@NBA @Espn Scores on Mobile Devices

@NBA @Espn Scores on Mobile Devices


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ESPN recently unveiled a "scorebug" for their NBA broadcasts, providing viewers with more details about the game they're watching. While it may appear silly to some, those who watch games on mobile devices will appreciate its convenience.

In 2004, ESPN completely removed Nessler from their NBA coverage, replacing him with Mike Breen as the lead announcer. He worked most games alongside Bill Walton, Sean Elliott and Dan Majerle.

Win-Loss Record

The win-loss record is the total number of games a team has played and won or lost. This statistic helps determine who will be favored in any matchup, and most sportsbooks use it to create an accurate consensus line where bettors can place wagers.

The NBA maintains two win-loss records: home and away. Generally, the team with the better record is considered to be the favorite; however, this is not always the case.

At the conclusion of each regular season, 12 teams automatically qualify for the NBA playoffs; the 7th through 10th seeds then participate in a play-in tournament to determine both conferences' final two playoff seedings. The winners of these playoffs then advance to the Conference Finals which are televised by ESPN.

Since 2004, ESPN has broadcast one NBA Conference final per year (in even-numbered years) and four in odd-numbered years. Outside of these championship games, the network airs regular season games Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; rival TNT airs most other matches.

Elias Sports Bureau reports the Golden State Warriors have an all-time NBA record with a 48-4 record through the All-Star break, which is tied with only one other team in league history - the 1966 Philadelphia 76ers - for highest winning percentage at this moment in time.

With their incredible win-loss record, the Warriors are an overwhelming favorite to repeat as NBA champions. But there's one small issue with this prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Timberwolves currently hold a record of 36-47 and are ranked 11th in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors are ranked 6th in the Western Conference with an expected record of 48-34.

The Western Conference boasts the most playoff teams (six), led by Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks round out the top five with 50 wins or more.

Betting Odds

Basketball is a beloved sport, with the NBA leading in terms of wagering volume per game. While the NFL also draws large audiences each week, nothing quite matches the excitement of an NBA basketball game.

There are a wide range of bets in the NBA, and oddsmakers make it simple to find one that suits you best. Moneyline, spread and totals bets can help you win big; additionally, prop wagers and awards offer additional ways to boost your betting line.

A common bet type is a point spread, which determines how many points must be won for your team to cover the spread. This bet offers higher payouts than moneyline wagering but may be harder to win.

Another type of bet is an over/under, which determines if a certain number of points will be scored in a game. For instance, oddsmakers have set the total at 216 for this Philadelphia vs. Cleveland game and you can wager on whether this total will go over or under that mark.

Every basket in an NBA game brings updated odds, so you can confidently fist pump or foot stomp with every basket. These updates are especially helpful when betting on side bets and totals at sportsbooks that offer live NBA scoreboards.

Some sportsbooks will even provide additional odds on certain timeframes within a game, like quarter or halftime. This provides an in-depth perspective into how the match will unfold and makes it simpler to bet correctly.

If you want to maximize your winnings, consider placing a parlay. This bet combines multiple wagers into one single bet and can be an excellent way to increase payout amounts and is an ideal option for novice gamblers.

If you're betting on an NBA game, The Action Network has all of the latest odds and prices at your fingertips. They collect up-to-the-minute odds from every U.S. sportsbook and display the most favorable ones in its "Best Odds" column. Plus, you can customize this page to display only books you have an account with - saving time while guaranteeing that every bet you place earns more when betting on NBA basketball.

Final Score

NBA basketball has entered a new era, and the scoreboard has evolved along with it. Gone are the classic scoreboards of the 1970s and '80s in favor of sleek modernized versions featuring timeout indicators as well as bonus sections on the scoring screens.

The first half of the game was rather uneventful, but then the Celtics found their groove by outscoring the Warriors 24-11 in the fourth quarter. With that win, they now hold a commanding 1-0 lead in the series and appear to be favorites heading into the Finals.

No matter the outcome of this series, much has been said about its potential course. One hotly debated issue is whether ESPN has found the right fit for their NBA studio programming. They boast an array of talented staff members and a strong incentive to showcase their most coveted stars.

ESPN often produces quality shows, but their NBA coverage can be hit or miss. The ads-heavy halftime show is no fun and the lack of real analysis on display are major disappointments. Fox Sports Net and NBC Sports Channel provide an all-sports format without ads that provides a much more satisfying experience for viewers while allowing the networks to sling big time with smaller budgets. With one of sports most lucrative TV contracts in all sports, networks want to maximize profits wherever possible.

higher or lower

Higher or Lower Scoring Systems in Critical Care

Higher or lower is a classic card game where players try to guess whether each card is higher or lower than its predecessor.

John Stuart Mill identifies 'higher' pleasures as those that draw upon uniquely human capacities such as rational thought or self-awareness. Conversely, 'lower' pleasures depend more on mere sentience.


Scoring systems in critical care are statistical tools that take easily measured information from patients and convert it into a single score that accurately forecasts how an illness will progress or how well a clinical intervention will work. These tools have been tailored for use in various patient populations and offer value to a range of stakeholders, such as clinicians who can assess severity, interpret success of interventions and improve outcomes; ICU managers and staff who benchmark performance, identify outliers and engage in quality improvement initiatives; healthcare managers and funders who assess performance and plan resource allocation. Over four decades, scoring systems have contributed to our understanding of disease and enabled healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. Although they perform well, they are sensitive to changes in population characteristics and medical advances. With time, calibration (the correspondence between a score and observed mortality in a patient group) weakens.

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