#JamesWiseman Trade to #Pistons Hypes Twitter As Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

#JamesWiseman Trade to #Pistons Hypes Twitter As Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023


James Wisemans Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter as Former No 2 Pick Ge 2023

James Wiseman Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter As Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

James Wiseman's era with the Golden State Warriors has come to an end. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Warriors are trading Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Saddiq Bey and five second-round picks.

It's a huge loss for Golden State, who drafted Wiseman with the hope that he could bridge the gap between Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

1. James Wiseman’s Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter as Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

James Wiseman’s trade to the Pistons is a big deal. It essentially reshuffles the frontcourt and adds a high-upside player to a roster that currently boasts Marvin Bagley III, Jalen Duren, Isaiah Stewart and Nerlens Noel.

The Warriors, who made Wiseman a top-two pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, reportedly traded him to Detroit for forward Saddiq Bey. The Warriors will also receive Kevin Knox II from the Pistons in the three-team deal, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

It’s a big move for the Pistons, who are now tied for last place in the Eastern Conference with a 14-42 record. With this deal, they have added a 7-foot center with Wiseman to their already-crowded frontcourt group, which is anchored by Isaiah Stewart and Jalen Duren.

Wiseman, 21, has yet to see significant action this season. He hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year and had multiple injuries that kept him out of the NBA all of 2021-22.

He’s a long-term project and his potential is still untapped, but the Pistons can offer him regular playing time. He will have to battle for a spot with Isaiah Stewart and Jalen Duren, but he should be able to play in some capacity on the team’s two main rosters.

Adding Wiseman to a crowded frontcourt is an interesting move for the Pistons, who have a core of young players with room to grow. However, this deal doesn’t address the team’s current needs, which is a two-way wing or playmaking forward.

If they can get a lottery pick in this year’s draft, the Pistons could use that to add another perimeter player. Otherwise, this is a decent low-risk bet on a guy who was regarded as one of the top prospects in a class that included Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball.

He was a great athlete, but his lack of game knowledge prevented him from fully developing in the NBA. He’s a great pick-and-roll player, and has the athleticism to stretch the floor on the offensive end. He also has great leadership skills and will have an opportunity to learn from a veteran coach in Troy Weaver.

2. James Wiseman’s Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter as Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

Wiseman, the former Memphis Tiger who was selected second overall by Golden State in 2020, has been a major disappointment for the Warriors since they picked him. He played 60 games in two seasons with the team, but he struggled to fit in with the Warriors’ motion offense and was plagued by injuries that kept him out for much of 2021-22.

The Warriors traded Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons on Thursday in a four-team deal that also included the Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported the three teams had agreed to the trade, and it will send Wiseman to Detroit and forward Saddiq Bey to the Warriors for five second-round picks.

In Detroit, Wiseman joins a frontcourt that already includes 2020 16th overall pick Isaiah Stewart and 2020 13th overall pick Jalen Duren. With the Pistons staring down a 14-42 season, they could see Wiseman serve as a reclamation project.

He’s a 7-footer who can move like few other players in the league and has a high ceiling, but the Pistons are going to have to work to make him a valuable asset. They’ll have to find a way to get him on the court for regular playing time and develop him as a more complete player.

Another potential bonus to this deal is that the Pistons will have an extra big man to play alongside Bagley, who missed the first 15 games of the season with a knee injury. With Bagley back in the lineup and Duren proving his worth as a top center prospect, this will give coach Dwane Casey a few options with his rotation.

The final part of this complicated trade is that the Warriors will acquire Kevin Knox II, who was originally acquired in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers last year, according to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer. This trade is reminiscent of the one the Pistons made for Marvin Bagley last year, and it’s unclear how this will all pan out.

3. James Wiseman’s Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter as Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

The Golden State Warriors made the biggest trade deadline deal of the season Thursday, reportedly trading James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons for Saddiq Bey and five future second-round picks. The deal was first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The 21-year-old center is expected to play a lot of minutes in Detroit, which has the worst record in the Eastern Conference this season. He will be battling for minutes with centers Isaiah Stewart and Jalen Duren on a team that has a young core that is still evolving.

It’s not surprising that the Warriors decided to dump Wiseman, especially since he played just 60 games with them after being selected second overall in 2020. In his short career, he’s shown flashes of talent, but injuries and general inconsistencies have hurt his development as a player.

He’s been out of the Warriors rotation for much of the 2022-23 season and has only appeared in three games this year with the team, averaging 6.9 points and 3.5 rebounds over 12.5 minutes. That doesn’t bode well for his future, but he is expected to be given more time to develop with the Pistons as they continue to build around a core of young talents.

That said, he’s got a long way to go before he can be considered an NBA starter. The Warriors are still trying to figure out how to mesh Wiseman with their system and how to best utilize his talents, and he won’t be fully ready until next season.

But he’s a talented kid who deserves to be on a team that can help him grow as a player and build his NBA career. This trade gives him a fresh start and helps the Pistons get back on track after an up-and-down season that saw them win just four games.

As a former second-round pick, Wiseman will likely be one of the most high-profile players in Detroit, which means he’ll be subject to a fair amount of scrutiny from fans and media members alike. However, his potential is still extremely bright, and he’ll be a key part of the team’s future.

4. James Wiseman’s Trade to Pistons Hypes Twitter as Former No. 2 Pick Ge 2023

After a three-year run with the Warriors, James Wiseman’s time in the Bay is coming to an end. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Warriors have traded Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons in a four-team deal involving Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers.

Originally drafted second overall by the Warriors in 2020, Wiseman played 60 games for Golden State before injuries and a poor fit derailed his NBA career. The 7-footer from Memphis East High and the University of Memphis suffered a season-ending torn meniscus in April 2021 and missed all of 2022 as he struggled to fit into Golden State’s motion offense.

The Warriors had hoped to groom Wiseman into a future superstar, but his lack of on-court experience made him difficult to develop. He had to be sent to the G League in December, and his sporadic play prompted Bob Myers to cut him loose before the team’s first trip to Memphis this season.

As a result, the team has only been able to use him as a reserve this season. He is averaging just 6.9 points and 3.5 rebounds in 21 games with the Warriors this season.

A trade to Detroit is the perfect reset for Wiseman, who hasn’t lived up to his lofty expectations with the Warriors in the first three years of his NBA career. He also joins a deep and talented frontcourt in Detroit with Jalen Duren, Nerlens Noel and Isaiah Stewart, who have already carved out their roles on the court.

When he was drafted, the Warriors were convinced Wiseman would eventually emerge as a star in the NBA, much like Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball. They envisioned him as an offensive weapon with the ability to stretch the floor.

But he has struggled to stay healthy since his rookie season, and he hasn’t been able to put it all together in the NBA. He hasn’t had an All-Star season and has been injured in nearly every game he’s played in the past two seasons.

The Warriors got rid of Wiseman in exchange for forward Saddiq Bey, who’s a sharpshooting forward that has started all 82 games over the past two seasons. In addition to Bey, the Warriors will receive five second-round picks in the deal with the Pistons and Hawks, according to Wojnarowski. The deal will save the Warriors around $7 million in luxury tax this year and $30 million over the next two seasons, as well as provide them some financial flexibility.

Trade Deadline Warriors Trade James Wiseman Acquire Gary Payton II

Golden State Warriors Trade James Wiseman and Acquire Gary Payton II

The Warriors cut bait on James Wiseman on Thursday and welcomed back a familiar face in Gary Payton II. In a move that saves them significant luxury tax money this season and next, the team acquired Payton from Portland for five second-round picks.

While the trade doesn’t look as flashy as some of the others, it’s a step that signals that Golden State is going all-in on winning now. It also reaffirms Joe Lacob’s expressed vision of the future for the Warriors.

1. Wiseman was not getting enough playing time

One of the things that made Wiseman so attractive to the Warriors in the draft was his ability to score at a high rate from the perimeter. But those numbers weren’t enough to overcome his lack of feel and basketball IQ, which he struggled with at times during his rookie season.

When the Warriors moved James Wiseman down to the G League earlier this year, they hoped that he would have time to get his game together and develop with some extra playing time. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been getting any.

After starting the season with an ankle injury, he returned to the court this week and did not record a single minute in the Warriors’ 122-120 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. Steve Kerr isn’t ruling out trading Wiseman but believes that he needs to see more live reps to help him become a better player.

With the Warriors starting smaller, Jordan Poole has been used to open games and Wiseman has been forced into more late-game garbage time as a result. That’s a hard situation to have to deal with for any player, but it’s particularly tough for a young big man in Wiseman’s position.

He is a raw rim-running center and has a long way to go before he can be a full-time starter, but he has the skills to make an impact in the NBA. He can shoot from the 3-point line and can attack the basket with a variety of moves.

But there are still some fundamentals that he struggles with, like his footwork and fouling. These are all common issues for young big men.

This is why he struggled to adapt to a team that was loaded with veteran big men, such as Draymond Green and Stephen Curry. Even when he was healthy, the Warriors could have done a better job of developing him.

It’s not a bad thing for the Warriors to send Wiseman to the G League, where he can focus on developing his game and improving his overall skill set. If he does, he should be able to play a role in the Warriors’ future.

2. The Warriors were unable to recoup the full value of a No. 2 overall pick

The Golden State Warriors made a flurry of moves Thursday at the trade deadline, shedding salary while acquiring a championship-proven player. They sent James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons and used some of the draft capital garnered in that deal to acquire Gary Payton II from Portland.

The trade was a win-now move that should help the Warriors regain their form in the middle of a stretch run. While it won’t be the massive splash some of their competitors took, it will give the Warriors a solid, affordable backup option at point guard while also saving them a bundle on their looming luxury tax bill.

While he’s still young and will have to grow into his role, Payton provides an important spark off the bench and is a perfect fit for Golden State’s stacked backcourt. He’s a natural defensive specialist who has played a key role on both sides of the ball for the Warriors over his career and can also shoot the occasional 3-pointer.

He’s been a net positive in nearly every lineup and operates seamlessly in a Warriors ecosystem that has become very difficult for many players to navigate. Moreover, he’s proven he can make the most of his minutes in a Warriors rotation that has seen Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green play so much of the offense for them this season.

But there’s a big catch here: the Warriors were unable to recoup the full value of their second-overall pick, which they used to select Wiseman. As a result, this deal only saves them about $37 million in luxury tax over the next two seasons because Wiseman’s deal will be significantly less than Payton’s.

In the long run, Wiseman’s addition is a huge mistake that will only serve to derail the Warriors’ title defense. The Warriors have a better chance of winning the title with a core of Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson than they do with an inconsistent and underperforming roster that includes Wiseman, Kyle Kuminga and Moses Moody.

While the move will be bittersweet for Wiseman, it’s a win-now decision that should help the Warriors regain their form and get them back on track for a title run this year. The front office and head coach have a lot of work to do if they’re going to bring home the gold. They need to continue to build a team that can compete against the best in the league and get some wins over the last three weeks of the season before they can start celebrating their title.

3. The Warriors are shedding some salary

After a run that saw them win four championships in eight years, Golden State has remained one of the NBA's stingiest franchises. But after a season that saw their salary climb to a record-setting level, owner Joe Lacob took a line in the sand, saying it was "not even remotely possible" to reach $400 million next season.

Now, with the NBA's luxury tax projected to rise to $75 million in 2020-21 (with teams paying a repeater tax for their last three seasons), it appears the Warriors are looking to shed some salary in order to save money. This means they are likely to try to free up salary cap space through a combination of trades and the signing of exceptions.

The idea of shedding salary through trades is not new to the Warriors, who have made a number of moves in the past to trim their payroll. In fact, they have already signed Andrew Wiggins to a max contract while retaining both Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson, and they are set to retain Draymond Green and Kevin Durant as part of their long-term contracts.

But it is a strategy that is increasingly becoming more difficult to implement, as the team's luxury tax concerns continue to rise. And as a result, the team's front office is faced with wrenching personnel decisions.

This is especially true in the case of Stephen Curry, who has become a vocal advocate for the Warriors to maximize their championship window while still maximizing his own future. The reigning Finals MVP has a clear point of view on the matter and is backed by the organizational brain trust of Bob Myers, Kent Lacob and Shaun Livingston, among others.

Myers has long been the face of the organization, and his leadership is crucial to the success of the Warriors. But with his contract set to expire in July, Myers is reportedly considering whether it would be best for him to move on from the franchise.

While this is a logical step for the Warriors, it also raises a lot of questions about the future of one of the most successful dynasties in NBA history. Myers is a man of great intellect and he will be forced to decide whether it's best for him to stay with the organization.

4. The Warriors are reuniting with Payton

The Warriors made a significant move to reunite with fan-favorite Gary Payton II on Thursday. After he was traded away from Golden State earlier this season, fans across Dub Nation were furious at the team for letting him go.

Payton was a key rotation player on last year’s title team and contributed to their playoff run. He was a key part of the defense and energy on the Warriors’ bench and had been an important piece to their success.

As the deadline rolled around, the Warriors were looking to shed some salary in order to alleviate their massive luxury tax bill. In an effort to do so, they traded James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons and acquired guard Gary Payton II in return from the Portland Trail Blazers.

In exchange for Wiseman, the Warriors sent forward Kevin Knox and five second-round picks to the Pistons, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The Pistons reportedly also sent forward Saddiq Bey to Atlanta and boxed those picks with Knox to bring Payton back to the Warriors.

With Payton now in the fold, Golden State should be able to improve its bench unit, which has been struggling to make up for an underwhelming frontcourt. He’s familiar with the Warriors’ system and personnel, so he should be able to help the team stabilize its offense and get Steph Curry more minutes in the backcourt.

He was a solid contributor off the bench in 71 games with Golden State last year, averaging 7.1 points and 1.4 steals per game. He also fought off injuries throughout the season and earned rotational minutes as a result of his point-of-attack defense.

Wiseman’s time with the Warriors was a bit of a failure, and he was never going to be a reliable option on the Warriors’ backcourt for long. The trade is a bit of a sunk cost for the Warriors, but it gives them a quality option to contribute off the bench and a veteran who can anchor the defense. Plus, it helps them save a significant amount of money on their luxury tax bill, which has soared to an all-time high this season.

Pistons Rumors James Wiseman Was Detroits TopRanked Prospect in 2020 NBA

Pistons Rumors: James Wiseman Was Detroit's Top-Ranked Prospect in 2020 NBA Draft

James Wiseman was the top-ranked prospect in Detroit's 2020 draft class, sources told Adrian Wojnarowski. He was a longtime favorite of Pistons GM Troy Weaver.

Wiseman has a huge, mobile frame and is a physical rebounder, though his shooting isn't great and his shot block numbers are laughable. He also hasn't played enough minutes to prove that he can make the leap to a starting role.

1. Wiseman Was the Top-Ranked Prospect in 2020 NBA

Despite a disappointing season for Wiseman, the big man remains a top-tier prospect. His size, tenacity, and defensive ability are the things that set him apart from the competition. The rim protector is also extremely athletic and can lock down a shooter from anywhere on the floor.

He is also a smart player who knows how to use his length on the ball. He has a great feel for the game and is very good at picking up players in transition and making passes from pick-and-roll.

His shot-blocking ability is a huge plus for him and could allow him to take on a larger role in the NBA. However, Wiseman has some weaknesses that may impact his NBA success.

The lack of muscle on his frame could limit his movement defensively and his lanky build can make it difficult to handle the ball when he is running off screen play.

Aside from his athleticism, Wiseman has an excellent basketball IQ and can make a lot of big-time passes in the open court. This is a good thing for a team that has high-usage guards at the point.

If Wiseman can improve his passing and shooting, he has a chance to be a solid backup to Derrick Rose. He can also provide depth at the wing.

While he is a talented shooter, he has not been consistent throughout his career and may not be able to consistently knock down long-range shots at a reliable clip. He also needs to learn how to defend the arc and has the potential to be a bench player who will be picked low.

Another reason he may not be selected high is that scouts are concerned about his desire to become a volume scorer. If he isn't willing to adjust his game in order to better fit into the NBA, he could be a bust.

While he isn't a perfect fit for the Pistons, he is still a top-tier prospect and could be a good addition to the team. He has the athleticism, basketball IQ, and scoring upside to help the Pistons.

2. Wiseman Was the Top-Ranked Prospect in 2021 NBA

There's no denying Wiseman is an athletic big man. He's a physical threat to overpower opposing big men, and he can get his shots off from inside the arc. But he's not a polished shooter and passer, which will limit his value at the next level.

He'll be a dominant rebounder, but teams will want to see him develop a more multi-level scoring game in the NBA. If he can be that, he could have a long career in the league.

The first thing teams will look for when scouting Wiseman is his defense. His shot-blocking ability should help him become a key contributor on the defensive end.

In his three games at Memphis, he blocked six shots in the paint and six on the offensive glass. That compares favorably to his production as a high school player on Nike's EYBL circuit, where he averaged 1.9 blocks per game.

His footwork also catches my eye, and he shows a lot of potential to play in the NBA. In this possession, he adjusts to the entry pass and then sets a nice down screen for his teammate.

This is a great example of how Wiseman is trying to read the play before it happens. Once he realizes his teammate is in trouble, he slides down and delivers a perfect block up top.

As a result, he's likely to be a solid backup center for years to come in the NBA. However, he won't be ready for real playoff minutes right away.

He'll need to be patient and work hard to learn the basketball and get better at his craft, but he could have a long career.

The Detroit Pistons made a surprise trade this week to acquire James Wiseman from the Golden State Warriors for forward Saddiq Bey and a 2020 draft pick. The deal paves the way for the Pistons to make a run at the playoffs this season and beyond.

With a roster packed with young players, Detroit has a lot to work on this season. Wiseman isn't the most important part of the puzzle, but he could help bolster the roster as they enter this crucial year.

3. Wiseman Was the Top-Ranked Prospect in 2022 NBA

The Detroit Pistons have traded James Wiseman to the Golden State Warriors ahead of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline, Adrian Wojnarowski reports. The deal involves former Villanova standout Saddiq Bey and forward Kevin Knox from Detroit, and ex-Oregon State standout Gary Payton II from the Warriors.

While he hasn’t made much of an impact in the NBA so far, it is hard not to be impressed by Wiseman’s college tape and physical tools. The Memphis Tigers product is 7-foot-1 and 230 pounds, a combination that should make him a threat to post up and create space in the paint for teammates down low.

In his three games at Memphis, Wiseman averaged 19.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game. He also produced an outstanding player efficiency rating of 50.4, which ranks in the top 10 in Division I.

His skill set, despite only playing in 69 minutes of college basketball, shows many similarities to NBA player Dwight Howard. He is quick off the ball and displays an impressive 7-foot-6 wingspan, which should make him a formidable rebounder and active rim protector on defense.

He is also a threat to shoot the ball, and should be able to develop into a high-volume scorer in the league. He is a talented scorer in the half-court, especially when he can get to the rim with a dunk or layup.

This player has a good chance to develop into a star in the modern NBA, but he will need time to grow and develop his game. He will have to prove he can play in a system that enables him to be productive and take advantage of his athleticism, and he will need to prove he can handle the responsibilities of a starting center without sacrificing defensively.

The question is whether the Pistons can find a way to get this talented talent to develop and grow into a franchise player. If they do, it could be a major turning point in the team’s history. But if they don’t, Wiseman will likely be another example of a player who was once hailed as a future superstar who has faltered on the big stage.

4. Wiseman Was the Top-Ranked Prospect in 2023 NBA

In the 2020 draft, Wiseman was the top-ranked prospect in the NBA and had the potential to become a franchise player for Detroit. He was a star at Memphis East High School and fielded 16 offers before deciding to play for his home team.

He is one of the most unique big men in the country because of his size and how he dominates both ends of the floor. He also has some unique offensive tools that he brings to the court that aren't normally seen from center.

As a center, Wiseman could be effective as a rim protector on defense and a lob threat on offense. He isn't a polished shooter yet, but his free throw percentage and 3-point shooting ability are both above average, so that should continue to grow as he gets more experience.

Despite his positional limitations, it isn't out of the question for Wiseman to have a long career as a solid big man in the league. He has a lot of natural instincts and athleticism and will likely be able to develop into an elite defender as he continues to get stronger.

However, he will also need to develop into a much better passer. He has the ability to be a great halfcourt distributor and will have a chance to make up for his deficiencies with his passing ability.

He has some room for improvement, but he is also an extremely talented young player and has already started 85 games in his first two seasons. He is a fan favorite, and has proven that he has the potential to be a key part of the Pistons' future.

The Pistons are hoping that Wiseman will take on the role of the go-to big man in a modern NBA and he should be a very valuable addition to the team's roster. The team will need to be patient and see if he can develop into a player who can contribute to their winning culture.

There are other bigs in the draft that could be a good fit for the Pistons, including Luka Doncic and Deandre Ayton. However, those players do not have the same skills that Wiseman has and will be better suited to being an undersized power forward rather than a center.

what happened to james wiseman 2023

What Happened to James Wiseman 2023?

The Warriors had high expectations for James Wiseman 2023 when they selected him second overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. He was regarded as a 7-foot big man with the ability to stretch the floor.

However, he hasn’t lived up to the hype and the team is considering moving him ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline.

What Happened to James Wiseman 2023?

In an effort to clear his head, James Wiseman 2023 turned to writing. He began a diary and then poetry as he struggled to find his place on the Golden State Warriors’ team.

The team took Wiseman with the second overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and he has since gone through a rocky first three years in the league. A torn meniscus cut short his rookie season and he missed the entirety of the Warriors’ 2022 NBA Championship run. He was traded from the Warriors to the Pistons on Thursday as part of a three-team deal that also sent Saddiq Bey to the Hawks, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Despite being a top-rated recruit, Wiseman struggled in college. He was disqualified from playing for Memphis because of a violation of NCAA rules. After serving a suspension, Wiseman was drafted by the Warriors with the second overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

He was a big man who could stretch the floor and defend multiple positions, but he was unable to earn consistent minutes due to a lack of experience. As a result, he spent most of his time on the bench in his first three seasons in the NBA.

When he did play, he averaged 6.8 points and 3.6 rebounds in 12.7 minutes per game during the 19 games he appeared in with the Warriors this season. He has been a reliable rebounder and rim protector in his limited time with the team, but he has also seen a lot of minutes in blowouts.

The Warriors have a need for big men, and they are taking a gradual approach with Wiseman to help him develop. He isn’t a lock to start, but he can add a different dimension to the Warriors’ rotation, giving Kevon Looney some much-needed rest.

As long as he can stay healthy, Wiseman’s career could take off with the Warriors. But he’ll need to prove that he can thrive in an NBA environment without getting sucked into the playoff chase.

If the Warriors decide to trade Wiseman, he’ll be a valuable commodity for another franchise in need of a rim-protecting center. He won’t have a lot of trade value, but he might be worth dealing for future draft picks and proven rotation players.

What’s Next for James Wiseman 2023?

When the Warriors picked James Wiseman second overall in the 2020 draft, it was a move that made sense. They had a need for some big help on the wing and Wiseman, a 7-footer who could stretch the floor, seemed like a perfect fit.

But then the Warriors traded him to the Detroit Pistons for Gary Payton II on Thursday. In doing so, they not only dealt away a key piece of their 2022 championship run, they also showed exactly how they really felt about him.

Wiseman, the Warriors’ top pick in 2020, has been a disappointment since he first joined the team in 2021, missing most of the following season with multiple injuries and barely getting into a rotation. In his 39 NBA games, he’s averaging just 6.8 points and 3.6 rebounds in 12.7 minutes while shooting a meager 48 percent from the field.

He was a promising part of Golden State’s rotation early this season but has sprained his left ankle twice in the past few weeks. His return to practice Tuesday suggests he may finally get an opportunity to start Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies, but it’s still unclear how much of a role he’ll have once he’s fully healthy.

In any case, he’s only 21 years old and has a lot to learn. He needs to improve his game to become an effective contributor in the NBA. He’s probably never going to be a top-20 player, but he can at least be effective in the league as a sixth or seventh man.

The Warriors will need to use their $12.1 million team option for 2023-24 wisely. That could mean trading him for future draft picks and proven rotation players. But Wiseman won’t be a valuable asset until he starts to make progress in his game and show that he can be more than just a backup center.

Until he gets there, it might be best to give him another chance in Detroit. He’ll likely compete with Jalen Duren for a spot in the rotation and could see some action in the frontcourt as a backup power forward. If he can be that reliable and provide some solid numbers, the Pistons will have an excellent young piece on their roster in the future.

James Wiseman 2023’s Injury History

The Golden State Warriors’ James Wiseman 2023 has had an injury-riddled career. He’s played in just 39 games since being drafted in 2020 and none since April 10, 2021 due to a meniscus tear in his right knee.

It’s no secret that the young big man from Memphis has had a rough time recovering from injuries. During his first three seasons in the league, Wiseman was frequently sidelined with ankle, shoulder, wrist and knee injuries. He also spent a month in the G League in 2021 as he worked to recover from his injury.

Despite the long road back, he appears to be making some progress. On Tuesday, Wiseman took part in contact drills and also participated in a three-on-three scrimmage after practice, which is another huge step forward for him and his recovery.

When he’s healthy, Wiseman should be a great asset for the Warriors in their upcoming playoff run. He’s a good rebounder and has some rim protection skills, so he could give the Warriors some depth and a boost on both ends of the floor.

Wiseman has been a sporadic rotation player this season, averaging 6.8 points and 3.6 rebounds in 12.7 minutes across 19 appearances. He’s expected to be active in Wednesday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, but it’s unclear how much of a role he’ll have once he’s fully healthy.

The Warriors haven’t officially announced a timetable for Wiseman’s return, but it’s likely to happen sooner rather than later. The 7-foot center has been on the road with the team and working to get fully cleared for full-contact play, which is generally trending in the right direction.

He’ll also likely be able to scrimmage in a few G League games as he builds toward full-contact work. If Wiseman is able to do so, it will allow the Warriors to get more low-stakes game reps.

If Wiseman can return in time for a postseason run, he’ll have an opportunity to re-establish himself as the starting center for the Warriors. He’ll need to play well and show that he can contribute on both ends of the floor, but it should be enough for the Warriors to keep him in the fold if they make a run this year.

James Wiseman 2023’s Future

The Warriors drafted James Wiseman with the expectation that he would eventually become their post-Steph Curry center. He was a hyper-athletic 7-footer with a high ceiling who could provide the kind of offensive production many thought Golden State needed in the future.

However, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for Wiseman thus far in his NBA career. He has been plagued by injuries over the past several years and has struggled to get on the floor in meaningful games.

Despite all of that, Wiseman has been working hard to improve his game. He has also been focusing on staying healthy and making sure he has the tools to be successful once he does return to the court.

But if things don’t improve and he doesn’t find his footing on the court, it is not surprising that the Warriors might look to trade Wiseman in the offseason. Whether it is for veteran help or to add draft picks, the Warriors are in the midst of a rebuild and don’t have much time left to work with Wiseman.

If Wiseman is unable to become a star player in the NBA, he can still serve as a valuable player for other teams. He can be traded to a team that needs a big man with the potential to lead that team.

The Pistons will have a chance to assess Wiseman over the next few seasons and see what kind of player he can be. The team could opt to use their one-year option on the rookie deal to give him a chance to develop before he hits restricted free agency in 2024.

It’s not clear if the Pistons will try to trade Wiseman, but there are some teams that might be willing to take a look at him. The Pistons could use him as a reclamation project and hope he turns into the kind of player that makes them better, or they could see what he can do with a little more playing time.

As of now, it is very likely that the Warriors won’t make a move to address their center position this offseason. They haven’t had a lot of success with centers this season and Wiseman has been a negative influence on their bench. He has also been an underperforming member of the Warriors’ rotation, and he is not ready to be a mainstay in the lineup yet.

NBA Trade Grades Did the Warriors Get Enough Back for James Wiseman

NBA Trade Grades: Did the Warriors Get Enough Back for James Wiseman?

The Warriors traded James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons for five second-round picks and forward Kevin Knox. They then used part of the draft capital to re-sign Gary Payton II from Portland.

In the end, the Warriors didn’t get enough back for Wiseman, who never developed into a reliable contributor in Golden State. He’s just not a bona fide young star in the making.

1. Grade: F

The Warriors made a surprising move to trade James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons for five second-round picks and Kevin Knox, a player who walked in free agency. They essentially flipped their top pick in the 2020 draft for a guy who can defend the rim and run a pick-and-roll offense.

The trade sends Wiseman to the G League, where he should get more reps as the team attempts to figure out how to utilize him on offense and defense. He has shown a lot of promise during his short stint with the Sea Dubs, averaging 18.8 points and 10.6 rebounds in 10 starts.

However, his development has been hampered by a knee injury that ended his last season in the NBA. Despite his limited time on the court, Kerr remains optimistic about the 21-year-old’s potential.

He has a long list of things he needs to work on before returning to the Warriors. He’s a young man who wants to win, Kerr said, and he hopes his time in the G League will help him gain confidence and comfort on the court.

Still, the Warriors are trying to make a championship run with their roster, and Wiseman hasn’t made enough of an impact yet to help them do that. He’s also a young man who isn’t quite ready to play at the next level, so there’s a chance he won’t be back with the Warriors for much longer.

This is a hard situation for all parties involved, and it’s a rare scenario where a title-winning team has to take this kind of gamble. But if Wiseman improves his shot-blocking, rebounding, and overall feel for the game, he could return to the Warriors and become another valuable piece in a rebuild.

2. Grade: C

The Golden State Warriors traded James Wiseman before the NBA Trade Deadline to the Detroit Pistons in a three-team deal that also sent Saddiq Bey to the Atlanta Hawks. The move was a salary dump for Wiseman, who was unable to be a part of the Warriors’ short-term plans and didn’t contribute on a regular basis in the long run.

The 21-year-old Wiseman was drafted by the Warriors as the second overall pick in the 2020 draft, but his time with the team has been hampered by injuries and lack of scheme fit. He played just 60 games for the Warriors over two seasons and hasn’t been a consistent contributor in coach Steve Kerr’s rotation.

He hasn’t played in any of the Warriors’ past four games since a sprained left ankle that kept him out for a month, but Wiseman is expected to return to action Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings. He hasn’t been a regular starter for the Warriors this season but could be used as a backup with Draymond Green (calf) out.

Bey, a 22-year-old forward who has averaged 8.0 points per game this season, is a good fit for a Hawks roster that needs scoring help and shot-blocking defense. He’s a dependable shooter with a decent feel for the game and he’s also a great pick-and-roll player, so he’ll fit well into the Hawks’ offense.

The Pistons, meanwhile, already have young frontcourt talent in 2022 13th overall pick Jalen Duren, 2020 16th overall pick Isaiah Stewart and Marvin Bagley III. But adding Wiseman will help the Pistons build a roster that can compete for the playoffs in the future. Depending on how Wiseman fits in, his addition could be a big boost to a Pistons team that’s currently battling for a playoff spot.

3. Grade: D

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4. Grade: E

Wiseman has been a disappointment with the Warriors since he was drafted second overall in 2020. He has struggled to fit into the Warriors’ offense, and his injury issues have limited him to just 21 games over the past two seasons. He has played a lot of minutes, but he has not been able to consistently put it all together.

The Warriors traded Wiseman, along with Gary Payton II, to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Saddiq Bey and a future second-round pick. The deal is a bit of a surprise, but it is a smart one for both teams.

Golden State got back a player they liked and know in Payton, and he has proven to be a solid bench player. He will also help with the Warriors’ defense, which has been a weak spot this season.

Meanwhile, the Pistons got a talented young center who they could use as a reclamation project. He’s raw, but there aren’t many seven-footers in the league who can move like him.

It will be difficult for Wiseman to reach his potential with the Pistons, but he has an opportunity here to see what kind of player he can become. He will likely never be the next Dennis Scott, but he has a chance to be a good fit for a young, rebuilding team that needs a high-upside big man.

Wiseman has been a disappointing player for the Warriors, but this trade is a step in the right direction. He has shown some flashes in his short NBA career, but he has not been able or willing to put it all together. He has been hampered by injuries, and this trade makes sense for both teams.

5. Grade: F

The Warriors didn’t get back much for James Wiseman in the trade with Detroit. The second-overall pick hasn’t made an impression in the NBA, mainly because of injury issues and lack of playing time.

The Pistons acquired Wiseman for five second-round picks and Kevin Knox, who was moved on to Portland. In exchange for Wiseman, the Pistons gave up a big center who can shoot and play the post but has struggled to make an impact in his limited NBA career.

As for Wiseman, the former first overall pick has had some success in the G League. He has stuffed the box score and played well in limited time with Santa Cruz, but he hasn’t put up big numbers at the pro level yet.

He’s still young, hasn’t proven himself as a starter and isn’t a good fit for the Warriors’ system right now. He’s going to have to show that he deserves more playing time at some point, though.

That could mean he’s a part of the team’s rotation for a stretch or that he finds his way into the starting lineup and provides more offense and defense when it’s needed most. That’s a win-win, and it could help the Pistons take another step forward this season as they try to build around Isaiah Stewart and Jalen Duren.

Wiseman has a chance to break out this year, but he’ll need more help from his teammates. He’s a high-upside player, and the Pistons are getting him at a reasonable price. He has one more season at $12 million then hits restricted free agency in the summer of 2024.

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