Cody Rhodes Returns to AEW

Cody Rhodes Returns to AEW

Cody Rhodes Returns to AEW

Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes is an American professional wrestler. He is the three-time AEW TNT Champion and most recently worked for the company All Elite Wrestling. He is also the executive vice president of the organization. In his previous career, Rhodes was the president of the World Wrestling Federation. He is a former UFC fighter and currently works as a professional wrestler. He is a three-time TNT Championship.

Cody Rhodes

Since his WWE debut, Cody Rhodes has been a free agent and has been working for AEW without a contract. He recently won his last match for AEW at Dynamite last month. In addition to wrestling, Rhodes and his wife Brandi have worked on many outside projects with WarnerMedia, including the reality show Rhodes to the Top. In addition to his career in the WWE, Cody has been a judge on the Go-Big Show and has won numerous accolades.

While Rhodes' return in AEW was an event to remember, he failed to recapture the magic of his early marquee matches. While his match against Dustin was considered one of the best in any promotion, the character Rhodes portrayed never connected with fans and was booed every time he appeared on television. Instead, he seemed to have lost the ability to connect with fans. The AEW promotion has had a difficult time making a comeback with Cody.

AEW's decision to bring Cody Rhodes back is an important one for the company. While the company would love to promote his return, he has a lot to prove to the WWE. He was one of the founding members of the AEW promotion, and he helped make it a reality. He was a vital piece of the puzzle that helped build the AEW brand. That makes his return so special.

The AEW promotion was Rhodes' first stop after his debut in the company. After his success in the company, he left the company after a career-ending match against Kurt Angle. After leaving WWE, he remained in the ring for a while in AEW. The show has become one of the most popular in the United States. With a new look and great character, he is a big hit in AEW.

In AEW, Cody Rhodes is the tag team champion. In addition to his World title, he was the Intercontinental Champion as well. In AEW, he became the TNT Championship twice in 2020. His two-way match with Darby Allin led to his success. The AEW TNT Championship is a record three-time winner in the organization. The WWE will be glad to see the presence of Rhodes at AEW.

The AEW promoters are proud of Cody Rhodes. The former World Wrestling Federation star is still a member of AEW. In a match with the WWE, Dustin Rhodes can be found as a ring announcer for the company. Despite a lack of experience in the WWE, he is a great talent in the industry. The AEW promotion has a lot of fans worldwide.

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