Josh Jones Is Back With the Seahawks After Being Cut Four Times in Two Years

Josh Jones Is Back With the Seahawks After Being Cut Four Times in Two Years


Josh Jones was cut four times in two years by Seahawks starters after havin

The Seattle Seahawks drafted Josh Jones in the second round of the 2006 NFL draft. He was a big, slick receiver who could catch the ball. But he was cut four times by the Seahawks starters after his rookie season. Now he's back with the team, and he's a lot more like the player he was in the second half of 2006.

Seattle Seahawks' defense looked just as bad as Atlanta's

In an era when the best teams in the NFL are known for their run game, the Seattle Seahawks have struggled to stop the run. They have allowed nine rushing touchdowns this season, and have given up a league-high 165.8 yards on the ground per game. It's not as if the Seattle offense is lacking, however. Aside from their own defense, the Seahawks also boast a young cornerback group that could give their defensive backs plenty of opportunities to make plays. Despite the run problems, the Seattle defense has stifled opponents in four of their last six games.

The Seahawks did get their fair share of big plays, however. After going into the second half down 10-6, the Seahawks found themselves down by two points with 5:19 left in the fourth quarter. On their ensuing drive, the Seahawks drove down the field for a TD. However, the real big play came on an interception by Tashaun Gipson in overtime. This play set up Robbie Gould's game-winning kick.

Another of the big plays was a sack by Chris Jones. While the Seahawks have a number of players that can get after the quarterback, Jones was the best of the bunch. He had an overall grade of 39, and had two of the better sacks of the day.

The best part of the game was the way the Seattle defense responded to the Cardinals' special teams. Several players gave the Seahawks a hard time, and the Cardinals were only able to cut the lead by one point. The resulting drive ended with an interception by Tashaun Gipson, which led to a game-winning field goal by Robbie Gould. That's not to mention the Seahawks' three sacks, which tied for the most of any team.

Despite the loss, the Seattle Seahawks still remain a playoff contender. They have a favorable schedule in the second half of the season, and will face a pair of division rivals in the Lions and Packers. If they can beat the Lions and get past the Packers, they will be in position to claim the 7th seed in the NFC. For now, though, it looks like Seattle will have to figure out how to make up for their shortcomings on the defensive side of the ball. Fortunately for them, their offense has looked pretty good in the last few games, and they've had a few big plays of their own.

The Seahawks are one of the worst run defenses in the league, but the offense had a few good moments in the first half. Their 420 yards of total offense was a respectable effort. But the Seahawks have only scored two rushing touchdowns all season. And they haven't been able to stop opposing running backs from racking up over 100 yards in three of their last five games.

Seattle Seahawks' offense vs New York Jets

The Seattle Seahawks' offense started off hot against the New York Jets on Sunday. They scored a touchdown in the first quarter and put themselves into field goal range in the second. But the Seattle defense was able to keep the Jets out of the end zone, which gave them a chance to run out the clock and win. It wasn't to be.

Seattle's hottest start didn't last long. After a short three-and-out, the Jets drove into Seahawk territory. Mike White was sacked and threw a bad pass. His pass was picked off by Quandre Diggs. The Jets went for a long field goal. This was the second time in six games that the Jets had failed to convert a field goal.

Seattle's defense was able to keep the Jets' offense out of field goal range on the ensuing drive. After a false start by Duane Brown, Cody Barton blew a screen in the backfield. Tyler Lockett came off the bench with an unspecified leg injury in the fourth quarter. He was able to return to the game, though.

The Seahawks didn't have to score again on the next drive, as they punted. On the resulting three-and-out, the Jets were pinned at their own one-yard line. Jason Myers was able to convert a 31-yard field goal. That was more than enough for the Seahawks to maintain the lead.

Seattle had a great opportunity to make it two-and-a-half points in the fourth quarter, but the Jets were able to turn the ball over. The Seattle defense forced three turnovers. However, the Jets hung around. Their drive ended with a strip-sack by Taylor of White. Considering that the Jets have been in the red zone more than they have scored this season, it's no surprise that they were able to get out of there.

Seattle's defense was able smother the Jets' offense, but they weren't able to do enough on third down. After a pass to DeeJay Dallas, the Jets had a second chance at a touchdown. They rushed for 33 yards on the next drive. When it appeared that the Jets had put the ball away, Seattle got the ball back at the four-yard line. Thankfully, the Seahawks were able to punt the ball.

The game ended with an overtime field goal. In the process, the Seahawks scored their first two-score win in three weeks. Alex Smith led the team with 183 yards. And Jones had a season-high 12 tackles.

Jones has been on the rise in the Seahawks' secondary this year. He's been a starter in two games and has carried a 30.0 PFF run defense grade. Not only does he have a knack for dropping ball carriers in the open, he also has a reputation for rallying to the flat. As a result, he's an ideal candidate to be a decent DB/S in IDP leagues.

Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts

Josh Jones was one of the top safeties in college. He was a second-round pick of the Green Bay Packers in 2017. However, he had a hard time establishing himself as a starter. This was a problem in his first two seasons in the NFL, too. In his third, he had a non-football illness and was waived by the team that drafted him.

Jones was brought up from the practice squad in each of the past two games. But his presence did not help the Seahawks win. They were 0 for 2 on third down, with their best offensive weapon - Tyler Lockett - not in the game.

A key to the Seahawks' defense is the three safeties they have in the secondary. These include Quandre Diggs, Ryan Neal, and Johnathan Abram. With Diggs back, and Adams nearing the line, the team can operate with a strong safety rotation. Regardless of who starts, Seattle will need to make up for lost time in the secondary.

The team has two active safeties who can play deep in pass coverage: Jamal Adams and Joey Blount. If either of them is healthy, there is an IDP fantasy value to them. While Adams is still hurt, Blount will likely see increased work in this role.

Jones' biggest challenge may be his tackling. He has only recorded two tackles so far this season. However, he has logged a 30.0 run defense grade. Jones has been taken advantage of by the new-look three-safety base defense. When he plays, he is often paired with a pass-rusher like Frank Clark or Melvin Ingram.

However, he has played only 20 defensive snaps over the last two weeks. This is in spite of the fact that he is considered questionable for Sunday's game against the Rams.

While he did not record an interception, Jones made some positive contributions. In addition to his tackling, he broke up seven passes. His coverage wasn't perfect, but it was enough to give the Seahawks a 39.2 PFF coverage rating. That number was good for the league, but not great.

Jones, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, will have to find a new job. Although he has a lot of experience, he is not a household name and he will not receive much interest from teams looking to upgrade their position. Ultimately, he is more of a functional depth player.

The only other backup is Teez Tabor, who has been a starter on Seattle's special teams. Smith-Williams is also a possibility.

For all of the talk of Seattle's offense falling short of expectations, the defensive line has been a big part of the team's early success. It has been able to block well on the ground and set up the running game. And the team's pass rush is stacked with outside linebackers. Ultimately, the Seahawks will need to win their next five games to ensure they earn a playoff spot.

The 49ers Have a Way to Keep Jimmy Garoppolo Away From a Seahawks Opportunity

If you are an NFL fan, you probably have heard that the Seahawks were shopping for a new quarterback in the off-season. Well, what you probably didn't know is that the 49ers have a way to keep Jimmy Garoppolo away from a potential trade.

'I feel sorry for Lance'

The San Francisco 49ers have a way to keep Jimmy Garoppolo away from a potential trade with the Seattle Seahawks. After all, the 49ers already have a starting quarterback in Trey Lance. But there are other teams that have quarterbacks that need help. In that case, Garoppolo might make an attractive trade chip.

It's not surprising that Garoppolo has been a subject of rumors throughout the past few weeks. He's been criticized frequently in the Bay Area. His teammates, however, are not as hostile towards him.

Last season, Garoppolo suffered a calf injury. He was forced to miss the first half of the season. Fortunately, he returned to the field after a few weeks. This year, he has been playing effectively.

On Sunday, he led the 49ers to a 27-7 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. During the game, he completed eight of 11 passes for 106 yards. One of those passes was a 38-yard touchdown to Ross Dwelley. And in the fourth quarter, he had a 1-yard sneak to ice the game.

Earlier this season, Garoppolo signed a restructured one-year contract that pays him just $24.2 million. He's set to become a free agent in 2022. As of right now, there are other teams that are interested in him.

However, it's unlikely that Garoppolo will be traded to the Seattle Seahawks. A lot of teams in need of a starting QB are holding off. They think the 49ers might cut him. But if the 49ers do trade him, they would have to trade future draft picks.

That leaves the 49ers facing an uphill battle in finding a trade partner for Garoppolo. They can either give him away for nothing, or they can release him.

Garoppolo has agreed to a new contract that cuts his salary in half, but he will still be a backup to Trey Lance. While he's a good option in the veteran market, he doesn't seem to be a strong candidate to be the team's starter in 2022.

Regardless, Jimmy Garoppolo is set to be a valuable part of the Niners' championship-winning roster.

'I don't want to be anyone else'

For the past five years, Jimmy Garoppolo has had a very successful career with the San Francisco 49ers. In that time, he has won two NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl. He has a five-year, $137.5 million contract with the team.

It's not a stretch to say that the Niners bet on Jimmy Garoppolo. He has a contract worth at least $15 million and has incentives tied to him that are worth at least $350,000. And he's been a starter for eight games.

There's a big difference between the Garoppolo that has started and the one that hasn't. While he was the best player on the field in the first half of the Niners' season, his performance in the second half was abysmal.

Moreover, Garoppolo has been injured more often than he has been healthy. The last five weeks of the season saw him missing five quarters, including the team's last game.

When Garoppolo did play, he wasn't in sync with the rest of the team. He didn't have any rhythm on offense and never really got the offense going against the Broncos.

So, how do the 49ers go about cutting him? One option is to take a pay cut, which would free up $8 million to $16 million in cap space. This money could be used to help with other free agent contracts or trade salary.

Another option is to give him a no-trade-clause deal. But that means he'll take a pay cut, too. If the Niners take that route, they could be in a position to land a quarterback.

Ultimately, there's no guarantee that the 49ers will make the move to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. After all, they don't want to lose him for good, and he's a key part of the team's roster.

However, if he gets hurt during the last week of the preseason, the 49ers may be forced to move him to a team that needs a quarterback. That's because the Niners have to get rid of 27 players from their current roster of 80 to 53.

It's a tough choice, but Jimmy Garoppolo will be with the 49ers for at least another year. And he's a key member of the team's offense.

'I can't trade him without his approval'

There are multiple options for how the San Francisco 49ers can keep Jimmy Garoppolo away from a Seahawks opportunity without his permission. In fact, it could even have an effect on his starting job bid this season.

Garoppolo has been the subject of much trade talk this offseason. But with his contract on the line, there's no guarantee that the 49ers can move him. Whether they keep him or trade him, the 49ers need to have him on the roster.

Currently, Garoppolo is on a five-year, $137.5 million deal. He has also restructured his one-year contract to take a $24.2 million pay cut.

While the 49ers have made the most of their time with Garoppolo, the 49ers could still restructure his contract and move him to a new team. The Seahawks, for example, are likely to want to wait until he becomes a free agent. This could be an opportunity to improve their quarterback situation without the hassle of making a long-term commitment.

Even though Garoppolo is on the mend from his shoulder surgery, the 49ers could keep him on the roster for another week or two. That would give them an opportunity to see if he can come back and prove himself in training camp.

It may not be the best option for the 49ers, but it could be a good way to get some insight on their offense. Adding an experienced signal caller in the draft wouldn't be a bad idea, but the Seahawks have opted against that. They instead plan to upgrade through the draft and training camp.

With the season set to begin on Thursday, it's possible that the 49ers and Seahawks will try to move Garoppolo to Seattle. If they can't, the next time the two teams go head-to-head will be at Levi's Stadium in Week 2.

However, it's also not too out of the question that the 49ers will trade Garoppolo to a division rival. That's why they have to make sure they have a backup on the roster.

Having said that, Garoppolo has been well liked by teammates, and he has been on the mend from his offseason shoulder surgery. And, if he does end up being traded, he's a proven passer and a top-10 QBR in his two healthy seasons.

'I'm not going anywhere'

There has been a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in recent months. He has been linked to the Browns, as a stopgap for Deshaun Watson. Then, the Seahawks were mentioned.

However, it looks like the 49ers will avoid trading Garoppolo. General Manager John Lynch said that he would not trade his quarterback until a new deal is done.

Garoppolo's deal includes a no-trade clause. This means that if a team offers a deal that is too good to pass up, he can refuse. That could be a problem if the team is trying to get rid of him before the trade deadline.

In order to avoid a trade, Garoppolo has to act quickly. Otherwise, he could lose his job at the end of the regular season. It is possible that he will be unable to find another job by then.

Jimmy Garoppolo is 31 years old and is set to become a free agent after the 2022 season. His contract includes incentives worth $15 million if he wins games. And, he is also guaranteed $25 million for the 2022 season. Those two factors alone make it difficult for the 49ers to trade him.

Seattle Seahawks fans are hopeful that Garoppolo will land there, but that may not be the case. Several other teams have reportedly expressed interest, but the Seahawks seem to be sticking with Geno Smith for the foreseeable future.

If the Seahawks decide to move on from Smith, that may be a big factor in determining whether they make a deal. Seattle has been linked to several other quarterbacks this offseason, including Baker Mayfield and Drew Lock.

Some national media members are urging the team to sign a new quarterback. However, Salk doesn't believe it would benefit the 49ers to trade their quarterback.

But, Shanahan has been optimistic about getting a deal worked out. And, Lynch has been talking to Shanahan about quarterback depth. Obviously, the 49ers have bigger goals in mind than just getting rid of their quarterback.

If Jimmy Garoppolo is traded to Seattle, he may not have a place to play for the rest of the season. Thankfully, he can still practice this year.

Seahawks Are Missing 'Everything About Bobby Wagner'

The Seattle Seahawks have taken some time to settle into their new look, but the team's fans are thankful to have gotten started. The team's defense is a big part of this, and in two games this season it has gone missing, allowing a combined 58 points against the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams. It's unclear why the team has been so abysmal, but it's clear that the team is in a transition.

Seattle Seahawks defense outscored Oakland Raiders 58-13

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, in a game that saw the Seattle defense completely dominated by the Raiders. Seattle's offense couldn't score in the first or second quarter, and the Raiders piled up 576 yards, including a whopping 283 rushing yards.

The Seahawks scored twice in the fourth quarter, but it wasn't enough to win the game. With less than six minutes left in the third quarter, the Raiders held a three-point lead. But the Raiders made a quick touchdown on their next drive, and the game was tied.

On the ensuing drive, Marquise Goodwin ran through an arm tackle to catch a 21-yard pass from Smith. The Raiders' final score came on a 35-yard reception by Tyler Lockett.

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith completed 27 of 37 passes. However, he was intercepted twice. And the Seahawks lost a yard in the end zone in the process.

The game was close, until the Raiders scored twice in the last five minutes. First, Derek Carr found Foster Moreau in the end zone for a TD. Later, Ameer Abdullah beat Stefon Diggs on a wheel route for an 18-yard score.

It was a good defensive performance, but the Raiders' offense wasn't putting holes in the line. The Raiders didn't score on their first four drives in the first half. Despite that, they had the ball for 162 yards.

In the second quarter, the Seahawks' defensive effort was even stronger. They forced two turnovers, including an interception by Derek Carr. Their next turnover was an errant throw by Carr on a third-and-6 pass.

Against an aging Raiders offensive line, the Seahawks' defense played well. Their only blemish was an ill-advised pass interference call.

Seattle Seahawks defense has gone missing in the past two games

If Seattle's defense is to get back on track, it has to play better against San Francisco. The 49ers are a physical team that will run the ball a lot, but they can do so with a lot of flair.

But the Seahawks lost three of their last four games, and are 0-3 for the first time since 2012. A win against the Niners would have moved them to 5-2, but they now sit at 2-2. They are slated to face a rematch with the Giants in Week 15.

With Jamal Adams out, the Seahawks haven't defended the pass well. Instead, they have been relying on a nickel defense with five defensive backs. That's a bad look for a pass-defense that ranks 29th in the NFL.

Even when Adams is on the field, the Seahawks haven't been playing as physically as they should. They are allowing the second-most rushing yards in the NFL. And the 84 points they've allowed in the past two weeks are the most by Seattle since 2000.

On Sunday, the Panthers rolled over Seattle by running right at them. They scored twice on the first two possessions, and then drove for a touchdown on the last possession. In all, they ran eight of 10 plays.

The Seahawks are also playing a lot of nickel defense with five defensive backs. And that's a bad look for a defense that's trying to fix its shaky run defense before the NFC playoffs.

After the loss to Carolina, Doug Neal was particularly disappointed with his defense. He said he was a little frustrated with the second-to-last scoring drive.

It didn't help that the Seahawks lost Al Woods in the second quarter to a heel injury. Shelby Harris wasn't in the game due to illness.

Los Angeles Rams defense has been hindered by two-minute and running-clock tempo situations

In their lone game against the Los Angeles Rams this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed off their ability to get the ball to the quarterback. The Los Angeles defense stymied the Buccaneers for the most part, but also played a part in allowing the offense to reclaim the lead.

Despite the fact that the Buccaneers only had nine points to show for, the scoreboard display was a good one. The first three plays of the drive went for five, four and six yards, and the last play was a two-yard touchdown run by Aaron Jones.

While the Rams defense has done a good job in the first half, they have been stymied in the red zone. That's not the only problem they've faced.

On the flip side, the Packers haven't scored in the red zone either. They haven't converted any of their eight red-zone opportunities. Even with that, they still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

If the Rams want to win today, they need to do more than stop the Raiders in the final two minutes. The Rams defense is doing a great job putting the ball in play. However, the offense hasn't shown up on the same level.

In addition, the Rams offense hasn't scored a single point in the fourth quarter in the past seven games. It's a trend that's been repeated a few times this season.

Obviously, the Rams are a dysfunctional team. Sean McVay, who started John Wolford, is still the head coach, and that's a good thing. He's not going to be fired. Nevertheless, the offense has to find a way to convert in the red zone.

Ryan Neal suffered elbow and shoulder injuries in Sunday's loss to the Raiders

During the Week 12 loss to the Raiders, Seahawks strong safety Ryan Neal suffered an elbow and shoulder injury. Neal was unable to take part in the third down stop of Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, and he exited the game in overtime. However, he participated in practice on Thursday, and the Seahawks are hopeful that he will be able to play in this week's game against the Cardinals.

In a recent interview, Seahawks HC Pete Carroll offered a positive update on Ryan Neal's injury. He said the safeties are 'looking good,' but that they're still unsure of how long he'll be out.

Despite being listed as questionable on the final injury report for this weekend's game against the Jets, Ryan Neal looks like he should be able to return in time to start the game. He was a full participant in practice on Thursday.

X-rays on Neal's right elbow came back negative. The Seahawks have a great chance at getting him on the field on Sunday, but he'll need to practice before the game.

If Ryan Neal is able to play, he's a strong candidate to start at strong safety in the opener against the Rams. Doug Baldwin and Benson Mayowa are both also questionable.

Seattle isn't a very injury-prone team at the moment. Nonetheless, there are a couple of players who could miss time, including defensive tackle Al Woods, who is ill, and outside linebacker Bruce Irvin, who is dealing with a knee injury.

The Seahawks are also missing their top receiver, Tyler Lockett, who is recovering from hand surgery. Fortunately, the team has depth options at the position. That's a sign that the offense may be improving.

Seattle Seahawks fans are grateful to have begun the transition

A lot has changed with the Seattle Seahawks this offseason. The team has a new coach, Clint Hurtt, and a new defense. In addition to the changes, the team has lost two of its key players.

The Rams may have the answer for Seattle. Not only is their roster much more talented, but they have a lot of experience on the field.

After all, they have won the Super Bowl in three of the past four seasons. However, the Seattle Seahawks might need a little more help to get back to the postseason.

One way to improve is to get better at defending the pass. For example, in the Seahawks' 27-7 loss to the 49ers, they allowed a whopping 180 yards in the air at home. Luckily, their defenders were effective.

Bobby Wagner is the best linebacker in the NFL. He has more tackles in the last five seasons than anyone else. His contract will run out at the end of the 2019 season.

Another thing that the Seahawks have to do is get their quarterback right. Russell Wilson has been a great football player, but he's been preoccupied with himself for a long time now.

The NFL organization decided to go out and make Russ the villain. They tried to hammer home that point with their Week 1 schedule. This was a mistake. While it was nice to see them win, it was also nice to see them move on.

When the Seahawks got their act together, they won a playoff game, tied with the Rams for the NFC West title, and made it to the Super Bowl. Hopefully, they will be able to reclaim their title and win the next one.

Seahawks Claim Pass Rusher and Cornerback From Waivers

Seahawks claim pass rusher and cornerback from waivers More moves to come

The Seattle Seahawks have made two more moves from their waiver pool and it looks like this team is in good shape for the future. They have claimed a pair of pass rushers from the waiver pool, and both players are expected to make the roster in 2014. These players are Kellen Mond and Josh Johnson, and we can expect more moves from the team in the near future.

Josh Johnson

Originally a running back, Josh Johnson has gone on to play the role of pass rusher and cornerback for the Seahawks. This past weekend, the Seahawks elevated him to their active roster. He will be used as a depth player behind DeeJay Dallas and Alex Collins.

At the beginning of training camp, there wasn't much to see from the rookie. He had a couple of catches and a few rushing yards. However, he was left to fend for himself when the real work started. Fortunately, he did well enough to justify a call up.

The Seattle Seahawks have a thin roster at several positions. They are currently occupying five linemen and four rushers. While they're likely to run the ball early and often, they need to make sure they can stop it.

On the defensive side, the Seahawks are a pretty solid team. They are fifth in the league in passing defense. Their defensive backs stalk crossing routes and slants. But they also have a strong pass-rush. Adding a physical corner like Josh Johnson could be a boost.

As far as the running game goes, the Seahawks will rely on DeeJay Dallas and Alex Collins. That said, they are still a bit thin at the position. If the injuries of these two bloated starters are an issue, it's likely that the Seahawks will have to re-evaluate the backup plan.

Despite his inconsistencies, Josh Johnson is certainly a good bet to make the squad. His athleticism and attitude are both commendable. Combined with his ability to read and react to the run, he's a great candidate to be a good situational player.

Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond, a former third-round pick from Texas A&M, is now in the mix for a backup quarterback job in the NFL. The 23-year-old has experience, a strong resume and a blend of physical skills that could appeal to teams with depth issues at the position.

Mond was acquired by the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. After four seasons at Texas A&M, he completed 63.3 percent of his passes. He also ran for 22 touchdowns and had a 71-27 TD-to-INT ratio.

He was a standout in the Senior Bowl and was named MVP of the Reese's Senior Bowl. His passing grade improved from a 60.6 in 2021 to a 65.6 in 2022.

He had two pass breakups and displayed fluidity and route recognition. While he did not have a gaudy preseason performance, he is a strong candidate for a starting job in the NFC West.

The Vikings had been considering a move for Mond on the waiver wire. They ended up cutting DL Carlos Davis and LB Khalil Davis.

Another player on their radar was DB Delontae Scott. He played some coverage and was rated a potential starter.

There is no question that the Browns need to add a few more edge rushers. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the league.

In the meantime, they should try to add a backup QB with some experience. As long as the Vikings do not lose their heir to Kirk Cousins, they have little reason to drop Mond.

The Seahawks need a long-term solution at the position, and Mond is a good option. However, he might not have enough athleticism to fit into the NFL's defensive front.

Nick McCloud

The New York Giants announced a plethora of players who will not play against the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Most of these players are on injured reserve. While the team is adding depth to its defensive line, the secondary has the most uncertainty.

Injuries to Aaron Robinson, Wan'Dale Robinson, and Justin Layne have left the team with four cornerbacks. This makes it difficult to know who is going to start in Week 4.

Nick McCloud was signed to the practice squad after the 2021 NFL Draft. He played four seasons at North Carolina State, where he finished with 138 tackles, four interceptions, and three fumble recoveries. His hip fluidity was questioned in college.

Xavier McKinney has not played since the Giants' win over Seattle Seahawks in October. Although head coach Brian Daboll was not optimistic that he would be ready for Sunday's game, he is now in the 21-day window to return.

Two more players are inactive for the Washington game. Kadarius Toney and Cor'Dale Flott are also out. If they do not play, the Giants will have only three healthy cornerbacks.

There is one other player who could fill the void. Darnay Holmes is a candidate for an increase in role.

Another possibility is the move of Cam Lewis to the nickel position. If Lewis can play well, he should be able to replace Taron Johnson as the primary backup.

Another possible player who could fill the void is Kadarius Toney. He was limited in practice on Wednesday, but participated in Friday's session.

Other players who could take a bigger role in Week 4 include a pair of cornerbacks. Cor'Dale Flott was selected by the Giants through the waiver wire last year.

Jason Pinnock

The New York Jets released their fifth round pick, Jason Pinnock, on August 29. As a rookie, Pinnock had 16 tackles and two forced fumbles. He has a great combination of size and athleticism and should be able to fill in on special teams.

He also has experience playing under Pat Narduzzi's aggressive defensive scheme. In fact, Pinnock spent four years at Pitt before he was drafted. That experience could give him a leg up in Wink Martindale's pressure-man heavy defense.

He's not a deep cornerback, but he's tough, dependable and smart. His ability to play in the middle of the field should come in handy. Also, he's been a very good recovery player. This should be a nice fit for the Giants.

Pinnock was originally a fifth round draft pick of the Jets in 2021. Before he was cut, he was a slot cornerback who played well in Pat Narduzzi's defense. While he was with the Jets, he was given an opportunity to look at the safety position.

In the preseason finale against the Giants, Pinnock recorded one tackle. He's had some strong training camp performances, too. Hopefully, he can prove he can play in a Saleh-style defense, as well as add some depth to the secondary.

He'll be competing with Will Parks and Morgan Moses for a spot on the roster. But he's also a good option to take on Adoree Jackson's spot as the second cornerback, with the potential to back up Aaron Robinson if he can stay healthy.

With his size and athleticism, Pinnock might be a long-term asset to the team. He'll provide solid coverage for the running backs and has the speed to help on special teams.

Tyree Barton

The Seattle Seahawks have claimed both a pass rusher and a cornerback off waivers this week. This could make for a dynamic o-line. They've got plenty of size and speed on the edge. But they need more strength in the middle.

Isaiah Foskey is a physical and tough 3-4 OLB. He has good speed, reads plays well with his right arm, and has the ability to use his left to control blocks. That makes him a threat in the open field. His stock in the 2023 NFL Draft is limited.

Another pass rusher they picked up was Tyree Wilson. He's 6'3'' and 250 pounds. Having spent most of his career at Texas Tech, he's a big, strong player with great movement skills. He can also play in a press-man coverage role.

Chachere spent a couple of seasons on the practice squad and is a hybrid defensive back. He showed some improvement as a defender this summer. However, he is still three years away from becoming a starter.

Dawand Jones is a big, powerful pass protector. His length and above-average athleticism should help him fit in Wink Martindale's scheme.

Devon Witherspoon is an architect of a very good defense. He's made a living in opposing backfields, and he's a great athlete. He also has an instinct for being a cover man.

In addition to the two players on the Seahawks roster, the team had to waive 19 other players this week. These cuts were mostly due to the lack of preseason games.

The Seattle Seahawks had to cut down their roster to 53 players by 1 p.m. on Tuesday. It's possible some players are still available, so they can be added to the practice squad.

Watch Stream and Listen to Vikings at Packers Week 17

NFL Picks Week 17  Watch Stream and Listen to Vikings at Packers Week 17

If you want to watch and listen to the Vikings play the Packers in Week 17, then you have come to the right place. Not only can you watch and listen to the game, but you can also get NFL Picks.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will clash on Sunday in Week 17. These teams are fighting for the NFC's top seed in the playoffs, and both will be looking to take a step towards the Super Bowl. With a win, the Packers would be a lock for the top spot, while the Vikings need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

In week 17, the Vikings will be at home, while the Packers will travel to Lambeau Field. This matchup will feature two of the NFL's best quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins.

Rodgers and the Packers will play in an exciting rivalry, and both teams will be looking to make the most of their final regular season game. Both will be coming off of victories in the last three games, and the Packers' defense will have their work cut out for them against the Vikings' stout attack.

In fact, the Minnesota Vikings' defense has been the fifth-best unit in the NFL this season. They've allowed more than 300 yards in just one game. A victory could set up a potential matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs.

Deshaun Watson has been inactive in two games, and his status is up in the air. Head coach Mike McCarthy says he's confident he'll be ready to go. It was unclear how much practice the quarterback had, but he should be able to do a little mixing in before the game.

The Vikings won the first meeting between the two, and both teams have a strong record against each other. Minnesota has won two of the last three, but the Packers have a 64-57-3 lead in the series.

Whether you're watching live or on-demand, you can find the Vikings-Packers game on CBS, Fox, Paramount Plus, NBC, FOX, NFL Game Pass, SiriusXM, and Sports USA. You can also stream the game on FS1 and fuboTV.

Whether you're watching this game on TV, on your computer, or on your mobile device, the biggest game of the week is sure to be one of the most-watched. If you're not going to be at Lambeau Field, you can watch the Packers' game on Amazon Prime.

Denver Broncos vs Denver Chiefs

In week 17 of the NFL season, the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are both fighting for playoff position. If either team wins, they'll move ahead of the other. The winner will move up in the AFC standings.

In other Week 17 action, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to come back from a 14-0 deficit to win against the Carolina Panthers. The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans also played close games.

Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott met in a showdown that was mostly a defensive battle. However, the Chiefs did score three touchdowns. That was enough to sway them to the top of the AFC.

The Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts are two more teams with playoff implications. The Broncos are currently 0-4, while the Colts are 3-1. They aren't very good on either side of the ball, though.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills are in great shape. They've won three straight close games. Their best chance to secure home field advantage in the AFC is to beat the Cincinnati Bengals. This game can be very close.

Another matchup that has playoff implications is the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers. These teams are still in the running for a playoff spot, though the Packers may have the upper hand with their homefield edge.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all looking to avoid a first round playoff loss. All four of these teams had a hard time scoring last week. Despite that, they all beat their opponents by at least seven points.

In other Week 17 action, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns are set to play. That will air on ABC and NBC affiliates in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, respectively.

And the final game of the week is the Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos. The Broncos fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett this week. Regardless, the Broncos played better than they have all season.

As a result, they're a 3.5-point favorite in this game. Overall, this was an entertaining game.

Impact Nixon could play as Green Bay's kick and punt returner

Keisean Nixon is a kick return specialist for the Green Bay Packers. He has been a huge bright spot this season and has contributed in other ways.

Nixon's role on special teams has risen in importance. His fearlessness as a returner has allowed him to excel at the position. As a result, Nixon is currently second in the NFL in total kickoff yards, and his average is one of the highest in the league.

Nixon is also an effective slot corner. This has helped the Green Bay Packers gain an edge in field position during games. The Packers' victory over the Los Angeles Rams was one of their most complete games of the season. They were able to take advantage of the defense the Rams gave them.

Aaron Rodgers has become the team's starting quarterback. While he has been a solid player, his performance has been hindered by injuries this year. However, after a win over the Los Angeles Rams, Rodgers praised Nixon as a big-play returner.

Nixon is expected to play in Week 17 against the Minnesota Vikings. That could mean longer drives for the Packers offense. Fortunately for the Packers, their defense has been better than their special teams.

The team also lost two key players to injury in the first half. Wide receiver Christian Watson was out with a hip injury and right tackle Yosh Nijman was injured on his shoulder. Luckily for the Packers, the team's defensive line was able to take advantage of their lack of offensive weapons.

Nixon is expected to return to the team in Week 17, but it's unlikely he'll be back as the team's primary kick and punt returner. Romeo Doubs will likely replace him, but the Packers will have to find a replacement in case he's out for a while.

In addition to his special teams contributions, Nixon has also been a big-play threat on the offense. He has returned at least one kick for more than 30 yards in each of the last four games.

If he's healthy, the Packers have a chance to build on this strong special teams performance. Even if he doesn't make it back, Nixon still has a chance to earn a place on the All-Pro team.

RJ White's SuperContest picks

The Las Vegas SuperContest is the largest pro football handicapping contest in the world. With entries at more than 3,000, the prize pool for this year's contest is over $1 million. White has been a top performer in the contest for four years, making him the league's number one against the spread expert.

This week, White has five picks against the SuperContest line. He has an incredibly high hit rate on these picks, with a 56.8% hit rate over the past six seasons. During that time, he has made more than 25 units on against the spread picks at SportsLine.

One of the teams he's leaning on is the Carolina Panthers, who are a 3.5-point favorite against the Atlanta Falcons. If they win, the Panthers could make a push for the second seed. Meanwhile, the Vikings are 11.5 points favorites against the Chicago Bears.

It's worth noting that the Vikings are 9-1 against the spread in their last 10 games, and they have covered three times as a favorite of at least seven points. They've also allowed fewer than 10 points in four of their past six games.

Another team he's leaning on is Green Bay, with a 7.5-point favorite against the Rams. White is a strong fan of this underdog matchup. His 56-20-2 record on Green Bay picks against the spread is impressive. In addition, the Packers have a 78-45-1 record against the spread over the last five years.

A final pick of note is the Buccaneers, who are a three-point favorite against the Carolina Panthers. While the Panthers have covered the spread in each of their last five home games, they've had trouble blowing out teams. That said, they've won two straight games as underdogs.

White has been a consistent performer in the SuperContest, and his 52-29-4 record against the spread is the best of his career. As a result, he's finished in the top one percent of the competition five times, and in the top two percent once. So far, he's returned more than $1,400 to those who have put down a $100 bet on his picks.

Packers Vs Vikings DENIED!

Packers vs Vikings  DENIED Packers vs Vikings

The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings will be facing each other on Saturday, October 6th. It is a matchup that will determine who will make the playoffs. The game will be held at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. Here is a look at some of the things to watch for and expect from the game.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings over/under

The Vikings and Packers will clash on Sunday, January 20th, at Lambeau Field. This game will have tons at stake, as both teams are fighting for the NFC wild-card spot. The Vikings have won three of the four meetings against Green Bay in recent history, including a 37-10 win last year.

Despite losing to the Dolphins in Week 15, the Vikings are coming off a four-game winning streak. They won their previous game against the Giants by a score of 27-24, after they scored a last second field goal. Their lone loss was a 25-20 defeat to the Chicago Bears.

Minnesota's win streak is a testament to their well-set rushing attack, which averaged 113.5 yards per game last season. AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones have proven their worth as RBs, and their combination has the ability to create big plays for the Vikings.

Green Bay, meanwhile, has had trouble containing opposing passing attacks. Their defense has allowed an NFL-worst 281.5 passing yards per game. On the other hand, the Vikings rank 22nd in passing offense, and they're the best in the NFL when allowing less than seven explosive plays this season.

In addition, the Green Bay offensive line has been solid this season, allowing just the seventh-lowest adjustment sack rate in the NFL. That should keep Aaron Rodgers clean in his pocket, which is a good thing.

Minnesota has had some good luck this year, as they've outgained their opponents each of the past five games. They're just two wins away from a playoff spot. However, they've also had their fair share of misfortune, as they've lost three of their past six games.

A win over the Vikings on Sunday should help the Packers get back on track. During their recent four-game winning streak, they've covered the spread twice, including an impressive 3-0 record at home.

While the Vikings are unlikely to maintain their perfect record against the Packers, they've beaten them by at least three points in each of the past three games. If they can do that, the total will likely go under.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings matchups

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are two of the hottest teams in the NFC. They have combined to create a compelling rivalry. With the first meeting of the season set for Sunday, both are looking to improve their record to make the playoffs.

In the last five years, the Vikings have defeated the Packers twice. Their latest win came on November 25, 2018. Meanwhile, the Packers have won three straight games and are riding a three-game winning streak. However, the Vikings have been a bit inconsistent in their last few games.

In fact, the Vikings have been inconsistent on both sides of the ball this year. While the offense has been strong, the defense has been a bit shaky. But the Vikings have had some very unsustainable luck in one-score games.

As for the Green Bay Packers, they are also a team that has struggled in the past. They had a mediocre 8-9 season, but they managed to get a lot out of their roster. Even though they lost Aaron Alexander, they are still missing some key players.

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL Championships. A number of other teams have won more, including the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons.

Meanwhile, the Vikings have won four conference championships. The Vikings have won at least three games in every season since 1963.

And the Vikings have been in the NFL for 40 years. This makes the Vikings the third oldest NFL team.

So, the Vikings have had a number of memorable moments in their history. They also have had a good run in the postseason. That's no reason to write them off. They have won seven straight meetings in Green Bay/Milwaukee, and they've won six of the eight times they've met in Minneapolis.

The Vikings have also had the honor of playing in Super Bowls. For instance, they won the 1967 NFL Championship and the 1969 NFL Championship.

There are some other notable matchups between these two teams. For example, the Vikings have won seven straight meetings in Minneapolis.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

In Week 6 of the NFL season, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was hit by Minnesota Vikings safety Anthony Barr, which led to a new roughing the passer penalty. This was the third straight game where the Vikings have benefited from a kickoff return touchdown and a pick six.

The Vikings took a 4-0 lead in the first quarter. They also had a 38-point lead in the fourth quarter. After a long drive, they were unable to score again.

It was a rough day for the Green Bay Packers, and they were unable to win their first game of the season. Their defense failed to contain the Vikings, who rushed for 192 yards and scored two touchdowns.

With the game in the books, the Green Bay Packers finished the season with a 7-9 record. Despite the loss, they were able to clinch the NFC North.

General manager Brian Gutekunst has said that he is willing to keep Clay Matthews on the team, but the former Pro Bowler has not yet declared that he is going to play in 2021.

In the wake of Rodgers' injury, the Packers are not exactly in the best shape on October 23rd. But they still have an opportunity to make the playoffs with a win in their final game of the year, and that would be the only way to ensure they stay in the NFC.

After a disappointing 17-0 win over Seattle last week, Aaron Rodgers was criticized for making bad decisions in the endzone. He fumbled in the endzone, lost an interception, and looked sluggish on offense. Despite those setbacks, he was still able to throw for 292 yards.

But the Packers struggled offensively without starting tackles David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins. They also were without Allen Lazard, who was recovering from an ankle injury.

Those missed assignments, along with mental mistakes, rubbed Aaron Rodgers the wrong way. He was upset by his lack of trust in his teammates and the organization.

At the end of the day, he's likely to play in Sunday's game against the Vikings, but he may not be the same player he was at the start of the season.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings DENIED!

If there was any doubt in Minnesota Vikings fans that they were the NFC North champions, that would be put to an end on Sunday. The Vikings are a perfect 6-1-1 in their last eight divisional games. They could have clinched the top seed if they won out, but that's not a guarantee.

In their first two meetings, the Vikings averaged 7.5 yards per play. That's a number that is a bit misleading.

But, they've been more than a matchup for Green Bay this season. Their offense has been a force under coach Kevin O'Connell. And they've outscored their opponents by 17 points.

In the first half, Green Bay was completely dominated. Kirk Cousins completed 23 of 32 passes for 277 yards. His only turnover came when T.J. Hockenson dropped a pass at the Packers' 40.

On the next play, Darnell Savage beat a tackle attempt by Ed Ingram and returned the bullet 75 yards for a touchdown. That turned out to be the only score of the game.

It was an impressive day for Justin Jefferson. He broke the franchise record for receiving yards in the first half. He also set the record for a single game, accumulating 158 yards.

For the first time this season, the Vikings have played a team with more than one touchdown. Aaron Rodgers has been a complete dynamo in the latter part of the season.

Minnesota can snuff out the Packers' playoff hopes on Sunday. But, they have to come out strong. The Vikings have won 11 of their last 12 one-score games.

A key to the game is to keep Aaron Rodgers out of the pocket. The Packers' front seven is able to rattle him and cause a couple of errant throws.

With the Vikings snagging a few of their mistakes, they can thwart the Packers' comeback. This is especially true when they're playing on their home field.

The Vikings are a good team. They've got some big-name players, and they're a tough out in the division. The Vikings are a solid favorite to win Super Bowl LIII.

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