Future Star Camp St Elizabeth Nj

Future Star Camp St Elizabeth Nj


Future Stars Football Camp in Madison, NJ

future stars football camp madison nj

If your child is interested in learning how to play football, future stars football camp in Madison, New Jersey, might be the perfect place for him. Not only can he learn the basics, but also try soccer, lacrosse, wiffle ball, and even lacrosse! Future Stars Sports Academy in Madison, NJ has something for every child. From beginner to advanced, this camp is sure to inspire a love for the game.

McGill attended future stars football camp in madison nj

Jonathan McGill, the Stanford senior safety, has attended Future Stars football camp in Madison, NJ. The camp was held at Buddy Echols Field and included 75 high school and college football players. Campers received instruction from former high school and college teammates, and McGill gave a pep talk that included a demonstration of his Super Bowl XXXI ring. In addition to giving players valuable tips, McGill also helped them develop the necessary skills to be successful in football.

Granite bear football camp

This summer, Mount Airy High School is hosting the junior Granite Bear Football Camp, an intensive summer football camp for kindergarten through eighth-grade kids. At this camp, kids will learn the fundamentals of each position on the field and enhance their athletic ability with speed work, agility, and other drills. At this camp, athletes will also get to participate in team activities and participate in lectures on attitude and teamwork.

Fort Walton beach youth football clinic

The Future Stars Football Clinic in Fort Walton Beach, FL, has become a popular destination for 6 to 13-year-olds who want to learn the fundamentals of the game of football. In addition to the football skills learned, the clinic also builds character and promotes community service. Participants in the clinic are able to learn about the game's different rules, how to tackle, and more. Those who attend the clinic are also able to enjoy a day of community service with the city's mayor.

The Panhandle Youth Football Association was formed in 1980 by Cornell Tinner, a former Florida Gator. It has grown into a successful organization of 50 or more teams. In addition to football, there is a cheerleading division. The PYFA includes the cities and counties of Destin, DeFuniak Springs, Niceville, and South Walton County. For more information about the PYFA, check out its website.

The Phelps School - An Oasis For Campers

future stars phelps school

Located twenty-five miles west of downtown Philadelphia in historic Chester County, the 70-acre Phelps School is an oasis for campers. In addition to its recently renovated sports complex, the campus features sprawling natural settings, air-conditioned facilities, and grass & turf playing fields. While the natural surroundings are plentiful, campers will also enjoy daily swimming lessons at nearby Valley Forge Military Academy. Located on the school's sprawling campus, Future Stars Camps serve campers from ages four to thirteen.

Rising Stars is a 24/7-365 days a year support system

The Rising Stars Youth Foundation has been using team sports to teach kids about character, education, and important values. The organization's staff serves as a bridge between the community and school for the children. Rising Stars' ultimate goal is to graduate every student in the program without any issues, and ensure that each student is college-ready when they graduate.

It is a bridge between family and school

The Barbara Phelps Early Development Center has been a bridge between family and school for over 20 years. Barbara was a stay-at-home mother who was an active member of the Redlands Unified School District Board of Education. Her commitment to education and the welfare of children has left a lasting legacy and her school was named in her honor. This school is dedicated to educating the whole child and has a positive family atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and support for every family member.

It is a citywide high school

The Phelps School is a private boarding and day school located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, that serves boys in grades six through twelve. The school is dedicated to nurturing young boys who have the potential to become future stars in sports and other fields. The school offers a rigorous, academically rigorous curriculum that fosters academic achievement and personal growth. Here are some of the highlights of The Phelps School.

The Phelps campus is located in a suburban suburb of Philadelphia, two hours from New York City and Washington, DC. It is more than a place for boys to prepare for college; it's a way of life. The positive, productive, personal environment fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance. Boys at the Phelps School develop new friendships and interests and become well-rounded individuals.

Future Stars Football - Einaudi Campus

future stars camp ein

Future Stars Camp Inc. is an organization dedicated to the development of soccer talent through its leadership and adaptedness program. These talented young people play the game with confidence and enthusiasm. Their players also show true love and passion for the game. These factors make them great candidates for leadership roles. You can make a difference by donating to the camp and helping these young people achieve their goals. You can do this by finding out more about Future Stars Camp Inc.'s Contribution Deductibility Status and Leadership & Adaptability Score.

Future Stars Camp Inc's EIN

The Future Stars Summer Camp has been running summer programs for children since 1980 and has grown to become one of the premier service providers in the Tri State area. The camps are located in 6 different locations, chosen for their outstanding facilities and convenient locations. Each camp session lasts eight to ten hours, and the schedule is flexible and early pick-up and drop-off options are available. In addition, campers can choose to participate in a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, STEAM/STEM, circus arts, magic, and more.

Contribution deductibility status

The order of the eastern star of California, which has a local chapter in Stockton, California, is an organization that is exempt from federal and state income tax. The order has obtained an Employer Identification Number, also known as an EIN, from the IRS. Although the organization is subordinate to the fraternal beneficiary society grouping ruling, the order is exempt from the IRS's requirements for obtaining an EIN.

Leadership & Adaptability score

The Leadership & Adaptability score at Future Stars Football - Einaudi Campus is not available. This is because the camp has not submitted data to evaluate this aspect of the program. Despite its name, the camp does offer the opportunity for youth to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the field. The camp is an excellent choice for youth who are interested in learning more about the different aspects of the game.

Future Stars Camp Dates

future stars camp dates

Whether you're in the market for a new basketball jersey or are considering a soccer academy, the Future Stars camp dates are here to help you. Not only does this camp include professional headshots, 1,000+ action photos, and free pizza for lunch, but it also includes free admission to a Jets facility visit. And while these are all great benefits, there are other great ones, too. Below, we'll cover three of them.

Future Stars Game 2022

The Future Stars Game is a youth football showcase featuring top athletes from the states of Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Michigan. The games are played between teams of youth ages six through eight. It was first held in 2011 and has rapidly increased in popularity. It will be held again in 2022 and the dates and locations for this camp are listed below. For more information, visit the Future Stars Game website. To register for a future Stars Game camp, click on the link below.

The Future Stars Game 2022 camp dates will be announced soon, but there is no need to worry: the camp will still focus on fundamentals. This year, players will also learn detailed skills for the 50/70 and 60/90 age ranges. Whether a player is looking to make the next leap into the NBA, or simply wants to sharpen their game, the Future Stars Game is an excellent opportunity for them to achieve their dreams.

The Future Stars Game 2022 summer camp dates are set in early March. Players must register for a one-week camp and must stay in a dormitory during the event. All meals are included in the registration fee. There are also discounts for siblings attending a Future Stars Game 2022 camp. So, get your child signed up today! The future is bright for all Future Stars players! These future stars are preparing to play the game in the highest levels.

A camp for young athletes will help young basketball players develop leadership skills. A camp in this setting will combine leadership concepts and fundamentals in an effort to develop the next generation of leaders. The camp will be held from May 30 to June 2 in Fort Wayne, IN, and will be open to boys and girls ages eleven to seventeen. There is a limited number of spots available. While there are many camps that will be held this summer, these three camps are a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young athletes.

Future Stars Hoops & Standards Day Camp

Walter Jordan will host his Future Stars Hoops & Standards Day camp in Fort Wayne this summer. The camp, open to boys and girls, ages 11 to 17, will focus on basketball skills and leadership concepts. Jordan is an NBA legend who has helped to mold many kids into the next generation. Although basketball is his first love, he also has a passion for mentoring young people. The camp will include a variety of leadership training activities and games that teach kids the ropes of the game and develop positive life skills.

Future Stars offers 35 sports and specialty camps. The program offerings vary from site to site, but you can expect to find soccer, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, softball, golf, field hockey, horseback riding, diving, STEAM/STEM, circus arts, magic, and more. Campers enter into the program from Pre-K to 12th grade. There is something for every player, and Future Stars' coaches incorporate current research to make sure that every aspect of the game is reinforced.

The ratio of campers to instructors varies depending on age, skill level, and experience. If temperatures get unbearably hot, Future Stars program directors can adjust the daily schedule to accommodate the conditions. Additional water breaks, or extended swim sessions, are available based on campers' age, skill level, and experience. They also emphasize hydration and shaded areas. They also educate campers on the signs of dehydration and offer switchover options for the day.

In addition to basketball instruction, campers are encouraged to participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities, such as banana and scavenger hunts. Each activity helps to develop leadership skills while engaging campers in team games. The campers are also introduced to good sportsmanship during game segments. The overall goal is to develop the confidence of each camper. So, what are your child's expectations from Future Stars Hoops & Standards Day Camp?

Future Stars Soccer Academy

The Future Stars Soccer Academy is a camp that encourages players to reach their full potential by focusing on all aspects of the game. The coaches are college-level players who lead instruction in the areas of Dribbling & Ball Mastery, Game Understanding, and Skills Challenges. Each day builds on individual skills, and the camp culminates with a match. At Future Stars Soccer Academy, players are treated like pros, and leave with an understanding of the game and the importance of hard work.

The Future Stars sessions will be conducted by licensed Red Star coaches, and the emphasis will be on fun and enjoyment while developing sound fundamental soccer skills and techniques. The camp will run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-6pm, and Saturdays from 9-10am. The camp will provide campers with an Adidas uniform, and is limited to 24 players per session. To ensure the best experience possible for every camper, registrations are required before the first day of camp.

SUNY Purchase College is the location of the camp. SUNY Purchase College has a soccer team, and Anna Edwards, who played in the Spanish league, serves as the director. The Future Stars program will run June 20th until August 19th. The curriculum is the same for both camps. Campers will also work with a year-round coach from Long Island SC, Dave O'Keeffe.

Future Stars Camp Locations

future stars camp locations

Whether you are a soccer enthusiast, interested in robotics, or interested in the Future Stars Robotics Academy, this article will give you some information on how to find the Future Stars Camp near you. With a list of different locations and contact information, you can easily enroll your child in the Future Stars program and begin working towards their dreams. It is never too early to start training! The program is geared towards children aged five to eight years old, and has a track record of success.

Whether your child is in Kindergarten or adolescence, there's a Future Stars Soccer Academy camp location near you. Each camp session focuses on developing fundamental soccer skills and fostering enjoyment of the game. Coaches lead sessions that start with individual skills, continue with small-sided challenges, and end with match play. Future Stars camps also feature an Adidas uniform. Participants will be required to bring a packed lunch, but they will be given time to play recreational games with other campers.

The staff at Future Stars Soccer Academy includes experienced soccer players from all over the world. Each coach exemplifies dedication and success in the game, and all have a passion for teaching youth soccer. No matter the level of play, players of all genders, sex, or age are welcome to attend camp. All camps and clinics are held in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Future Stars soccer academy staff members are committed to helping each child achieve their potential.

At the Syosset Future Stars Soccer camp, players can attend three weekly sessions. Each session lasts one week, from July 5 to July 22. On the other hand, Future Stars Soccer Academy camp in Farmingdale is directed by Dusan Gargurevich, who is originally from Ecuador. He played soccer at LIU Post University and made the NCAA Tournament almost every year. The camp at Farmingdale is an eight-week session that runs from June 28 to August 20.

Future Stars U

Future Stars U camp locations are conveniently located throughout the New York area, including one in Westchester. The Westchester Future Stars Summer Camp offers a variety of sports programs and specialty activities, as well as flexible weekly schedules and new skill development. Expert trainers and coaches lead each camp, and SUNY Purchase offers recreational swim and an indoor pool. Campers can also participate in fun activities like arts and crafts, and learn how to cook up tasty treats.

Participants at Future Stars U camps are divided by age, skill level, and experience. Each group is tailored to the campers' needs, but campers may request a specific friend or teammate. Future Stars U camp locations are led by trained and experienced program directors, as well as assistant directors and head and Jr. counselors who are college-age student-athletes. The ratio of campers to counselors varies depending on the activity, age, and location.

Campers can choose from 35 sports and specialty program offerings. These vary by location, but typically include golf, tennis, lacrosse, softball, field hockey, and diving. Some camps even offer STEAM/STEM and circus arts programs. Children from pre-K through 12th grade can take advantage of Future Stars U camp locations. In addition to offering sports and leadership development, Future Stars U camp locations also offer classes in the arts and circus arts.

There are three Future Stars U camp locations in the United States. The program is focused on developing the leadership skills of young athletes through the use of sports. The camp is open to both boys and girls, and has limited spots. Located in Fort Wayne, IN, the Future Stars U camp will feature the first basketball day camp in June 2022. The next Future Stars U camp location will be held on May 30th and June 2nd, 2023.

Future Stars Robotics Academy

While many camps offer a mix of STEM and recreation activities, Future Stars offers STEM and robotics-focused camps that are ideal for young roboticists. The robotics programs focus on hands-on learning, teamwork, and imagination. Lego Robotics programs emphasize building and programming through creativity and imagination, while other robotics programs emphasize teamwork, social skills, and physical activity. Future Stars is located in Long Island, New York.

Students ages eight and older can register for Robot Design and Hardware sessions, which provide hands-on experience programming robots. Campers will also participate in theme-based robotics engineering project challenges and compete against their classmates. Camps will take place in collegiate computer labs and classrooms, and all necessary equipment is provided. Future Stars also partners with Rad Robots to offer a full robotics curriculum. This unique partnership gives Future Stars campers the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and software in an engaging and fun environment.

The curriculum at each of the robotics camps emphasizes hands-on learning experiences. Students learn about the basics of robotics, engineering design principles, and 3-D printing. Students also develop their knowledge of electrical circuits and conductivity. The programs conclude with a Roll-A-Robot project, which gives them hands-on experience with robotics and engineering. There is something for every child! So, if your child is interested in robotics, consider signing them up for Future Stars Robotics Academy camp locations.

Camps offer unique opportunities for young roboticists to learn about aerospace engineering and robotics. Students will join the crew aboard the International Space Station and discover what astronauts do. Campers will also explore the work of NASA scientists while building their own robots. They will also learn about propulsion, force, gravity, and the engineering behind flight, and design and build their own Estes Rockets. Lastly, campers will take home their own Mars RC Rover.

The Future Stars Robotics Academy has several locations throughout the United States. The program is led by iCamp and uses a hands-on approach to STEM education. Campers use computer software such as Onshape and TinkerCAD to create 3D models of parts. Students also learn to program their robots, which includes learning about mechanical and electrical engineering. The robotics curriculum is designed to foster creativity and resourcefulness.

In addition to the robotics camps, Future Stars also offers specialty camps for kids. For example, Future Stars Fine Arts Camp provides students with an opportunity to explore art through various mediums. Participants learn about specific mediums associated with artists from different cultures. The program requires a minimum five-day attendance. The camp offers open houses on March 7 and 8 from 10am-2pm. The cost of the program depends on the location.

Future Stars Camp Notre Dame

future stars camp notre dame

If you're looking for a summer camp for 6th-12th graders with a focus on problem-solving skills, consider Future Stars Camp Notre Dame. This program helps young people develop professional and leadership skills while working on various projects. This two-week or one-week session offers a diverse array of activities, including job shadowing, mentoring, and presentations. In addition, participants can attend a future stars event to learn about upcoming career opportunities.

Basketball camp

The Future stars basketball camp at Notre Dame is a great opportunity for boys and girls entering grades four through nine in the fall of 2022 to learn how to play basketball. The camp focuses on fundamentals, including shooting, passing, and rebounding, and emphasizes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. The coaches of the camp are professionals with decades of experience and are passionate about passing along their expertise. Here's a closer look at what this camp has to offer.

The camp is led by Frank McLaughlin, who has a wealth of experience in the sport of basketball. He played at the collegiate, high school, and peewee level and developed a disciplined practice routine that mirrored Future Stars' philosophy. He was an All-State player at Notre Dame High School and went on to earn his degree from Seattle University. After graduating from Notre Dame, Frank was drafted 12th overall by the Seattle Supersonics. He played for legendary Bill Russell and later became the head coach of the Seattle Thunderbirds.

The Future Stars basketball camp is aimed at developing young athletes. The camp features a variety of activities, ranging from basketball and cheerleading, to cheerleading and dance. Participants should wear athletic clothing and bring a water bottle with their name on it. Parents should leave valuables at home. The camp also includes an optional performance for parents. At the end of the camp, campers will get an invitation to attend a Notre Dame varsity football game in 2022.

Lacrosse camp

The Future Stars Lacrosse Camp is open to girls and boys ages six to fourteen who are passionate about lacrosse. Campers will learn all the fundamentals of the game and develop their skills to become better players and leaders on the field. The focus is on fundamental skills, but the campers will also learn how to use their bodies efficiently and move fast on the field. Participants must provide their own lacrosse equipment.

The coaches at Future Stars are women's lacrosse experts who have years of experience coaching. The team is run by Jessica Sanna, a graduate of Adelphi University. Her experience coaching lacrosse is extensive, with coaching experience in field hockey, basketball, and soccer. She will use her vast knowledge of the sport to help girls improve their technique and skills. She is the perfect choice to guide your child's future in lacrosse.

Each camp is run by a college coach and has specific training for goalies. The camp provides individual instruction for every camper, and there are plenty of options for those looking to make a major impact on the game. The camp is geared toward high-performing lacrosse players and collegiate athletes. The camp teaches fundamental skills, offensive and defensive concepts, stickwork, footwork, and strategy, so that all players can excel.

Football camp

If you've been looking for a place to develop your football skills, you can look no further than Notre Dame's Football Camp for Future Stars. At this three-day camp, campers will have a chance to play against top players and coaches. They can demonstrate what it takes to play at the college level. Campers will rotate through stations and learn football techniques from Notre Dame coaches. They'll meet new friends and get to try out various positions on the field.

During spring practice, the Irish started Tyree McElroy at quarterback. Although McElroy's injury kept him sidelined for the rest of spring practice, the camper will get plenty of reps with the starting lineup. During spring practice, the cornerback group was stronger than they were at the beginning of the spring. Tyree McElroy's ankle injury forced him to miss some spring practice, but the junior still impressed in camp.

Players interested in the college game can also attend the Notre Dame Football Camp. This is a great opportunity for young football players to develop fundamentals and play together in a fun and welcoming environment. The camp is ideal for new students and community members who want to see how the Irish play. This camp is held on the campus of Notre Dame. For the price of a ticket, campers can learn about the Notre Dame football program and meet Notre Dame players.

Volleyball camp

If you're looking for the ultimate volleyball camp for girls, Future Stars is the place to be. This camp for girls ages 12 and up is an intensive training experience that emphasizes individual skills development, team strategy, and competitiveness. At this camp, girls will learn volleyball fundamentals and position breakdown from charismatic and experienced coaches. Campers will go home with a new passion for the game. In addition to learning volleyball basics, players will also develop position-specific skills, such as serve-receiving techniques and team strategy.

The goal of Notre Dame's volleyball camps is to develop individual skills and teach the basics of team concepts. These camps are challenging and intense, so children will learn new skills and make friends. Players will be grouped by age and skill level for a customized experience. For example, the 9th grade session will focus on the transition from middle school to high school volleyball, so fundamentals and team concepts are stressed. For younger players, this camp is a great way to make new friends and play with a professional coach.

The UW is also known for their volleyball camps, which are organized around the school's basketball season. While men's basketball and soccer were previously the top revenue generators, the popularity of volleyball camps at UW has grown in recent years. According to the latest UW camp statistics, volleyball now earns more than double the revenue of the next-closest team. The UW volleyball program has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with its growth in both the number of campers and the quality of instruction.

Golf camp

Future Stars Golf Camp is a great opportunity for junior golfers to learn about the game from top tier college coaches and PGA professionals. Future Stars Golf Camp provides individual and group instruction in golf fundamentals, grip, body alignment, and putting. This camp also focuses on the rules and unwritten rules of the game. After completing the course, juniors leave with a personalized plan for their continued development.

The Notre Dame Golf camp is designed to develop basic golf skills and strategy. Campers will be taught proper swing technique, course management, and strategy. Campers will spend ample time competing against each other to test their skills and improve their game. Each participant will be challenged to the max. The goal is to create a champion. Those who complete the program will be invited to the Notre Dame football team's annual game.

Campers will have the opportunity to play with fellow students, coaches, and the university's faculty and staff. This is a great opportunity for new students and community members to check out Notre Dame. Parents will also enjoy interacting with a college golf team, which may be their dream. And because this camp is open to everyone, future stars of Notre Dame will find it fun and challenging. If your child is interested in playing golf, this is the perfect way to make your future star at Notre Dame a reality.

Soccer camp

The Future Stars soccer camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to develop fundamental soccer skills. The camp is divided into age and skill groups so that every child is able to learn and advance. The curriculum is designed by Notre Dame middle school soccer coach Ruairi McGreevy to help kids improve their technique and knowledge. Campers should bring athletic clothing and soccer equipment. The program concludes with a game of soccer.

Camp Notre Dame provides a fun and safe environment where kids can develop skills. These camps range from academic to athletic, with instruction for every skill level. The program is run by coaches and NDP faculty. It has been around for over 15 years, and the goal is to provide each child with an excellent soccer experience while building strong social skills as well as the ability to play the game. You can also learn more about the University of Notre Dame's football program, including the 2021 roster.

For a summer camp, you can choose to attend a camp at Notre Dame College Prep in Niles, IL. You can find out more about the camps and their coaches. Coaches from the University of Tennessee announced their spring 2021 recruiting class, which includes five top recruits from the state of Florida. For example, Florida State was outside the top 25 in the early signing period, but received a boost with the decommit of ESPN 300 ATH Charles Montgomery.



If you are looking for a day camp for your child, consider FUTURE STAR CAMP in St. Elizabeth, NJ. You can also consider Immaculata-la-Salle summer camp or Tamarack day camp. Here are some of the benefits of each of these camps. They offer great care and amenities for your child. Read on to learn more. You'll also be able to find out more about how to choose the best one for your child.


If your child is looking for an exciting summer camp in New Jersey, Future Star Camp is the perfect option. This summer camp is located in St Elizabeth, NJ, and it offers a wide variety of activities for kids aged 4 to 13. Children can participate in a variety of activities like swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and fluid sports. Each day, they get to spend 12 hours on the water. There are also numerous opportunities to interact with other campers.

The camp's location provides a natural setting for young children. It is located on 200 acres of rolling terrain and is perfect for kids ages four to thirteen. With sprawling grass fields and tennis courts, the camp's location is ideal for active play. Moreover, there's a nearby outdoor swimming pool. Campers also enjoy plenty of nature surrounding the camp. FUTURE STAR CAMP ST Elizabeth, NJ, is a great place for your child to grow in his or her soccer skills.

Immaculata-la salle summer camp

Immaculata-la Salle offers a fun, summer baseball and softball camp for kids ages four to twelve. The camp is accredited, and offers both traditional and adventure programs. Immaculata-la Salle is also a high school that provides a quality catholic education based on the gospel and the st. john bosco educational philosophy. The future star baseball camp offers pitching and hitting instruction for kids at every level, and the camp offers after school programs and private sessions for baseball players of all skill levels.

Tamarack day camp

If you're looking for an excellent summer day camp for your child, consider Tamarack day camp in St Elizabeth, NJ. The co-ed camp features an Olympic-size swimming pool, creative arts center, air-conditioned bunks, and a year-round staff. It also has one of the largest skate parks in northern New Jersey and offers door-to-door transportation. It also offers a full-service hot lunch program.

Future Stars Football Camp Madison, NJ

future stars football camp madison nj

In Madison, NJ, you can learn the basics of football at a Future Stars Sports Academy football camp. Campers can also try soccer, lacrosse, wiffle ball, and other sports at the same camp. In addition to football, you can even try out other sports, such as tennis, golf, and basketball. All of these activities are sure to help you develop the necessary skills to excel at sports.


The Staff at Future Stars Football Camp Madison, New Jersey includes former players and coaches from the NFL. The camp is non-contact and focuses on player development, fun games, and competitions. Campers are broken into positions and coaches. They are encouraged to develop friendships with each other and have fun. Here, campers are introduced to the basics of the sport. You will also learn about the latest training techniques.

Programs offered

A Future Stars football camp offers a wide range of sports programs that will develop your child's potential as an athlete and person. The academy hosts a Saturday and Sunday program and a weekly basketball clinic. It is sponsored by the NY Jets and has a wide variety of special opportunities for your child. For example, he or she can get tickets to Jets games and meet players who have signed their gear and helmets. In addition, he or she will be able to interact with players who play in the NFL.

Martin Horn is a Madison native and is entering his third season with the Dodgers. He was an All-Conference Tight End on the 2010 team and played college football at Susquehanna University. After graduating with a degree in Business Communications, he coached two seasons at Don Bosco Preparatory School as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator. Then he joined Coach Kubik in his alma mater.


For the football-crazy youth in Madison, NJ, there's no better place to get started than at the Future Stars Sports Academy. Not only do they offer football camps, but they also have all-sport camps where campers get a chance to try out several different sports. You'll find that the camp's athletes don't just excel in football, but also in soccer, lacrosse, wiffle ball, and more.


Future Stars camp in Madison, New Jersey is a fantastic opportunity for young athletes looking to make an impact on the sport. The program teaches players the skills necessary to succeed on the gridiron. The camp includes visits from current and former Jets players. The dates of these visits will be announced at a later date. Future Stars camp participants will receive a Tennessee game and practice jersey. They will also be treated to meals and lodging. The program includes daily practices and activities. Future Stars players will also hear from guest speakers and do media interviews. The schedule for this camp is packed!

Future Stars Basketball Camp is a great way to build teamwork and develop fundamental skills for a lifetime. The program teaches arm, leg, core and basketball fundamentals, and improves arm, leg, and core strength. Future Stars basketball camps are available for ages six through 16.

Locations in PA & NJ

If you're interested in signing up your child for Future Stars football camp, check out the list of locations below. The camp is run by top-rated coaches, so your child is sure to have a great experience. The cost for this camp is $25 per day, and walk-up registration is available. Check-in starts at 8:30 a.m. You can also sign up your child for individual camps at a cost of $35 per day.

If you live near Plymouth Dam or New Jersey-Delaware-Maryland, there are several Future Stars football camp locations in these areas. Several of these locations are near Plymouth Dam, so your child won't have to travel too far to attend these camps. Located near Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington International Airport, Future Stars Camps are also conveniently located near major roads, making them easy to get to.

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