Gymshark Pays David Laid $125,000 a Month

Gymshark Pays David Laid $125,000 a Month


How much does gymshark pay david laid

David Laid is an Estonian bodybuilder and fitness model renowned for his transformation videos on YouTube. He's a Gymshark sponsored athlete as well as a New York-based freelance model who also works as an athlete for other brands.

Gymshark was established in 2012 by Ben Francis and quickly rose to become one of the premier sportswear brands of our time. They boast an impressive social media presence as well as an expansive product selection.

How much does Gymshark pay David Laid?

David Laid is an Estonian bodybuilder and fitness model with a devoted following on social media, particularly YouTube. His transformation videos showcase his rapid transformation from skinny boy to powerlifter in just a few years.

He is an enthusiastic fan of strength training and believes it helps him develop a lean and muscular physique. He hits the gym six days a week for two hours per session, equally splitting his workout between push, pulls and legs exercises.

Laid is compensated as a Gymshark athlete based on his social media following, engagement and sales generated from his work as a fitness influencer. Many of Gymshark's athletes have earned millions of followers and generated substantial income through their role as Instagram fitness models or YouTube fitness personalities.

Gymshark was founded by 19-year-old Ben Francis in 2012. Since then, it has grown exponentially into a multibillion dollar business.

Gymshark stood out from other ecommerce businesses by making an intentional effort to connect with their customers through offline events and meet-ups. This fostered a sense of community and fostered brand loyalty among their followers.

Gymshark made a major commitment by hosting these events, which allowed them to showcase their brand and connect with their audience in ways that couldn't be done through online marketing alone. They also fostered an atmosphere of anticipation and fun - essential ingredients for fitness enthusiasts.

Gymshark not only hosts expos and meet-ups, but they have also launched a global tour to get their brand in front of key events. Furthermore, the brand has collaborated with celebrities like Nikki Blackketter and Whitney Simmons to create content and promote it on their social media channels.

Influencers are the cornerstone of successful ecommerce marketing, and have become an indispensable element in the sportswear sector. Fitness models, bodybuilders and other athletic personalities can be invaluable assets for brands that rely on them to spread their message.

What is David Laid’s net worth?

David Laid is a well-known fitness and bodybuilding YouTuber with an estimated net worth of over $125,000 as of mid-2019. This money was earned through both his YouTube videos and eBook sales, which combined to generate the majority of his income.

He has amassed millions of followers on both his Instagram account and YouTube channel, where he posts both photos and workout videos. Additionally, his popularity has grown due to appearances on popular television shows and magazines.

Despite his status as one of the world's top fitness models, he remains extremely humble. He rarely shares details about his personal life or answers questions from reporters; however, he has been known to respond on social media occasionally.

The 24-year-old bodybuilder hails from Estonia and is currently single. He has two younger brothers as well as a mother.

Laid's family moved to the US when he was young in search of a better life. Ultimately, he and his siblings settled in New Jersey, where Laid attended Mainland Regional High School.

David experienced the devastating loss of his father at a young age. Thankfully, his mother was able to secure employment and provide for her family's needs.

Laid developed an interest in fitness after moving to America. He started lifting weights and watching workout videos online, which eventually led him to develop a deep passion for bodybuilding. He took inspiration from experts such as Jeff Seid, Keith and Kevin Hodge, and Marc Fitt for his workout videos.

In 2013, David Laid launched his YouTube channel and uploaded his first video, "David Laid 18 Month Transformation 14-15 Year Old," which quickly went viral with viewers. From there on out, his success continued to grow as more videos were uploaded over time.

His content quickly made him one of the world's most renowned fitness models, garnering him interest from talent agencies, supplement manufacturers and gyms alike.

He has worked hard to expand his online presence and cultivate a loyal fan base, earning over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 5 million followers on Instagram.

How did David Laid become a Gymshark model?

David Laid is an Estonian-American bodybuilder and fitness model whose YouTube transformation videos have gone viral. As a Gymshark sponsored athlete, his physique has earned him widespread acclaim.

David first began posting workout videos to YouTube in 2013, quickly gaining a large following and being approached by several talent agencies, gyms, and supplement manufacturers. He also launched his own website and became a Gymshark Athlete.

Before his teenage years, he wasn't particularly into weight lifting; however, his back problem and sudden growth spurt made him appreciate its therapeutic effects. This spurred him to launch his own YouTube channel to share these lessons.

He became interested in fitness and bodybuilding after watching videos of body transformations by Marc Fitt, Jeff Seid and Greg Plitt. Inspired to achieve his own physique through these mentors, he set out to achieve results of his own.

David is a dedicated athlete, dedicating hours to his exercise regimen each week. He usually works out six days a week for two hours per session and splits up his workout into push, pull, and leg exercises. Furthermore, David often shares pictures of his workout on social media platforms.

Though he is renowned for his toned physique, he has struggled with eating. As an ectomorph, it's challenging for him to gain muscle mass without gaining too much fat. Although he strives to eat nutritious meals that are high in protein and carbohydrates, he often struggles to get enough calories from these sources.

David began working out, improved his diet and saw his muscles growing. Currently under contract with Gymshark and an ambassador for Euphoria - a workout supplement company - David continues to push himself physically and mentally towards new heights.

His workout regiment consists of heavy compound lifts and intense plyometric training. He is close to benching 405 pounds at 180-190 pounds, as well as sumo deadlifting 635 pounds.

David is not only a fitness enthusiast, but an author and social media influencer as well. He's created several fitness-related products and sells coaching tips, tailored workouts, and nutrition plans online.

What is David Laid’s training routine?

David Laid's training regimen is a well-rounded one that emphasizes strength and hypertrophy gains. He enjoys performing basic compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. David strives to train five to six days a week and targets different muscle groups in each session.

As a result, he has achieved a toned physique with long, muscular arms, strong legs and an attractive chest. Utilizing a bro-split workout program to focus on different muscle groups with intense intensity during each training session, he continues to look fantastic!

He typically trains for two hours each day, alternating his sessions between push, pull, and legs exercises. Additionally, he follows a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

David takes a variety of supplements in addition to his exercise program to achieve the physique he desires. Whey protein and creatine are often used for muscle growth, while pre-workouts and multivitamins round out his supplement arsenal.

David Laid has become a fitness model and inspiration to millions around the world. He shares inspiring pictures and videos of his body transformation to motivate others on their fitness journeys.

Laid had to learn the correct ways of eating in order to get enough calories, and while initially struggling with weight gain, he eventually discovered the right methods for accomplishing it.

He began consuming more protein and fats than ever before, as well as increasing his carb intake and consumption of healthy fats. Additionally, he included some low-carb, plant-based foods into his meals for added nourishment.

His training regiment quickly transformed him from a scrawny, slender kid to an impressive muscleman. With ample amounts of muscle mass added, he earned widespread recognition for his impressive physique.

He enjoys a large social media following and has been featured in several popular fitness and bodybuilding videos. His most viewed video, "David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17," has been viewed over 30 million times - making it one of the top bodybuilding videos on YouTube.

Is david laid still with gymshark

Is David Laid Still With Gymshark?

Gymshark has quickly become one of the world's most beloved fitness brands due to its positive PR and word-of-mouth advertising.

David Laid is a bodybuilder, influencer and model renowned for his impressive transformation videos on YouTube. Additionally, he's proud to be an official Gymshark athlete.

David Laid is an inspirational fitness icon who has overcome adversity to achieve his physique. As a Gymshark sponsored athlete, David loves hitting the gym six days a week for two hours each session.

What is David Laid?

David Laid is an internationally-renowned bodybuilder, fitness model and social media influencer best known for his YouTube body transformation videos. Born on January 29th 1998 in Estonia - a Baltic country situated between Russia and Latvia - Laid began his journey as a bodybuilder before embarking on his fitness career and aspiration.

At two years old, his parents divorced and his mother moved to New Jersey with her sons to start a new life. Unfortunately, doctors diagnosed him with scoliosis at age 14.

After watching videos about bodybuilding online, David decided to start lifting weights in an effort to straighten his spine. Additionally, he began spending time at a gym to enhance his fitness level.

David was able to conquer his scoliosis and lack of self-confidence, becoming an incredible success in fitness modelling and social media influencer work. Today he makes a comfortable living from these endeavors.

Many are curious to find out who David Laid is and how he became famous. His transformation demonstrates how fitness can help you transform your life both physically and emotionally.

His YouTube videos recount how he once struggled with being thin and underweight, but then began working out. Additionally, he talks about changing his diet in order to gain muscle mass.

Eating the right diet is essential for building muscle, but it's also crucial to get out there and work out regularly. You can achieve this through a balanced nutrition plan as well as supplements like whey protein, creatine, and multivitamins.

How did David Laid get started?

David Laid is a renowned fitness model and bodybuilder who boasts millions of followers on social media platforms. Additionally, he's both a Gymshark athlete and successful entrepreneur.

The Estonian fitness star got his start in the industry by watching YouTube fitness videos and lifting weights. He developed an interest in exercise, eventually enrolling in a gym to train.

At just 90 pounds, he began his transformation to a toned physique. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, his classmates often teased him about his size.

After watching videos by fitness YouTubers like Jeff Seid, Keith Hodge, and Marc Fitt, he began working out six days a week to get in shape.

Laid's body transformation was truly remarkable, yet some medical professionals questioned if he was using steroids and other illegal substances. Thankfully, Laid's mother was very supportive and encouraged him to keep working hard.

Laid maintains a healthy lifestyle through his YouTube videos, eating nutritious food and taking multiple supplements to build muscle mass. He emphasizes on protein, carbs, and fats when building his physique. Furthermore, Laid incorporates heavy compound exercises into his workout sessions for added benefit.

His YouTube channel boasts 1.28 million subscribers and 2.1 million followers on Instagram. As a fitness model, he's earned endorsement deals with several supplement companies and clothing brands. Additionally, he maintains an un-public relationship with Julia Jackson; they keep things casual between each other.

Is David Laid on steroids?

David Laid is an Estonian bodybuilder and fitness expert with a large social media following. He's also a model, having signed endorsement deals with supplement and clothing companies. David boasts over one million Instagram followers as well as over 850,000 YouTube subscribers.

Bodybuilders often get asked if they use steroids for their transformation. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell due to the vast differences in individual usage of steroids and other factors involved.

Steroid users typically appear more toned and defined than non-steroid users due to steroids' increased fluid retention in the muscles, leading to an overall more defined physique.

Another thing to watch out for when considering a steroid user's timeline of gains, as it can be more challenging naturally over time to achieve such large increments in muscle mass. This is because the body requires constant effort to build and sustain muscle mass.

Although he denies using steroids, it's possible that they have been consumed in the past. That explains why he wore a hoodie at Arnold Classic expo with "Half Natty" written across it - perhaps an indication that he may not be 100% natural after all.

Is David Laid a fake natty?

David Laid is a fitness model and influencer from Estonia renowned for his transformation videos that showcase his journey from skinny kid to powerlifter. These videos chronicle the entirety of Laid's transformation, from skinny kid to powerful lifter.

Laid began training in the gym when he was 14 years old, despite feeling self-conscious about his appearance and weight. This ignited a passion for fitness that helped him transform his body into an impressive muscular specimen.

He has amassed an immense social media following and is widely recognized for revolutionizing bodybuilding. Additionally, he has signed endorsement deals with supplement and clothing companies like Gymshark Athlete and Euphoria.

He has denied taking steroids and claims to have built his physique organically. Additionally, he vlogged about his journey, explaining that he did not use any illegal aids or growth hormones to bulk up.

David attributes his body transformation to hard work and commitment. To maintain that energy level, he follows a balanced diet and takes supplements regularly for extra fuel in the form of supplements.

He loves bench presses and deadlifts, two exercises many people struggle with. He typically hits the gym 6 days a week, training for up to 6 hours daily. Additionally, he works on improving his strength through squats and chin-ups.

What supplements does David Laid use?

David Laid is a fitness model who has achieved incredible success online. On social media platforms, David boasts millions of fans and followers, making him one of the most adored young stars worldwide.

At a young age, he began his fitness journey and has since blossomed into an international superstar. His success can be attributed to his dedication and commitment to reaching for success.

Laid was born in Estonia but tragically lost his father to an accident when he was two. As a result, Laid and his mother moved to the US a few years later to search for a better life for themselves and their family.

Laid sought to transform himself after losing his father and being bullied for his thin frame. To gain strength and boost his self-esteem, he started weight training - which ultimately enabled him to build a muscular physique.

David Laid uses a variety of workouts and supplements to achieve his toned physique, including protein powders, creatine, and whey protein.

Creatine is a supplement that boosts energy levels, promotes muscle growth and decreases fatigue. It also aids in recovery after workouts while relieving muscle soreness.

David Laid supplements his regimen with calorie-dense food items to build muscle mass while burning off body fat. Additionally, he makes sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Who is the biggest natural bodybuilder?

In a world where it's easy to assume all bodybuilders use steroids, it's refreshing to see big natural bodybuilders with impressive physiques. These guys don't use any performance-enhancing drugs and have achieved their results through diet, exercise and supplements alone.

Though these individuals possess great genetic potential, it takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to achieve their physiques. While it may not be as simple as spending years honing your skills in exercise and supplementation to get a lean physique, it is achievable if you put in the effort.

Natural bodybuilders are some of the world's biggest. Their size is due solely to superior genetics, not using steroids for enhancement.

Natural bodybuilders possess immense muscle-building ability, but they've been taught the correct way to train. To build a solid base of lean mass while avoiding fat gain, these athletes prioritize quality nutrition over quantity.

Simeon Panda is one of the best examples of natural bodybuilding. He began as a teenager, but it took him some time to develop his physique into what it looks like today.

Simeon boasts an impressive list of competition victories and is currently ranked as the best natural bodybuilder in the world. He competes within both INBA and NANBF federations, having undergone rigorous drug testing. Furthermore, he has won numerous awards across both men's and women's categories. Furthermore, Simeon founded a sportswear company to aid him with competition preparation while also promoting his physique.

Is david laid vegan

Is David Laid Vegan?

David Laid is a bodybuilder, Gymshark sponsored athlete, social media star and supplement brand owner. His fitness videos have inspired thousands to get in shape and lead an active lifestyle.

Laid has long experimented with his diet and workout regimes. Recently, he switched to a vegan diet in an effort to maintain his muscular physique.


Protein may get a bad reputation, but it doesn't have to be your calorie burning enemy. Research has demonstrated that eating more protein can provide numerous health benefits, from improved digestion and energy levels to boosted immunity and weight loss without the yo-yo effect. A protein rich diet may even aid weight loss without feeling deprived!

If you're a fan of David Laid's YouTube videos, then you might have seen his latest plant-based meal plan. His new routine involves a smoothie and protein shake, bowl of white rice with black beans, spinach and kale, large salad with plenty of fruit for dessert.

What began as a simple desire to shed some pounds has blossomed into an inspiring lifestyle change that's brought joy and excitement into his life.


Everyone is aware of the numerous advantages creatine offers, such as increased energy levels, muscle growth and improved performance. But did you know that vegans and vegetarians can also reap these rewards from this supplement?

Creatine is a protein amino acid produced in the liver and kidneys to help the body produce more ATP, or energy for cells. When working out intensely, your body requires more energy than usual in order to sustain those movements and keep up the intensity.

At high levels of activity, the ATP molecules lose their phosphate groups and become ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate). To keep yourself going strong during these intense exercises, those ADP and AMP molecules must be converted back to ATP for energy storage so you can continue performing those high-intensity movements with renewed vigor.

The good news is that most creatine supplements are composed of synthetic sarcosine and cyanamide, free from animal products. However, make sure the capsules used in the supplement don't contain gelatin.

Gorin notes that studies have demonstrated vegetarians and vegans respond more favorably to creatine than omnivores do. In one such study, those who were vegan and didn't consume any meat showed improvements in their performance on exercise tests.

Another study discovered that vegans who took creatine showed improvements in working memory and intelligence. This could be because the protein increases blood flow to the brain, providing energy-boosting benefits.

Vegetarians and vegans may absorb creatine more effectively than omnivores due to the proteins found in legumes and vegetables, which naturally contain arginine and glycine - amino acids which are converted to creatine.

Creatine supplements come in many forms, but the most efficient and well-researched form is cyclic forms of creatine monohydrate. Studies have consistently shown this form to produce the greatest ergogenic benefits. Furthermore, it's cost effective and user friendly - making it a popular choice among athletes.


Bodybuilder David Laid, a Gymshark-sponsored athlete, recently joined the ranks of fitness influencers who advocate for plant-based diets. His decision came as a shock to many due to the traditional belief that meat-rich foods are the only source of protein. But now he is reaping all the rewards of living a vegan lifestyle.

Fats are fatty substances that provide energy to the body. Furthermore, they contain essential fatty acids necessary for health and are an essential dietary nutrient.

Animal products like meat, milk and eggs often contain omega 3s; however they're also present in plant foods as well. Vegetable oils and nuts contain unsaturated fats which have anti-inflammatory effects as well as helping lower bad cholesterol, protecting vital body cells.

Some fats are essential for optimal health, such as omega-3 fatty acids which support brain, heart and eye function. Furthermore, these essential lipids aid in absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

Furthermore, some fats can be detrimental, such as saturated and trans. Saturated fats tend to be found primarily in meat products and dairy items, while trans fats are produced by adding hydrogen to vegetable oils so they solidify at room temperature.

A typical fat molecule is a triglyceride (pronounced Try-GLIS-er-eid). This consists of three long chains composed of fatty acids attached to an unnamed small subunit known as glycerol.

Triglycerides are the most prevalent type of fat, though there are also monounsaturated and polyunsaturated types. Saturated and monounsaturated fats can cause inflammation in the body as well as raise cholesterol levels; on the other hand, polyunsaturated fatty acids help reduce this by keeping artery walls healthy.

Another type of fat is called glycerolphosphate. This triglyceride molecule consists of glycerol and two or more fatty acid chains and may lead to heart disease and stroke when consumed in large amounts.

Bodybuilder and social media star David Laid made the decision to go vegan in August 2020. He now supplements his meals with green veggies, smoothies and protein shakes as well as fruit and other plant-based food items. Furthermore, he ensures he gets enough calories each day in order to maintain his muscular physique.


Carbohydrates are the primary fuel for human metabolism. They can be found in a wide variety of foods such as breads and pastas, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Carbohydrates can be divided into two categories: simple sugars and complex carbohydrates. The primary distinction between them is that simple carbs break down quickly, leading to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels; on the other hand, complex carbohydrates take longer to break down and provide a slower release of energy to the body.

When following a vegan diet, it's essential to recognize which carbs are beneficial for your body. Complex carbohydrates tend to be healthier for you than simple ones since they contain more essential nutrients and fiber.

When it comes to carbohydrates, the main types you should steer clear of are refined and processed carbs such as white flour, pastries, white rice and bagels. Not only do these cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels but they lack essential nutrients like fiber and vitamins; plus they're high in calories too!

It's also essential to steer clear of refined starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes, which tend to be considered "bad" carbs due their high inflammatory potential and increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Another reason to avoid these types of carbs is that they can lead to weight gain. This is especially relevant if you are trying to shed pounds or have a health condition like diabetes or high cholesterol.

Finally, opt for whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet or oatmeal when seeking to boost your protein and fiber intake. These are all great choices for those seeking to incorporate more of these into their meals.

David Laid, an Estonian bodybuilder and powerlifter, recently converted to veganism in order to achieve the physique he desired. Since then he has shared his story on social media in an attempt to motivate others into making healthier lifestyle changes as well.

Although it remains uncertain if he will continue with this lifestyle, it can be said that by eating the right amount of food he has managed to maintain his physique and stay healthy. Furthermore, incorporating nutrient-rich foods into his meals gives him energy and muscle mass for peak performance.

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