Kris Letang Out of Penguins Lineup With Illness 2023

Kris Letang Out of Penguins Lineup With Illness 2023


Kris Letang Out of Penguins Lineup with Illness

Tuesday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins were dealt a devastating blow when they learned their top defenseman, Kris Letang, would be missing from action due to an illness.

General manager Ron Hextall announced Monday that Letang suffered a stroke and is out indefinitely. This marks the second time during Letang's 17-year career that he has experienced such an event.

Letang’s Illness

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang is currently out of the lineup due to an illness. On Monday night, the 35-year-old suffered a stroke and is expected to remain out indefinitely.

On Wednesday morning, general manager Ron Hextall shared the good news. He stated that Letang's condition is not considered to be career-threatening.

However, Letang was caught off guard by the news. In his 17th NHL season, he has played in 543 regular-season games and 69 playoff games, earning him six All-Star selections and being an integral part of Pittsburgh's success.

He is the team's all-time leader among defensemen in terms of regular-season and playoff games played, goals scored, assists given and points gained. Additionally, he has won three Stanley Cups with Pittsburgh and is considered one of the league's most durable players at his position.

Eight years after Letang suffered a stroke, Hextall is acutely aware of the importance of maintaining his player's health. Though he isn't a doctor, Hextall said Letang's symptoms were similar to those experienced by those who have had strokes.

Shazam Hussain, a neurologist at Cleveland Clinic's Cerebrovascular Center, explained that Letang has patent foramen ovale (PFO). This heart defect causes blood to seep through an opening in the wall of the heart, potentially leading to stroke-like symptoms.

Additionally, it's not uncommon for those with these conditions to experience symptoms like weakness, numbness and dizziness in their arms or legs. If you experience any of these signs, contact your doctor right away.

If you experience these symptoms and think you might be having a stroke, get to the hospital right away. There are various tests doctors can run to help them determine whether someone is experiencing a stroke.

Letang is expected to be out for an indefinite period, but he is making steady progress. He can now skate independently and has completed all his workouts - even the more strenuous ones - with good chances of returning within the next few weeks.

Letang’s Stroke

On Tuesday night, Pittsburgh Penguins star player Kris Letang was forced to withdraw due to illness from their lineup against Vegas. Letang's absence is a major setback for a team with deep blue lines who needs him healthy in order to make another run at another Stanley Cup championship.

Six-time All-Star Letang has established himself as one of the NHL's most durable players, accruing 662 career points (145 goals and 517 assists) over 962 games. He leads all NHL defencemen in average ice time at 23:54 per contest and frequently features on the power play or during crucial late game situations.

It's impossible to predict how long a player like Letang will be out of action. He missed 72 days in 2014 due to a stroke caused by a small hole in his heart wall.

His condition is unlikely to have any long-term effects and tests will be conducted over the coming week, but he remains out indefinitely. General manager Ron Hextall confirmed that while they aren't worried about Letang's health or career potential, there remains some degree of uncertainty as to his status.

Letang is a respected member of the Penguins' blue line and has been part of their team for 17 years, helping them win three Stanley Cups. A married father of two, his service to hockey has been unsurpassed.

On Monday morning, he reported feeling unwell to team trainers and requested to go to the hospital. Upon admission to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, tests confirmed that he had suffered a stroke.

Head coach Mike Sullivan stressed the team is not in any rush to get Letang back on the ice after his diagnosis. After practice on Wednesday, Letang had a chance to discuss his condition with teammates and they are hopeful he will return soon to games.

On Thursday, Letang was a full participant in practice despite only being able to skate on his own for a few minutes. He will remain unable to participate in any hockey-specific drills but remains optimistic that he can return to the ice soon.

Letang’s Recovery

Since his second stroke of the season in late November, Letang has missed five games. But it appears he may be close to returning to game action; he's taking light skates but coach Mike Sullivan has made it clear that they won't rush him back into the lineup just yet.

He is being closely monitored and testing. While it remains uncertain when he might return to the ice, it appears that he is making progress.

Letang has been one of the Penguins' most durable players despite missing most of this season due to a lower-body injury. Since signing on for a six-year contract in the off-season, he has played in 543 regular season games and 69 playoff games.

Now that Letang has been out of the lineup for the past week, the Penguins are looking at their roster to see what they can accomplish without him. Two other defensemen who have seen significant ice time recently - Brian Dumoulin and Jeff Petry - are expected to fill in for Letang.

It's frustrating that Letang will be out for such an extended period, but the Penguins cannot replace him until after his recovery from illness. Fortunately, they possess plenty of depth on the blue line and can still play some quality hockey while he's away.

If he can recover, Letang could be an integral part of the Penguins' future. As a veteran and team leader, as well as top-line defenceman who can contribute offensively and on penalty kills, Letang has earned himself a reputation for toughness and tenacity on the ice. With all that experience behind him, the future looks bright for this veteran Penguin.

Letang has suffered several strokes throughout his 17-year career, but this one ranks among the least severe. In 2014, a stroke caused by a hole in his heart necessitated that he miss over two months of the season while recovering.

Letang’s Return

Kris Letang has been out of the Penguins lineup with illness for more than two months and has been dealing with his personal issues as well. Last week, his father Claude Fouquet passed away and this has been something on Letang's mind and heart for some time now.

On Saturday, Letang donned a black jersey at the Penguins' practice facility in Cranberry, suggesting he may be on his way back to full-time play. This marks an impressive triumph for a player who has endured tremendous adversity this season - both on and off the ice.

The 35-year-old has missed five games since suffering a stroke in late November. He is in no rush to return and the team has made it clear they will not rush him back into action.

With Letang back in the lineup, the Pens could get more consistent production from their defense. He has been an integral part of Pittsburgh's playoff success for years and is an essential cog in their power play unit - which has struggled this season.

However, it's essential to remember that Letang's return does not guarantee the Penguins more wins; this is just the start of a long recovery process which could take some time before reaching where Letang desires.

He's expected to miss a few games before the All-Star break, but that doesn't guarantee him an absence during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Meanwhile, Letang is enjoying his time in the rehab program, working out with coach Dan Bylsma and other members of the coaching staff. Eventually, Letang hopes to be fully healthy and ready to go when the Penguins return to action in late January.

He was an integral part of the team's success in 2014, helping them win their first Stanley Cup Championship ever. With a lot of pride attached to this team, it will be difficult for him not to feel a sense of responsibility when he steps onto the ice each and every time.

2023 Super Bowl 6 best Kansas City Chiefs prop bets

The 2023 Super Bowl - 6 Best Kansas City Chiefs Prop Bets

Are you searching for some entertaining prop bets to place during Super Bowl 57? Look no further. These markets cover topics like coin toss, length of National Anthem and more elements of the game.

Though these markets can be entertaining, they do not typically provide great value unless you do your due diligence and make informed decisions.

1. Anytime Touchdown Scorer Market

The anytime touchdown scorer market offers you the opportunity to wager on any player or team that may score a touchdown during a game. From offensive runners and receivers, to kickoff and punt returns for defense and special teams, and fumble or interception returns from defensive players, you can place your bet and potentially win big.

When betting on an anytime touchdown scorer, there are a few essential details to note. First and foremost, the player must be active and in the end zone at the time of the touchdown to qualify for your bet. Furthermore, you cannot cash out your bet if your chosen player gets injured or sits out the entire game.

Another factor to consider is whether or not a player can catch or carry the ball across the goal line. That is why quarterbacks tend to rank lower on lists of players with high odds for any touchdown scorer market.

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best running QBs in the league and this could be his biggest day yet. He's already eclipsed 300 yards twice this season and looks poised for another impressive performance against the Eagles.

Mahomes may have some issues in the red zone, but he remains a dynamic runner who will take plenty of chances down field against the Eagles. Additionally, Mahomes possesses an impressive passing game; making him an exciting bet to follow during Super Bowl LIII.

2. First Touchdown Scorer Market

Betting on the 2023 Super Bowl offers a range of opportunities, from traditional point totals and moneylines to exciting props. Whether you're an NFL bettor or simply follow along with the action, betting on Super Bowl odds can be both entertaining and profitable.

An integral part of betting on any team is understanding the odds for that team, which may differ between sportsbooks. This can happen due to various reasons like key players getting injured or inclement weather conditions.

For instance, Kansas City's Week 6 matchup against the Buffalo Bills had a projected point total of 59.5 points. Those who bet against it would have cashed out, while those backing Kansas City would have won out.

Another popular prop bet is for players to score two or more touchdowns. While these wagers offer larger potential payouts, they're also more challenging to win.

Therefore, bettors are advised to avoid them if possible. There are a few valid reasons for taking the under on a player scoring multiple touchdowns, such as:

Many times, the first touchdown scored by a team is an indication of how the remainder of the game will unfold. This holds especially true during the initial quarter.

3. Over/Under Line

At sportsbooks this time of year, there are various ways to place prop bets. You can take advantage of player props, game props and exotic props. No matter if you're a casual gambler or an expert punter, these bets can add to your bankroll by allowing you to spread your action across different parts of the game.

The Over/Under Line is a popular prop bet that predicts how many points will be scored during a given game. It can be an excellent way to diversify your wagers and boost profits, but it also comes with some risks.

If you're uncertain which way to bet on the Over/Under Line, reviewing recent point totals can give an accurate indication of how many points typically get scored in Super Bowl games. This gives a good indication of what can be expected from each Super Bowl game.

For instance, in the Chiefs' Week 6 matchup against the Buffalo Bills, their point total was 59.5. While this total exceeds average by a significant margin, it still falls far short of what the league average is.

It appears that taking advantage of the high odds on the Over will be a wise option for those seeking to profit from these high stakes bets. It should be noted that in 19 Super Bowls since 2003, the Over has gone 11-8.

Therefore, you should avoid betting on the Over when looking at passing props or score props. The Over/Under Line will have a significant influence over this game's Over/Under Totals as well.

4. Anytime Touchdown Scorer Market for Any Team

In the NFL, there are a range of prop bets that offer you an opportunity to win big money. Some are more entertaining and thrilling than others, but all can help you make a profit during Super Bowl weekend.

One of the best prop bets is an Anytime Touchdown Scorer. These bets function similarly to first touchdown bets in that they require a player to cross the end zone during certain points in the game. They can be placed on various players such as quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends alike.

This type of prop bet can be an excellent way to win big on the 2023 Super Bowl. If you have an idea which player will score a touchdown, it's likely a good bet, but you also have plenty of opportunities for action across different players.

Betting on this market requires you to be familiar with a few key rules.

Most anytime TD scorer props are targeted towards star players, but some also cater to backup players who may not get much playing time. In some cases, injuries can open up a spot for a backup to see more action.

To find the most up-to-date prop bets, head to an authorized online sportsbook like BetRivers. They typically offer 300 options per game and provide same game parlays as well as other wagering choices.

5. Anytime Touchdown Scorer Market for Kansas City

Prop bets are an excellent way to improve your Super Bowl odds, especially for those new to sports betting. Similar to parlays, you can wager on a team's first touchdown, highest scoring quarter, safety or two-point conversion for extra excitement and anticipation.

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes has proven to be an exceptional anytime touchdown scorer with his knack for keeping the ball in his hands. In each of his four postseason games with the Chiefs, Mahomes has kept it in the end zone and scored at least one rushing touchdown each time.

Another viable option is tight end Travis Kelce, who has 16 catches for 176 receiving yards in his two Super Bowl appearances. His receiving yard prop of 78.5 could make this bet a popular selection among those hoping to back the Chiefs' top pass-catchers to produce impressive numbers at the end game.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is an ideal pick to back with an anytime TD bet, having scored a touchdown in each of his team's two postseason games this season. While his rushing statistics are not quite as impressive as his passing stats, Hurts has proven to be reliable when in the red zone.

Finally, Dallas Goedert has plenty of potential in this contest as he's averaged more first-down receptions this season than A.J. Brown or Devonta Smith combined. Additionally, his YAC ability should be an important factor in this matchup as well.

6. Anytime Touchdown Scorer Market for Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming into this game averaging 34.5 points per game in the playoffs and should have an impressive output against Kansas City's formidable defense. In fact, their total should exceed last year's 50.5 point average from this matchup!

Torrey Smith and Goedert lead an impressive wide receiver group for the Eagles, featuring five catches in seven games with at least 100 yards in four of those contests. Smith has become Jalen Hurts' go-to target this season; recording at least five catches in seven games while going off for 100 yards four times.

Smith has been a reliable third-down option for Philadelphia all season, and should have another big game if Hurts doesn't miss. Additionally, Smith is known to get open when the Eagles need a catch, giving him plenty of chances to make an impressive play in this contest.

Goedert has only been targeted once in two games this postseason, but he has been a consistent target of Philadelphia's offense and should have plenty of chances to make an impact here as well. After being targeted five times this postseason, he should average at least three catches here since averaging five per game has been his average throughout the course.

Miles Sanders has been an impressive force in the running game this season, averaging 74.6 yards per game and 66 yards per game in these playoffs. With plenty of chances to run against Kansas City's defensive line, I expect him to find success against them.

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