Travis Kelce T Shirt Helps Give Back to Local Kids

Travis Kelce T Shirt Helps Give Back to Local Kids


travis kelce t shirt

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is widely regarded as one of the best in the league, boasting an infectious personality both on and off the field.

He gives back to his community through his charity foundation, Eighty-Seven & Running. Recently, he's collaborated with Pepsi on an exclusive line of t-shirts.

Know Your Role & Shut Your Mouth

Kelce's quote about "know your role and shut your mouth" isn't just humorous; it also holds a lot of truth. In the wrestling world, professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson often used this phrase to taunt opponents; yet it serves as an apt reminder for sports fans everywhere.

Kelce acquired this lesson early in life, as his brother Jason and him played various sports together. They even wrestled in the backyard - something they continued to do as children.

Their brothers' competitive drive was nurtured within their family environment, and competitions between them helped them blossom into successful NFL players. Now their contrasting styles and journeys will culminate in their first meeting at a Super Bowl this weekend when Philadelphia Eagles host "Kelce Bowl" against Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs.

On Sunday before their AFC Championship game against the Bengals in Cincinnati, Mayor Aftab Pureval took aim at the Chiefs by calling them a "Burrowhead" and "Kelce Bowl." Following their 23-20 victory at Arrowhead Stadium, Kelce responded to Pureval's video with an emphatic and expletive-filled response.

A local business is making sure those moments are remembered - in a fun way. They've started selling t-shirts featuring some of Kelce's quotes.

White Farmhouse Flowers in Parkville and at the store carry these stylish shirts that show your support for your favorite player while remaining cool and casual. What better way to show it off than by purchasing one today!

These soft cotton slippers are made with 100% cotton for a comfortable wear. Plus, their bold graphics and Kansas City Chiefs colors will help your team look fantastic when you wear them.

Kelce's Tru Kolors t-shirts are not only a great way to show your support for your favorite team, but they're also an opportunity to give back to your community. Through Kelce's Eighty-Seven & Running foundation, part of the proceeds from sales will go towards providing resources to students in historically underserved areas like Kansas City.

Big Yeti

Travis Kelce and his brother Jason are renowned for their distinct styles on the field, but they share a fierce competitive drive that was instilled at home in Cleveland Heights. Before their football careers took off, both brothers were members of a high school team which featured Jason as quarterback and Travis as running back and linebacker.

After graduation, they each joined a different NFL team. Jason went on to become a six-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion center for the Philadelphia Eagles while Travis made history by becoming four-time first-team All-Pro tight end for Kansas City Chiefs - making them two of football's greatest tight ends ever!

They continue to support each other professionally and on their New Heights podcast. Their unique chemistry is evident on the field, but more importantly they've learned to embrace their differences by working together towards bigger goals like winning a Super Bowl championship.

Kelce and his Tru Kolors brand created a special t-shirt to commemorate their bond as brothers, which can be purchased through Pepsi's Stronger Together program with part of the proceeds going towards Kelce's Eighty-Seven & Running foundation.

These t-shirts feature the message "Stay Tru" along with Kansas City's skyline, paying homage to their hometown. Furthermore, you can show your team pride as Kelce's jersey number 87 is proudly printed on each shirt.

Kelce has earned not only a place of honor in the Chiefs' tight ends room, but has also become an ambassador for his home state of Missouri. Through his charity Eighty-Seven & Running, he donates to schools and organizations that are historically underserved.

He has also joined Pepsi's Stronger Together campaign, designing special t-shirts that will be given to frontline workers at Pepsi stores nationwide. In return, the company will donate $10,000 towards Eighty-Seven & Running's programs.

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Game Day Fit

Travis Kelce is an NFL star at both quarterback and tight end positions, boasting an eye for style and a sense of humor. So it should come as no shock that Kelce took time out to coordinate an Adam Sandler-inspired outfit for game day.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently the hottest team in the NFC East, so that means Travis Kelce will get plenty of attention for his outfit. Drawing inspiration from Doug Whitmore - played by Sean Astin in 2004's '50 First Dates' - Kelce put together an ensemble that made everyone go "Woah."

This Travis Kelce shirt is ideal for showing your devotion to your favorite team on game day or any other special occasion. This short sleeve tee features a screen printed Chiefs and Kelce graphic on the front, giving it an eye-catching look that's sure to turn heads wherever you go.

This t-shirt offers a comfortable, lightweight feel for long-lasting wear. Team it with jeans or shorts for an easygoing game day ensemble that looks great in the stands.

Get yourself a stylish hoodie in your team's colors for an on-field look that'll surely turn heads. HOMAGE offers this bold "New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce" fonzie graphic on the front that is sure to grab attention of other football fans around the stadium.

Show off your team pride by pairing this t-shirt with stylish jeans or shorts in the colors of your home team. Finally, complete your ensemble by adding heels or sneakers for the big game.

Eighty-Seven & Running

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has found a way to give back to local kids through his clothing line. Kelce and Pepsi have joined forces to launch a limited-edition line of tees that raise money for his Eighty-Seven & Running foundation.

The shirts feature the message "Stay True" and pay tribute to Kansas City's skyline, an homage to Kelce's adopted hometown. All proceeds from sales of these shirts will go towards helping Kelce's 87 & Running Foundation provide resources and assistance to underprivileged youth in areas such as education, business, athletics, STEM fields, and the arts.

Kelce's nonprofit Eighty-Seven & Running has been mentoring and inspiring disadvantaged kids in Kansas City since 2015, drawing on his own childhood experience growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. While everyone felt like part of one big family there, not everyone had the same opportunities. As such, his program strives to help give back and empower these underserved youngsters.

Kelce had aspirations to make a difference in the world. He sought ways to effect positive and lasting transformation within his communities.

Kelce founded 87 & Running in 2015 to foster the potential of children from low-income communities by cultivating their interests in sports, business, art, and science. Through this nonprofit organization, she hopes to inspire them to reach their full potential through sports, business, art, and science exploration.

Kelce and his team strive to inspire young people that success is achievable for everyone by partnering with Operation Breakthrough to build a robotics lab for underserved high school students in Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition, Operation Breakthrough is looking into purchasing a building adjacent to their facility as an oasis for high school students to create a safe haven and network with other local youth. The space will serve as an opportunity for them to meet new people and share their experiences.

For further details on how you can get involved, visit Eighty-Seven & Running's website or reach out to Sarah Edenfield at 87&Running for assistance.

chris stapleton funko pop

Chris Stapleton Funko Pop

Country music fans and collectors will love this Chris Stapleton Funko Pop! Add this awesome figure to your collection today!

Stapleton, a native of Nashville (Tennessee), has achieved enormous success since his debut album Traveller. He has written many hit songs and collaborated on albums by artists such as Adele, Brad Paisley, and Dierks Bentley.

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Wacky Races Little Gruesome

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Miles Morales stands out among his comic book counterparts by having a more personal approach. He's not afraid to cry or express his emotions, and he's willing to talk to his parents about them instead of trying to hide them. This stands in stark contrast to Peter Parker who often masks his own feelings behind jokes and smiles.

His mother, Rio Morales (Lauren Velez), also appears in the trailer and exerts a great influence on him. She educates him about his roots in New York City and emphasizes the significance of remembering where you came from.

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Channing Tatum was set to star as Gambit in an X-Men spinoff movie, but the project was delayed for years. Now the Alabama native is opening up about how traumatized he felt by never being able to portray the character.

Gambit is a mutant with the power to tap into matter's energy, transforming it into powerful explosives. He can also use his own power for self-improvement and an edge in acrobatic combat.

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He's an imposing fighter, wielding his bo staff and trademark playing cards with devastating effect. A daring rogue and beloved member of the X-Men, his skillset has earned him a place among their ranks.

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Parson Collins

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He may be a minor figure in the grand scheme of things, but he has earned himself some impressive accolades. Additionally, he's been featured in several creatively-conceived movies and TV shows like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, all recently.

Though this country music sensation has only been around a short while, he's already made quite an impact in the industry. His numerous hits and collaborations with artists like Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have propelled him to success on the charts.

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chris stapleton vinyl records

Chris Stapleton Vinyl Records

Chris Stapleton is one of the most beloved country artists in existence. His debut album Traveller and two-part From A Room series offer poignant ballads as well as powerful rock tracks.

For his follow-up to Traveller, Stapleton took his time, allowing his creative batteries to recharge and leaning into his strengths regardless of influences or genres they express. The result is an acclaimed record that is uniquely Stapleton in style, approach and scope.


Stapleton, who has been writing songs for Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett and Dierks Bentley since the turn of the millennium, makes his solo debut with Traveller. Following the loss of his father in 2000, Stapleton - raised in Kentucky and previously fronting bluegrass band The SteelDrivers - embarked on an emotional journey which has culminated in a heartfelt album that will have you tapping your feet or singing along with Stapleton's soft soulful voice.

Country music for the modern world. While it might be a little commercialized, Stapleton's songwriting skills make this album worth listening to. A blend of bold Southern rockers and sweet ballads, with minimal production you can hear the passion Stapleton puts into his music.

At first, the album may seem difficult to get into, but once you settle in and start listening, you'll love every minute of it. There are some lovely harmonies throughout and Stapleton's vocals have such incredible depth and power that you will be left speechless by his incredible talent.

From A Room

Two years after his 2015 breakthrough that catapulted Chris Stapleton to the top of country music charts, he returns with another highly-anticipated album, From A Room. This compact nine-song record runs 32 minutes and showcases some of his finest songs.

One of the opening tracks, "Either Way," is an emotional acoustic ballad about a woman losing her heart and realizing she can never get it back. Stapleton sings this powerful track with all his heart, accompanied by Morgane's lovely harmonizing throughout the album.

The rest of the album follows suit, beginning with a driving guitar rhythm and beautiful harmony vocals from Stapleton's wife on songs like "Millionaire." He channels Waylon Jennings on "Hard Livin'" with its driving backbeat and sharp electric guitar lead that conjures Uplaw Country vibes. Stapleton also reaches his musical peak on "Scarecrow in the Garden," an extended song that tells a fully developed story within three minutes - one of the finest examples of his talent.

Starting Over

Chris Stapleton's quadruple platinum debut Traveller cemented him as a superstar in country music and propelled him into stardom across pop, R&B, and rock genres as well.

Stapleton's gravelly voice and rugged, outlaw-like aesthetic have helped him to become one of country music's most beloved singers. Stapleton has achieved success through his ability to blend country songs with R&B and rock elements.

Starting Over, Stapleton's fourth album, is an artistic rebirth for the man with that massive tread voice. With producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile) back on board and two members of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers on board--Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell--Stapleton pays homage to his heroes while keeping a fresh perspective of its roots in music.

This collection of 14 tracks includes three covers, such as "Joy of My Life" by John Fogerty and Guy Clark's "Worry B Gone" and "Old Friends." It serves as a testament to Stapleton's music that it can endure over time.

The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice

Chris Stapleton has made a fortune from his country persona and viral CMA Awards performance, but he does his best to remain understated. His songs reflect both pop songwriting influences and traditional country influences alike - making him an unmistakably Nashville trailblazer.

One of the key features of Stapleton's new album, Starting Over, is how well it showcases his powerful vocals. The opening track "Starting Over" is an a capella duet with his wife Morgane that sounds like it was recorded around a campfire.

Similarly, the title track is an incredible 'country soul' widescreen beauty and one of Stapleton's most memorable tracks. But its most captivating moment comes during a sweeping guitar riff sure to have you tapping your toes in admiration.

Finally, the album's closing track, "Watch You Burn," is an epic tribute to those lost in the Las Vegas Route 91 mass shooting. It serves both as a powerful memorial to those affected and their families, as well as serving as a chilling warning to any would-be domestic terrorists out there.


Chris Stapleton vinyl records is a country artist renowned for his powerful singing voice and ability to craft songs that capture real life experiences. Since his debut album Traveller in 2013, Chris has released multiple albums; now, on November 13th 2020, he will release Starting Over as part of his upcoming collection of work.

Chris Stapleton's first album in nearly three years, "Cold", explores the theme of romantic desolation. The single "Cold" serves as a great example, featuring Stapleton harmonizing on it with his wife Morgane.

Stapleton's vocals on this track are powerful and his lyrics well written, creating a track that showcases both. It even has some unexpected bluesy elements - an impressive demonstration of Stapleton's composition skills.

God Get Me the Fuck Out Of Here is an exquisite shoegaze record that will delight fans of the genre. Its powerful forcefulness will leave listeners feeling truly enchanted, making it one of the finest shoegaze records released recently.

Was It 26

Chris Stapleton's landmark 2015 album, Traveller, thrust him from country songwriters' fringes into the spotlight. It garnered critical acclaim and earned him CMA Artist of the Year honors as well as a Billboard-charting platinum debut.

The burly Kentucky native has since gone on to garner numerous awards and be recognized as one of the country's leading voices. His songwriting credits include compositions for Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow and George Strait, among others.

Stapleton's powerful baritone and workmanlike determination have always helped him command a stage, as evidenced on 2015's CMA Awards performance when he shocked everyone by taking home three major accolades.

On Was It 26, Stapleton takes his craft as both a writer and performer even further. This is his second album in three years, featuring all aspects of his abilities - from tender ballads about dogs to hard rock thumps and Texas dance hall sweetness like "More of You."

The Devil Named Music

The Devil Named Music is an iconic country song with plenty to say. It reflects on life on the road in an insightful take on a traditional hit.

This song stands out with its captivating harmonica solo, making it stand out from the other tracks on the album. The story revolves around a guy trying to make ends meet while on tour.

When you hear it live, you'll experience its powerful vocals and unique lyrics.

The Devil Named Music is easily the best song on this album and showcases Stapleton's quality performance. It will remain with you for years to come, making a perfect addition to your vinyl record collection or joining in at your next listening party.

Outlaw State of Mind

Chris Stapleton is a Kentucky native and one of America's most beloved musicians. He's won eight Grammys for his music, as well as receiving many other accolades for his charitable works. Additionally, Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling extensively around the world to perform.

Raised in Eastern Kentucky, Stapleton still feels a strong affinity for his hometown that's evident on his debut album Traveller. The record takes listeners on an expansive journey across America with Stapleton cast as one of many itinerant cowboys and existential outsiders - an echo of Stapleton's own childhood memories.

Traveller is an album that captures Stapleton's personal experiences, from love to loss and loneliness, faith to family. His blunt lyrics and gravelly vocals bring it all to life, while Dave Cobb's timeless production adds a comforting warmth that transcends mere familiarity.

More of You

Chris Stapleton has always been a star, even if his rise wasn't quite as meteoric as Justin Bieber's. His debut album Traveller and two-part From A Room series are two of the finest country albums of recent years.

Stapleton's live performances of his songs and Stapleton's voice prove that his early work remains powerful today, and Starting Over only adds to that legacy.

Stapleton's music is always exciting and fresh, with more than a few moments that should be heard. Tracks like "Maggie's Song" and the closing number, "Watch You Burn," serve as reminders of his commitment to country music and show just how powerful that passion can be.

There are a couple of covers here, such as Guy Clark's "Worry B Gone" and the opening track "More of You." Though these songs may feel safe next to some of Stapleton's more daring efforts, they don't diminish his writing or performance abilities in any way.

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