fight after it was discovered that she be taking a banned chemical

fight after it was discovered that she be taking a banned chemical


Russian figure skating athlete Kamila Valieva is facing a legal fight after it was discovered that she be taking a banned chemical

In the wake of being found to have been using a prohibited drug during the European Olympic Games, Kamila Valieva (Russian figure skater) is now facing legal proceedings. Russian Federation has promised to appeal against the decision, contending it's unfair. The day before the Games the athlete was prescribed trimetazidine (a medication that is used to treat chest pain caused by heart). However, the ruling imposed on the CAS was so severe , the medal ceremony was postponed until the probe was concluded.

The following Monday on Monday, the Russian anti-doping group received the surprising positive test result for the drug test. The organization then suspended Valieva after she was cleared to compete in the Beijing Olympics. It was lifted Wednesday. Meanwhile, the ROC declares that Valieva is free to compete in Beijing. Beijing Winter Games, despite her suspension. The ITA confirmed the news in December, that Valieva had failed an alcohol test. The test result was confirmed by the Swedish laboratory within about six months.

When justifying their suspension the CAS highlighted the work done by the IOC's Entourage Commission. They said they were citing an instance of the way they are responsible for athletes and their entourages. The IOC recognized the importance of their entourage years back, so they established a separate commission do this. This committee's work has been applauded and praised by CAS. The IOC is aware that it should play an even greater part to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes.

For her part, Valieva would compete for gold on Tuesday but her team would not be able to progress in the finals. The next day on Monday, Valieva's Court of Arbitration for Sport decides. The future of the athlete is in danger if exempt from competition. The athlete could be barred from taking the next steps to further her career. They could forfeit their gold medal. This will make it difficult for the athlete to participate at future events.

Valieva, who won the European Champion at the European Championship in Estonia in October of this year, was later confirmed to be taking a banned heart-related medication prior to the event. This test result was confirmed just before Valieva was awarded the European Championships in Estonia. She is in the process of being cleared. The competition took place in Finland and Estonia The athlete is scheduled to compete in the team event on Tuesday. During the competition, she lost a triple-axel however, she landed on two additional moves.

In the words of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Valieva was found to have consumed the prohibited heart drug during December. However, she was able to recover and was awarded the gold medal at the team event on Monday, and is currently scheduled to compete as an individual on Tuesday. During practice, she fell on the triple axel but did manage to score two combos to impress the judges. She was branded a fraud. In the event that she was exempted, the prize was in vain.

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