Pics of Travis Kelce

Pics of Travis Kelce


pics of travis kelce

Recently, Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been making headlines due to his love life and recent association with Access Hollywood correspondent Zuri Hall.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will square off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Both brothers will don their teams' custom jerseys on this momentous stage of their lives.

Tight End

Travis Kelce has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL for years. He has won five Pro Bowls, been selected to the Associated Press All-Pro Team seven times and earned himself numerous accolades along the way.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end has quickly earned himself a place of honor in the sport and looks set for great things in the future. Already breaking many records, he has an opportunity to become the greatest tight end in NFL history.

He has quickly established himself as the best tight end in the NFL and is making it difficult for any team to stop him. He's on track to surpass Tony Gonzalez and Rob Gronkowski's career records and may just be the greatest tight end of all time.

His numbers are so impressive that if he keeps up his current performance, the Chiefs could win the Super Bowl in 2023. Therefore, many predict him to be the best player in football for years to come.

Travis Kelce has proven to be a major asset in fantasy football, finishing as one of the top two tight ends six times out of seven seasons and currently ranking 4th among all TEs with 40 or more targets.

But it's not just his stats that matter; he also possesses exceptional leadership qualities and is striving to alter the culture of his position. That's why he has worked so hard on becoming an example and mentor for other tight ends to emulate in his footsteps.

He's been one of the league's most impressive tight ends, recording 127 catches in 17 postseason games and 1,467 receiving yards. Additionally, he scored 15 times during these playoffs - making him the only tight end with 100+ receptions and a touchdown in one postseason game.

Pro Football

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has earned himself a place of honor with his ability to come through in crunch time.

Kelce has earned eight Pro Bowl appearances during his time with the Chiefs, earning him a place on the first-team AP All-Pro TE list for 2020. Additionally, he played twice in the Super Bowl and holds an NFL record with 1,000 receiving yards for eight straight seasons.

He enjoys an excellent relationship with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and their success has allowed him to establish himself as one of the premier tight ends in the league. A big-bodied athlete with great athleticism, his personality adds to it all.

Over his 10 seasons with the Chiefs, he has had an enormous effect on their team and been one of its most reliable players. He's been to eight Pro Bowls, won the Super Bowl twice, and received numerous awards throughout his career.

Kelce was born in Westlake, Ohio on October 5, 1989 and attended Cleveland Heights High School before going on to the University of Cincinnati for his college football career with the Bearcats.

His older brother Jason, an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, was also a member of the Cincinnati Bearcats. As a senior, Jason earned All-American honors for the Eagles in 2017.

Both brothers were talented athletes growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Jason excelled at running back while his sister Emily excelled in football, basketball and soccer. While in high school they represented Cleveland Heights on the national stage.

Following their high school careers, the brothers moved on to college at the University of Cincinnati together. Unfortunately, during their time there they were both suspended for failing drug tests.

Thankfully, their father Ed was there to support them both. He helped them receive scholarships to the university and both played college football there.

Since their college days, the Kelce brothers have remained fierce competitors with one another. They're so close that they created a podcast called "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce," which has gained widespread recognition.


Donna Kelce, mother to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, has been an integral part of Super Bowl week. As one of the most vocal supporters in the league, Donna has attended games with her sons and even donned a custom jersey featuring both teams' colors and numbers.

The Kelce family has always been close, but their bond has been strengthened during their professional careers. Oftentimes, they would stay together on the road during their off-seasons, attending games together and showing support for one another.

Their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce, are unwavering in their devotion to their boys; they've been there when they needed it most. Indeed, Ed has even had a special bracelet passed down from his grandmother that bears both boys' names on it.

Before they became stars in the NFL, Donna Kelce remembers her sons as little kids with big aspirations. In their childhood photo albums, they can be seen playing football, baseball and lacrosse with their family in the backyard.

Even though their father Ed was never a sports star, he helped cultivate their natural talents. Additionally, having come from a military family background himself, Ed could appreciate and understand why both boys had such an intense desire to play football when they were children.

They were raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati to play football. Following graduation, both went pro in the NFL.

Jason and Travis enjoy spending time with their family in Cleveland when they're not playing soccer. Additionally, they spend a great deal of time cultivating vegetables on their nine-acre farm.

In the past, they've donated a significant amount of produce to local food banks and are dedicated to eating healthily. The Kelce family serves as an inspiring example for why it is so important to prioritize healthy foods and physical activity.

She has done everything possible to support her boys during their NFL careers and be there for them when they needed it most. In fact, she traveled over 1200 miles last year to watch Travis, the Kansas City Chiefs player, play during the Wild Card Round.

Personal Life

If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan, chances are you've heard about NFL player Travis Kelce. He's one of their biggest stars and recently won Super Bowl LIV with his team.

On October 5, 1989, 29-year-old football star was born in Westlake, Ohio and played college football at the University of Cincinnati before being drafted by the Chiefs in the third round of 2013 NFL Draft. Since then he's been a part of their success, helping them win Super Bowl LIV against San Francisco 49ers.

Travis Kelce has an older brother named Jason who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles and has earned himself the title of being considered to be one of the greatest centers in history. Along with winning five Super Bowls and five Pro-Bowls, Jason is widely regarded as being among the greatest centers in existence today.

He was also featured on a television show called 'Catching Kelce' in 2016, featuring fifty women from 50 states competing for his affection.

Kelce is currently dating Kayla Nicole. The social media influencer has an expansive Instagram following and serves as a brand ambassador for Savage x Fenty lingerie.

When they first began dating, speculations swirled that they were engaged. However, the couple broke up in August 2020; however, they have recently been seen together again in February 2023 and Kayla's fans believe they are now officially engaged.

Kayla Nicole had already achieved fame as a model before she turned into an online star. Her images have been featured in advertisements for multiple brands and she's won multiple awards. With such an expansive social media following and millions of views on her videos, it is no wonder why Kayla Nicole has achieved such success on the platform.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Most of her money comes from her career as a model and social media influencer.

She boasts a large following on her Instagram account and has even made it to the top 10 most viewed YouTubers worldwide.

Her bio states she has a daughter and has been linked to other men. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, most of her money comes from her career as an influencer.

travis kelce autograph

Travis Kelce Autographed Tattoo

One Kansas City Chiefs fan went to a tattoo parlor and got Travis Kelce's autograph permanently inked onto their arm - what an awesome way to show your team spirit!

On Thursday at their Pro Bowl practice, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce spent time interacting with fans and signing autographs - an encouraging sign of how popular these players are among fans.


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Travis Kelce is an impressive tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and currently ranks 16th all-time in receiving for the NFL. He has started all but one game throughout his career and stands out due to his quickness and knack for making plays in the open field. Furthermore, Travis Kelce possesses remarkable leadership qualities as well as an unyielding drive to succeed at all costs.

Kelce has earned two Super Bowl wins with the Chiefs and is widely considered to be one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. His quarterback Patrick Mahomes believes he may already be considered to be one of the all-time greats.

This item was personally hand-signed by Travis Kelce during a private signing and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Beckett Authentication Services, which can be verified online with its serial #'d hologram attached.

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Travis Kelce was selected in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft by Kansas City Chiefs and has been making an impact ever since. In 2018, he earned himself a trip to the Pro Bowl for the first time. With his ability to stretch field at tight end position, Kelce should prove an ideal complement for Patrick Mahomes in years ahead. Find autographed memorabilia featuring Travis Kelce autographs at your favorite sports memorabilia retailer today - we carry top quality memorabilia from top brands across multiple sports disciplines!

travis kelce pictures

Travis Kelce is a Great Husband and Father

Are you a fan of the NFL, then you likely know about Travis Kelce - one of the best tight ends in the league and an incredible family man!

His mother Donna Kelce is an enthusiastic Kansas City Chiefs fan and she can't wait to cheer him on in Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles. To commemorate their big game, she posted a photo in half Chiefs and Eagles clothing on Sunday.

At 33 years old, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs is making quite an impression in the NFL. After earning eight Pro Bowl selections and seven consecutive seasons being nominated for either first or second team Associated Press All-Pro Team honoree, Kelce now wants to set an example for other tight ends by setting their career trajectory.

Tight ends have two primary tasks: being an excellent pass-catcher and blocking effectively. Although this may seem like an obvious requirement for someone of such large stature, it can still prove challenging for them to achieve success.

Tight ends typically stand 6'3 and weigh 240 pounds, making them slightly larger than running backs but necessary for effective blocking. To be effective, tight ends need to have considerable size and strength for their role.

Due to their size and speed, they're often referred to as jack-of-all-trades players. Although big, fast, strong, they can play the role of wide receiver on certain plays if they possess good body control and make accurate reads with or without assistance from teammates. Such players can be an invaluable asset to an offense if they possess these traits and demonstrate good judgment when making plays.

However, it's essential to recognize that it takes a special kind of player to exhibit these characteristics on a professional level. They need to be big, fast and strong but also possess control over their bodies so as not to give away the play or confuse the defense.

They must possess an arsenal of routes they can run, enabling them to catch the ball either independently or with help from their teammates. Furthermore, they should have the flexibility to improvise and create new route options on-the-spot.

They must also be able to play on both sides of the football, which is often necessary due to the one-platoon system most teams utilize. This enables a team to have multiple players on the field simultaneously and help make up for any shortcomings in playing time.


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Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and was instrumental in their victory in Super Bowl LIV against San Francisco 49ers. Selected in the 3rd round of 2013 NFL Draft, Kelce is widely regarded as one of the premier tight ends worldwide.

In 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 2023 and Kelce is expected to be a key figure. He will make his third appearance for the team and it is predicted that he will make several key plays during this epic contest.

He is a widely-admired player on the field and one of the top tight ends in the league. In 2010, he earned himself a place on the NFL All-Decade Team and has earned three First-Team All-Pro selections for his outstanding performances on the field.

When he was young, his passion for football and other sports like lacrosse, soccer and basketball were unwavering. According to his mother Donna Kelce, he excelled at each sport and she remembers him as being extremely athletic back then.

His older brother Jason Kelce is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and they both have earned notoriety as pro football players. Both brothers have won Super Bowls and remain close both on and off the field.

Both brothers enjoy spending time with their parents and each other. Their dad, Ed, is an attorney while Donna stays at home to raise the children.

They have been close friends since high school and even launched a podcast together last year. Most importantly, both women are extremely supportive of one another - to the extent that their mother is 38 weeks pregnant with their son!


Travis Kelce is unquestionably one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. A beloved member of the Kansas City Chiefs, he's helped them win three Super Bowls throughout his career. Aside from his football success, Travis Kelce has also achieved greatness in his personal life as a husband and father.

He is the son of Ed and Donna Kelce, born and raised in Westlake, Ohio. After attending Cleveland Heights High School, he went on to play college football for the University of Cincinnati.

On Sunday night, the Chiefs prevailed 23-20 over the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game to earn themselves a trip to the Super Bowl next weekend against Philadelphia Eagles. At the trophy presentation ceremony following their win, Kelce took time out of his presentation to recognize Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval.

Before the game, Pureval made some controversial remarks on social media, including suggesting Mahomes wanted him to take a paternity test. Though he later apologized for his remarks, Kelce still had plenty of words for Pureval after the game on Twitter.

Kelce responded to Pureval's video with a statement that could have come straight from Dwayne Johnson himself. His delivery was reminiscent of the Attitude Era and it made for entertaining viewing.

Kelce's mother was immensely proud of her sons despite all the controversy. To commemorate the game, she donned two pairs of shoes - one Eagles' number and one Chiefs' number - each bearing their respective numbers.

Her jeans jacket was split down the middle with half of it featuring Jason's number and Travis'. To complete her ensemble, she added earrings featuring their respective numbers as well as a stylish purse to complete it.

Travis Kelce is no stranger to pro wrestling - he's been an avid fan of WWE for years and often wears a custom WWE belt during the Chiefs victory parade. Furthermore, when he scores a touchdown, Kelce often breaks into some classic wrestling moves!


Brother is someone who shares his mother's womb, has blood relation, love and affection for her, support in any circumstance and presence throughout life. He serves as a partner-in-soul to comfort her when she weeps and an invaluable companion throughout the rest of her journey.

Travis Kelce, the younger brother of Jason Kelce, was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft and is currently their tight end. He played an integral role in their Super Bowl LIV victory against San Francisco 49ers as a key contributor.

He currently has a net worth of $20 Million as of 2023 and owns an Aston Martin Vanquish worth $2,97,775. Additionally, Kelce owns a Mini Hardtop worth $25,000.

Kelce once had an intense relationship with Kayla Nicole, a journalist and influencer. After dating her for five years, the two parted ways in 2022.

Before becoming a football player, Travis was an incredibly gifted and athletic child who excelled in basketball, lacrosse, soccer and baseball. According to his mother Donna, Travis even dabbled in wrestling at an early age.

He was an outstanding student at Cleveland Heights High School and went on to earn his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Cincinnati. Additionally, he was named three times First-Team All-Conference by his peers.

Kelce earned the distinction of College Football Performance Awards Tight End of the Year and was also selected for inclusion on the NCAA College All-Academic Team.

At the end of his senior year, he recorded 45 receptions, 722 yards and 8 touchdowns - earning him the National Association of Sportswriters and Broadcasters Tight End Of The Year award. Additionally, he earned three-time all-conference selections as well as being named Conference USA Tight End of the Year.

He was also named the conference's Offensive Player of the Year.

Kelce wasn't particularly fond of playing football growing up, but after being drafted by the Chiefs he quickly took up the sport and has since blossomed into one of the NFL's premier tight ends.

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