, Planet Fitness gives free bagels on the second Tuesday of every month and free pizza on the first Monday of every month.



Planet Fitness Careers

As the world's largest and increasingly growing fitness franchise, Planet fitness offers you several employment opportunities. The following are examples of the types of positions that are available within our clubs.

  •             Team Manager
  •              Fitness Trainer
  •              Store Manager
  •              Multi-store Manager
  •               Cleaner


Being an independent business owner, the franchisee is solely responsible for making their own business decisions, including those about opportunities and employment will vary at each franchised location. If you are an independent business owner and interested in becoming an online personal fitness trainer, you can also explore other alternatives by signing up Future Starr’s website.


What is the Starting Pay at Planet Fitness?

  •           Average Planet Fitness hourly pay varies from about $9.00 per hour for membership Sales to $16.46 per hour for General Manager.
  •           The expected PF salary ranges from about $15,000 per year for an attendant to $103,390 per year for a technical support specialist.

Planet Fitness Prices

  •            Initiation Fee (One Person) $20.00
  •            Annual Fee (One Person) $29.00
  •            Monthly Fee (One Person) $15.00
  •            Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00


PF One Club Access Prices   

  •           Initiation Fee (One Person) $29.00
  •           Annual Fee (One Person) $29.00
  •           Monthly Fee (One Person) $10.00
  •           Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00


Planet Fitness Black Card Prices (All-Club Access)  

  •            Initiation Fee (One Person)  $0.00
  •           Annual Fee (One Person)  $39.00
  •           Monthly Fee (One Person) $19.99 
  •           Cancellation Fee (One Person)  $0.00 

Cheap Gyms Near Me

A gym membership is never cheap. A study reported that in 2014, the average gym member paid $41 a month or about $490 annually for the right to sweat on stationary bikes and treadmills. However, for your convenience, we've compiled five inexpensive gym options below.

1- Planet Fitness Near Me

PF is worth it if you're searching for a cheap and convenient place to use primary resistance machines and get in some cardio workouts. They are almost open 24 hours and completely equipped with an abundance of cardio machines.

PF offers a membership fee of only $10 per month. This takes you unlimited access to the gym equipment. Members can also pick the Black Card membership for $19.90. This provides access to any PF gym around the country and tanning and massage chair services.

You'll also have to pay a yearly fee, which differs according to your membership type.


2. Cardinal Fitness

This gym is small and basic but filled with more than enough fitness equipment such as treadmills, steppers, bikes, and weight machines to get a solid workout.


3. Your Local YMCA

There are multiple benefits to joining your local YMCA. Unlike Cardinal Fitness or Planet Fitness, YMCAs have more extensive facilities offering more amenities. YMCAs come with standard steppers, weights, treadmills, and exercise bikes. But most of them also come with racquetball courts, indoor tracks, yoga classes, fitness classes, basketball courts, pools, saunas, and whirlpools.


4. Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym offers a basic monthly membership costs of $25. You'll also need to pay a $25 initiation fee when you first sign up. But be careful when canceling because Gold's Gym charges a cancellation fee of $89.99 if you break your contract before it expires.


5. LA Fitness

LA Fitness is another affordable gym chain with locations around the country. It's not reasonably stocked with options and equipment as larger health clubs, but it gives more exercise options than other big names.



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