How the National Anthem Became a Local Anthem for Jersey City

How the National Anthem Became a Local Anthem for Jersey City


Became a Local Anthem for Jersey City


An opportunity rarely presented itself during a sporting event to hear the national anthem played, yet when it does it can stir strong emotions.

Over the years, athletes have demonstrated disdain when they refuse to stand during the national anthem, leading many NFL players to be banned for not taking off their helmets before games began.

It’s a Great Place to Live

Jersey City, just across the Hudson from New York City, has experienced a tremendous resurgence over recent years. It offers affordable rents, genuine people and vibrant culture.

At its heart lies a small place with big heart; one where people don't fear to laugh or smile freely. A delightful neighborhood filled with lively energy and plenty of green spaces is only minutes away by PATH train from Manhattan - making this town truly delightful and inviting!

This neighborhood features historic brownstones, row houses and pre-war apartment buildings - perfect for families or young professionals seeking a safe yet welcoming atmosphere in which to work and live.

Paulus Hook has seen increased recognition over recent years due to its beautiful brownstones and charming side streets, as well as one of the premier public elementary schools nearby.

Bergen-Lafayette, on Jersey City's western end, is another chic historic neighborhood, boasting gorgeous riverfront and plenty of parks - an ideal place for raising families. Plus it's only minutes from Manhattan via PATH train!

This neighborhood features an eclectic range of architectural styles, spanning Victorian homes to turn-of-the-century row houses to upscale condos and apartments with spectacular views. Additionally, there are ample green spaces here making it one of the top places in Jersey City if you're seeking an affordable locale with a rich cultural scene.

Home prices here have skyrocketed in recent years, yet it remains an ideal place for those who can afford it to call home. Its rich cultural diversity ensures you can find food from different cultures here.

Lastly, The Heights is another highly-coveted neighborhood in New York, known for its trendy coffee shops and chic bars. Just minutes from the Hudson River, The Heights also makes an ideal shopping spot for clothing and shoes from local mom-and-pop stores on Central Avenue.

Jersey City has long been one of the best cities for families, and it is easy to understand why. Offering many parks and playgrounds as well as museums and libraries - not forgetting its proximity to New York - Jersey City makes an ideal location for family outings or day trips.

It’s a Great Place to Work

Jersey City offers an ideal work-life balance. This waterfront community is well known for its business-friendly culture, outstanding schools, and lively neighborhoods - not to mention it's located just across the river from New York City for easy commuting to its bustling business district!

Are You Searching for Jobs in Finance, Tech and Life Sciences Industries in Jersey City? Jersey City is home to numerous fintech firms as well as an abundance of manufacturing jobs within healthcare, tech and tech fields. Plus it also has plenty of exciting jobs related to manufacturing healthcare technology industries!

Froth on Franklin and Snapdragon are great coworking spaces to choose from in New York that provide a cozy setting that can facilitate casual work sessions.

Another fantastic way to work remotely from Jersey City is taking advantage of its public library system. There are various branches and neighborhood libraries scattered throughout town that will enable you to catch up on reading or research projects.

There are also several coffee shops with free wifi and comfortable places to work; 9 Bar Cafe in downtown Jersey City provides many outlets as well as greenery.

If you're in need of something tasty to snack on, check out one of the food trucks or eateries around town. From ham rolls and cheesesteak sandwiches to pizza, hot dogs, Amish markets and international fare there's sure to be something delicious just around the corner.

Visit the Liberty Science Center, one of the largest planetariums in the world, which also offers interactive exhibits and a scenic park.

PATH lines in New Jersey make commuting into Manhattan easier than ever, running multiple times an hour to take you quickly and stress-free into NYC. Plus, with its variety of housing options and proximity to NYC, Jersey City makes an excellent place to live and work for anyone needing a quick commute into Manhattan.

It’s a Great Place to Play

New Yorkers had trouble understanding Jersey City for many years. Although known for its close-knit atmosphere and more tranquil side of city living, locals only recently revealed its true potential: Jersey City is one of America's best places to reside.

Jersey City boasts a long and distinguished history, diverse neighborhoods to select from and a burgeoning culture - providing its residents with many advantages over New York. Plus, with so much going on in this city there's never a dull moment!

Liberty State Park is an essential stop, covering acres of waterfront land with scenic views of both Lady Liberty and Manhattan's skyline, in addition to being home to Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and Liberty Science Center - not forgetting its Empty Sky Memorial that honors those lost during 9/11 attacks.

Mana Contemporary is another must-visit site, celebrating creativity and featuring local artists' work. Housed within an historic tobacco warehouse, this forward-thinking art space hosts cutting-edge exhibitions, cultural events, and green space activities - making for an incredible cultural experience!

Jersey City boasts an electric, artsy vibe. There are so many exciting places and activities available here that it may become hard for you to leave!

Families will find the area an ideal destination, too, with various family-oriented activities, including a children's waterpark and dog park.

Try hiking or bicycling along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway for an enjoyable exercise experience while admiring its scenery. Or for something a bit less vigorous, Liberty State Park provides the ideal opportunity to see both Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline while strolling or jogging through it.

History enthusiasts should visit Jersey City's Historic Station in Paulus Hook. Once used as a passenger terminal for trains to and from Jersey City, this impressive building was constructed between 1889-1893. Visitors can explore its interiors while learning more about its construction process.

It’s a Great Place to Be

Jersey City has quickly become a preferred location for New Yorkers looking to relocate outside of Manhattan in recent years, due primarily to an increase in amenity-packed new development along Jersey City's Gold Coast and rising prices in North Brooklyn and Long Island City.

Homebuyers looking for homes in JC have their pick of several distinct neighborhoods. No matter your taste, from high-rise condominiums to sprawling brownstones - there's something here for every buyer.

Downtown is where the action lies, where new conversions and construction combine with existing spaces to form an exciting community. But there are also countless enlivened areas originally developed as suburbs that each offer their own distinctive appeal.

One such neighborhood is Jersey City's Heights, long considered a hub of its thriving art scene. This charming enclave features Victorian and Edwardian homes interspersed with thoughtful condo conversions as well as family-oriented activities for kids in nearby parks.

Paulus Hook is another desirable neighborhood with both new construction and classic brownstones, located across the river from downtown Manhattan and offering ample green spaces as well as quick access to Liberty State Park with breathtaking views of Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. It makes an excellent home base for families.

The neighborhood is conveniently close to New York City via PATH trains and NY Waterway ferry stops, making it an ideal commuter location. Furthermore, there are multiple public schools within its borders.

Shopping options abound in Jersey City (JC), from boutiques and specialty stores to high-end retailers and department stores. In addition, Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall features many shops and eateries for even more shopping and dining opportunities.

Foodies will find much to satisfy their culinary desires in JC. There's an impressive variety of dining options, ranging from classic diners and gyros joints to five-star establishments, not forgetting an abundance of artisanal bakeries, farmers markets, and specialty food stores to satisfy every craving they might have!

As one of the United States's top three most diverse cities, JC offers residents and visitors plenty of attractions and experiences. World-renowned museums, cultural landmarks, large parks - there's something here for everyone!

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