Shopping For Eyeglasses Online

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online


39 eyeglasses online

If you're shopping for eyeglasses online, you'll want to make sure that the company's return policy is acceptable. This is because if you're not satisfied with your eyeglasses, you can always return them for a refund. To do so, call customer service to obtain an RMA number, which will provide instructions on how to ship the item back to the company. Once your return is approved, your refund will be processed through the original form of payment. If you're returning a pair of eyeglasses, you'll need to pay for the return shipping, which is covered by the customer. The original shipping fees, however, are not refundable.

Warby Parker

The Warby Parker website is a great resource for people looking for new glasses, and the prices are affordable. They sell eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses, and have fast, free shipping. The company was started by a group of college students in response to the monopolistic nature of the eyewear industry.

Customers can order Warby Parker 39 eyeglasses online and pick a convenient shipping method. They can also mail their prescriptions to the company or receive them by fax. Warby Parker also has an extensive FAQ section and an online try-on option. The site accepts most major credit cards and some vision insurance providers.

When purchasing glasses online, customers have the option to choose regular frames or prescription lenses. You can even try on five frames for free before committing to buy them. If you don't like the frames you've chosen, you can request a refund or exchange. The company is happy to honor returns and offers free shipping and returns in the US and Canada.

In addition to their online presence, Warby Parker is also active on the search engine results page. A few hundred thousand organic clicks and close to one million total from SEO campaigns are generated by the company's website every month. This traffic funnel helps them increase their domain authority and tap into the trust-building benefits of social proof. For example, articles about Warby Parker on Yahoo and Forbes have helped attract more visitors.

Customers can try on frames online and return them free of charge if they don't like them. Customers are also welcome to return frames with prescription lenses if they don't like them. For UK residents, the website also offers free shipping and returns.

Warby Parker prices

When choosing Warby Parker eyeglasses, it's important to think about the features you want from your glasses. For example, you want to have a frame that is lightweight and adjustable. This way, you won't have to worry about a poor fit. Additionally, you want to choose a frame that has a stylish design. If you're not satisfied with the frame you select, you can request a new one.

You can try on glasses at home and return them within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. You can also try a new pair of glasses for free within a year. And, if you're not happy with your purchase, Warby Parker offers free replacement lenses.

Another benefit of Warby Parker eyeglasses is their extensive selection. Customers can browse for frames on their site, or you can try them on in your own home. You can even try on up to five frames for free. In addition to the variety of frames, Warby Parker ships internationally to countries around the world, including Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico. If you're looking for affordable eyeglasses, you can choose Warby Parker because they offer a variety of styles and colors at an affordable price.

If you're interested in purchasing Warby Parker eyeglasses but don't have a prescription, you can also use the "Home Try-On" option. This program lets you choose up to five pairs of frames from one of their lines and then return them with a prepaid shipping label.

Warby Parker eyeglasses prices are competitive with other online eyeglass stores. They offer a huge selection of frames and lenses, and most stores have free or low-cost optical exams. The company also has retail stores in many states. And they're one of the most affordable eyewear brands on the market. However, it's important to remember that there are many factors to consider when choosing eyeglasses.

Zenni Optical

If you're looking for a great pair of designer eyeglasses, consider purchasing them from the online retailer Zenni Optical. Their site offers a wide selection of eyeglasses at affordable prices. Most of their frames have a full year's warranty and free shipping on orders over $99. You can choose between two different shipping methods: standard ground shipping or international.

One great feature of Zenni eyeglasses is that they offer prescription eyeglasses at affordable prices. They even have over 1500 frames for you to choose from. While you may not find any designer frames on the site, the selection is a nice benefit, especially if you're trying to save money.

If you're looking for prescription glasses that protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, you can choose from eight different lens tints. These tints range from light to dark, so you can find a pair that's perfect for you. Additionally, if you want to personalize your glasses even further, you can also select custom engraving. You can have text or art engraved on the frame, adding personal flair to your glasses.

When buying prescription glasses online, you'll want to make sure that you have a current prescription. Oftentimes, you have to make an appointment with an eye doctor to get a new prescription. Some online eyeglass stores even allow you to schedule an eye exam online, but this is usually still done in a physical location.

If you want to buy prescription eyeglasses online, you may find it best to shop at Costco, Sam's Club, or the online retailer Zenni Optical. Both of these online stores offer high-quality frames and lenses. Plus, online eyeglass stores offer easy comparison shopping and the convenience of shopping from any location.


Eyebobs makes a variety of unique eyeglasses. Many frames are brightly colored or feature eye-catching patterns. Prices vary depending on the style and prescription. Basic frames cost between $95 and $195, while frames with prescription lenses cost between $245 and $345. Upgrades like blue light protection, polarized lenses, or thinner lenses are available for an additional fee.

The Never-Boring Collection includes frames like Untamed and Irreplaceable, which are famous for their animal-print upper rims. The frames come in a variety of colors and even have animal print accents. Eyebobs is a great place to find eyeglasses online.

The quality of eyeglass frames is exceptional, and many frames are carved by hand. Frames are made from high-quality materials and non-polarized lenses. They are also handcrafted and inspected for fit. A return policy allows you to try on the frames and receive a full refund or exchange them for another pair of glasses within six months of purchase.

The Style Quiz at Eyebobs is an excellent way to select your favorite eyeglasses. The website will ask you about your lifestyle and your preferences to determine which frames will complement your face shape. You'll also be asked about any add-ons such as magnification or blue-light protection. If you're still unsure, you can schedule an appointment with an eyewear stylist to try on the glasses in person.

DIFF Eyewear is an affordable brand that donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of prescription glasses. DIFF Eyewear also offers clearance sales and "Buy One Get One Free" offers on sunglasses and blue light collections. In addition, DIFF Eyewear offers free shipping for orders of $150 or more.

33 Dollar Glasses Review

33 dollar glasses

If you're on a budget, but still want stylish eyewear, 33 dollar glasses might be the perfect solution for you. You'll be able to get scratch-resistant prescription lenses, 100% UV protection, and trendy designs. These glasses are among the most popular styles out there, and they're sure to fulfill all your eyewear needs.

38 Dollar Glasses

38 Dollar Glasses has an easy return policy for eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you don't like your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of delivery. To do so, contact customer service and request an RMA number. They will provide instructions on how to ship back your item. After the item is returned, a refund will be issued through the original form of payment. However, you will have to pay the shipping cost to return the item.

The company makes glasses for both children and adults that are both affordable and stylish. They use premium materials to make their frames. Most frames are made of plastic, but there are also some made of bendable titanium. Their frames are also adjustable and have spring-hinged temples. They also have a lens replacement program.

38 Dollar Glasses offers a wide selection of eyeglasses for men, women, and kids, including prescription lenses and frames. They also carry a wide range of popular brands, including Ray Ban and Silhouette. They also sell designer glasses, including Polaroid, DKNY, and Body Glove.

Another unique feature of 39 Dollar Glasses is their customer loyalty program. Every purchase you make will earn you EyeBucks Rewards, which you can use to get a discount on future purchases. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100 and free shipping to some countries. This is a great option for new eyeglasses buyers who aren't sure about purchasing from a store without trying them on.

A relatively small company, 39DollarGlasses is committed to giving back to the community. They have a special relationship with the Helen Keller International ChildSight program to improve children's eyesight and academic potential. Thousands of pairs of glasses have been donated to the organization through this program. In addition to offering affordable frames, 39DollarGlasses also offers a wide selection of single prescription lenses, including lenses with UV protection. The company also provides a virtual try-on tool for customers to try on glasses before purchasing.


Whether you need prescription eyewear or just need a stylish pair of glasses, Cheapglasses123.com has a stylish collection to suit your needs and budget. Their affordable frames and lenses feature scratch resistant, 100% UV protection, and a 14-day return policy. You can even purchase sunglasses and bifocals for less than thirty dollars.

Finding the right store to buy glasses is important. If you buy them from the wrong store, they might not have a good reputation or be able to deliver them in time. If you're not sure about a store's reputation, do a little research online. Read reviews about the company's customer service and find out what other customers have to say about their experience.

Beverly Beach by Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley, the designer behind the Beverly Beach by Dorit swimwear line, has been a major force in the swimwear industry. Recently, she relaunched her brand with a new line of swimwear that is perfect for the beach. The swimwear line features styles named after famous faces. One such example is the LVP swimsuit, which is inspired by Lisa Rinna. However, Dorit and Rinna are no longer on speaking terms after the "Puppygate" scandal.

The designer has a long history in the swimwear industry, spending ten years designing luxury swimwear in Italy for a leading swimwear brand. After a brief hiatus to start a family, she was inspired to launch her own swimwear line. The line is now produced in Los Angeles and is aimed at women who want to feel confident and sexy on the beach.

Beverly Beach by Dorit Kemsley isn't all black bikinis, though. The designer has also introduced a range of swimsuits with palm tree prints and high-cut cuts. The brand is known for its ability to attract a wide audience and is making a name for itself on the social media platform.

As one of the most famous cast members of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Dorit Kemsley is no stranger to controversy. Her polarizing demeanor has helped fuel the show's drama over the years. She also has her own line of swimwear and even a bridal line with her brand Nektaria. Kemsley also owns a real estate agency with her husband Paul "PK" Kemsley.

Kemsley has been involved in numerous legal battles with various businesses. In one case, she was involved in a lawsuit with her former business partner. In another, she sued her former business partner for more than $1 million over a loan. She has denied any wrongdoing but is proud of her business' resolution.

Kemsley has a long list of projects for 2014. A new real estate agency in London, a capsule collection with Nektaria and the 12th season of "RHOBH" are among those slated for this year. She also hopes to focus on her family. While she's busy with her projects, she also wants to make time for her two kids.

Kemsley has said she doesn't believe the crime was a hoax, but her home has been broken into. Her home, located in Encino, Calif., has been raided by three men. Her representatives have been contacted and are waiting for more details.

PD Measurement Tool - How to Use an Old Pair of Glasses and a Webcam to Find Your PD

PD Measurement Tool  Get Your PD Online

If you're looking for an accurate PD measurement tool, then you've come to the right place. We'll show you how to use an old pair of glasses and a webcam to find out your PD. The PD tolerance is 2.0 millimeters.

PD is the distance between two pupils

The distance between two pupils (PD) is a common measurement used to evaluate vision. Typically, an eye doctor will measure this distance during an eye exam. However, you can also perform this measurement on your own at home. To do so, stand eight inches away from a mirror. Then, align the 0 millimeter mark with the center of the left pupil. Now, close your left eye and open your right eye.

Measure the PD using a ruler. You may want to use a double-sided ruler so you can read the measurements more clearly in the mirror. You can also use a standard credit card or ruler. Then, fold the ruler along the dotted line. Then, place it eight inches from a mirror or a friend's eye.

A PD measurement is easiest if you have a friend to help you. Just use a ruler to measure the distance between the center of one pupil and the center of the other pupil. You can use the same method to measure the PD of both eyes. If you need to measure more than one pupil, you can ask a doctor for help. To measure the PD of one eye, align the 0 mm mark of the ruler with the center of the pupil. You can then take the same measurement for the other pupil. If you have more than one pupil, you need to take several measurements to get a good average.

To measure the distance between two pupils, you need to stand at an eight-inch distance from a mirror. Use a ruler to measure the distance between your left and right pupil. Then, align the 0 mm mark of the ruler with the center of the left pupil. Repeat the process for the left eye and write down the reading. Make sure that you are measuring both eyes accurately so that you don't miss the right one.

The PD between two pupils is an important measurement to make when you visit an eye doctor. Knowing your PD will help you select the right glasses for your vision. Properly fitted glasses will help you focus, increase your distance perception and reduce fatigue. If your PD is incorrect, it can cause severe headaches or even nausea. Even a few millimeters of difference can result in a significant difference in the clarity of your vision.

PD tolerance is less than or equal to 2.0 mm

When buying glasses, it is essential that you measure your PD properly. Although this measurement method is very accurate, there is always a risk of error. It is necessary to measure PD at least three times to ensure that you're getting the right measurements. If you are unable to measure PD accurately, you should consult a professional optician for help. You can also measure PD online, but the accuracy is not as good as it is from an optician.

Prism glasses can reduce eye strain and double vision. When choosing the right pair of glasses, you must measure PD at different sites and with different prisms. It is recommended to get someone else to take your measurements as well, because choosing the wrong prism can cause poor vision.

Measuring PD with a webcam

A webcam can make PD measurement easy. There are three simple ways to measure pupillary distance. First, use a ruler to measure your pupils. Place it at 0 mm and the center of your left pupil. Close your left eye and open your right eye.

If you have a webcam, you can use it to measure your pupils. Just make sure it's well-lit and the background is clean and straight. Alternatively, you can use a magnetic strip underneath your nose. This can help you take a precise measurement.

To make sure your measurements are accurate, take at least three to four measurements during the day. If possible, take an average measurement across these three or four measurements. Then, you'll know that your measurements are accurate and consistent. Another good option is to use an eye-tracking app, such as EyeSmart. This browser-based application allows you to get a quick and accurate reading.

After you have measured your pupils, you can center your prescription in frames by using your PD measurements. PD is the distance between the pupils in your eye. The more PD you have, the more accurate your frames will be. Glasses On also has a mobile app for Android and iOS that can help you measure your PD.

Measuring PD with an old pair of glasses

Measuring your PD with an old pair of glasses can be an easy process if you know your current prescription. The first step is to measure your pupils. This can be done by measuring your eyes with a ruler. You can find one in most stores or online. You should print it in the right size so that you have accurate measurements. Then, stand in front of a mirror at least eight to ten inches away. Place the ruler against your eyebrows so that you can get an accurate measurement of your pupils. Next, close your left eye and open your right eye. Once you have a good idea of how much you need, you can go online and buy your glasses.

You can also download a pupillary distance measurement app for your mobile phone. The app works for both iPhones and Android phones. The app takes a picture of your pupils and compares it to your prescription or medical history to calculate the PD. If you're worried about your PD, you should talk to your doctor and get your measurements taken.

PD, or pupillary distance, is an important measurement in eye care. It determines how your eye glasses will work and what type of lenses you'll need. The PD of an average adult is 54 to 74 millimeters, while a child's ranges between eight and twenty-two millimeters. It's important to measure this correctly to ensure your glasses fit correctly.

If you can't get your doctor's approval, you can also measure your own PD with an old pair of glasses. You can also take the measurements with a friend or use an app. Just make sure you use the right technique and a dark-colored marker.

Another method is to mark two dots on your old glasses and then measure the distance between the dots. Then, subtract three millimeters from that measurement to get your near and dual PD.

Eyeglasses At Affordable Prices

Eyeglasses 39 Dollar  Glasses At Affordable Prices

If you are looking for affordable eyeglasses, you've come to the right place. The 39 Dollar Glasses company sells prescription glasses at incredibly low prices. These affordable glasses are made with scratch-resistant lenses and UV protection. You can even use their online try-on tool to find the perfect pair of glasses.

39 Dollar Glasses

39 Dollar Glasses is not your typical prescription glasses discounter. Their basic product costs $39, which should be affordable enough for most people. They offer affordable frames and lenses, as well as a variety of other options. Its customer satisfaction guarantee is another plus. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund, or for a store credit.

The customer service team is very accessible at 39 Dollar Glasses, and you can get in touch with them via email, live chat, or phone. The company also encourages customers to contact them if they have any prescription issues. Their website has an extensive selection of frames for both men and women. Most frames are plastic, but you can also find metal or titanium frames. You can choose from rectangle, round, cat eye, and rimless styles.

You can also save money by taking advantage of 39 Dollar Glasses promo codes. Most of their promo codes are sitewide, and you can use them to reduce the total cost of your purchase. Additionally, 39DollarGlasses also has a referral program called EyeBuddies, which rewards customers for referring a friend. This program offers you up to $15 in EyeBucks per referral.

Apart from great products, 39 Dollar Glasses also offers special sales and promos for their customers. Among the discounts available are 7.5% off regular retail prices, and discounts of up to 70% off their clearance selection. Another benefit is that you can earn Goodshop Cash Back, which you can use on future purchases.

In addition to glasses, 39DollarGlasses also sells prescription contact lenses. You can choose from different frames and prescription lenses, and upload your prescription for online ordering. The website also features a virtual try-on feature. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.

Warby Parker is a great choice for people who want quality eyewear at an affordable price. This company offers a wide selection of frames starting at $6.95 and has affordable prices on lenses, including progressive lenses. They also offer a free online frame trial so you can get a feel for how they look on your face. In addition to their affordable prices, Warby Parker also donates frames to people in need.

They offer free returns and a generous return policy, so customers don't have to worry about being turned down if they don't like their glasses. You can get a full refund if you don't like the frames for any reason within 30 days of purchase. Customers can choose from a variety of frames, including rimless, round, and cat eye frames. Some of the more popular styles include the Navigator Eyeglasses, which feature a clean, rectangular frame.

Online shopping is convenient and can save you time and money. You can try on glasses online, or visit one of their retail locations to get a thorough eye exam. You can even use your insurance to pay for your glasses! You can order several pairs, and they should arrive in a couple of weeks. They also usually come with a hard shell case and microfiber wipe.

When choosing your glasses, it's important to know your prescription and style preferences before you decide on a frame. Warby Parker lets you try on the frames before you purchase. Their return policy is excellent, and they will even replace lenses if you change your prescription. The lenses are also replaced for free if you get them damaged within the first year.

Another great feature of 39DollarGlasses is their referral program. Referring a friend to the site allows you to receive $10 in EyeBucks. Once you get your friend to buy an eyeglass, you can earn another 15 in EyeBucks. This program can be used to buy more eyewear, and the glasses are refurbished so they can be used again.

Warby Parker also offers a 14-day return policy. You can get a refund if you don't like the frame, and you can get a 50% store credit. This policy is great for those who don't have insurance.

Sam's Club

You can find designer eyeglasses at bargain prices from Sam's Club's 39DollarGlasses. The website makes buying in bulk affordable and passes the savings on to the consumer. You'll find a huge selection of eyewear for men, women, and kids.

Sam's Club's optical center also offers professional eye exams. This allows members to get a more personalized shopping experience and one-on-one time with a trained optician. In addition, Sam's Club's optical center offers fast turnaround and expedited delivery. All of this means you can get cheaper frames from Sam's Club while enjoying the perks that come with membership.

The company offers hundreds of frames, including designer styles and high-end brands. You can get single-vision lenses for $39. You can also get bifocals and specialty lenses for up to $80. The site offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and includes a scratch-resistant coating on all lenses.

In addition to great prices on groceries and houseware, Sam's Club also offers gift cards. These can be used at various retail shops, movie theaters, and restaurants. You can find these cards online or at a kiosk in your local club. You can also purchase a gift card bundle with a 25% discount.

The store also offers a selection of designer glasses, which you can customize to meet your personal needs. Their glasses can be made from state-of-the-art materials, and their designs are remarkably fashionable. Besides their low prices, they also offer free lenses and frames for those with prescriptions.


Lensabl offers prescription eyeglasses for a low price. They accept prescriptions online and send prepaid return labels. Their full glasses package comes with your own frames and starts at $77 for single vision and $177 for progressive lenses. If you need additional features, you can purchase add-ons, such as anti-reflective coating and transitions lenses.

This website offers a wide variety of styles, including prescription, designer, and affordable glasses. Many of the frames can be customized, and many of the brands also offer contacts and reading glasses. The company also offers flash sales and seasonal promotional offers. They have even launched a virtual try-on feature, powered by Ditto, which allows you to see how the frames will look on your face before you make a purchase.

Lensabl also has an online eye exam, which you can take in as little as 15 minutes. Once completed, your results will be reviewed by a licensed eye doctor, and you will receive your new prescription via email. You can also take advantage of special offers, including discounts on blue-light blocking lenses, frames, and replacement lenses. Shipping is free within the U.S., but shipping to Canada costs $35.

You can compare prices at several online retailers, allowing you to choose the perfect frames. Online retailers also allow you to try on different pairs without paying any markups. Online retailers often offer discounts for first-time customers, and you can often use your insurance to pay for specs. Once you make your purchase, your glasses should be delivered within a few weeks. You can also order more than one pair, and most frames come with a hard shell case and a microfiber wipe.

39DollarGlasses has a positive BBB rating, and offers affordable prescription glasses and contact lenses. The site offers several frames for different face shapes. Customers can upload their prescription to choose the perfect pair, and you can try on the glasses using a virtual try-on feature.

Buy Rx Glasses Online at The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store

The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store  Buy Rx Glasses Online Today

If you're looking to buy prescription glasses online, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for the best price or a unique style, you'll find it at The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store. From Warby Parker to DIFF Eyewear, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

When it comes to ordering prescription glasses online, Zenni Optical has you covered. They manufacture their frames and lenses in China, and use detailed customer information to create a pair that is both stylish and functional. They also employ a quality control department to ensure each pair is free from defects. In addition, customers can easily return the glasses if they don't like them, and they can get a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

The Zenni Optical website has an easy-to-use layout that allows you to browse by age group. The site also offers a virtual try-on button, which lets you try on frames and lenses for the right fit. You can choose from prescription lenses, sunglasses, transitional lenses, and specialty coatings.

If you're in a hurry, Zenni Optical's Overnight Glasses service can provide you with your new prescription glasses fast. They promise a three to four-day turnaround for standard prescription eyeglasses, and a five to seven-day turnaround time for prescription sunglasses. Shipping is free for orders within the contiguous United States, and customers can opt for expedited shipping at an additional cost.

Zenni offers eight tints, from light to dark. You can adjust the tints as desired to suit your style. You can also personalize your glasses with custom engraving. You can have text or art inscribed on the frames, which is fun to do. And the frames are affordable, starting at $1.95.

Before you buy any glasses online, it's essential to know your prescription. Also, make sure to know the pupillary distance. Sometimes, an optometrist doesn't give it to you, but you should insist on it if you want to get the perfect glasses. You can even measure your pupillary distance yourself by using a smartphone app.

Buying prescription glasses online is a great way to save money on eyewear, without having to go to an optical store. Online stores make it easy for customers to compare prices between different companies. Plus, you can get brand-new glasses with the click of a mouse.

Warby Parker

If you're interested in purchasing prescription glasses online, consider Warby Parker. They sell regular frames and prescription lenses, and offer an easy 30-day return policy. However, you need a valid prescription and pupillary distance to purchase eyewear. The company also offers a free home try-on service.

Warby Parker sells prescription glasses and sunglasses for men and women online. Their website offers a complimentary at-home try-on program that allows users to try on five different frames before deciding on which one they like best. They offer sleek, minimalist frames in a wide range of colors and styles. Customers can even try on different styles of sunglasses by adjusting the size and color of the frames. Prescription glasses and sunglasses start at just $95, and the company offers additional lens options for blue-light protection.

You can even get your prescription through email or fax. The next step is to register for an account on the Warby Parker website. Once you sign up, you'll be asked to enter your name, email address, and password. After that, you can review your order and pay for it. Warby Parker accepts credit cards and partners with a select group of vision insurance carriers.

Another great benefit to buying your glasses online is the warranty. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This will cover any scratches on the frames or lenses. In addition, the company also offers a six-month no-scratch guarantee. If your lens becomes scratched within the first six months, they will replace it for free. Additionally, you can purchase prescription glasses from Warby Parker for about $95 or less, which is cheaper than at Costco or Zenni Optical.

Warby Parker offers an easy return policy, so you can try on a pair of glasses before buying. They also accept your prescription lenses and will make your new glasses custom-fit. The glasses are also available with blue-light filtering, anti-fatigue, and progressive lenses. You can also purchase a pair of glasses that are scratch-resistant and block 100% of UV rays.

When it comes to purchasing prescription glasses online, remember that quality is a top priority. You don't want to end up with a pair that doesn't look great and won't be functional. Make sure that you take the time to find the right pair for your taste and style. It's also important to choose the frame material. Acetate and metal are popular choices.

DIFF Eyewear

The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store is a place where you can buy prescription glasses at a discount. They offer a wide range of styles and are affordable enough to fit most budgets. Plus, their return policy is excellent. You can get your money back if you are not happy with your purchase, and they will exchange them if they break or scratch.

The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store has a huge selection of prescription glasses, including designer eyeglasses, stylish sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses. Some of their frames are even endorsed by Oprah! The online option lets you shop around and compare prescription eyewear without leaving the comfort of your home.

In-person fittings are available for those who aren't comfortable going to an optical shop. This option offers in-home fittings for just $75-$120, which is much more convenient than going to a traditional eyeglass store. Online glasses shops like Warby Parker also have customer service representatives, so you won't be left in the dark if you don't like your new pair.

Liingo is an online Rx Glasses Store that specializes in stylish prescription eyewear. It's similar to Warby Parker, but with a smaller selection. Their frames are sorted by shape, size, color, and material to help you choose the best one. Moreover, many of their glasses come with free premium RX polycarbonate lenses, which are 12 times more durable than traditional lenses. Liingo also offers a try-on questionnaire that will help you decide which style is best for you.

Another advantage of buying prescription glasses online is the price. Although you can get them for a cheaper price, online purchases don't always offer after-sales service. Online purchases also don't offer frame adjustment, so you should be careful when selecting an online retailer. However, they often offer free returns, and you can even get a refund if your glasses are not as expected.

EyeBuyDirect is another online Rx Glasses Store that has a large selection of designer eyewear. The frames range from just $6 to hundreds of dollars. You can even upgrade the lenses if you don't like the lenses that come with them. However, you may have to pay extra if you want thinner lenses or higher contrast.


The 1 Online Rx Glasses Store is an online store that offers prescription eyewear at affordable prices. You can choose from designer-inspired frames, or buy a basic pair and upgrade to a high-end frame if you wish. GlassesUSA offers 14-day returns and an exchange policy, which makes them an excellent choice if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Before shopping for prescription glasses online, make sure you gather the relevant information. The best way to ensure the success of your purchase is to have a current prescription. Most online glasses stores will require a valid eye exam to determine the correct prescription. However, some brands, such as Warby Parker, allow you to schedule an eye exam online.

Lensabl is another online Rx glasses store that accepts prescriptions. Customers can also return their old glasses for a free prepaid return label. The site also offers a 15% first-time customer discount. You can choose from a wide selection of frames and lenses, starting from as low as $77 for single vision lenses to $177 for progressive lenses.

Eyeconic offers a virtual try-on option, which combines a five-second video with a photo of your face. This option ensures a correct fit and is free. You can also take advantage of Eyeconic's generous return policy. The site accepts returned frames and lenses for full refund within 60 days. Alternatively, you can exchange your lenses for another pair of specs at any time in the next six months.

When choosing a frame, it is important to know your prescription and pupillary distance (PD) - the distance between your pupils - to ensure the correct fit. Many optometrists won't give you this information, so it's important to insist on it. You can either take a photo of your face to show the size of your pupillary distance or ask a friend to measure it for you. However, the most accurate way is to visit an optometrist for a proper measurement.

Before ordering your new glasses online, make sure you have your current prescription from an eye doctor. Some eye doctors recommend that patients visit an eye doctor to confirm their prescription, especially if they have recently had a vision exam. It is also important to remember that some prescriptions cannot be filled online. For instance, patients with high astigmatism or progressive lenses should visit an eye doctor before ordering new glasses.

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