Travis Kelce Youth Jersey - The First Brothers to Meet in Super Bowl LVII

Travis Kelce Youth Jersey - The First Brothers to Meet in Super Bowl LVII


travis kelce youth jersey

The Kelce brothers are two football legends, each with one Super Bowl ring under their belt. Now, they're set to square off in Super Bowl LVII -- becoming the first brothers ever to face off in the NFL's biggest game.

Their mother Donna Kelce recalls growing up as a fierce competition between the two boys. Now that they're playing against one another in this special occasion, Donna hopes they both come out on top.


No matter if your little one is a Kansas City Chiefs fan or just wants to show their team pride, this youth jersey will make them feel like part of the action. Featuring screenprinted name, numbers and logos of Chiefs star Travis Kelce, this authentic jersey is lightweight and comfortable - ideal for young sports enthusiasts to wear during game day.

Donna Kelce is well aware of the difficulties dealing with sibling rivalry, but she has one secret weapon that might give her an edge over her two sons Jason and Travis during Super Bowl LVII: Jason is an Eagles center whose wife Kylie McDevitt has been pregnant since 2018. This could prove particularly advantageous since Kelce has seen firsthand how difficult sibling rivalry can be on a personal level.

When asked her opinion of watching her two sons compete against one another in the big game, Donna was beaming with pride. She told CBS Sports she was extremely proud of their accomplishments on and off the field.

No two brothers are alike, yet both have earned championship rings. While the elder Kelce was a running back and linebacker at Cleveland Heights where he earned All-Lake Erie League recognition twice, his younger sibling has established himself as an impressive starting center in the NFL with five All-Pro selections.

The Kelces are the first siblings ever to play in the Super Bowl, and they're both set to make history this Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Tampa Bay. The oldest is a Philadelphia Eagles center while the youngest plays tight end for Kansas City Chiefs - both will leave Super Bowl LVII with another championship ring!


Are you a Kansas City Chiefs fan? This Travis Kelce youth jersey is perfect for showing your support for the NFL's most reliable tight end! Featuring screenprinted team and player graphics on the front, it's an ideal way to show your pride for this star player!

The Kelce brothers have long been recognized as the greatest duo in NFL history, with Jason playing center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis at tight end for Kansas City Chiefs. Both men possess immense talent, and have made their marks on the game with championship rings to their names.

Jason began his professional running back career at Cleveland Heights in Ohio, earning All-Lake Erie League recognition during his senior year. Afterward, he continued on to Cincinnati where he played left guard before shifting over to center. After four years at the college level, the Eagles selected him in the sixth round of 2011 NFL Draft.

Travis began his high school career as a quarterback, but soon switched to tight end and became the first tight end ever to surpass 1,000 yards receiving in seven consecutive seasons. As a senior, Travis caught 45 passes for 722 yards and eight touchdowns while being named Tight End of the Year by College Football Performance Awards.

On Sunday, the Kelce brothers are back for another shot at the Super Bowl; one of them will likely walk away with a second ring. But no matter which brother you root for - one thing's certain: Your mama will be cheering for her team this year.


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If your child is a huge fan of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce or just wants to show their team spirit, this youth jersey is the ideal way to do it. Modeled after what he wears during home games, it features screenprinted graphics and an authentic team crest for an authentic gameday look. Plus, its breathable, lightweight feel provides added comfort while watching from either the sidelines or cheering from home.

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Another thing that has helped elevate the brothers' brand is their popular podcast. Launched in September and named for Cleveland Heights, Ohio, it quickly built a loyal following that has propelled them to the top of the podcast charts. It's their first venture together that they both feel proud of, enabling them to get more involved in their community while building a business that pays them to do it.

On Saturday, Travis Kelce had the chance to spend some quality time with children from Operation Breakthrough at Dick's Sporting Goods and decided to do something special for them. He gave each kid $150 to spend and let them pick out their own shoes!

This was the first time a professional football player hosted an event like this and it was an enormous hit! All the kids were delighted with what they selected, with many even asking if he would be back to shop for them again in the future.

Travis documented his entire experience for a project set to be released in 2019. It's just another way he gives back to his hometown and it served as an inspiring start to this new phase in his career.

travis kelce jersey youth

Rep Your Favorite Tight End With a Travis Kelce Jersey Youth

The mother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has been receiving much adulation for her tender moments with her world-famous sons. However, this Super Bowl weekend she has also been asked who she's rooting for.

Donna Kelce seems to have it all under control - taking in everything and enjoying every minute! That's certainly no easy feat for any mom, but she seems to have it all under control! She seems to be taking it all in stride!

Tight End

If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan, then getting Travis Kelce's youth jersey is essential. The tight end is one of the top players in the league and has seven consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons under his belt.

He's a leader on his team, having won Super Bowls with both the Chiefs and Eagles. With five All-Pro selections under his belt, he is widely considered the best tight end in the NFL today.

Despite his success on the field, he remains a family man and his mom is always by his side to ensure he has an unforgettable experience during his tenure in the league. Donna Kelce has traveled to nearly every game she could, including playoff games, to ensure their two boys get together as much as possible.

When she can't be present for the game, her support is shown through split jerseys featuring both of their names. In past years, she's traveled more than 1,200 miles to watch both of her sons play on the same day - however this year is different as they will each be playing for opposing teams in the Super Bowl.

These brothers may share a family bond, but their personalities shine through on and off the field. With their bold style, outspoken nature, and dominance on the field, they've become icons in pop culture.

Their brotherly love is something they both cherish, and it unites them on both sides of the ball. Both have won Super Bowls and are beloved legends in their home towns.

Both football players possess great skill sets; Jason, an All-Pro for the first time this season, and Travis have both earned Pro Bowl votes eight times and rank third in career receptions, yards and touchdowns respectively.

In addition to their athletic success, the brothers have also demonstrated great leadership in other areas. They have made numerous charitable donations and even participate in Tight End University, a summit for top players at this position.

Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Greg Olsen have a great idea in gathering the top tight ends in the NFL for an insightful discussion about their position and how it can be improved. This is the first of its kind, so Kelce, Kittle and Olsen anticipate lots of interest from their fellow players.


Travis Kelce jersey youth is an eight-time Pro Bowler and one of the NFL's most reliable tight ends. He's a beloved teammate to everyone in Kansas City, having caught at least 100 passes for 1,000 yards seven consecutive seasons - something Kelce hopes to continue doing in 2023.

He began as a running back and linebacker at Cleveland Heights (Ohio) High, before switching to offensive line during his college career at Cincinnati. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of 2011 NFL Draft; his father Ed Kelce, an ex-pro baseball player, had played for them previously as well. Additionally, his older brother Jason also played football for the Philadelphia Eagles during this time.

They were raised together in a middle-class family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. From childhood on, they remained close.

After playing high school football at Cleveland Heights, the Kelces went on to University of Cincinnati and quickly caught the attention of NFL scouts. While at Cincinnati, they earned All-Conference honors for their play on the offensive line.

In 2013, the two Kelces brothers moved to Kansas City, where they are currently competing for a spot on the Chiefs' defensive line. Both brothers earned Pro Bowl recognition in 2015 and are widely considered among the best players on either side of the ball.

Their mother, Donna, has become a national icon as she travels the country to watch their games. At one Super Bowl pregame interview with FOX 5, Donna even donned a split Eagles-Chiefs jacket designed by Maryland business owner Monica Blakely.

The brothers' mother is immensely proud of her children and doesn't hesitate to show it off on social media platforms like Instagram. Her account showcases many heartfelt photos featuring the Kelce family.

When asked which of her sons she'd root for in the Super Bowl, she replied that it was a toss-up. Regardless, she added, she would be delighted if either one won.

On February 12th, the Chiefs and Eagles will square off in Super Bowl LVII. With such a chance at earning another championship ring, both brothers have taken their admiration of one another to new heights by creating the podcast "New Heights," where they discuss football, the Chiefs, their offseason plans, as well as who has the better Super Bowl ring.


If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan, show your love for Travis Kelce with one of their jerseys. Available in various styles, this is an ideal way to show your devotion on gameday.

This season, the Kelce brothers traveled over 1,300 miles to see each other play in the NFL Wild Card games. But this will be their first time facing off at the Super Bowl together as brothers. Both have been professional football players for many years now, and their parents Ed and Donna are proud to be part of this historic moment.

Jason and Travis Conklin were raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, before attending the University of Cincinnati. Jason earned five All-American accolades as center while Travis began his career as a quarterback before switching positions under coach Butch Jones.

After serving a yearlong suspension for violating team regulations, Jason and his family rallied around Travis to help him get reinstated. Travis went on to excel as a tight end for two seasons before being selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 draft.

Kelce takes great pleasure in giving back to the community. He has long supported the Eagles Autism Foundation and recently launched an apparel line that benefits Philadelphia's (Be)Philly Foundation, which assists city students.

Kelce will take a few weeks to decide whether he wants to retire or continue playing football. He's had an impressive season so far and still has time left before making any decisions regarding his future plans.

Kelce has always had the role of older brother to his younger brother, but that hasn't necessarily been a bad thing. Their bond has deepened over the years.

Kelce, the elder brother, is a five-time All-Pro center for the Philadelphia Eagles while Travis, Jr. is an incredible tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. These brothers have always had an affinity for one another and enjoy working together.

No doubt it has been a busy NFL season, but the brothers have made sure to stay connected this year. They co-host "New Heights," a podcast where they discuss their team, league and other major developments as they occur.

Special Teams

Travis Kelce is an impressive tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the NFL's most well-rounded players. He's a leader, an excellent teammate and an dependable special teams performer.

Travis enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends when not on the field. He also likes to travel and visit his family in Cleveland Heights when time allows.

Kelce faced hardships throughout his college career at Cincinnati. After being suspended after one year for violating team regulations, he had to fight his way back onto the team with help from his brother Jason and coach Butch Jones.

After an impressive senior season, Kelce was selected by the Chiefs in the third round of 2013, becoming one of the NFL's most reliable tight ends and one of its greatest catchers ever.

He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer and widely considered to be the greatest tight end ever. But he also stands as one of the game's most unique players.

His story is both inspiring and humorous. He's a man of conviction who won't let anyone take away what he has to offer.

He's the kind of man who will tell you exactly how he feels inside when asked about something personal.

For him, winning isn't just about money and success; it's about being a role model for younger players who may be going through difficult times. He believes it's essential to show them that hard work pays off in the end.

In a world where many give up on their dreams, it's inspiring to witness someone who still believes in himself and his abilities. Furthermore, seeing someone take risks without fear is especially encouraging.

Being part of a team that shows genuine concern for its players and their families is truly rewarding. That's what makes the Chiefs such an exceptional place to play football.

If you're rooting for the Chiefs or planning to attend Super Bowl LVII this weekend, don't forget to get your youngster a jersey! This KC Chiefs Youth Red Team Game Jersey will ensure they stay in the spirit!

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Soap2day is a website that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. It was launched in 2018 and has grown to become a popular website for people who want to watch movies without spending a lot of money. It is a free website that allows users to stream videos in HD quality. However, it is not safe to use and may lead to problems with your privacy and security.

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