Clippers' Updated Roster Depth Chart After Eric Gordon and Bones Hyland 2023

Clippers' Updated Roster Depth Chart After Eric Gordon and Bones Hyland 2023


Clippers Updated Roster Depth Chart After Eric Gordon Bones Hyland  2023

The Clippers retooled their roster for the second time this week, adding Eric Gordon and Bones Hyland. The move is intended to help the team's bench struggled in recent games and provide added depth.

The Clippers send Luke Kennard and John Wall to Memphis in exchange for Danny Green, Gordon and three second-round picks. The Rockets also acquire the rights to swap this year's Bucks first-round pick for the Clippers' next.

Reggie Jackson

The Clippers’ roster has changed a bit after Thursday night’s trade deadline, which saw them part ways with point guard Reggie Jackson and shooting guard Luke Kennard. In a four-team deal, they also traded away point guard John Wall and acquired guard Eric Gordon from the Houston Rockets as well as center Mason Plumlee from the Charlotte Hornets.

The Los Angeles Clippers are hoping to get better at the point guard position this year. They already have two starting-caliber guards in Paul George and Blake Leonard, plus an experienced point guard in Terance Mann, but Jackson, 33, could help a lot.

While he has a high turnover rate, he can still score in bunches and is one of the best on-ball passers in the league. In addition, he has a good handle and shoots the ball well from the three-point line.

Adding another player who can shoot from beyond the arc in Gordon gives the team some needed depth at the guard spot, as well as added wing shooting off the bench. Unlike Wall, who has only come off the bench 12 times in his career, Gordon can play a variety of roles, and he can make plays on the break and drive to the basket.

He can also be a scoring option off screens, which has been a strength of his this season. He’s averaging 2.6 points per game off screens this season, fifth in the NBA, and shoots 42% off those shots.

He’s been a part of the Denver Nuggets’ development program since he was a rookie, and his on-ball speed makes him a good fit for the Clippers’ offense. He also has some on-court juice to give the team’s second unit a little boost, alongside Sixth Man of the Year candidate Norman Powell.

Luke Kennard

The Clippers have updated their roster depth chart after the addition of Eric Gordon to their team. Earlier on Thursday, the team traded point guard Reggie Jackson to the Charlotte Hornets and shooting guard Luke Kennard to the Memphis Grizzlies.

The move was a significant one for the Clippers, who have been rebuilding in recent years and were in need of a backup point guard. Kennard will join the rotation in Memphis, where he'll replace Green and should see a more stable role on the second unit.

However, Kennard has yet to play more than 17 minutes in any game this season and his status remains up in the air. He's still recovering from a right calf injury that he suffered in the first quarter of Tuesday's 108-103 win over Chicago, and will be considered questionable by the team.

Assuming he plays, Kennard will be able to provide some help off the bench while also offering a scoring threat on the perimeter. He's averaged 8.0 points and 2.0 rebounds in 19.0 minutes over his last two appearances.

With Paul George and Kawhi Leonard sidelined, Kennard will get a chance to flex his muscles in a bigger role. He hasn't seen more than 30 minutes in a game this season, but he should have the opportunity to do so this week while George and Leonard are sidelined.

He's also a good candidate to score in bunches when the Clippers go small, which could give them some extra offensive firepower. He's a great candidate for double-doubles and he has shown he can shoot the ball well from three.

The move will also free up some cash for the Clippers to use in a trade this summer, as Kennard's contract expires after this season. In addition, he's a good bet to earn some big money this summer if Nicolas Batum declines his player option.

John Wall

The Clippers have added some additional players this week, trading for John Wall and Eric Gordon. Both of those moves are significant and could make a big difference in the final few months of the season.

One of the most interesting parts of the latest trade deadline is that it’s not just the top players being moved. There are a number of players that aren’t quite as high up the list on the depth chart, but they still provide a solid boost to the roster.

On the offensive side, the Clippers add Mason Plumlee to their roster. This addition should give the Clippers a different look off the bench when Ivica Zubac isn’t in the lineup, as Plumlee is one of the best facilitating centers in the league.

Also, the Clippers re-signing Eric Gordon will give them some more wing scoring. The veteran is coming off a season in Houston, where he was averaging 13.1 points and shooting 43.9 per cent from long range.

However, there are some concerns about this deal as well. The Clippers may be a bit short on guard depth.

This trade is another example of a team that’s not ready to let go of a star player. The Clippers have a few options at the point guard position and they might want to consider keeping them in order to keep their rotation intact for the rest of the season.

The Clippers are also rumored to have an interest in Russell Westbrook, who is expected to be bought out by the Utah Jazz at some point this season. If that happens, Westbrook would likely move to the Clippers and they could re-sign him for a reasonable sum of money.

Mason Plumlee

The Clippers are continuing to retool their roster at the trade deadline, most recently adding big man Mason Plumlee in exchange for Reggie Jackson from the Hornets. While Plumlee's fantasy value will take a significant hit due to the trade, he is still a good option for those looking for a big man who can play around 30 minutes per game.

The Houston Rockets are also making a big move at the trade deadline, dealing veteran guard Eric Gordon and three second-round picks to the Los Angeles Clippers in a three-team deal. The Clippers also acquire Luke Kennard, a 6-year veteran who has averaged 7.8 points this season but still shoots over 45 per cent from deep, and former Raptor Danny Green.

While Gordon is a veteran with Bird rights, the Clippers see this as an opportunity to upgrade their bench rotation. They have struggled to find consistent production from their bench over the course of the season, with Wall, Powell and even rookie Mark Williams averaging less than 10 points per game on the season.

Gordon is a veteran who can score in limited minutes, but his ability to shoot from deep and his versatility as a defender could be a good fit for the Clippers' playoff rotation. Despite his age, Gordon has been a reliable starter for the Rockets this season, averaging 13.1 points on 43.9 percent shooting in 47 games this year.

Meanwhile, Hyland is a developing young player who has been an excellent second-year player off the bench for Denver. He's a strong pull-up 3-point shooter with range past 30 feet, but tensions over consistent minutes appeared to boil over in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline.

Eric Gordon

The Los Angeles Clippers made some deals right up to the wire at the NBA Trade Deadline. They acquired Eric Gordon from the Houston Rockets for John Wall, sent Reggie Jackson to Charlotte and landed Bones Hyland in a deal with Denver.

Gordon, who has averaged 13 points and 5.3 three-pointers per game this season, adds much-needed experience to an already-talented offense. The addition of his shooting juice should be a good fit for the team's new-look offense, which is designed to create opportunities for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Hyland, on the other hand, provides a nice boost of energy and athleticism to the team's guard rotation. At 22 years old, he is a good young player who will provide some immediate scoring punch off the bench.

He has shown some potential as a two-way player, averaging more than 5 points in each of his six games this season. But his field goal percentage and assist-to-turnover ratio have been poor, and he hasn't shown that much improvement on defense so far this season.

The Clippers might have found a promising developmental piece in Bones, but he'll need time to work with his new teammates before he can contribute on a regular basis. He's a high-energy guard with some room to grow, but he'll have to prove his worth before the Clippers will feel comfortable offering him significant minutes on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the Clippers will have to hope that they can find a replacement for Luke Kennard, who has been a fixture in Ty Lue's rotation but has never really been utilized at his best. He's a great shooter and he can put up big numbers, but Lue will need to figure out how to utilize his talent on the court.

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Jane Hansen

Burt Bacharach was a singer and songwriter who had four marriages. He married Paula Stewart in 1953 and divorced her in 1958 before tying the knot with Jane Hansen in 1993. They had two children together: Oliver and Raleigh.

The award-winning composer was a piano player and conductor, but his real passion was writing music. He penned some of his most popular hits with lyricist Hal David. They wrote songs for Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and Tom Jones.

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