The Jackson Wang Jacket - The Perfect Way to Impress Your Date on a Cold Night Out

The Jackson Wang Jacket - The Perfect Way to Impress Your Date on a Cold Night Out


jackson wang jacket

Jackson Wang, a member of Got7, has plenty to do outside of music. From collaborations with fashion brands like Fendi and Adidas to fronting campaigns for Cartier, the multi-hyphenate is busy working non-stop.

He has also launched his own label, Team Wang, and continues to push his aesthetic into the spotlight with each drop he releases. With COOKIES - THE VELVET, he brings self-reflection into the conversation.


The jackson wang jacket is the ideal way to wow your date on a cold night out. Featuring an attractive YKK front zipper, stand-up collar and full length sleeves with elastic cuffs for warmth, this high-quality garment feels soft and supple against your skin - giving it that designer-like fit that you won't find elsewhere. At such an excellent value for the money, you'll want to wear it again and again thanks to its superior construction quality. Plus, its design will have you proud to call it your own due its high quality design standards.


No surprise that global pop sensation and MAGIC MAN Jackson Wang has an affinity for fashion. While his most high-profile project is Fendi, he also founded Team Wang - a luxury streetwear label less understated than his pop persona. The Shanghai-based label has been making waves by hosting guerrilla pop-up stores and collaborations with Palm Angels.

Last year, Jackson spoke to WWD about growing up in a polyglot family and striving to find balance between his career as an artist and entrepreneurial endeavors. That is why he founded Team Wang with friend Henry Cheung - someone with experience in the industry who could guide and motivate him along the way.

With his second album under his belt, Wang continues to demonstrate his artistic evolution as he incorporates more genres and concepts than ever before with 'Magic Man'. Combining his distinctive voice with grunge-rock progressions, this sound feels like an extension of all his previous influences.

As such, 'Magic Man' is a far more expansive record than anything we've heard before from him - it lays the groundwork for an expansive cinematic universe that seamlessly weaves music with moving narratives and delves deep into his creative processes. These moments make 'Magic Man' such an enjoyable listen.

Though they only began selling their music a year ago, they have already gained an enthusiastic following of music lovers. While keeping distribution limited for now, they hope to expand into something larger in time through guerilla pop-up stores and collaborations. For now though, they are relying solely on word of mouth marketing and collaborations for growth.


On Jackson Wang's debut solo album Mirrors, he revealed his true colors by swapping his flashy wardrobe for an old sweater. This marked the start of Jackson Wang's artistic journey as he moved away from popular pop songs that defined his early career in favor of something more art-focused.

The album also shares insight into his personal life, showing fans that even the sexiest songs have deeper significance than initially apparent. He takes great pleasure in sharing his journey of finding balance with physical health as he navigates a long-term battle with back pain; and takes great care to ensure his body is ready for live performances.

Mirrors is a coming-of-age album that takes us on Wang's journey of self discovery. From his vocals reminiscent of rock music to lyrics about alcohol and desire in complicated relationships, the album explores Wang's true self.

On his new album, Wang shows a more human side and shows off his confidence as an artist. With features like Rich Brian and GoldLink on board, the record mirrors this side of him while simultaneously showcasing Wang's talent as a singer.

Jackson has continued his meteoric rise as a K-pop idol, always searching for new ways to connect with fans and share his love of music. His recent two-day fan concert at SK OLYMPIC HANDBALL GYMNASIUM in Seoul was one of Jackson's most memorable performances yet; but that's only the beginning as he continues to develop as an artist.


Jackson is a multi-hyphenate and fashion expert - he's featured in multiple Fendi and Cartier campaigns as well as having his own luxury streetwear label. Renowned for his affinity for minimalist silhouettes, Jackson's latest venture is TEAM WANG design (named after the brand's most renowned member).

When it comes to formalwear, Wang never fails to impress; from sleek black tuxedos and classic tailoring, the boy in black never fails to turn heads. When dressing casually, Wang shows off his exuberant style with oversized graphic T-shirts and patterned wide-leg pants. A pair of sunglasses and his signature black beanie complete the look while TEAM WANG design's motto of 'know yourself, make your own history' serves as the ultimate guidepost.

This company's latest collection is engineered for durability and sexy appeal, using a patented high-tech fibre. The top of the range hoodie is constructed from ultralightweight sweat resistant microfibre with an embossed logo. Similarly, its cufflinks are also made of this same material to give off a sleek aesthetic and better fit. Moreover, there's also tech-infused tees which boast benefits such as breathable materials and moisture wicking technologies that keep you cool and dry.

This top-of-the-line item is ideal because it's one size fits all and will provide years of reliable performance.


Fendi has collaborated with K-Pop singer Jackson Wang to launch their 2021 capsule collection, featuring the rapper on a ski slope wearing one of their chic bags. In the campaign, Wang wears a Fendi messenger bag which he pairs with an ombre Fendi coat.

The Fendi x Jackson Wang capsule collection features the iconic black monochromatic FF logo and luxurious velvet construction. Pieces such as sweaters, t-shirts and pants are all covered in velvet or chenille fabric for easy everyday wear. Accessories like the Baguette bag which the luxury house recently debuted for men, a clutch and baseball cap complete the range.

On the shoot, Wang donned a red bracelet given to him by his mother - an item she always encouraged him to wear. According to Chinese culture, wearing this type of jewelry brings good fortune and security to those who wear it, so Wang naturally didn't want to take it off.

He also wore a gold gourd necklace that his mom gave him as a present. This was another item she always encouraged him to wear and it has an engraved message of good luck on it.

Jackson often opts for neutral tones when dressing his wardrobe, often choosing navy blue, white and gray as his main hues.

He recently released two solo singles and will be releasing his album with GOT7 later this year. Despite his hectic schedule, Wang still manages to focus on creating music.

His latest Team Wang collection, COOKIES - THE VELVET, is inspired by the contrast between softness and strength. This 11-piece collection includes down jackets, handbags, and baseball caps covered in velvet for a luxurious touch.

fendi x jackson wang

Fendi x Jackson Wang

Fendi and K-pop superstar Jackson Wang have joined forces for a velvet capsule collection that blurs the line between fashion and music. This ready-to-wear line brings together Wang's signature style with Fendi's DNA for sleek silhouettes in midnight black hues.

Under Silvia Venturini Fendi's creative direction, this capsule showcases an array of ready-to-wear, bags and shoes adorned with the double-lettered FF logo. This includes a formal suit, jumpers, running sneakers and slide sandals featuring innovative air soles.


Chinese singer, songwriter and Fendi brand ambassador Jackson Wang has collaborated with the house of Fendi to launch a luxurious collection that blurs the line between music and fashion. Helmed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Capsule Collection unites Mr. Wang's unique aesthetic with the Maison's DNA.

Get ready-to-wear pieces and accessories crafted with luxurious velvet construction. Several items feature the black monochromatic FF logo, such as a Baguette bag for men, baseball hat, and sneakers.

The collection offers an array of ready-to-wear pieces, such as a suit and more casual attire like jumpers, T-shirts and pants adorned with the iconic black-on-black FF logo and texturized with velvet or chenille fabrics. Additionally, Fendi has experimented with footwear by crafting running sneakers and slide sandals from technical knit and air cushion technology.

This unisex capsule collection includes a baseball hat featuring the iconic FF logo in chenille and Baguette bag in black leather. All pieces can be found worldwide at select Fendi stores and online.

As Fendi's ambassador, Jackson Wang has created numerous campaign pieces and released his hit song "Fendiman," which premiered at the house's Fall/Winter 2019 menswear show in Milan. Additionally, they have collaborated on other projects together - including a special collaboration that is now available to purchase.

This year, Fendi is marking the Chinese New Year in an extraordinary way. To mark this momentous event, they've enlisted artist Oscar Wang to create an immersive installation called FENDIDI located in Chengdu's city center and featuring a FF logo-printed panda enclosed within a glass cube.

Fendi and Wang have collaborated to produce an exclusive campaign video and emoji gifs. The clip is accompanied by a promotional music track as well as several t-shirts bearing the FF logos from the collection.

Fendi and Drake have a longstanding partnership, recently joining forces for an exciting limited-edition collection that promises to sell out fast. Featuring ready-to-wear pieces as well as accessories that will be available online and in select stores on July 26th.

Release Date

Fendi x Jackson Wang is an upcoming collaboration between the Italian fashion house and K-pop star Jackson Wang, who has been a fan favorite since his debut. This collection offers an array of luxurious ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that are sure to sell out quickly.

This elegant and sophisticated collection from Fendi features a striking black monochromatic logo on an array of ready-to-wear items made with lush velvet construction. Additionally, there's the iconic Baguette bag for men, baseball cap in limited styles, sneakers and slides - all beautifully presented in your choice of leather!

Created by Silvia Venturini Fendi, this collection brings Jackson Wang's cool aesthetic together with Fendi's DNA. Available exclusively at 33 select Fendi stores around the world as well as online, this stylish range can be enjoyed anytime.

To mark the launch of their collection, Fendi commissioned Oscar Wang to create an art installation at their Chengdu store that features a logo-printed panda named "FENDIDI." This installation will be open to visitors until July 28 and features custom gifs and campaign videos sure to get people excited.

Jackson Wang, the Chinese rapper and singer, has been making headlines with his dapper style ever since he rose to K-pop stardom in 2021. Since then, he's been recognized by major fashion houses across the board - most recently becoming Louis Vuitton's new ambassador.

The singer, who hails from Hong Kong and is a member of South Korean boy band Got7, has amassed an extensive social media following. He's known for his unique blend of western and Chinese music that has earned him a loyal following.

After becoming a global sensation with his hit single "Fendiman," Wang has been appointed Men's Collection Spokesperson in Greater China and also stars in various Fendi campaigns such as the "Fendi and Mr. Doodle" campaign that launched in 2020 and the "Fendi Summer 2021 Capsule Collection ft. FF Vertigo," released in 2021.

With his talent and love of fashion, it's no shock that the Chinese rapper has been chosen as a global ambassador by several luxury labels. Indeed, it has become an industry trend for singers to be endorsed by well-known figures in their field -- and it appears this trend will continue this year as well.


Chinese rapper Jackson Wang of boy band Got7 fame is a true fashion icon. At 26 years old, the fencing champion and record label owner has achieved incredible success throughout his career; from staring in K-pop supergroup GOT7 to releasing his own singles and creating his own fashion brand, Team Wang.

Fendi and popular artist have collaborated on a capsule collection featuring monochromatic ready-to-wear pieces and accessories. The range is highlighted by an iconic black FF logo, alongside "Fendi Team Wang" co branding in luxe velvet materials. There are plenty of sultry items like jumpers and tshirts in black velvet or chenille as well.

The collection also offers men a classic Baguette bag featuring the FF logo in velvet embroidery on its frontal flap. In addition, several baseball hats, sneakers and slides complete the selection of accessories available to both men and women.

This collection, available on StockX, is priced between $4,000 and $6,500 per piece and cannot be purchased in stores; rather, it will be sold through an online auction site.

Fendi x Jackson Wang offers an incredible opportunity at a discounted rate, though it should be noted that this collection is limited-edition so they may sell out quickly!

High-fashion brands often collaborate with superstar musicians to promote their collections. For instance, Louis Vuitton invited boy band Winner's Mino to walk the runway during their Spring/Summer 2020 Men's show, while Jessica Jung represented Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week last September.

In this instance, the rapper is an ideal choice to represent a luxury label as he boasts millions of followers on social media platforms. He is renowned for his refreshing hip-hop sound and unique aesthetic.

The rapper boasts a remarkable talent and charisma in both music and fashion, which makes him an instant hit with his fans. His latest single "Fendiman," released on May 25th, serves as an excellent example of how he successfully blends both worlds to create an upbeat track that appeals to many of his admirers.


Fendi has joined forces with Hong Kong-born singer/songwriter Jackson Wang to release a limited-edition capsule collection that blends their signature aesthetics with the musician's cool personal style. The ready-to-wear pieces boast luxe velvet materials and the tone-on-tone FF logo, along with special "Fendi Team Wang" co branding for sleek simplicity in midnight black palettes.

This collection boasts an array of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories in sleek all black hues, such as the Baguette bag for men, baseball hats, running sneakers and slide sandals. This capsule collection will be available worldwide at 33 selected boutiques and online on July 26th through 31st July 2018.

To commemorate the launch of their collection, Fendi has collaborated with Chinese artist Oscar Wang to create an installation in Chengdu called FENDIDI. The piece features a panda mascot bearing FF logo-print inside a glass cube.

Created in collaboration with the artist, this panda bear is adorned with sentences starting with "F IS For," continuing through "Friends," "Fantasy" and "Funk." On display at Shamao Street near China's iconic IFS shopping centre until July 28, 2013.

Fendi has also collaborated with Shanghai-based artist Sarah Coleman to launch a summer 2021 capsule that gives their iconic FF Vertigo logo an eye-catching makeover. This range includes items such as sweaters, pants and tees in nostalgic seventies motif variations of the beloved logo.

Last weekend, Fendi launched their Spring/Summer Collection in China and sold out within minutes of going live. The range consisted of Ready-to-Wear items as well as Men's accessories like the Baguette bag in male version, clutch, baseball cap, technique sneakers and sandals; additionally they collaborated with an artist on creating downloadable panda emoji gifs.

This collection has definitely caught our eye, combining K-pop culture, luxury Italian heritage and an effortlessly cool aesthetic. It is the ideal balance of both worlds and will make a great addition to any wardrobe.

ray ban jackson wang

K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Is a Global Ambassador For Louis Vuitton

K-pop star Jackson Wang serves as a global ambassador for several luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton.

Ray-Ban has joined forces with Wang to celebrate his #ProudToBelong campaign - a testament to passion and pride. Their 'Team Wang x Ray-Ban' collection offers an updated take on the iconic Aviator style in three color combinations.


Aviator sunglasses were originally developed for pilots to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight that can damage eyes. Invented in the 1930s by Bausch & Lomb, these shades became widely popularized during World War II due to their effectiveness against radiation damage.

American soldiers began wearing them and soon after celebrities joined in on the fashion trend. Nowadays, men of all ages enjoy wearing these stylish garments as a statement piece.

The Aviator has a long and distinguished history, its original design dating back to 1937. Originally intended to shield fighter pilots from sunlight glare, this iconic piece has since become an essential item in fashion.

Ray-Ban's Aviator sunglasses are renowned for their iconic shape and now come with various lens options. Perfect for both men and women alike, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses come in an array of colors to choose from.

These sunglasses are ideal for driving, offering a range of features to keep you safe on the road. They have traffic jam assist, lane-keep assist and reverse brake assist as well as hands-free functionality which makes them convenient when using your smart phone while driving.

Ray Ban has joined forces with Chinese KOL Jackson Wang to add a colorful twist to their iconic Aviator frames. This 'Team Wang x Ray-Ban' collection is currently available in Greater China and select travel retail stores, with more models to be released worldwide. This range features three color combinations - shiny copper paired with light brown lenses; gold frame with light azure lenses; and violet lens set within silver frames - each engraved with Jackson Wang's signature.


Clint Barton/Hawkeye is a beloved Marvel character who has made waves in the comic book world. A gifted archer, he's faced off against many formidable villains throughout his tenure with the Avengers - making him one of their most skilled fighters capable of taking on any challenge presented to him.

Hawkeye is a hero who inspires others. In Captain America: Civil War, Hawkeye mentors Wanda Maximoff and encourages her to join the Avengers in their fight against Ultron. He gives her an inspirational speech encouraging her to "Go out there and fight!"

In the first Avengers movie, Barton is ordered by Nick Fury to protect a S.H.I.E.L.D research facility from Loki (Tom Hiddleston). While on his mission, Loki takes control of Barton and uses him for theft of the tesseract before traveling to Stuttgart to acquire iridium for stabilizing it.

He doesn't play a major role in the main plotlines of these films, but he does appear as a supporting character to assist Iron Man and Captain America by saving Steve Rodgers' team from terrorist attack. Additionally, he fights alongside the pro-union Avengers; however, his contributions don't stand out quite like Cap or Iron Man's did.

The character has limited superpowers, though he does possess arrows that can blind people or short circuit electronics. Furthermore, he's an adept hand-to-hand combatant, making him great at engaging in close quarters battles.

Though Hawkeye may not be the most beloved character in the Marvel Universe (MCU), he has played an essential role in numerous superhero battles and his stories have always been captivating. Additionally, his strong sense of justice and fairness set him apart from other Marvel heroes. Therefore, parents who enjoy watching their children read comic books or watch action movies would do well to include Hawkeye on their list of suitable heroes.

Clubmaster Classic

Ray-Ban's Clubmaster Classic sunglasses have become iconic worldwide since 1986, becoming a go-to style among celebrities and changemakers alike. Though often labeled "angry young men's glasses," these timeless frames have endured over decades to remain true classics that continue to inspire creativity and innovation.

Clubmaster sunglasses offer timeless elegance and refined design, making them the ideal choice for men looking to add a sophisticated flair to their wardrobe. Not only do they go well with country club attire, business suits and blazers, but can also be paired with casual outfits on the weekend.

These timeless sunglasses come in an array of sizes and colors, such as black frames with crystal green lenses. Not only do these Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster sunglasses offer a classic aesthetic, but they also provide modern lens performance to shield your eyes.

Ray-Ban's Clubmaster frames are unique in that they have adjustable nose pads that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Plus, these frames come with a soft case and cleaning cloth for added convenience.

These sunglasses not only boast a retro aesthetic, but they offer excellent UV protection with Class 3N lenses. Not only that, but they're lightweight and comfortable to wear - plus, you can customize them with prescription lenses for added convenience.

These sunglasses are an ideal fit for people with oval, round and rectangular face shapes. Although not as versatile as some other Ray-Ban models, these timeless classics provide a modern and stylish look.

They may not be suitable for outdoor activities due to the flat, straight shape of their lenses and arms, which leaves large gaps to close when exposed to side-angle sun or dust storm debris. Furthermore, these frames lack durability compared to Aviator and Wayfarer frames which have been around for years.


The Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the world's most beloved styles. Created in 1952, this timeless frame has become a go-to for musicians, writers and artists of all genres.

It's a versatile style that flatters most faces and skin tones. Plus, it's easy to match with any outfit and adds an urban edge to casual wear.

Wayfarer-style sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them an ideal choice for travel. Additionally, these shades boast a supportive arch that shields your eyes from UV rays.

Ray-Ban offers a selection of Wayfarer frames and lens tint options. Choose polarized lenses for extra clarity and protection from the sun, or go for bi-gradient lenses for a subtler effect.

Another great option is the New Wayfarer, introduced in 2001 and lighter than its predecessor. These frames minimize forward tilt for those with smaller heads so they're more comfortable to wear.

You can find vintage Wayfarer sunglasses at flea markets, thrift stores or on eBay and Etsy. Typically made of acetate with the Ray-Ban logo carved into the lens and featuring Bausch & Lomb lenses, you may come across these pairs for sale.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are renowned for their versatility and iconic aesthetic, and with the brand's See Better Guarantee you won't have any worries about quality assurance. If you're not completely satisfied with your Wayfarer glasses, simply send them back for a refund or credit towards another pair of glasses - no questions asked!


Tortoiseshell cats, commonly referred to as "torties," are stunning and one of the rarest types of felines. Not only do their coats catch attention, but they're known for their fiery personalities too!

They come in an array of colors and patterns, such as cream, blue, chocolate, ginger, fawn, lilac, black, and red. You may also see a dilute version of their traditional mix or even see tabby patterns.

Some male tortoiseshells possess two sets of X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, known as Klinefelter's syndrome. This genetic anomaly renders them sterile, vulnerable to serious medical problems, and tends to have a shorter lifespan than female torties do.

Tortoiseshell cats were once known for their multi-colored fur. These cats often get labeled mosaic cats due to the random distribution of colors throughout their fur.

Calicos also exhibit this pattern, though the tortoiseshell resemblance is more prominent. The only major distinction between them is that calicos have a white background for their coat pattern while tortoises feature vibrant colors on top of either black or orange backgrounds.

Tortoiseshell cats often sport the mosaic coat style. This style appears to have random color mixing throughout their fur, and it's most common among tabby-patterned torties.

These intelligent little creatures possess an infectious personality, both charming and fiery. Most importantly, they show their owners great loyalty with unwavering devotion.

Adopting and caring for these adorable pets is becoming an increasingly popular choice for adopters and pet parents around the world. Because they're highly energetic, it's essential that you provide plenty of opportunities for them to play!

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