All Star Futures Game Lineup OOR

All Star Futures Game Lineup OOR

All Star Futures Game Lineup

The All-Star Futures Game lineup refers to any team that plays in the NBA's annual All-Star Game. It could also be used for other purposes, for example for a sports game.

Future Game


The All-Star Futures Game is an annual baseball exhibition game hosted by Major League Baseball (MLB) in conjunction with the mid-summer MLB All-Star Game. A team of American League-affiliated prospects competes against a team of National League-affiliated prospects. From the inaugural 1999 event through 2018, teams of prospects from the United States faced off against teams of prospects from other countries.

All 30 MLB organizations are represented, with up to two players from any organisation and 25 players per team. One team is made up of prospects from American League organizations and the other of National League prospects. From 1999 to 2018, teams were divided into U.S. and World teams based on place of birth. Any player selected to the All-Star Futures Game but promoted to the majors prior to the game is replaced. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The game is played by the same rules listed in the Official Baseball Rules published by Major League Baseball. Exceptions are game duration and the handling of tie games. From 2008 through 2018, games lasted 9 innings. From 1999 to 2007 and since 2019, games last seven innings. Through 2018, up to two extra innings were available to settle a tie after playing all regulation innings. In 2019 and since 2021, one extra inning may be played, with each half-inning starting with a runner at second base, the last player put out. The home team wins if they take the lead in the 7th or 8th inning; the visitors win if they hang on in either inning; the game is over if it is tied after eight.

A number of Minor League managers and coaches will fill out the field staffs for both Futures Game teams. Coaches Dean Treanor (Indianapolis), Howard Johnson (Tacoma), Chris Cron (Erie), Keith Bodie (Corpus Christi), Andy Green (Mobile) and Brad Holman (Round Rock) will help guide the U.S. squad while Charlie Montoyo (Durham), Steve Scarsone (Sacramento), Pedro Lopez (Binghamton), Julio Vinas (Birmingham), Jacque Jones (San Antonio) and Neil Allen (Durham) will serve on the World staff. (Source: www.milb.com)



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