El salvador vs honduras

El salvador vs honduras

Honduras vs Salvador

It's rare to see such a passion-filled match-up as Honduras vs. El Salvador, but such is soccer. Goals lead to celebrations and delirium after emotional matches, and the intensity of this particular game was off the charts. There are spoilers Galáctico vs. Santos, but there are also grand gestures of support, anger, and betrayal.


The political power of the military in both countries was reinforced. In the Salvadoran legislative elections that followed, candidates of the governing National Conciliation Party (Partido de Conciliación Nacional, PCN) were largely drawn from the ranks of the military. Having apologized for their role in the conflict, they proved very successful in elections at the national and local levels. In contrast to the gradual democratization process that had characterized the 1960s, the military establishment would exercise increasing control.


Two teams coming off draws in the third-round opener of the 2022 Concacaf World Cup Qualifying will meet on Sunday. Honduras will travel to Estadio Cuscatlán in Sal Salvador to take on the host country. El Salvador's scoreless draw on Thursday against the USMNT was a shocking result for the country, while Honduras also netted a draw against Canada. You can stream the match live on Paramount

For Honduras vs. El Salvador, Green is predicting a draw and under 2.5 goals at +230 odds. Thus, he is expecting either a scoreless draw or a 1-1 final. Those two results are exactly what occurred on Thursday in the teams' respective games. El Salvador and the USMNT played to a scoreless draw, while Honduras initially had a 1-0 lead against Canada, only for the Canadians to tie it up in the seThe over-under for El Salvador vs. Honduras is 1.5, so it would be quite the stretch for the teams to surpass 2.5 total goals scored. They are as evenly-matched as could be, with FIFA ranking Honduras 63rd in its rankings, while El Salvador comes in at 64th. Recent results also show that one side doesn't have a clear-cut advantage over the other, as the teams split their last two head-to-head matchups, with a draw coming prior to that.

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