Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren PPV

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren PPV

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren PPV

jake paul vs ben askren

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren is a professional boxing match that took place on April 17, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. The match featured YouTuber Jake Paul, a former mixed martial artist, and former amateur wrestler Ben Askren. As for the winner, Jake won via a TKO in one minute and 59 seconds of the first round. Despite the fact that Jake was not an experienced fighter, he fought with heart and determination and came out on top in the end.

Ben Askren has a long resume in mixed martial arts, and he has already fought for the welterweight title in the UFC. His MMA experience includes fighting in Bellator and ONE FC and has won 19 of his professional fights. The fight is scheduled to begin at nine p.m. ET and will feature three undercard bouts. The evening is set to go until midnight.

In the first fight, Jake Paul overpowered Askren early in the fight. Although Askren tried to rough him up in the clinch, Paul took advantage of this and forced him to trade blows. In the second fight, the two exchanged blows until Askren was exhausted. The second fight ended in a draw. However, this bout was televised live and has a wide fan following.

The PPV kicks off with a performance by Snoop and Jaleel White, a couple of music artists who are both promoting the Purple Urkle strain. The PPV is set to begin at 9 p.m. ET and will also include three undercard fights, as well as performances by Justin Bieber, Diplo, and the Black Keys.

Despite the fact that Askren is a more experienced fighter, Jake Paul is still relatively untested. The UFC veteran has won nine of his last ten fights, but the boxing welterweight has yet to win his first two-fight. Having said that, he has to make it through the first round to win the belt. He may not be able to defend his welterweight title, but the seasoned boxer will surely try his best.

The MMA world is waiting for this one. Aside from being a part of the entertainment industry, Jake Paul is also a popular YouTube star. He's a YouTube influencer and has taken on the role of a "snake" for UFC president Dana White. This is the first time two UFC alums have faced each other, and the fight will be an interesting matchup for fans.

Ben Askren fought for the championship in July, and won the fight. In the past, the former UFC fighter Ben Askren had a great amateur career and was a world champion in two different organizations. He made it to the UFC at the end of his career, but his career was cut short due to injuries. The YouTuber Jake Paul was a knockout and was able to take out the UFC veteran in the final rounds.

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