Eagles WR AJ Brown Wants to Stay With Hurts

Eagles WR AJ Brown Wants to Stay With Hurts


This week, Brown joined the "Raw Room" podcast and joked that if the Eagles don't extend Hurts, they might as well trade him away.

Maintaining Jalen Hurts as a cornerstone for Philadelphia is paramount to their offense, and AJ Brown understands this fact.

Hurts finished second in MVP voting this season, going 14-1 as a full-time starter and throwing for 3,701 yards, 760 rushing yards and 35 touchdowns.

AJ Brown on Jalen Hurts’ extension: ’You do not pay this man’

Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown wants to remain with quarterback Jalen Hurts as long as possible and isn't afraid to tell general manager Howie Roseman this. At 25 years old, Brown is certain that after their first season together in Philadelphia they can continue building an amazing bond.

On draft day, the Eagles traded for Brown from the Tennessee Titans and he quickly established himself as their starting receiver. In 2018, Brown recorded 88 catches for 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns while earning his second Pro Bowl selection. Furthermore, he even scored a 45-yard touchdown during their Super Bowl LVII victory against Kansas City.

Since that time, Brown and Hurts have shared an undeniable bond. That is why it wasn't surprising when Brown informed Roseman he will leave the Eagles if Hurts doesn't receive a long-term contract.

In 2022, Hurts was widely considered the best quarterback in the NFL and finished second to Patrick Mahomes for MVP voting. Furthermore, he led Philadelphia to their first ever Super Bowl triumph - an achievement unparalleled in their franchise's history.

This year, the Eagles are reportedly looking to secure Hurts with a long-term contract that could surpass even some of the highest paid players in football. According to one NFL insider, Hurts could command close to $50 million annually on his new deal.

Though it would be hard for the Eagles to turn down such a deal, they must still part with some cash in 2020. Hurts is owed $26.5 million in 2020 and has yet to commit to an extended contract with the organization.

Brown believes a contract of this size is worth taking for the Eagles, even though they must take a significant risk. He's confident in Hurts as their quarterback and highly praises his veteran leadership skillset.

On a recent episode of "Raw Room," Brown joined Daren Bates and Jalen Collins to explore various topics. The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.

On the podcast, Brown discussed his decision to move from Tennessee, where he was originally drafted. He wanted a city where he felt comfortable, and the Eagles provided that opportunity when they traded for him.

In 2022, the Eagles gave Brown an abundance of support and it paid off. During the regular season he caught 88 passes for 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns; during the postseason he added 13 receptions for 146 yards. Not to mention his 45-yard touchdown catch during Super Bowl victory over Kansas City Chiefs that cemented his status as one of football's premier wide receivers today.

Britney Spears Shows Off Her New Dress

Britney Spears Shows Off Her New Dress

Britney Spears is back on Instagram, this time flaunting her new dress. The "Baby One More Time" singer posed on a balcony wearing an elegant green minidress featuring a heart-shaped neckline and sparkling paillettes in dark shades of green and gold.

This outfit is perfect for a night out on the town. She topped it off with some black platform sandals that added extra height to her figure.

The “Baby One More Time” singer posed on a balcony in a green minidress

In an Instagram video, the singer of "Baby One More Time" posed on her balcony wearing a green minidress. The stylish ensemble showed off her toned physique perfectly and made for an ideal summer day spent outdoors in the sun.

Britney Spears donned a PrettyLittleThing Emerald Criss Cross green floral mini dress that featured a laced-up back and plunging neckline. To finish her ensemble, Britney added black heels and an elegant white lace choker in the same hue as her hair.

Her daring style was also a nod to her recent wedding, in which the 40-year-old singer tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari on June 9. As her new husband looked dapper in a Versace tuxedo, Donatella Versace designed a custom Versace gown for her walk down the aisle.

Paris Hilton shared a post on social media celebrating her fairytale wedding to singer Selena Gomez, Madonna and Drew Barrymore. The star-studded event took place at an exclusive property in Los Angeles and many of Paris Hilton's friends attended, such as Selena Gomez, Madonna and Drew Barrymore.

On this momentous day for the couple, their love was evident. The bride looked stunning in her Versace gown as she shared photos of her special day on social media platforms with her fans.

She looked stunningly blushed as she smiled in front of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Accompanied by her groom on their special day, they even exchanged a kiss on the balcony!

She looked like a princess as she showed off her curves in the dress. To complete the look, she paired the outfit with black heels and styled her long blonde locks into thick waves. Additionally, she donned natural lip color and a smoky eye to match her daring ensemble.

Britney Spears has taken some time away from the spotlight following a scandal surrounding her conservatorship that shocked the music industry. Although her father Jamie Spears remains in control of her finances and assets, he recently stated that he would step down once everything had been resolved.

She wore a white lace choker

Britney Spears recently shared an Instagram photo featuring a white lace choker necklace paired with her snakeskin-print triangle bikini top and matching bottoms. Her long blonde hair was styled in loose waves, while she finished up the look by sporting heavy black smokey eye makeup.

The "Baby One More Time" singer hasn't always looked her best in vibrant dresses. Last month, she donned a red minidress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and accessorized with a suede top hat - captioning the video with the words, "I was channeling Julia Roberts."

Britney Spears made a similar style statement on social media when she posted two nude selfies featuring over-the-knee white socks and a choker necklace. To cover her nipples and vagina, she concealed them with flower and heart emojis while posing in front of a mirror.

Her look was all about her "free woman energy," as she described it in the caption of the photo. She expressed that she wished all of her followers could feel that same spirit too.

Spears' new dress is Atelier Versace's masterpiece that took over 700 hours to craft, according to the designer. Featuring a portrait neckline, pearl buttons, high slit and 10-foot train, this custom creation boasted an intricate portrait neckline.

It's no shock that Spears chose a dress designed by Italian fashion house Versace; she has long been an admirer of the brand and its founder Donatella Versace. Throughout her years in the spotlight, Spears has frequently donned Versace-designed couture pieces while performing live on stage or in her music videos.

Spears has often been photographed wearing Versace-designed clothes on the red carpet, including her 2015 Vanity Fair cover party dress and The Boss Baby premiere gown.

She donned Versace designs while filming the music video for "Toxic" in 2011, and the designer even designed her wedding dress!

Spears' wedding gown from Versace was one of three looks she donned for the ceremony. She also walked down the aisle wearing another custom-made Versace piece. For her final ensemble, Spears chose a short cherry red cocktail dress which she then donned at her reception later that night.

She wore her long hair in thick waves

Britney Spears' signature hairstyles are well-known: long blonde locks that reach her midback have been a part of her look for years. But it appears the "Toxic" singer is ready to shake things up in 2021 with an adventurous new cut that may inspire you to try something similar yourself.

Recently, pop star Aly Raisman tied the knot with her personal trainer Sam Asghari in Los Angeles and made an impactful entrance wearing a stunning Versace dress that took 700 hours to craft by hand. This magnificent garment featured a portrait neckline, pearl buttons down the back, a front leg-slit and 10-foot train for added drama.

After her wedding, Spears donned three different Versace outfits to greet guests and dance the night away. At this event, many celebrity guests attended, including Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton and more. Throughout the evening Spears donned three different looks while greeting guests and enjoying herself to the fullest.

She donned a black minidress, followed by a two-toned ensemble and finally, a red mini dress with fringe on the shoulders. All outfits were created by Versace; you can get an up close view of them in the gallery below.

Spears' wedding dress was the focal point of her look, and she went all out to make the most of this moment in her life. The bride chose a custom Versace gown featuring a portrait neckline and pearl buttons, reported People magazine. This outfit was completed with white satin pumps, fingerless gloves and an impressive choker necklace.

In the end, Spears' wedding day was a huge success and she looked stunning as she exited her gown. However, that doesn't mean there wasn't any stress involved - far from it!

As previously reported, Alexander attempted to crash her wedding and was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanour battery and vandalism. Mathew Rosengart, the pop star's attorney, informed TMZ that he's working closely with Ventura County Sheriff's Department to ensure Alexander receives a vigorous prosecution for his actions.

She sported a natural lip and smoky eye

On Thursday, Britney Spears made her long-awaited entrance with boyfriend Sam Asghari wearing an exquisite Donatella Versace bridal look. The star donned an off-the-shoulder silk cady gown with a sweeping train that took over 700 hours to craft.

On a day to remember for the singer, who tied the knot in her backyard home in Thousand Oaks, California. The ceremony and reception took place outdoors as a testament to their love for each other as well as an opportunity for family members and friends to witness their union.

The bride donned an exquisite Versace gown featuring a portrait (or plunging, slightly off-the-shoulder) neckline, pearl buttons down the back, and front leg slit. It was complemented with 15 feet silk tulle veil with silk satin trim, white satin pumps, and matching choker necklace for complete look, reports People magazine.

Spears' makeup was created in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury and her niece Sofia. With the help of some of Tilbury's best-selling products, Spears achieved a radiant, healthy-looking complexion for the wedding.

Tilbury began by using So Fresh So Clean Cool Cucumber Makeup Cleansing Wipes to remove any oil and dirt from her skin. She then applied EX1 Delete Anti Blemish/Dark Circle concealer and EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in shade 4.0 onto the face, followed by a damp Beauty Blender to blend everything together.

Next, she lined the eyes with Super Nudes Eye Palette and used EX1 Eyes to Mesmerise in Oyster for depth and definition. Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo was used to line her brows as well, followed by Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara to finish them off.

Finally, she completed the look with a natural-looking lip and light blush applied to the apples of her cheeks. She chose a soft pink lipstick shade from Tilbury's Matte Revolution collection, which can be purchased separately.

Britney looked stunning in her new dress and we're sure she will have many more special occasions to come. To achieve the same look as Britney, start by applying lightweight foundation and groomed brows. Next, pick an eyeshadow color and lipstick shade that complements your outfit perfectly.

Sean Hannity The war in Ukraine is now officially a quagmire

The War in Ukraine is Now Officially a Quagmire

British officials report that President Vladimir Putin's forces have entered a "quagmire" in Ukraine after spending 233 days engaged in an intense battle that has claimed 15,000 Russian lives, according to British authorities.

Moscow is struggling to keep up with the fierceness of Ukrainian military resistance. And it faces a difficult decision: whether or not to redouble its efforts in taking Ukraine's most strategic cities and regions.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is a Strategic Disaster for Russia

The conflict in Ukraine has turned into a bloodbath, with Russian bombing and shelling wrecking cities and increasing civilian casualties. Additionally, Russia's military invasion has increased tensions and fears of war across Europe.

On February 24th of this year, Putin launched an attack in Ukraine and now has more than 100,000 troops on the ground. His stated purpose is to "demilitarize and de-Nazify" Ukraine; however, in reality his intentions are to invade, occupy, and reorder its territory.

Though Russia may win the military war, it will not be able to govern effectively. A victory would only lead to a new, pro-Russian regime that needs an extensive security apparatus in order to terrorize citizens and suppress any dissent.

A successful Russian military campaign against Ukraine will not benefit Putin's political cause in other regions where he seeks to maintain control over large populations, such as the Middle East or North Africa. The conflict there could weaken security and stability there, giving other great powers an edge and leading to further fragmentation and instability.

Russia's invasion has undermined two main sources of support for its government: public discontent and the country's oligarch class. These groups possess considerable wealth, so their anxiety over the invasion could potentially spark political upheaval in the near future.

The crisis has severely limited Moscow's capacity to exert influence over its neighbors and pose a danger to other European states. As a result, other powers may take the initiative in this region and extend their reach worldwide.

Another consequence of the Ukraine conflict is that it has made shipping goods across the Black Sea, Russia's primary trade and transportation corridor, much more costly. As a result, many products previously exported by Russia to Europe or Western Europe have now been redirected towards China - an advantage for their economy and military growth that are tightly connected to global supply chains.

The conflict in Ukraine has also significantly diminished the United States and its allies' capacity to defend their Asian partners. Washington has endeavored to limit Russia's success there, while China has capitalized on it by investing resources into undermining American defenses of its Asian allies. As a result, the world now finds itself more vulnerable than ever to Chinese power than ever before.

Ukraine’s War Is a Humanitarian Crisis

The conflict in Ukraine has devolved into a humanitarian catastrophe, and the United Nations is calling for Russia to cease military actions. Estimates suggest more than 5,000 people have perished and thousands more have been injured as a result of Russia's invasion.

Humanitarian aid is vital to meet the needs of Ukraine's civilian population, which includes displaced individuals and refugees. Additionally, it protects and promotes the health and safety of those living within Ukraine.

In the midst of an intensifying conflict, people's rights are at risk and humanitarian access is compromised - particularly for LGBTQIA+ individuals and those living with disabilities.

One of the greatest difficulties faced by aid agencies is ensuring those most in need can obtain assistance, especially if they lack transportation or communication options. It is essential to protect access to healthcare and medical supplies as well as shelter, food, water and other basic necessities.

There is an urgent need for more humanitarian aid, particularly in areas with limited humanitarian access. As a result, people are living in increasingly precarious conditions with less access to food, water and medical care.

Ukraine is facing an emergency of nearly 18 million people who require food and humanitarian aid. The country has been severely damaged by the conflict and could soon experience famine.

Food shortages in some areas have already occurred, negatively affecting Ukraine's agricultural sector. Furthermore, this has disrupted the food trade and will likely result in an increase in world hunger and malnutrition rates.

Due to the conflict, more than 6.5 million people are displaced and in need of assistance. This number is expected to grow as more individuals flee the escalating violence in coming months.

The conflict in Ukraine has caused widespread destruction to Ukraine's infrastructure, leaving millions without access to power, drinking water or heating. Furthermore, it has contributed to an increase in tuberculosis and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This crisis is a human tragedy, with the highest casualties among women and children. It has widening gender gaps and increased gender-based violence, making it harder for women to access education, employment opportunities and protection. Therefore, governments and international organizations need to plan for long-term effects of this conflict and ensure their resources are allocated towards meeting people's needs as they evolve.

Ukraine’s War Is a Strategic Disaster for Ukraine’s Economy

The war in Ukraine is now officially a crisis, with devastating repercussions for the global economy. Russia's invasion and sanctions have destroyed supply chains and tightened global financial conditions, leaving consumers facing higher energy and commodity prices, investment uncertainty and an increasingly difficult time securing financing for projects.

Ukraine's economy was hit hard this year, suffering its largest ever decline. In the first half of 2022, GDP dropped almost 45% and recovery will take at least another year.

In a country where food shortages are an everyday occurrence, the war is particularly devastating for the poor. Estimates indicate that more than 14 million people have been displaced from their homes and the economy has suffered due to lost production capacity, damaged agricultural land and reduced labor supply.

Moreover, the government is facing significant debt repayment obligations due to the war. Its budget is in shambles and its foreign assistance needs are immense.

Meanwhile, the cost of oil has gone up and gas has become almost 50% more expensive. This has severely hindered the government's capacity to pay its bills and sustain economic growth, particularly in Ukraine's southern region.

The intensification of the conflict has also elevated the potential risk of high inflation and stagflation, driving up costs for basic necessities like gasoline, food and rent.

Ukraine's consumers are feeling the effects of rising energy and food costs, leading to a reduction in demand for goods and services. Furthermore, rising energy and food prices are expected to stifle private consumption across Europe as well.

Our model predicts that, on average, businesses in sectors like transport, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as food and agriculture will experience financial losses one year after the invasion began.

Europe will likely face increased strains on its economy and inflation as energy and food prices increase. Unfortunately, this could lead to an influx of Europeans living below their means.

Ukraine’s War Is a Strategic Disaster for Ukraine’s People

The conflict in Ukraine has now reached a critical juncture, an unwinnable battle that has left millions of Ukrainians without food, water or shelter. This catastrophe will have serious repercussions for everyone involved - particularly those most vulnerable.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. National Security Advisor, wrote in Foreign Affairs that a prosperous Ukraine is essential to what he called a "new grand strategy" after the Cold War.

Therefore, the United States and its European allies have prioritized Ukraine in their foreign policy discussions. President Zelenskyy even advocated for an expeditious NATO membership process for Ukraine.

Following Russia's invasion, many countries increased sanctions and other forms of pressure on Moscow. The United States and its European allies have also reinstated travel bans for Russian officials.

Ukraine's military has managed to drive Russian forces away from several regions, yet the latter continues to gain ground elsewhere in the country. Nonetheless, Russia is consolidating its power as it moves closer toward Poland's border.

The United States and other Western nations are increasingly worried about Russian meddling in Ukraine's future elections. Additionally, the US has taken steps to safeguard its own interests in Ukraine by deepening diplomatic ties and encouraging economic reforms.

Meanwhile, Russia is seeking to undermine Ukraine's capacity for self-preservation against further Russian aggression. It has adopted scorched-earth tactics in many parts of eastern and southeastern Ukraine, including Mariupol and Donetsk.

These actions, combined with indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, have caused immense suffering to civilians and destroyed critical infrastructure. Rosemary DiCarlo - UN Chief of Political Affairs - declared such operations highly irresponsible and in violation of international humanitarian law.

Ukraine must quickly restore peace and stability for the sake of its citizens. Its leaders should collaborate with the international community to stop violence against civilians and rebuild communities. They also need to assist refugees and returnees. Lastly, all Ukrainians must have access to food, water and healthcare they require.

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