Riding Stock Ties: Stock Ties for Riding

Riding Stock Ties: Stock Ties for Riding


Riding Stock Ties: Stock Ties for Riding

The first benefit of the stock tie is the belly band, which allows for better ventilation of the horse's respiratory tract.

Tie closure Contrast color Pearl Embellished 100% polyester Velcro Closure HAND WASH COLD / LAY FLAT DRY (Source: www.amazon.com)

Riding Gear & Accessories

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Stockings and boots, of course. If you're riding in cold weather, you may need a winter riding jacket and a rubber chinstrap. Great helmets and helmets bags, and of course, riding gloves and short and long coats to protect your hands and legs from the cold. We'll also show you how to wear your riding clothes, so they look great and work more efficiently!

Online for Equine offers the Equetech Pearl Stock Pin. 9ct Gold or Sterling silver plated riding stock pin with a single beautiful pearl centerpiece. A stunning timeless, simple piece of jewelry, ideal for all disciples! Safety clasp to back. Available in Silver Finish. (Source: www.onlineforequine.co.uk)

How to Tie a Tie for Women

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Enjoy the thrill of riding! Men and women riders can look their best in style with stock ties for riding. To ride in style, you don't need the flair of a Western designer or the soberness of a smart banker, but a simple business tie is the most attractive no-nonsense accessory for men who enjoy riding excitingly.

Tied stock ties for women or men offer you convenience while remaining properly outfitted for your riding discipline. Tied stock ties are pre-tied when manufactured. You simply attach the tie around the neck with Velcro or buttons. This is a very desirable option when showing multiple horses throughout the day or changing outfits quickly. Technical fabrics keep you comfortably dry. Stock ties are considered mandatory in dressage when a dressage coat is worn. A pre-tied stock tie is an excellent option for younger or novice riders. (Source: www.equestriancollections.com)

How to Use and Understand Stock Ties

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Everyone has different opinions about the help that stock ties have on riding. While stock ties can be worn traditionally around the neck, they are also traditionally tied into a knot that goes around your hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder, depending on the design of the tie. This manner of wearing the tie is more of a casual knot rather than a more formal knot. Some people will argue that, particularly for novice riders, stock ties are worth the investment.


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