Swank a Poshor

Swank a Poshor

Swank a Posh

Go to a Swank A Posh store and you'll find a winning combination of fashion, jewelry and accessories designed to suit any occasion. Each store is organized in an individual layout, giving each customer the ability to locate identical merchandise from an entirely different perspective. With an array of different locations, Swank A Posh offers a consistent shopping experience for every customer.


Growing up, it was very much sink or swim, with many struggling to rise above the tough socio-economic environment. A misstep, and one could find themselves in a vicious circle, but Ebony’s determination saw her through. When she dropped out of high school, becoming a mother at a young age, she turned to retail out of necessity in order to take care of her child. She would start several businesses before founding Swank A Posh Boutique, now the longest-running boutique in Detroit.

A turning point in her career came when a young lady walked into her salon selling beauty products. “Her hustle caught my attention. I asked her how much she was making and she told me how much and where she bought the product from.” Ebony was inspired by the idea of selling products that women would love and use time and time again. She decided to open a revolutionary clothing boutique with exciting products and services that would cater to women of every shape and size. “I did my research, got certified and opened up Swank A Posh Boutique in 2009.” Sadly the celebration was short lived, and only six months after opening her first Swank boutique, she had to close. She had been too focused on the company’s presentation and style, operating without a solid business plan. “I made many mistakes. The overhead was too much for me. I was paying rent out of my own pocket before I was buying inventory. Most importantly, I realized I wasn’t in the optimum market to succeed. Many of my customers were commuting from out of town. So I decided to bring Swank closer to them. When I initially opened Swank A Posh in 2009, I failed. WhenI opened Swank the second time, I researched my market, location, and I was a little more driven because I had less money to launch. I knew I needed to make money and this was my only chance. So, you grow because you learn from your mistakes. You’re your best educator.” (Source: my.sezzle.com)


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