Lenoir Rhyne University Athletics

Lenoir Rhyne University Athletics


Lenoir-Rhyne University Athletics is a division of the college that competes in 23 intercollegiate varsity sports. It competes within the South Atlantic Conference at NCAA Division II level.

Since 1946, The Bears Club has been the official fundraising arm of athletics. It provides essential financial assistance to enhance student-athlete experiences and award athletic scholarships.

Men's Basketball

Lenoir Rhyne University athletics fields a men's basketball team that competes in the South Atlantic conference. LR offers 23 intercollegiate varsity sports and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The Bears have earned three South Atlantic Conference regular season titles and made it to the NCAA Tournament every year since 1999. Currently ranked 11th nationally with an 8-6 record, they boast three SAC regular season titles to their credit.

On Saturday, the men's basketball team of Emory & Henry College was defeated 89-72. With an early lead that they never relinquished, the Bears built a comfortable margin throughout their triumphant journey.

With just under nine minutes remaining in the first half, AU trailed by 10 points at 10-8. However, they began to pull away, led by junior guard Garrett Denbow who scored 14 of his team's 21 second-half points - including 4 consecutive 3-pointers at one point during that span.

Jacksen Greco scored 12 points off the bench, while sophomore guard Jackson Gammons contributed 10. With less than six minutes remaining in the first half, AU had cut LR's lead to eight but the Bears pulled away to take a 35-27 advantage at intermission.

On Saturday afternoon at Shuford Memorial Gym, the Trojans will wrap up their regular season with a home game against Limestone. AU is tied for fourth place in the South Atlantic Conference and will have an important role to play in next month's SAC Tournament.

The 1975 Vinyl Review

The 1975 are one of the UK's most exciting new bands, and their debut album is a must-have! Drawing inspiration from various influences, The 1975 have crafted their own distinctive sound.

The band's latest studio album, 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', is their most intimate yet. Frontman Matt Healy takes center stage as they tackle big topics with memorable lyrics.

'I Like It When You Sleep'

In 2013, The 1975 gained notoriety with their self-titled debut that felt like an unstoppable press release to anyone who listened. Its irresistible synthpop hooks and hypersexual lyrical purity not only earned them a place in the charts but also showcased their omnivorousness and iconoclastic curiosity.

The band's ambition has driven a sonic evolution; not only have they adopted an experimental sound palette, but they've been drawn to less conventional songwriting and production techniques as well. While this transition can be challenging at times, the members are determined to make it work.

"I Like It When You Sleep" opens with an unexpected ambient track, providing viewers with Matt Healy's delicate yet poignant lyrics. This track is one of four that deviate from their previous synth-driven pop work.

One of the band's most emotionally stirring songs, "Hallelujah", features Healy's vocals backed by a choir that creates an illusion that he's encased in a shimmering halo of light.

Healy's voice is slightly softer and more muted on their new album than on previous efforts, which can sometimes make songs seem forgettable or detract from their emotional impact. However, when Healy does sing -- like on "Paris" or "She Lays Down," which serves as the only acoustic track included on this record -- it truly touches viewers' hearts.

'About You'

The 1975 are one of the most influential bands of this era. Established in Manchester in 2002, they boast a distinctive aesthetic and loyal fan base. Furthermore, their sound is known for blending alternative rock with synth-pop and electronica.

Healy and his bandmates have never really fit into a genre; rather, they explore self-referential pop barnstormers with ironic lyrics that reflect our current obsession with irony. Their latest album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, feels like the logical conclusion to all their experiments.

With only eleven tracks, The 1975's latest record, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, is their shortest yet and shows that they have refined their craft beyond previous efforts. It's an encouraging change and proof that The 1975 are capable of crafting big, catchy melodies without resorting to overuse.

As a result, the album's standout track "Happiness" is their best pop song in years. This cheerful tune is filled with saxophone and layered guitars - just what this album needed.

Another standout track from Being Funny in a Foreign Language is the title track, featuring piano-driven instrumentals with swirling strings and signature vocal harmonies. This beautiful composition serves as an excellent introduction to the band.

The 1975 are one of the world's greatest musical groups, and their new LP proves it.


The 1975 have released the single 'Happiness' from their forthcoming 'Being Funny In A Foreign Language' album, set for release on 14 October via Dirty Hit.

"Happiness" is a dance-pop number which pays homage to their 80s influences and features an uptempo saxophone solo. This track serves as the perfect showcase of the band's new artistic direction."

It has also been announced that The Kills will embark on an extensive North American tour in November. They'll perform at various venues nationwide, such as Madison Square Garden and The Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

Established in 2002 in Manchester, England, The 1975 have quickly gained notoriety as one of the premier bands of their era with a distinctive aesthetic, passionate fanbase, and innovative sound design. Their fifth studio album 'Being Funny In A Foreign Language' was written by Matthew Healy and George Daniel and recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, United Kingdom and Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

Happiness in psychology refers to a feeling of contentment that can be experienced in either an isolated moment or as an overall reflection on one's life and accomplishments. It stands apart from other positive emotions like affection, excitement and interest and is usually characterized by a smile.

'I'm In Love With You'

The 1975 have made a name for themselves over the past decade, and their latest album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language, will be released on October 14th. This new record returns to their signature 80s-inspired sound with deep introspective lyrics about modern life and love, plus saxophones, experimental beats, layered production - plus much more!

The track begins with a powerful guitar-driven anthem that quickly transitions into soft rock with an infectious chorus. It perfectly encapsulates their signature sound and will surely please their devoted followers.

For The 1975, 'I'm In Love With You' serves as a reflection of where they are at in their lives at this point. Healy recalls journaling during composition and that this song represents "a few little snippets" of thoughts he was considering at the time.

Healy's lyrics are honest and unapologetically honest, taking on challenging subject matter such as the QAnon conspiracy, isolation and school shootings with gusto. While Healy doesn't hold back when criticizing something or taking himself too seriously here either - this album takes on a far more realistic tone than their previous albums and should appeal to many fans.

'Part Of The Band'

After a four year hiatus, The 1975 are back with their latest single, 'Part Of The Band'. This lead single from their album 'Being Funny In A Foreign Language' sets the mood for what's to come on October 14th: an all-new album!

This is the lead single from The 1975's fifth album, and it sounds quite different than their previous releases. Drawing inspiration from Bon Iver's modern campfire ballads with orchestration that is not often present on their records, 'Part Of The Band' is an enchantingly nuanced track that makes it hard for The 1975 to revert back into their old formula of arena-filling rock songs.

The song begins with plunky strings, joined by Matty Healy's voice and layers of other instruments. The acoustics are stunningly beautiful and soft, while the melody has an undertone of bittersweet but not overwhelming bitterness.

Healy's voice captures the grace we've come to expect from The 1975. He sings about feelings of joy as well, conveying how 'I'm in love with you' and 'Happiness' bring us close to those we cherish most.

The 1975 are one of the most influential bands of our time, with an eclectic catalogue filled with sonic delights. Their latest albums 'Part Of The Band' and 'Being Funny In A Foreign Language' demonstrate just how far they can push things with their signature sound.

'Somebody Else'

The 1975 are one of the most beloved bands in popular music. Their albums have consistently hit the top charts, creating captivating music with quirky elements - but what sets them apart is that they never let success get in the way of honing their craft.

They're a band that constantly delves into the darkest corners of themselves through their songs. They don't hesitate to tackle topics like sexuality, drug abuse, self-worth and depression - something many bands would shy away from doing. And this album shows no signs of that changing any time soon.

'Somebody Else' is a song that explores the complicated feelings caused by an ex-lover taking up with someone else. It has a cinematic quality to it and was expertly written; while you won't hear this song on the radio, it should definitely be added to your collection.

Repressed numerous times and available on Dirty Hit, this single has plenty of static so don't leave it on repeat!

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