New Mexico State Men's Basketball Suspends Program Over 'New Allegations'

New Mexico State Men's Basketball Suspends Program Over 'New Allegations'


New Mexico State suspends mens basketball program over new allegations

New Mexico State Men's Basketball Suspends Program Over 'New Allegations'

New Mexico State men's basketball has been suspended following 'new allegations' that prompted an investigation and placed the coaching staff on paid administrative leave, according to a university statement. This comes after the Aggies had been embroiled in controversy since November when forward Mike Peake shot and killed a New Mexico student in Albuquerque in what police described as self-defense.

NMSU suspends men’s basketball program

New Mexico State has suspended its men's basketball program amid 'new allegations' while investigating potential violations of school policy, according to the university. Its coaching staff - led by first-year head coach Greg Heiar - were placed on paid administrative leave on Friday. With an overall record of 9-15 this season and sitting last in the Western Athletic Conference, New Mexico State has no choice but to suspend its men's basketball program.

Heiar, a former assistant coach at Mississippi State and part of Will Wade's staff at LSU from 2017-20, was hired as the Aggies' head coach after they went 27-7 during Chris Jans' final year in charge, winning the WAC title and qualifying for the NCAA Tournament. While their Board of Regents expressed support for this decision, no explanation was provided as to why their basketball team had been suspended.

The university cited "new allegations," which it said were separate from the events that transpired in Albuquerque last November. Aggies forward Mike Peake was involved in the shooting but wasn't charged; nonetheless, the school brought in a third-party investigator to look into the incident.

Police reports indicate a female student lured Peake to the UNM campus, and three male students then attacked him. It appears that Peake shot and killed 19-year-old Brandon Travis - also an UNM student.

NMSU officials claim they haven't received a full report from law enforcement yet, but the incident was reported to them as early as Friday night. In a statement released Friday night, the university stated they were informed of the allegations and immediately suspended their men's basketball program.

On Saturday, NMSU had been scheduled to play California Baptist in Riverside, California; however, that game has been cancelled. The team is now preparing to return home.

One reason for the shutdown is that several Aggies were accused of hazing, according to KTSM. An anonymous source informed KTSM that multiple players were involved in these incidents. As per university policy, this offense must be reported and the team has already filed a police report regarding it.

New Mexico State basketball player Andrew Carranza was suspended three times this season, marking their fourth suspension overall and fifth this decade. The Aggies have an excellent track record when it comes to recruiting talent, often appearing in the NCAA Tournament.

The university did not address the allegations directly, but a university spokesperson informed KTSM that an investigation has been launched and several NMSU personnel have been placed on paid administrative leave. Heiar had previously coached at Northwest Florida State College before taking over for Jans when she left to take his job at Mississippi State.

Jeff Goodman of Stadium tweeted that the hazing allegations are unrelated to the shooting at UNM and that the university made it clear these incidents are separate from Peake's predawn shooting at UNM. Goodman noted that "the university has yet to announce an official reason for the indefinite suspension"

Hazing allegations are the latest in a long list of problems for New Mexico State University, which has seen several high-profile departures of leadership. Recently, an ex-president and provost left, while both Chancellors either resigned or were fired within 14 months.

NMSU suspends men’s basketball team

New Mexico State announced Friday night that their men's basketball program has been suspended amid "new allegations" and will not play against California Baptist on Saturday, according to NMSU personnel. These new claims stem from events outside Albuquerque late last year and involve potential violations of university policy.

This season, NMSU is 9-15 and last in the Western Athletic Conference after making the NCAA Tournament under coach Chris Jans. He left for Mississippi State last spring, leaving NMSU with only Greg Heiar from Northwest Florida State as his replacement. Unfortunately, Heiar has had a difficult start to his tenure due to several issues affecting both his team and coaching staff alike.

One of the most pressing matters facing the Aggies is a shooting incident at UNM in November that claimed the life of 19-year-old student Brandon Travis. Mike Peake, an NMSU player, used a gun to commit the fatal shooting.

According to KTSM 9 News in El Paso, Texas, the shooting occurred before a scheduled game between the two schools. The Aggies had been set to travel to Albuquerque for their game against the Lobos on Dec. 19, but that game was cancelled following the shooting and a rematch in Las Cruces was also scrapped.

Investigating the shooting, police discovered that Peake had a tablet with both a gun and ammunition in it. Fearing retaliation for his actions, Heiar loaded his team onto a bus and fled town, leaving only Peake and three other players behind.

Heiar explained that he had his assistant coach Dominique Taylor wrap the weapon in a towel before Heiar and other staffers went to DoubleTree hotel where the Aggies were staying that Saturday and handed the gun over to a New Mexico State officer. Afterward, Heiar called upon his special assistant Lorenzo Jenkins who had Peake's tablet hidden away in a backpack.

After being loaded back on a bus and heading home to Las Cruces, all but Peake and three NMSU players who had picked him up from the hospital and assisted him in speaking to authorities following the shooting, boarded it for Las Cruces.

On their way back to Las Cruces, a few people stopped along a highway in search of evidence that might help police locate Peake and his weapon. It turned out NMSU assistant coach Dominique Taylor, Peake's special assistant Lorenzo Jenkins and an unnamed New Mexico State administrator all had the gun wrapped in towels at their hotel.

Once discovered, the gun was sent to New Mexico State University's legal department and then turned over to law enforcement. The NMSU legal team is currently cooperating with police in their investigation.

Investigators have been particularly concerned about the gun used in the shooting - a Smith & Wesson that is missing four bullets. During their search, law enforcement confiscated both from Peake's hotel room where it was found and also from a backpack containing his tablet.

Super Bowl LVII predictions Can Patrick Mahomes lead Chiefs  Jalen Hurts

Super Bowl LVII Predictions

Both Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs are 16-3 heading into Sunday's Super Bowl. Each team boasts a top-ranked offense led by their starting quarterbacks, making them odds on favorites to win it all.

Patrick Mahomes may be slightly ahead of Jalen Hurts in most passing categories, but the Eagles' ground game will be key for victory. Additionally, Mahomes has missed two games this season due to injury.

1. Mahomes & Company

Patrick Mahomes, the second Black quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl and youngest to do so in league history, has been one of the most dominant players on the NFL field since he debuted in 2018. Mahomes is also the first African American quarterback to be named MVP of an NFL game; further cementing their legacy of success as they've won double-digit games every single season since Mahomes took his place at quarterback.

Mahomes has already made himself one of the best and most beloved players in the NFL, but he can become even better leader. No matter if it's leading his teammates or leading the entire organization, Mahomes is an incredible leader who will be a huge asset to Kansas City Chiefs for years to come.

Mahomes has the unique ability to elevate those around him, which may be one of the reasons he will lead the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LVII. His leadership skills have had an immense effect on their team culture, and it's easy to understand why.

Mahomes has made a name for himself not only on the football field, but also in business. He's invested heavily in Biosteel - a sports nutrition company - and collaborated with numerous prestigious brands.

He has invested in Whoop, a fitness tracker company with an estimated $3 billion valuation. Additionally, he has partnered with HyperIce - a recovery and performance technology brand associated with global stars like Ja Morant and Naomi Osaka.

Mahomes was asked about his potential as a leader and expressed that he believes in inspiring others to do their best and has full faith in himself. He added that he always focuses on the positives and how he can assist those around him.

He is an inspiring leader in his community and strives to ensure all young men in his life are contented and secure. In an interview with The Media, he expressed his belief that kids can achieve anything they set their mind to if they put effort into it.

2. Hurts & Company

Super Bowl LVII, featuring the top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles against Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night at State Farm Stadium, promises plenty of entertaining storylines and sibling rivalries. But it's also a battle of two of the NFL's best quarterbacks - each with the potential to win MVP honors.

Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are two of the NFL's most talented young players, and they've both demonstrated leadership on and off the field throughout this season. Mahomes has been an outstanding performer during a time when passing offenses are becoming more prevalent, and his strong play has earned him the title as clear favorite to win this year's MVP award.

But he will face an uphill battle when the Eagles' defense steps up as a unit. Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon's unit has excelled this postseason and they're currently the best in the NFL at applying pressure to quarterbacks. Philadelphia allows only 182 passing yards per game this season and leads all of NFL pass rush productivity with 78 sacks on the year.

Chiefs fans should expect Mahomes and company to work hard this postseason as they try to overcome injuries to some of their receivers. But Mahomes still poses a threat when throwing the ball, with plenty of chances for success on deep passes.

Mahomes has a history of making big plays in the red zone, but to stay disciplined when under pressure he needs to improve his discipline. That means the Eagles must disrupt Mahomes' progressions and force him into incompletions so their pass rushers have time to attack him.

Hurts is an experienced leader who can set the atmosphere on the field. He was the starting quarterback for Philadelphia during their 13-1 regular-season run this year and led them to a 31-7 victory against San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game.

On Sunday, Hurts has the chance to take his career into the next level and likely put together the perfect game. A strong performance could cement Nick Sirianni as one of the top young coaches in the NFL today and put him on track for true superstardom at 24 years old.

3. The Eagles’ Defense

The Philadelphia Eagles are a two-time Super Bowl champion that hasn't lost in two years due to an impressive defensive unit. Last season they ranked second in fewest yards allowed and currently boast the top pass defense in the league. These talented defenders possess great hands and the ability to make big plays when needed.

Last season, the Chiefs had one of the most productive passing offenses in the NFL; Patrick Mahomes leading the charge. This season he has thrown for over 4,000 yards and established himself as one of the league's premier passers. Additionally, Mahomes leads all major statistical categories with 10 touchdown passes to his name.

Mahomes is an elite football player, and his running ability can pose a challenge to the Eagles' defense. In their NFC Championship victory against the San Francisco 49ers, he ran for 120 yards - proof that stopping him at full speed will be difficult.

Mahomes can stay healthy for Super Bowl LVII, giving his team a great chance at claiming its second title in franchise history. But to do so, he'll need to be at his peak performance against Philadelphia Eagles and their top-ranked defense.

Mahomes is an impressive athlete, but he can make mistakes and must be monitored closely. The Eagles' secondary is strong with two of the league's sharpest cornerbacks in James Bradberry and Haason Reddick.

They boast a formidable secondary, equipped with linebackers who won't back down from any challenge. Notable players include Pro Bowlers Josh Sweat and Brandon Graham as well as Javon Hargrave and Fletcher Cox - both are known for their ability to sack opponents.

Furthermore, the Eagles boast an elite wide receiver group that can win in traffic. AJ Brown and Devonta Smith are two of the best wide receivers in football, while Jordan Matthews and Josh Adams both possess great athleticism to make a play when needed.

Mahomes and Hurts both have a lot to live up to, but they both possess the potential to lead their teams well. Both possess vast experience, know how to motivate teammates, and make sound football decisions - giving them both an edge on Sunday. Their leadership will be key in any victory for either side on Sunday.

4. The Eagles’ Offense

This season, the Eagles' passing attack has been a force to be reckoned with. They average over eight yards per pass play and are one of only two teams without throwing an interception in the postseason. Furthermore, their offensive system feels as effortless as it is effective.

Philadelphia's running attack has been a key element of their success this season and they expect that trend to continue against the Chiefs. Their ground game has been among the fourth best in the NFL this year, led by MVP candidate Jalen Hurts and two 1,000-yard rushers in Miles Sanders and Boston Scott.

Combining their impressive receiver group (including a trade for Tennessee Titans' star wide receiver A.J. Brown and second-year man DeVonta Smith), this unit has the potential to be one of the best in the NFL.

An additional plus, the running backs possess extensive experience and the capacity to run the ball when necessary. They boast a talented group that includes Sanders and Scott as well as Kenneth Gainwell and Kerryon Johnson for additional depth.

This group is led by Lane Johnson, Brandon Brooks and Jason Kelce - an impressive trio. With the addition of Jordan Mailata to the mix, this makes the Eagles' offensive line even stronger.

What's more, their offensive line features talented young players who will only improve with age. A healthy season from this group could result in even more explosive play from them.

Another major element in the Eagles' offense is their run-heavy, play-action pass scheme. While they may not be among the NFL's most athletic teams, they possess plenty of talent to make plays on the ground.

They may not put up massive numbers, but they do a good job of getting yards on the ground and taking up plenty of field position. That makes them an intriguing Super Bowl contender.

White House says no Biden interview prior to Super Bowl

White House Says No Biden Interview Prior to Super Bowl

Friday afternoon, the White House announced that former Vice President Joe Biden would not be interviewed by Fox News before the Super Bowl, breaking with a long tradition of presidential candidates speaking directly to television audiences. Instead, they sought an interview with lesser-known streaming service called Fox Soul which caters to Black viewers.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Says No Biden Interview Prior to Super Bowl

President Joe Biden will not be participating in a Super Bowl pregame interview, according to a White House official on Friday. This comes as no surprise since Fox News, an outlet with a reputation for attacking Biden and his administration, would conduct the interview.

No matter how many times the network requests it, the White House has yet to agree to a Super Bowl interview. CBS is known for airing some of the most contentious political ads on its shows and Biden has frequently voiced his displeasure with what he perceives as biased coverage from the channel.

For weeks, Fox has been seeking a presidential-themed interview but so far the White House has refused to budge. One of its executives revealed to Variety this week that they were operating under the assumption that no opportunity existed.

However, it's a little more complex. Typically, presidential interviews during the Super Bowl are conducted by the news division of the network broadcasting the game. This year NBC News' Lester Holt and CBS News anchor Norah O'Donnell will headline this televised event.

There was a small digital channel targeted to Black Americans that had an unexpectedly powerful impact. The ad was from Future Forward USA Action, a super PAC whose donors included hedge fund managing director Stephen Mandel and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. To top it off, this ad cost the most money ever spent on television advertising according to The Wall Street Journal review of it.

White House Says Biden Was “Looking Forward” to Fox Soul Interview

The White House reports that President Joe Biden had expressed interest in an interview with Fox Soul before Super Bowl Sunday, but the network requested its cancellation. Fox Soul -- which often airs opinion-focused shows hosted by right-wing hosts such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity -- has had a contentious relationship with President Trump so far.

On the Friday before the Super Bowl, presidents typically conduct and pre-tape interviews with the network that broadcasts it. This has been a tradition that began under President George W. Bush in 2004, and continues today under President Barack Obama.

In addition to traditional interviews with presidents, there have been other recurring events hosted by the network that covers the Super Bowl. In 2021, for instance, Biden spoke with CBS News anchor Norah O'Donnell and in 2022 NBC's Lester Holt before the big game.

In 2018, President Donald Trump declined an interview with NBC, stating it wasn't in his best interests. Additionally, Trump has frequently engaged with right-wing opinion hosts on Fox News, such as during a heated exchange last year over NFL players' protests against police brutality.

In an effort to avoid the sit-down with right-wing network, Biden aides had been working toward an interview with a smaller streaming network focused on Black Americans owned by Fox Corp. On Friday, however, the White House cancelled the scheduled Sunday interview; however, later that day a statement from the company confirmed it had been reinstated.

After some initial confusion, the interview will now air on Fox Soul, the company's Black audience channel.

Presidents have been conducting interviews with Jim Nantz since 2004, when Bush made an appearance during CBS' coverage of the Super Bowl. Under Obama, presidents interviewed with NBC's Matt Lauer annually except 2018, though President Trump has yet to join this tradition which usually involves an interview with either CBS' Jim Nantz or ABC News during their coverage of the big game.

White House Says Biden Was “Looking Forward” to NBC Interview

The White House reported that President Joe Biden had been "looking forward" to an interview prior to this weekend's Super Bowl, but that it has been cancelled. The interview was set for airing on Fox Soul, a digital television network owned by the same company as Fox News that targets Black viewers and will launch in 2020.

In years past, such as last year when NBC hosted the Super Bowl, Presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have taken time out of their busy schedules to give interviews to TV networks before the big game. This tradition dates back decades and allows presidential candidates and their supporters to interact with large audiences before the big event.

Biden has conducted interviews with CBS' Norah O'Donnell and NBC's Lester Holt throughout his time in office. Additionally, in 2021 he did an interview with Lester Holt for NBC.

Yet he has yet to conduct an interview with Fox during his tenure.

Reports indicate the White House has decided against holding a traditional interview with a news channel before the Super Bowl this year, due to their contentious relationship with Fox News, one of America's most conservative networks. Some have argued that Fox's top primetime hosts have regularly attacked President Barack Obama and his administration; others have even questioned President Trump's family business dealings.

Though the White House had originally intended to forgo such an interview, a pro-Biden ad began airing on cable television this week in anticipation of the Super Bowl. It is sponsored by Future Forward USA Action - one of the largest independent spending groups backing Biden in 2020.

This advertisement was seen during the top-rated cable show "The Five," which draws over 100 million viewers each week. The ad features footage of President and Vice President traveling to Georgia for a visit with members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Following initial confusion, Fox Corp. reports that the interview with Biden will still go forward and air on Fox Soul, its digital television network. Furthermore, it states it has reached out to the White House regarding any cancellation of the event.

White House Says Biden Was “Looking Forward” to CBS Interview

One day after President Joe Biden attempted to salvage an interview with Fox, the White House has confirmed that he is "looking forward" to an interview with CBS that will air on Super Bowl Sunday. This abrupt change of plans caps off an otherwise confusing few hours for Biden and his staff.

According to a White House official, the interview was driven by an ambition to reach a wider audience. It also comes at a crucial juncture in Washington with the debt ceiling crisis brewing and House Republicans primed for confrontation.

In interviews, Biden has highlighted his economic plank backed by a recent jobs report and decreasing inflation, as well as ongoing negotiations with Israel over their maritime boundary dispute. During the game, he will also address America's troops.

But he will also have to contend with mounting pressure to reduce federal spending and address America's mounting debt load. That has proven a difficult undertaking in the past, and now an eager new group of House Republicans are ready to challenge President Obama on spending issues.

As a senior adviser to House leaders, Biden has been an influential voice in discussions to reduce federal spending and restore budget balance. But his efforts are being hindered by hardline demands from House Republicans such as newly-elected speaker Kevin McCarthy that could prove challenging to achieve.

He remains a key player in the debt ceiling debate and will be working with McCarthy on a deal that reduces federal spending back to 2022 levels - an 8. percent cut to the budget. Last year, he helped broker a budget deal between House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that avoided a possible default.

Over a decade ago, House Republicans of the Tea Party movement took power and demanded President Obama cut spending and reduce debt. Unfortunately, no deal ever materialized and House Republicans are no longer willing to negotiate with the White House over budgetary reductions.

To avoid a repeat of that misstep, the White House tried something different - they bypassed Fox News and its prominent conservative hosts for an interview on Fox Soul, owned by Fox broadcast network that seeks to attract Black Americans. According to officials, booking this interview with Fox Soul was essential as "reaching diverse audiences through innovative ways is a cornerstone of President's media strategy."

Super Bowl Tickets - The Lowest Available Tickets Are About $4500 With 2800 Discounts

The Super Bowl is one of the world's most eagerly anticipated events, and tickets for it tend to be in high demand. On the secondary market, prices typically drop just before and during game-day itself - usually down to their lowest average asking prices.

Though prices for this year's Super Bowl have decreased compared to last year, the most affordable ticket available to see Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will still set you back thousands of dollars.

The cheapest available tickets are $4500

The Super Bowl is one of the most beloved events in American culture - and one of the costliest. If you're thinking about attending, expect to spend thousands upon thousands upon thousands for tickets, flights, hotels and other related expenses.

If you're in the market for tickets to the Super Bowl, it's wise to get them as soon as possible. According to TicketIQ data, the best time to purchase is six to eight days after each conference title game when prices typically level off.

Prices tend to go up in the days leading up to a game, but it's still possible to find an excellent deal. Leyden recommends checking multiple websites regularly in order to see what's available.

According to Leyden, several factors influence how much it costs to get tickets for the Super Bowl: location of the game and stadium size. Generally speaking, larger stadiums tend to carry higher ticket prices.

Ticketmaster's most affordable Super Bowl ticket is $4500, though some seats can be had for as little as $2800. That's still quite a lot of money, but not nearly as costly as a hotel room in downtown Atlanta - for instance.

If you're on the search for a cheaper ticket, some resale sites offer tickets starting at around $3,000 on Thursday; however, these prices quickly dropped to about $2,500 Monday and are expected to keep dropping.

That has made tickets much more budget friendly than they were several years ago, when the average secondary market ticket price was $700.

Due to the price tag for a Super Bowl ticket, it's essential for fans to be aware of potential ticket scams. Unfortunately, ticket fraud has become an increasing problem over the years, with reports of people being duped by fake Super Bowl tickets on Craigslist and elsewhere.

In addition to the costly ticket prices, it can also be challenging to secure good seats for the game, particularly in the upper levels of State Farm Stadium. Last year, some fans who purchased tickets through a secondary site in Minneapolis were shocked when their seats weren't actually within the actual stadium but instead located in a suite level.

The cheapest available tickets are $2800

Super Bowl tickets can be expensive. After all, this once-a-year event draws fans from around the globe. But that doesn't have to mean you can't enjoy attending a Super Bowl without breaking your budget.

If you're searching for a last-minute deal on Super Bowl tickets, ticket brokers may be your answer. They often post deals right after the AFC and NFC title games, then resell them when prices have come down.

Shopping this way doesn't guarantee you the best seat in the house, but it can save you some money. And if you buy from a reliable secondary site like TicketIQ, no hidden fees or service charges will occur.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fluctuation of ticket prices by day. Typically, you can find the cheapest get-in prices within three days prior to a game.

According to TicketIQ data, demand typically increases in the weeks and days following conference championships. However, prices typically level off during those eight days as well.

This year's Super Bowl in Los Angeles promises to be especially expensive due to its inaugural hosting of the event and LA's reputation as a hotspot of entertainment. That reputation is only adding to prices.

Though it can be difficult to predict how much a Super Bowl ticket will cost, GOBankingRates tracked ticket prices from 1967 through 2022 in an effort to provide an accurate picture of inflation-adjusted average ticket prices over time. With their data, you can see how much each year's average ticket has changed over time.

No matter how you acquire your Super Bowl tickets, be sure to take advantage of all the deals and discounts available at the stadium. These could range from food deals and freebies to discounted NFL teams' merchandise. Don't miss out on these incredible savings opportunities!

The cheapest available tickets are $4000

Super Bowl tickets remain in high demand, even after prices dropped after Championship Sunday. The lowest available get-in price is slightly over $4500 while secondary market prices have continued to climb.

Prices for the Super Bowl remain high, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider purchasing a ticket if your budget allows. Finding cheap Super Bowl tickets may take some effort and time, but with enough diligence you should be able to find an excellent deal.

SeatGeek's director of consumer strategy Chris Leyden believes that several factors contribute to the cost of Super Bowl tickets, such as which teams are playing and where. Last year, warmer climate locations like Arizona or Los Angeles proved more appealing to fans than colder climates.

But the team playing in the Super Bowl is the biggest factor when it comes to pricing for Super Bowl tickets, according to Leyden. If Dallas Cowboys or Buffalo Bills make it into the big game, their fan bases would likely be extremely passionate, potentially driving prices up significantly.

Super Bowl 57 will take place on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and features the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs as the two teams to battle it out. Tickets to this year's title matchup - played last year in Minneapolis - average slightly cheaper than this year's matchup but remain far more costly than any other Super Bowl since 2010.

However, it's essential to remember that prices can change quickly and may increase before the Super Bowl even commences. Therefore, doing your due diligence before purchasing a ticket is always recommended.

If you're on the hunt for a great deal, resale sites like Vivid Seats and TicketMaster offer tickets at discounted prices. Just be sure to do your due diligence and research different sites before making a purchase; some sellers may not be honest about their business practices.

The cheapest available tickets are $4800

When buying tickets for the Super Bowl, there are several things to take into account. Location, ticket type and availability must all be taken into account. Furthermore, keep in mind that these tickets have been pre-allotted so they will only be accessible to members of the NFL teams.

If you want the best deals on tickets, be sure to monitor the secondary market multiple times daily. This will enable you to stay abreast of ticket price and quantity trends related to your section of interest.

One way to ensure you don't get scammed is by always searching for tickets priced at least $10 cheaper than those sold on the NFL's website, according to Ticket Club. Doing this will save money on the transaction and allow for a better seat selection at your event.

Another tip is to be sure to look into various marketplaces, such as Ticketmaster and StubHub, to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Sometimes ticket prices will change in advance of games and even go up or down in price.

Although ticket prices this year's game are lower than previous years, they still represent a considerable investment. As it's the most renowned event in American culture, fans are willing to part with thousands of dollars just to attend it.

It's essential to note that these prices only apply to the most affordable seats available. The most costly tickets tend to be private suites, which may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Though these prices remain high, they're significantly cheaper than what Super Bowl XLVIII in Glendale, Arizona cost on average eight years ago - $3,902, according to TicketIQ.

For instance, Ticketmaster's cheapest ticket is $4,800 without fees. On StubHub however, the cheapest ticket is $5,050 but that includes a $1,300 service charge.

Prices for sporting events like the Super Bowl may seem exorbitant, but they're not as bad as what could occur if the NFL were to increase ticket prices in order to recoup losses on TV contracts or something similar. The Biden Administration is actively looking into ways to combat such high prices for major events and has already taken some steps toward curbing this trend.

Ready for Rihanna Heres what to know about her 2023 Super Bowl halftime

Rihanna Will Headline the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna is set to take center stage at the Super Bowl halftime show, and her performance promises to be something truly extraordinary. Here's all you need to know about her performance, including its duration and who else will be joining her on stage.

Her performance comes fresh off of her debut album Anti, and fans can't wait for her return since being announced as the headlining act for the 2023 Super Bowl. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of her return ever since she was announced as one of the acts set to headline.

What’s the deal?

Rihanna has long been a part of the Super Bowl halftime show since Jay-Z's Roc Nation started producing it in 2020. Now she gets to headline this year's event for the first time thanks to an exclusive deal between Apple Music and Roc Nation.

But that's not all: A Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show could signal the beginning of something special. While typically halftime shows feature greatest hits performances, Rihanna could bring some new music to the stage.

It's likely she'll include songs from her recent album Anti, such as "Lift Me Up," which was featured on the soundtrack to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever last October and earned her an Oscar nomination for best original song. Additionally, Savage x Fenty lingerie line and Fenty Beauty empire may include tracks like funky hit "Lemon" with N.E.R.D or Latin pop track "Wild Thoughts" featuring DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller.

Rihanna has scored many top hits that have reached the Billboard Hot 100, such as Rude Boy, Only Girl (In The World), Umbrella, Diamonds and many more. Even so, condensing her catalog into 13 minutes wasn't an easy task according to Jay-Z's Roc Nation president Tony Blackstone.

Rihanna and her fans appear to be on the brink of something great. Not only is she back, but she will remain a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

What’s the set list?

Rihanna, one of music's biggest stars, will headline the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. This will be her first live performance since 2015 and it's expected to be an electrifying spectacle.

The Barbadian singer boasts an impressive resume, boasting 14 Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, nine Grammy Awards, eight studio albums and a net worth of $1.4 billion. Additionally, her song "Lift Me Up" from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack has been nominated for an Oscar this year.

With a career built upon collaborations and an ever-changing roster of guest artists, there are plenty of songs that could be performed by the multi-talented singer. Some of her most notable collaborations include Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Eminem, Calvin Harris, SZA and DJ Khaled.

Rihanna has already expressed that for her Super Bowl performance, she wants to honor both 17 years of her career and pay homage to her Caribbean roots. However, cutting down her set list has proved the most challenging part of the entire process.

According to singer Christina Aguilera in an interview with Apple Music, her team and she have gone through 39 different versions of the setlist at this point.

She says the biggest challenge was condensing 17 years of work into 13 minutes. Additionally, performing in a packed stadium presents an intimidating task and she has been working hard to ensure she can deliver the biggest show of her career.

Her setlist will surely include plenty of hype anthems, with potential for her 13-minute halftime performance to end with her biggest hit. Some fan favorite suggestions include "Diamonds," which would look stunning in a glittering stadium, and "We Found Love," which conveys an inspiring message of acceptance and love.

What’s her style like?

Rihanna has become one of the world's most beloved musicians, and the Super Bowl halftime show will be her biggest stage yet. Fans are excited to witness what promises to be one of her greatest performances yet!

She has an expansive list of songs to choose from, and it's been nearly seven years since she last performed live. So you know she's sure to bring something fresh and captivating onto the stage this time around!

Her performance will only last 13 minutes, so it won't be easy for her to squeeze all her popular hits into that amount of time. But that won't stop her from giving the best performance possible!

There's also the dilemma of what song to open with. If she wants a memorable start, we suggest "Diamonds," an instant hit that would look fantastic in any stadium setting. Alternatively, she could close with her chart-topper "Run This Town," giving the crowd one last ovation before they head home after the game.

It's possible that she'll bring guests for her performance, as she has collaborated with some major names in the past such as Drake, Eminem and Future. However, this is highly unlikely so we'll just have to wait and see what happens!

Let's hope she has some surprises in store for us during the Super Bowl! Until then, make sure your fan gear is ready and enjoy the show!

What’s her performance like?

The Super Bowl is always an exciting moment in the music world, and this year's halftime show promises to be no different. Pop superstar Rihanna will make her first major performance since her 2016 album Anti, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what she has in store!

Rihanna always puts on an electrifying performance, so you never know what to expect from her performance. After taking a long break, she's eager to return and prove she still has it in her.

She plans on performing a variety of songs from her new album as well as classic hits. Potential setlist highlights could include tracks like "Rough Boy," "Rude Boy" and "Umbrella."

Medleys could help her squeeze some of her biggest hits into a shorter set. If she opts to do a medley, it's worth keeping an eye on which artists might join her.

Although she hasn't released an album in years, Rihanna has collaborated with numerous renowned artists from rappers to musicians. These include Drake, Future, DJ Khaled, Emmem, Shakira, Coldplay, Calvin Harris and SZA.

Her most recent collaborations include "Lift Me Up" from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the track "Rude Boy," from her upcoming album due out in October. If she does a medley, that song is likely to be featured as the opening number.

If she doesn't perform a medley, you can guarantee one of her most popular songs will take center stage. Her hit single "Diamonds" is sure to take center stage.

Rihanna's decision to join the Super Bowl halftime show comes after she turned down an invitation in 2019. However, her newborn son has apparently inspired her decision; reports indicate she plans on bringing him along for the experience - you might just get to see him up close and personal on stage!

What’s her new album like?

Super Bowl halftime shows are truly spectacular events, from multi-million dollar commercials to live performances by some of the world's biggest stars. But for Rihanna this year's show is more than just another gig: It marks her comeback!

Barbadian singer-songwriter and actress had an incredible 2018: she received her first Oscar nomination for the song "Lift Me Up" from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; released a limited-edition ice cream flavor; and embarked on an extensive tour. Now, she's about to embark on her greatest challenge yet -- performing at the Super Bowl halftime show!

Rihanna hasn't released an album in years, yet she remains one of the most successful and popular artists in music. With sales of over one billion records under her belt and multiple awards to her credit, it's clear why her career continues to thrive.

Even so, she hasn't released an album in six years and it's been some time since her last hit single -- but that doesn't mean new music won't come soon enough. An Instagram Story post from popular gossip account DeuxMoi claimed her next album would release in January 2023 - the exact date of her upcoming Super Bowl performance!

Rihanna has been more than willing to tantalize fans with new music since announcing her Super Bowl performance. She's already released the single "Born Again," and we can likely expect some additional treats during her performance in February.

At present, however, she's likely to include hits from her recent albums Anti and Diamonds in her set list. Songs like "Work" and "Love on the Brain," as well as more sultry dance-pop tracks, could be included. Plus, Beyonce and Katy Perry may bring out some surprise guests like at their 2013 Super Bowl shows.

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