Atlantic hockey

Atlantic hockey

Atlantic hockey

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Men's hockey nabbed all three AUStv plays of the week, with big goals from Dalhousie Tigers' Derek Gentile, SMU's Justin MacPherson and UNB's Mark Rassell standing out from the...

November 7, 2021 | Men's Ice Hockey Tigers earn sweep in Week 5 action to move into 3rd in men's hockey standings The Dalhousie Tigers topped the Acadia Axemen 6-3 Wednesday night, then skated to a 6-4 victory Friday night, allowing the Tigers to move into third... (Source: www.atlanticuniversitysport.com This week's big moments take us from the hardwood to the ice—check out major plays from Acadia volleyball's Taylor Collombin, Drake Pilon of UPEI men's hockey and David... (Source:www.atlanticuniversitysport.com))www.atlanticuniversitysport.com))The Saint Mary's Huskies played to wins over the UPEI Panthers and Acadia Axemen in Week 7 of AUS men's hockey action, allowing them to collect four points and move into third in... Full Story (Source:

October 10, 2021 | Men's Ice Hockey Reds and X-Men open season with back-to-back wins The UNB Reds skated to victories over the Universite de Moncton Aigles Bleus and the UPEI Panthers, while the StFX X-Men earned wins over the Saint... (Source: www.atlanticuniversitysport.com October 25, 2021 | Men's Ice Hockey U Sports No.1 ranked Reds remain undefeated with sixth-straight win The reigning AUS men's hockey champions, the UNB Reds, remain undefeated as they earned a weekend sweep, topping the StFX X-Men and Dalhousie Tigers. (Source:www.atlanticuniversitysport.com))

This story is not about any particular goalie, but about the position itself and how it increasingly dominates the way hockey is played, and not for the right reasons. This story is about goalies and their equipment, and about how they’ve learned to use it. It is a story that has evolved very slowly, almost without change or notice for hockey’s first 100 years, then, since the 1980s, in actions initiated by goalies mostly, and counteractions by NHL regulators, players, and coaches, until today’s state of near-acceptance and resignation. It is not about fewer goals being scored: The total number per game doesn’t change much from year to year. And this season, in these early weeks, scoring is up slightly and save percentages are down, just as they were after other shortened NHL seasons. The less urgent tone of practice offers goalies little preparation for the jamming, bumping scrum of goalmouth action. The real and ongoing story is about how goals are scored in today’s NHL, and how teams have to play to score them. (Source: www.theatlantic.com)

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