Thigh high socks: Behind the Weird Obsession with These Odd Items

Thigh high socks: Behind the Weird Obsession with These Odd Items


A lot of people believe that thigh high socks are a thing of the past, and will never make a come back. However, every so often a big name celebrity dons a pair of them in public, reminding us all just how popular they can be. Wondering where it all began? Here's a short history lesson on these rather odd, but strangely trendy articles of clothing.


A pair of artisan-made bulky thigh-high socks from Free People boasting a chunky knit design that'll have you finding excuses to wear your fave knee-high boots every single day.

Most women have at least a couple pairs of warm, tall boots with chunky heels. While bulky jeans are commonplace, there is nothing sexier than thigh-high socks when paired with a sexy pair of knee-high boots, skirt or dress and the right accessories. My favorite thigh high socks are from Free People that I purchased on Amazon for a little over $12.00, These fun red and white striped thigh-high socks go great under my Tory Burch riding boots during the fall and can.

A pair of cable-knit thigh-high socks that deserve to make their way into your next Instagram post (along with some cute over-the-knee boots, of course).

While the thigh-high sock trend may have started as an offshoot of today's extremely popular trend of midi dresses and over-the-knee boots, it is making its way into more unlikely items - like pajamas, swimsuits, lingerie and even leggings. Give your outfit a unique touch with these cable-knit thigh-high socks. Pair them with over-the-knee boots or some cute flats to finish off the look!

A pair of striped thigh-high socks you can get in 35 colors, and styles so you can keep your legs toasty while still matching the rest of your outfit.

How much do you spend on fashion a month? We often spend $150 on sneakers, but when we look for something unique, what can we find that has enough style to wear at an important meeting and protects our shins from freezing in the winter weather? Fortunately, thigh high socks provide us with just what we need; comfortable material that can protect our legs from the cold. Yet some don't know how to care for their socks, or even recognize it's real wool from synthetic materials.

ADJUSTABLE Elastic Clip Garter for THIGH High Socks, Bondage Style, BBW lingerie, Elastic Stocking Suspenders, vegan friendly, clip garters.

Thigh-highs aren't just for strippers, but they do come with a very naughty name. This type of thigh high can be found in your favorite pair of dance costumes or as part of a quirky costume. To purchase these adjustable elastic clip garters, head to TheMaterialGirls.com. You're bound to love these! .

PLUS SIZE Thigh High Socks, Women's Extra Long Over the Knee Stocking, Plus Size Classic Black Knee High, Gift for Her, Winter Sweater Socks

In the realm of weird products, thigh high socks seem to take the lead in the strangeness. They started out as a weird fetish for some men but have slowly made their way into the public for people that enjoy warm legs during the winter season. To get an insight on this bizarre product, check out these unusual facts about thigh high socks.

A pair of fuzzy thigh-high socks designed with adorable tiny animal faces – and honestly, I cannot think of anything better than that combo.

Fuzzy thigh-high socks designed with adorable tiny animal faces have been around since long time ago. The first pair known in fashion history was credited to actress Lily Hovasse who wore them onscreen (the film's title was "The Gold Rush", and it premiered in 1925). There's no explanation as to why the fad caught on, but there are some cases when something happens for a reason… Eternal Love Proclaimers' Mini Rings Thin Red Girl Sash.


Thigh high socks are a unique and fun fashion statement for men and women alike. While they may have started out as a weird fetish for some, they have slowly become more popular and accepted as a warm and stylish way to keep your legs comfortable during the winter. Actress Lily Hovasse is credited with the first appearance of thigh high socks in fashion history, back in 1925.


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