Zendaya Wears Pink Valentino For Valentino's Spring 2023 Collection

Zendaya Wears Pink Valentino For Valentino's Spring 2023 Collection


zendaya valentino pink

Zendaya, the two-time Emmy Award winner and star of "Euphoria", donned a full pink ensemble in the house's latest "Pink PP" campaign. She also joined seven-time Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton for this ad campaign that showcases Barbiecore hues.

She completed her look with a hot pink double-breasted suit featuring floral applique details on both the blazer and pants. To complete it, she accessorized with platform heels in the same hue for added height.

What She Wore

On Sunday, Emmy-winning actress Zendaya donned a pink monochromatic ensemble for Valentino's spring 2023 show. She sat front row alongside longtime stylist Law Roach and supermodel Naomi Campbell at the fashion house's presentation.

The "Euphoria" star donned a pink blazer and shorts with her signature V logo emblazoned on them. She completed the look with matching platform heels that are an updated version of Garavani's popular shoes.

Italian luxury label PINK PP (Pink Power) has unveiled their fall-winter 2022 campaign, featuring two-time Emmy winner Zendaya as they join in painting their world a vibrant pink hue. The campaign film depicts Zendaya exploring an unknown land as well as her dream state.

Michael Bailey Gates shot the campaign film featuring Zendaya walking through rooms that look like baroque manors. She wears various Pink PP pieces such as a sheer top, oversized slacks, an '80s style blazer and a pink pillowy bag featuring silver studs.

She finished the look by accessorizing with chandelier earrings and brick red lipstick. Furthermore, her hair was styled straight with a sleek side part.

Since December 2020, she has been seen wearing Valentino on the red carpet numerous times. Furthermore, in February of 2022 she fronted their spring 2022 Rendez-Vous series.

Zendaya recently donned an all-pink ensemble to represent Valentino Pink PP collection designed by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli. She co-starred with British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton in the spot, with both actress and model showing their enthusiasm for the brand's hue.

The campaign seeks to capture the 'pink-filled' culture that is becoming so popular in fashion. A recent study shows that pink has become the most sought-after color among shoppers. According to Kimmie Smith, cofounder and creative director at Athleisure Mag in New York, "Pink has become a vibrant power culture that is being embraced by many designers."

What She Sported

Valentino's bold pink shade, "Pink Valentino," has become a must-have among international celebrities like Zendaya. And it seems like this bold choice won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Valentino loves to push themselves, so it's no surprise that they've chosen this color as their signature hue for spring. It perfectly balances playful and sophisticated, leaving everyone talking.

At the world premiere of her film Chani and the Burning Sun, Zendaya donned a Balmain leather dress crafted in sand-colored leather - an ode to her character's desert warrior heritage.

She kept her style classic yet daring, opting for only minimal jewelry and accessories. A gold bracelet, two layered necklaces and a pink square bag completed the look perfectly.

Her monochromatic grey suit and stilettos, by Fear of God, was a refreshing change from the usual red carpet dresses or vibrant co-ords she usually sports. Instead of featuring an enticing plunging neckline or bra top, she donned an oversized collarless blazer completely covered in spiderweb embellished detailing (a nod to Spiderman!).

Zendaya paired her ensemble with matching pumps, and her copper hair was pulled back into an elegant low bun. For makeup, Zendaya used shimmering highlighter, warm blush and a subtle smoky eye for added effect.

If you're feeling uncertain about wearing pink, try adding texture to your ensemble for an effortless way to give it depth and dimension.

A lace on-shouldered top or blouse featuring a pattern will draw attention to your outfit and add an air of modernity. This look also works great for a night out on the town as it's comfortable yet chic, sophisticated enough for a club.

For a bolder style, pair two shades of pink together. Whether it's a brighter shade or darker pink, mixing multiple hues will help create an eye-catching aesthetic.

What She Looked Like

Zendaya has always been known for her fashion versatility, so it's no shock that she loves to reinvent her look from time to time. From daring Fausto Puglisi mini dresses to delicate ivory off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood designs, Zendaya has showcased a wide range of looks over the years.

One of her latest hairstyles is an airy, voluminous hazel bob that frames her face beautifully. It's so chic that it makes her look even more glamorous than usual, especially when paired with her classic preppy outfit!

She donned this hot pink trouser suit to SiriusXM's Town Hall event with the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home and finished it off with statement hoop earrings, contrast buttons and matching pumps. It was a completely different style than her Valentino Fashion Week look in 2022; yet somehow it worked!

The actress' style evolution is truly remarkable - no matter what she wears, she always looks stunningly gorgeous. She has become one of the world's most well-known celebrities thanks to her remarkable acting career and impressive style choices.

Since her recent win of the Emmy Award for best lead actress in a drama series for her role as Rue on Euphoria, she's been in the spotlight. She's garnered much praise for her red carpet looks and served as an inspiration to many. The fashion chameleon has been seen wearing everything from dramatic red Vera Wang gowns to black lace frocks and even two-piece sets covered with delicate spiderwebs - you name it!

One of her stunning red-carpet looks was a custom Valentino couture gown designed in soft brown with black crystals arranged in an intricate spiderweb pattern. Styled by Law Roach, the look was completed with 7-carat pear-shaped diamond earrings and two diamond rings.

Zendaya has always had an attractive red-carpet presence, but she also boasts an equally stunning relationship with Tom Holland. They've been together for almost a year and have been open about their connection in public - they've been seen walking hand-in-hand and kissing in private numerous times. Additionally, the couple bought a house together in South London.

What She Said

She Said recounts the story of two journalists, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, who broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal for The New York Times in 2017. Their reporting helped spark a national conversation about sexual harassment and abuse across many industries.

The movie follows Kantor and Twohey as they journey from underdogs to inspirations by shattering the silence surrounding sexual assault in Hollywood. Their determination to expose the truth spurred courageous women to reclaim their strength through stories of survival.

Based on the book of the same name by Kantor and Twohey, whose investigative reporting on Weinstein caused a cultural shift in how we think about sexual harassment. It's a biographical drama starring Carey Mulligan as Twohey and Kazan and directed by Jaime Lee Murnau.

She Said follows in the footsteps of other films about investigative journalism, like Tom McCarthy's Spotlight and Steven Spielberg's The Post. However, She Said takes a more feminist approach to this genre by featuring its journalists' homes more extensively than those films did, giving viewers insight into their families and private lives while they pursue their work.

This approach helps to highlight the harrowing nature of their job and all-consuming lifestyle, emphasizing how weekend phone calls and plane flights affect families. Furthermore, the movie abstains from any sensationalism or emotional manipulation as it paints the story in a methodical and detailed fashion.

She Said is an admirable piece of prestige filmmaking, shining a light on systemic abuse without devolving into exploitation. Its pacing is smooth and captivating, while the cinematography is top notch.

Twohey and Kantor's relationship is explored throughout the story as they embark on their investigative reporting journey, weaving the stories of those they interview into an engaging narrative that's both believable and captivating. Despite some shortcomings in its storytelling, She Said provides a fascinating look at this pivotal time in history that's worth watching - even if only for its captivating soundtrack!

She Said will be available to stream on Peacock early next year, which is great news for moviegoers who missed out on seeing it in theaters. It has been a major hit with critics and will no doubt be an Oscar contender this year.

mens hairstyles receding hairline

Mens Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines

Sooner or later, most men will experience thinning hair and receding hairlines as part of aging. It's an entirely normal part of the process and not something to be ashamed of.

Fortunately, there are many hairstyles that can help conceal or make a receding hairline less noticeable. Whether you're just trying something different or want a style that complements your existing facial features, we have some styles perfect for you.

1. Slick Back

If you're dealing with hair loss or just want to enhance your facial features, there are a variety of haircuts that can help. Some conceal thinning hair, others hide a receding hairline, while others create the illusion of having a normal hairline.

The Slick Back is a timeless style that works well with most head shapes and hairlines. It requires minimal upkeep - simply brush it back in place with your preferred styling product to keep it looking fantastic.

This hairstyle is ideal for older men who want to give their locks a sleek, sophisticated appearance. Additionally, it's an on-trend hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with a receding hairline.

Slick back hairstyles are a popular option for men with thin, thinning hair as they're easy to style and won't damage the scalp. However, if your locks already appear thin, be mindful not to overstyle as too much could make it appear worse.

When opting for this style, be sure to select a barber who knows how to cut it correctly and can help you achieve the desired look. They will ensure the cut isn't too sharp or flat and guarantees you have a symmetrical head shape.

Another way to conceal a receding hairline is by leaving some length at the top of your head. This adds volume and height to the style, drawing attention away from where most receding hairlines begin - at the temples.

2. Pompadour

The pompadour is a timeless style for men that's easy to style and works well with all hair textures. The top portion of the hair is kept long while sides and back are kept short, creating an eye-catching shape that draws attention away from thinning areas at the temples.

Comb-overs are a timeless style for men with receding hairlines. Comb your locks up into an open slickback or quiff and style it with gel for an alluring retro vibe.

This haircut is the ideal solution for men with receding hairlines, as it helps to minimize their visible receding portion without altering your overall style. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to highlight and accent the hairline if desired.

A pompadour can be worn with any head shape and hairline, but it works best for men with thicker, fuller locks that will make it stand out more. Additionally, men with thinning or balding hair may find this style beneficial as it helps conceal receding hairlines while adding volume and height.

When selecting a hairstyle, take into account your facial features as well. This is especially beneficial if you have an prominent widow's peak which helps balance out the higher line of the hairline around your temples.

A widow's peak can be an attractive feature on your face, making it a prime target when selecting a haircut that flatters you. You have two choices: either opt for a fade that blends into your natural feature or go all-out with either low, mid, or high fades to draw attention to this feature.

3. Clean Shave

There are various ways to hide a receding hairline. For instance, facial hair can be used to conceal thinning locks and divert attention away from the line.

Another way to conceal a receding hairline is by selecting a style that will maintain longer length on top of your head. For instance, layering haircuts with bangs can both conceal the front of your tresses and add volume and texture at the same time.

Shaving your hair short on the sides and back can help keep it looking neat, while gel styling it into a quiff can conceal a receding hairline or thinning top.

Men can quickly and easily achieve an all-over clean shaven appearance by simply shaving their face. Shaving also conceals any thinning or bald patches on their face.

To achieve a classic razor shave style, cut your hair clipper-short on the sides and back, but leave it slightly longer at the top. To style this part of your style, apply light pomade or gel and gently brush it forward.

The beauty of this look is that it will never go out of style. So if you're searching for a new hairstyle, this is your ideal pick! If unsure which cut suits best with your face shape, ask your barber for consultation. They can assist with finding an aesthetic that flatters and providing styling tips as well.

4. Quiff

Pixie cuts have long been associated with women, but this versatile haircut can also be the perfect solution for men who are experiencing hair loss and need a quick fix. The sides and back of the haircut are cropped super short, leaving just enough length on top that can be styled forward to conceal the receding hairline.

To achieve this look, comb the hair on the front of the head down and then sweep it back as if in a ponytail. Doing so will cover the temple area while adding height (and volume) to the top, drawing attention away from thinning hairlines.

Another way to minimize a receding hairline is by getting a high bald fade that begins at the top of your side hair and gradually dips downward in the back. This creates a more masculine, sleek appearance while taking less styling time.

A quiff can be an ideal choice to mask a receding hairline if you have thick, luxurious locks and a prominent widow's peak. It may also help conceal thinning hair or bald spots if the top portion of your style measures several inches from one temple edge to the other.

This timeless cut can be styled with any existing hairline and taper fade for a look that is timeless. It works well on all face shapes, and you can slick back and brush up any thinning hair to give the illusion of fullness.

This no-fuss cut is ideal for men with receding hairlines, as it can easily be shaved at home or by a professional stylist. Additionally, those with thinner or shorter locks have the advantage of keeping their style looking trendy by shaving short and trimming up any remaining locks to maintain the style.

5. Widow’s Peak

Many people possess a widow's peak, an oval-shaped hairline that can be either subtle or noticeable. While there is no reliable proof that it predicts early widowhood, many find the characteristic attractive. Furthermore, certain genetic conditions like Arskog syndrome and Donnai Barrow disorder may also manifest as this characteristic.

Some men with a widow's peak may feel self-conscious about it, while others wish to make their feature more desirable and appealing. Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive hairstyles suitable for men with this feature that will soften its appearance and help soften its effect.

One popular style for men with a widow's peak is a side part, which draws attention away from the hairline. This look is ideal for mature men as they can proudly show off their feature while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

A crew cut is an ideal option for men with widow's peaks, as it helps to conceal the hairline and give off an impression of having a normal one. You could also consider growing a beard to further soften your facial features while keeping it balanced and attractive.

A widow's peak is an ideal hairstyle for men, which can be paired with either a slick back or pompadour to create an eye-catching style. It works well with all hair textures and can easily be added to any haircut.

Men with a widow's peak have several other hairstyle options to choose from, including a side part, quiff and low pompadour. All three hairstyles are easy to maintain and offer an edgy yet confident appearance that will boost your self-esteem.

rolls royce ceo history

Rolls Royce CEO History

Over the past 116 years, Rolls Royce has overcome incredible obstacles with their work ethic, ingenuity, commitment and solidarity. As a result, they are proud to produce some of the world's finest vehicles.

Torsten Muller-Otvos, as CEO, leads all of Rolls-Royce's worldwide family from Goodwood headquarters and regional offices - a responsibility he describes as an honor.

Henry Royce

Sir Frederick Henry Royce (27 March 1863 - 22 April 1933), a British engineer born in Alwalton, Huntingdonshire, England, is credited with designing numerous automotive and aero engine designs. As one of the founders of Rolls-Royce, his legacy has helped shape its history and made it one of the leading names in automobile and aerospace manufacturing.

Royce was born into an impoverished family but did not let this get in the way of his passion for engineering. Despite only having two years of formal education, he pursued his ambitions to become a successful engineer through hands-on work and evening classes organized by City and Guilds Institute. After apprenticeing with Great Northern Railway, Royce was appointed chief electrical engineer for Liverpool's first electric street-lighting system in 1882.

After several years of hard work, Royce co-founded F. H. Royce and Co with fellow engineer Ernest Claremont in 1884 to manufacture electrical fittings for domestic use. This marked the start of an innovative engineering business that would eventually produce dynamos and electric cranes before turning its attention towards motor cars.

In 1903, Royce purchased a small Deauville car to improve, but it fell short of his high standards. To meet them he decided to construct his own model - three cars were produced; one is now housed at Manchester Museum.

At a young age, Royce had an ambition to found a company that would become the global leader in engineering. This vision came true in 1906 when he and Charles Rolls founded Rolls-Royce Limited with their partner Arthur Asa Royce.

Rolls-Royce began producing large 40-50 horsepower motor cars in November 1916, and their first model, the Silver Ghost, followed soon after. Furthermore, Royce designed aircraft engines for British military needs during World War I that continued to be produced until this day.

Royce was an obsessive perfectionist, insisting that every drawing be personally reviewed by him before being sent to production. This can be a tough requirement for any designer but his attention to detail made his company one of the world's most reliable and well-engineered. Examples such as the Royce 20 engine designed in 1916 and battery electric vehicle Spectre launched in 2019 demonstrate this brand commitment to continuous improvement and an ability to embrace change as part of its ongoing development process.

Charles Rolls

Charles Rolls had a profound effect on motoring history during his lifetime. As co-founder of Rolls-Royce, he helped establish an iconic company synonymous with excellence in engineering and design. His business acumen, financial backing and connections in politics and the media enabled his partner Henry Royce to be successful at founding their new car firm.

In May 1904, The Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls traveled from London to Manchester to meet engineer Henry Royce. Both men shared a passion for automobiles and hoped to make their mark on the world.

Rolls was mesmerized by Royce's designs and thought his cars embodied qualities of quietness and refinement, qualities which he himself sought in his own vehicles. Thus began a partnership that would ultimately result in the birth of one of the world's most renowned and iconic brands.

Rolls was an impressive figure at 6 feet 5 inches, having been a successful racing driver throughout his youth. His interest in engines combined perfectly with Royce's expertise in aerodynamics; together they formed an unbeatable team that strived for excellence across both fields.

After founding their joint venture, CS Rolls and Co, in Fulham, England, the partners set about creating a company that could rival those of their competitors. This required significant investments as well as the opening of a factory in Derby, England.

Rolls' business empire expanded rapidly, leaving him little time for personal pursuits. In 1909, he resigned as technical managing director and took on a non-executive role instead.

He was an astute businessman who understood the value of marketing and public relations. Utilizing his connections in politics, media, and royal circles, he helped to cultivate a prestigious reputation for Rolls-Royce Ltd.

However, this company was not without its challenges. In the 1990s, economic downturn in the global economy and disruption to airline passenger travel due to the Persian Gulf conflict hampered their profitability.

Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson wasn't just an ambitious businessman; he also held a significant place in Rolls-Royce's history as one of its most influential individuals. He spearheaded many successful marketing initiatives for the firm and coined its iconic slogan: "Not One Of The Best, But The Best Car Money Can Buy."

In the early years of Royce, they struggled to build a reputation for quality and longevity. He insisted that his cars be made to an exacting standard that guaranteed they would run without fail for life - ultimately, achieving what he desired.

By 1907, Rolls-Royce had achieved unparalleled success and fulfilled their promise to create cars that were both beautiful and durable. Their Silver Ghost model broke records, earning itself the reputation of being the world's most powerful and reliable motor car.

Rolls-Royce became a giant in the aviation industry. They were even the first British aircraft manufacturer to produce a commercial jet, and by the turn of the century had produced over one thousand aircraft!

Even during its early years, Rolls-Royce proved resilient. Even during 1918 when the Spanish Flu posed a serious threat to both the company and wider world, Rolls-Royce remained resilient.

It was a testament to Rolls-Royce's strength that they were able to weather such adversities. While many other companies struggled, Rolls-Royce managed to stay afloat and remain one of the premier names in automobile manufacturing.

One of the iconic symbols of Rolls-Royce is its mascot, The Spirit of Ecstasy. This sculpture has graced the front of their vehicles for over a century, serving as a reminder that this company continues to lead in the automotive industry.

The Rolls-Royce mascot stands as a testament to their resilience during times of global crisis. It is this confidence that has allowed them to rise above adversity and continue building their brand name despite these setbacks.

Torsten Muller-Otvos

Torsten Muller-Otvos, the CEO of Rolls-Royce since 1998, has been instrumental in its remarkable turnaround. His vision for luxury has allowed the brand to maintain its status as a beacon of prestige and innovation for years.

He has held various management positions at BMW Group, such as senior marketing and product roles. Furthermore, he spearheaded MINI's international relaunch as a premium small car brand between 2000 and 2003.

Torsten Muller-Otvos left BMW in 2010, joining Rolls Royce Motor Cars where he has spearheaded one of their most remarkable revivals and is credited with devising a strategy that has made the brand an integral part of BMW Group.

As a result of its reinvigoration, the company has seen record sales and profits. It has once again become the go-to brand for industry titans as well as an exciting new generation of cultural icons, artists and technologists.

The key to this renaissance lies in the company's dedication to personalization. They offer clients various bespoke options, such as personal chauffeurs and an exclusive app called Whispers that enables owners to craft experiences tailored to their lifestyles.

He reports that Rolls-Royce buyers' average age has dropped from 53 years to 43 in recent years, signaling a younger clientele willing to invest in luxury vehicles. To reach these new customers, the company organizes private tours to art galleries and other high-end events.

Rolls-Royce has managed to capture an uncommon market by positioning itself as an expression of individuality and passion. This positioning has allowed them to build a loyal following among those seeking to express their uniqueness through their cars.

Some years back, the Goodwood-based company unveiled the Ghost (four-door sedan) and Wraith (two-door coupe). These models marked their first production efforts at their Goodwood headquarters, West Sussex; both models proved popular successes. Since then, they've developed other nameplates with endless customization and personalisation possibilities.

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