Jon Jones Coming Back to the UFC?

Jon Jones Coming Back to the UFC?


Is jon jones coming back

Jon Jones is an iconic UFC legend and the undisputed champion in the light heavyweight division. A natural athlete, Jones utilizes both wrestling and judo to great effect while employing razor-sharp elbows during his striking.

But he hasn't fought since February 2020, when he retained the light heavyweight title with an upset decision over Dominick Reyes. For over three years now, he's been training to move up to heavyweight but has yet to sign with the UFC.

What is Jon Jones?

Jones is one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever to compete. He held the UFC's light heavyweight title three times and boasted an impressive list of victories against some of its greatest fighters.

Born in Rochester, New York, Jon Jones began his athletic career as a wrestler and judo competitor during high school. Before taking up mixed martial arts (MMA), he began training for professional competition - something which continues today as an active professional fighter. Since 2008, Jones has been competing professionally.

His older brother Arthur was a state wrestling champion in high school and played nose tackle for Syracuse. His younger brother Chandler was an NFL player for seven seasons.

Jones has had several run-ins with the law over his career, which have negatively impacted his reputation outside of the cage. This culminated in him being stripped twice of the UFC's light heavyweight championship; once for a hit-and-run arrest and again for failing performance-enhancing drug tests.

Jones had his sights set on a potential move up to heavyweight division for much of his reign as UFC light heavyweight champion. But in May last year, an unexpected shift occurred: instead of targeting another title shot in light heavyweight class, Jones announced an intention to retire in light heavyweight division instead.

Dana White reported that Jon Jones will face either Francis Ngannou or Stipe Miocic in his next fight.

As of right now, Ngannou has been cleared to return to the octagon by early next year and would make an ideal opponent for Jones. On the other hand, if Ngannou remains sidelined, Jones could potentially fight Chris Blaydes, one of the top contenders at heavyweight.

Ngannou is a large, powerful and fast fighter; however his striking style leans more toward controlled explosiveness rather than knockout artistry. That makes it difficult for him to beat Jones - widely considered the best MMA fighter of all time.

Jones is renowned for his unpredictable strikes and long reach. Additionally, he's an adept grappler who often puts opponents in awkward positions.

Jones has returned from a long layoff and bulked up significantly in order to compete at heavyweight. This will likely affect his performance inside the octagon, where he's expected to have an effective battle against Ciryl Gane who recently defeated Tai Tuivasa at UFC 232 for the vacant heavyweight title.

Will Jon Jones fight Francis Ngannou?

Jones is a former light heavyweight champion with an illustrious resume. He's battled some of the sport's elite competitors, such as Stipe Miocic, Alexander Gustaffson and Dominick Reyes - boasting an undefeated record in UFC fights that has earned him recognition as one of the sport's greatest fighters ever. With such accolades come great expectations for Jones going forward.

His family had a tradition of wrestling, so Jones became interested in combat sports as a teenager. He began training for mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2008 and quickly won several fights before signing with the UFC. Jones primarily focused on grappling and ground control but also has an impressive striking and submission game.

Jones' wrestling background allowed him to use the clinch technique of his early fights and take down opponents in the clinch. Now a top contender in the 205-pound division and potentially a contender in heavyweight competition, Jones could potentially prove successful at both ends of the spectrum.

Jon Jones hasn't competed in the MMA world since February 2020, but MMAJunkie reports that he's ready to return. According to Nolan King from MMAJunkie, Jones is set for his comeback fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 in March.

For over a year, the 35-year-old has not lost an octagon fight. His last win came against Dominick Reyes - whom he had previously defeated to secure the light heavyweight title.

He's now gearing up to make the move up to heavyweight, having reportedly "penciled in" for UFC 285, set for March 5th.

Jones has successfully defended his title ten times and earned himself a place among the greatest light heavyweights in history. He's proven to be an obstacle for many other light heavyweight champions and MMA legends throughout the years.

Jones may or may not make the switch to heavyweight boxing, and there are several reasons why he might consider doing so.

1. He wants a lucrative fight to bolster his career and return to the UFC's top 10.

2. He strives to prove himself in a new division.

3. He strives to become the first unified two-division champ in UFC history and add more titles to his already impressive resume.

Will Jon Jones fight Stipe Miocic?

Jon Jones is one of the most beloved fighters in MMA history and many consider him to be the greatest fighter ever. Unfortunately, Jon has had several legal troubles throughout his career; he has been arrested multiple times and failed multiple drug tests.

Jones has never retired from MMA despite all these difficulties. Throughout his career, he has won nine major championships and defeated some of the greatest fighters in the sport.

He boasts an impressive resume, boasting victories over Daniel Cormier, Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Alexander Gustafsson and Mauricio Rua.

Jones' victories helped him claim the Light Heavyweight title. In UFC 214, he faced off against Daniel Cormier for the title and won by TKO (Head Kick and Punches).

Jones then successfully defended the belt against Ovince Reyes, Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos before vaping it to move up to Heavyweight division. Along the way he has faced off against some of boxing's top names such as Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou; two of boxing's all-time greats.

In 2019, Jones successfully defended the light heavyweight belt against Dominick Reyes and improved his record to 26-1 with one no contest. He has also defeated Curtis Blaydes and Ciryl Gane in recent months.

Jones recently declared his intention to fight Stipe Miocic again, an indication of his ambition to continue fighting and cement his legacy as a fighter of greatness. This victory over Gane serves as confirmation that Jones intends to keep fighting into the future.

But will he?

Dana White has yet to confirm whether or not Jones will fight Stipe Miocic next. But he did express his "pretty confident" that Jones will face Ngannou at some point in the future.

Miocic hasn't competed in the octagon since his loss to Francis Ngannou in March 2021. But he's expected to return soon, and if he does, it could be an eagerly-awaited matchup.

No matter who Jon Jones chooses to fight, it will be an historic occasion for the UFC. Witnessing two of boxing's greatest legends go head-to-head will be an unforgettable experience for fans around the globe.

Will Jon Jones fight Ciryl Gane?

On March 4 at UFC 285 on March 4, Jones is set to make his long-awaited UFC heavyweight debut against Ciryl Gane. After defeating Dominick Reyes in February 2020, Jones vacated his belt and has been hinting at this move ever since.

Jones boasts a record of 26 wins, 1 loss and one no-contest. He currently ranks #11 on the UFC Men's pound-for-pound rankings and holds several UFC records such as most wins in a title bout and most championship defenses in light heavyweight division.

Jon Jones has had an illustrious MMA career, yet his personal life has not always gone smoothly. In September 2021, he was arrested in Las Vegas on misdemeanor domestic battery charges that were later dismissed; instead he entered a no-contest plea for misdemeanor destruction of property.

Before his meteoric rise to fame, Jon Jones was a state champion wrestler in New York and won the National Judo championship while still in high school. He began training for mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2008 and has been competing for UFC ever since.

Dana White recently announced that Jones will battle Ciryl Gane for the vacant heavyweight title at UFC 285. This marks their first time battling inside of the Octagon, following months of negotiations.

In addition to his legendary rivalry with Daniel Cormier, Jones has had to contend with several other controversy both inside and outside of the octagon. He twice tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and in 2015 was involved in a car accident that resulted in a pregnant woman breaking her arm.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in September 2021, but just one day after his ceremony he was arrested on a domestic battery charge in Las Vegas.

Following his arrest, Jones declared his desire to fight at heavyweight and has since signed an eight-fight contract with the UFC. He will next take on Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How tall is jon jones

How Tall is Jon Jones?

Jon Jones is an renowned UFC fighter with numerous records to his credit. His impressive performances have won him many admirers and admirers alike.

On July 19, 1987, Arthur Jones and Camille Jones of Rochester, New York welcomed their son into the world.

He has two brothers. His older brother Arthur is an NFL football player, while his younger brother Chandler plays NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears.


Jones (known by his nickname Jon Bones) is one of the greatest MMA fighters ever. A record-breaking UFC champion, Jones has achieved great success through perseverance and hard work to reach this level. Through it all, Jon Bones has earned himself an enormous salary and loyal following.

Jon Jones stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 93 kilograms, or 205 pounds. A former national junior college wrestler, his physique lends him an athletic build that makes him appear lean and in shape.

His impressive physique has allowed him to easily dominate top opponents in the light heavyweight division and become the 205-pound champion. But size and reach are only part of what has propelled Jones' success inside the octagon.

Certain segments of the MMA community often point out that Jon Jones' height and reach are the reasons he has become such a successful light heavyweight, but this is not entirely accurate. Although he does possess one of the longest reachs in UFC, this advantage hasn't been the determining factor in his success.

Jon Jones' height and reach are not particularly remarkable when compared to those of top heavyweight fighters. For instance, reigning champion Stipe Miocic stands at 6ft 3.5in, while Francis Ngannou and Curtis Blaydes, the top two ranked fighters, are both only slightly shorter than Jones at 6ft 4in.

However, that does not make Jon Jones any less of a fighter. In fact, all of them have been defeated during his UFC career.

He boasts a vast amount of experience in the octagon, and his abilities enable him to easily overcome opponents. This has cemented him as one of the most renowned MMA fighters worldwide.

At his inception, Jon was only 6ft 4in tall. But through hard work and bulking up, he has grown into a stronger and more muscular fighter - now ready to compete in the heavyweight division.

He is married to Jessie Moses and they have three children: Leah (born in 2008), Carmen Nicole Jones and Olivia Haven Jones. After 17 years together they are proud parents.


Jon Jones is a renowned mixed martial artist renowned for his unique MMA moves and devastating takedowns. He's considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history as well as an icon among fans.

He is a two-time light heavyweight champion and the youngest fighter to hold that title. Additionally, he holds several other records, making him an admired figure within the sport.

The fighter is six feet four inches tall and was born on July 19, 1987 in Rochester, New York. He is currently single and the proud parent of three children.

According to the UFC, he weighs in at 93 kilograms or 205 pounds and boasts black hair and eyes.

He was a light heavyweight champion for almost a decade in the UFC, and is now set to move up to heavyweight division. After not fighting since February 2020, he's ready to challenge Francis Ngannou for the heavyweight title at UFC 285 in March 2023.

He has been struggling with ring rust and has added weight to his body in preparation for this new challenge. His goal is to put an end to the debate of who is the greatest heavyweight in UFC history and ensure he's fully prepared for whatever comes his way.

Jones has been working out with former UFC fighter Yorgan De Castro, as the two prepare him to bulk up for the heavyweight division. Jones reported that he has now added up to 255 pounds in preparation for his debut and hopes to reach 270 before taking on Ngannou in March.

Jones has a reputation for outwitting opponents, but this skill can sometimes cause him to become complacent with himself. This could explain why he's lost two close fights in the past.

Ngannou will present him with an immense challenge, particularly given that she is his biggest opponent yet. This test of adaptability and change will put a real test on him.

Jon Jones is an impressive fighter and will be difficult to defeat. To win the heavyweight title, he must learn how to manage his emotions and focus on technique during fight night. If successful in that endeavor, then Jon jones will be declared the undisputed champion of UFC.

Net Worth

Jon Jones is a mixed martial artist with an athletic build. He holds many records in the sport of UFC light heavyweight fighting, as well as being known for his versatility and precision in the ring with various kicks and clinch moves.

He began his professional MMA career in 2008 and has won 26 matches to date. He is renowned for his unique striking style, which includes a spinning elbow and spin-back kick.

On August 9, 2008, he made his UFC debut and accepted a short notice fight against Andre Gusmao. Though only an interim fighter, he put on an impressive performance and won by unanimous decision. As such, he quickly gained notoriety within the MMA community, quickly building an enthusiastic fan base.

Jones has earned a substantial amount of money through endorsements and brand deals in addition to his fighting career. He's signed with various companies and sportswear brands such as Nike and Reebok.

His net worth is estimated to be $3 million, making him one of the wealthiest UFC fighters. This fortune was acquired through his professional fights and through sales at pay-per-view events.

According to his public statements, Jon Jones earns an average of $5 million per fight. This impressive sum makes him the second highest earning UFC fighter behind Conor McGregor in terms of salary earned.

Another explanation for his high earnings is his reputation as one of the world's top fighters. A two-time UFC light heavyweight champion, he enjoys an enthusiastic fan base.

He has experienced legal troubles throughout his career. He was arrested multiple times for battery and assault, as well as failing drug tests twice.

As a result, he has had to take time off from his fights and been suspended multiple times for violating the UFC's anti-doping policy.

Although his felony conviction has caused some of the major brands to back away, he still has a large fan base and earns substantial income from PPVs. He boasts an impressive social media following that interacts with him on various platforms. Furthermore, he has donated an impressive amount of money to charity over time.


Jon Jones was born on 19 July 1987 in Rochester, New York to Arthur Jr and Camille Jones. He has two siblings; an older brother named Arthur and a younger brother named Chandler.

His family were religious and guided by the Bible, which greatly shaped his life. His father was a pastor and mother a nurse; they even had their own wrestling ring built in their basement by their dad!

The ring served as a symbol of their family's faith and affinity for sports. It also provided them with an outlet to bond as three boys and have some fun together.

Their father, Arthur, was a Pentecostal minister and former all-city wrestler. They were raised in a home where secular music and cable television were strictly prohibited as tools of Satan.

But it was their love for the sport that ultimately formed them and fuelled their ambition. The ring provided them with a platform to work together, serving as an arena where they could develop together into one of MMA's greatest champions in history.

Jon Jones has discovered the value of patience and serenity in a sport characterized by animosities and bloodshed. By taking time away from the spotlight and regaining his health, Jones has been able to appreciate life at a slower pace, finding balance between his professional and personal lives.

Jones is targeting current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier for his next fight. This will be a significant test for Jones, as he has been working to break into the heavyweight division for some time now.

Jon Jones achieved fame as the youngest UFC light heavyweight champion when he defeated Mauricio "Shogun" Rua via TKO in 2011, becoming his 23rd birthday. Since that victory, Jones has been an unstoppable force within the light heavyweight division and remains one of mixed martial arts' top practitioners.

Jones is renowned for his aggressive take-downs and lightning quickness. This has earned him a place among the world's premier grapplers, propelling him to become two-time UFC light heavyweight champion. He has won over numerous elite fighters such as Daniel Cormier, Glover Teixeira, Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and many others.

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