Playboi Carti and Ray-Ban Stories

Playboi Carti and Ray-Ban Stories


playboi carti glasses

Playboi Carti has achieved greatness through hard work and determination. His latest album, Whole Lotta Red, marks an important milestone in his growth as a household name.

Carti is not only a musical genius, but an accomplished fashionista as well. He's been seen sporting Kurt Cobain-inspired "clout goggles," which have become increasingly popular among SoundCloud rappers.

HYPEBEAST attends Governors Ball

Governors Ball has been an annual summer staple in New York City for a decade, featuring headliners such as Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo and Kid Cudi. This year's event concluded with an unforgettable performance by Playboi Carti that left crowds dancing, jumping and euphoric with each beat. HYPEBEAST was there with their camera crew to capture the moment and share on social media channels.

The term hypebeast, which is a compound word composed of the words hype (pronounced as ah-pee-baast) and beast ("something formidable"). According to Kevin Ma, founder and CEO of HYPEBEAST, it was created as an acronym to encompass the sneakerhead community he observed growing in the early 2000s.

Ma, a fashion enthusiast who double majored in economics and psychology at college, started his blog on Blogger in 2005 as an outlet to document his sneaker obsession. Over time it has evolved into a lifestyle platform encompassing various topics such as art, music, Web3, and beyond.

Hypebeast has grown into a devoted online community that boasts an influential and engaged user base. Its primary audience consists of males between the ages of 18-30 with disposable income and technological sophistication.

Hypebeast has achieved great success by effectively using their audience through an effective content strategy that informs shoppers about the latest streetwear trends and upcoming products. Furthermore, its monetization is robust; most of its revenue comes from its HBX e-commerce shop as well as a healthy stream from advertising revenue.

Ma reports that 78 percent of Hypebeast readers have purchased items from the HBX shop, featuring 8,000 unique products from brands like Marni, Rick Owens and Adidas original. As a result, Hypebeast has seen millions of dollars in sales through their HBX shop.

HYPEBEAST's content can be an effective marketing tool for brands, as it features products that are currently trending and may enhance their brand image. By featuring a brand's product on Hypebeast, they will reach an engaged audience that is interested in what they have to offer.

HYPEBEAST captures Skepta & Channel Tres’ performance

At Governors Ball, the HYPEBEAST team was on hand to capture some of the festival's most anticipated performances. After watching Skepta & Channel Tres, they moved on to Playboi Carti for one of his energetic sets. Recording these moments was made easy through Ray-Ban Stories--allowing users to capture unforgettable moments without needing to reach for their phone--allowing HYPEBEAST to capture every moment without having to pull out their phone.

HYPEBEAST was ready to capture every moment during the show as fans danced and jumped with joy. A button on the back of their glasses allowed them to quickly shoot content for Facebook View and other social media outlets with ease; additionally, their device allowed for recording in-motion videos as well.

Shenseea, a dancehall artist from Jamaica, is making headlines worldwide with her viral single "Loodi." After signing with Interscope Records, Shenseea released her debut album and embarked on a European tour with Sean Paul. Her infectious hits like "Loodi" and her recent collaboration with Tyga - "Blessed"- continue to gain momentum.

Dougie B is an up-and-coming star in the world of hip hop. With his gritty delivery and captivating hooks, the Bronx-based rapper has earned millions of views for his songs. Currently working on 2022 singles as well as his debut project.

Kash Doll is another artist gaining recognition with her unique style of music, and she continues to progress throughout the year. This week she earned the titles of "On The Verge" and Apple Music's "Up Next," and is set to make a splash on television as part of STARZ' Black Mafia Family as a recurring cast member.

Trippie Redd has spent the past year getting used to his quarantine, and is ready to resume touring with a 25-stop tour this fall. Joined by fellow 10K Projects artists iann dior and SoFayGo, tickets for the tour are on sale now.

HYPEBEAST captures Playboi Carti’s performance

On Saturday, HYPEBEAST brought their live event capture series to Governors Ball festival. Wearing Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, the team got an unfiltered first person view of the show without worrying about phones getting knocked off their hands. With these advanced glasses in place, HYPEBEAST could easily capture high-energy performances without fear of missing a beat.

Last night, Playboi Carti joined Bryson Tiller onstage for his Roxy Theatre set and ignited an unprecedented amount of anticipation among fans. All throughout the performance, people were jumping with joy - evidenced by all the phones held up by concertgoers eager to capture a photo of the rapper's set. It was evident that everyone in attendance was eager to capture memories from this historic occasion.

Though the term hypebeast can be derogatory to those who simply wear certain sneakers or hoodies to get attention, its meaning is evolving as the industry progresses. Initially, hypebeast meant anyone dedicated to collecting limited-edition shoes and apparel; now it also refers to true fashion enthusiasts regardless of style or brand preference.

Kevin Ma, the founder of sneaker blog Hypebeast, coined this term. Ma was initially interested in discovering sneaker drops so he created the site to provide readers with info on upcoming releases. Over time, Ma built a devoted following through word of mouth and links on forums.

Today, Hypebeast is a multi-million dollar company that went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It generates significant revenue through advertising and HBX - an online store selling third-party branded clothing, footwear and accessories.

Hypebeast boasts an active community that gives brands the unique chance to reach a niche audience more likely to purchase merchandise based on recommendations from its blog. Forbes estimates that 78 percent of Hypebeast readers purchased something after seeing it first on the site.

At a recent concert in Milwaukee, Playboi Carti revealed his new album will be called Whole Lotta Red and released within 60 days. He said he has been working tirelessly to make the album as good as it can be and even promised another song featuring A$AP Rocky soon.

HYPEBEAST captures Ray-Ban Stories

HYPEBEAST is a Hong Kong-based media site that covers contemporary culture and lifestyle. Established in 2005 by Kevin Ma, the blog has since blossomed into an international force covering sneaker trends, fashion, art, music and beyond.

Hypebeasts stay on top of the latest fashion and technology trends, always being the first to own them and showing them off in an Instagram-perfect way. When a new pair of sneakers, gadget or clothing item releases, they make sure to be among the first few people with it and always show off their newly acquired products with pride and joy.

They're known for their devoted fans and often perfect product images, making it a natural fit for brands to rely on hypebeasts as reviewers and influencers. Peer-to-peer marketing can be an enormous advantage in today's digital age with social media and email marketing at your disposal.

In an age where it's so convenient to capture photos and videos with a smartphone, Ray-Ban Stories offers festival goers a new, hands-free way to share their experiences. Created in partnership with Meta, these glasses allow for seamless photography and recording using voice control or the touchpad on each lens.

With 28 lens options - including sunglasses, prescription, polarized and gradient - Ray-Ban Stories offer users the perfect way to add a personal touch to their eyewear while telling stories. Draw inspiration from the vibrant desert colors with iconic Wayfarer style frames or choose from retro Round or Meteor designs for an eyewear that speaks directly to them.

Ray-Ban Stories offer fans an ideal solution for recording their dance floor memories at Coachella or another festival. They come equipped with three built-in microphones and discreet, open ear speakers so people can make calls or switch between songs without disturbing others.

At The Summer Sessions, HYPEBEAST used Ray-Ban Stories to capture moments that were more intimate and personal than typical festival performances. For instance, when Nia Archives made her entrance wearing her iconic red boots, our team captured it through the lens of Ray-Ban Stories.

Playboi Carti Earrings

Rapper Playboi Carti loves to show off his jewelry collection. Whether it's custom pendants to commemorate his albums or rings that symbolize his gentler side, this man has plenty of options when it comes to dazzlers.

He recently acquired a two-piece chain from Eliantte & Co. that features an intricate combination of devil's trident and angel wings.

Butterfly Pendant

The butterfly is a timeless symbol of freedom, and Playboi Carti has beautifully integrated it into his jewelry collection. His iced out butterfly pendants add an understated yet stunning touch that complements the larger pieces he wears.

His custom butterfly pendant is laser cut from solid 316L surgical stainless steel and coated with hard enamel for a glossy, mirror-like shine. Not prone to surface scratches or rust or corrosion, this pendant offers maximum protection!

He also features a matching ring, so you can complete the set. This micro-sized pendant comes with its own free matching rope chain as seen on Carti, making it the ideal size for those who want to show off some bling without going overboard.

Carti is an Atlanta rapper whose music has gained widespread recognition in recent years. He began his career on Soundcloud and then released his self-titled mixtape, which garnered attention from major websites like XXL and HotNewHipHop. Since then, Carti has gone on to tour with Gucci Mane and Dreezy while also working with names such as Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott on projects.

It is no secret that Carti loves his bling. The Atlanta-based rapper is renowned for his high-end diamonds and offers a wide selection of hip hop jewelry, from iced out watches to fresh bling chains.

When not performing, Carti often wears this stunning necklace and matching ring from Avianne & Co, a New York City flagship store known for producing jewelry for many prominent hip hop icons.

This stunning piece was custom designed to fit Carti's neck perfectly. It boasts intricate design elements with sinister red diamond eyes set in pink gold stones.

One stunning piece that we think is worth noting is Carti's diamond owl ring. Although this simple accessory still manages to turn heads due to its intricate details and high-quality CZ stones.

He may not make much of his jewelry, but it is worth noting that he has some items that will turn heads. His iced out watches keep up with all his tasks, while a few stunning diamond rings add the perfect finishing touch to his ensemble.

Butterfly Ring

Butterfly ring jewelry is one of the most beloved types of rings available. They come in various styles, such as gold-plated and sterling silver, plus gemstones like diamonds or rubies. Furthermore, these rings come in various sizes to fit everyone's needs and preferences.

Butterflies are emblems of life, love and hope. They also symbolize transformation - an essential aspect of human existence. Indeed, watching a butterfly's metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and then onto beautiful winged insect can serve as inspiration for how we can grow and change while still living our best lives.

A butterfly ring is an ideal present for someone going through a life-altering event, such as getting married, having children, traveling or mourning the loss of someone dear. It's your way of joining in on their celebration and showing them how much you care.

Playboi Carti's Butterfly Ring Earrings are an adorable piece that you can wear for any special occasion. Crafted from micro sized sterling silver, these earrings will make a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Playboi Carti, 20 years old and from Atlanta, GA, is renowned for his sleek style and use of social media as an outlet to reach a vast audience.

He has an affinity for high-end jewelry and enjoys wearing pieces that symbolize his career and identity. This piece was crafted by Avianne & Co, a New York City jeweler known for creating pieces for many hip hop icons.

The Playboy bunny pendant is small, yet completely covered in luminant diamonds on all sides. It hangs from a Miami Cuban link that also has been plated with diamonds for an upscale touch that completes the ensemble.

Carti may not be known for his flashy style, but his passion for jewelry can be seen through this piece. It's the perfect complement to his outfit and he seems to wear it often.

In addition to her Playboy bunny pendant, Carti also wears earrings from Avianne & Co, a company known for producing beautiful hip hop jewelry for many rappers. While these pieces may not hold any special significance, they look and feel stunning and definitely deserve closer inspection.

Owl Ring

Many will recognize Carti as the 20-year-old rapper from Atlanta who made a name for himself with his singles "Fetti" and "Broke Boi." This young man is making waves in hip hop thanks to his connections with members of A$AP Mob. Currently, he's working on his debut mixtape which is expected to drop early 2018.

Atlanta-based rapper is on the rise and has quickly made a name for himself in just over one year. His hit tracks have gone viral on Soundcloud, garnering millions of plays - proof that this young artist will only continue to prosper in the industry. We look forward to seeing what success awaits him in the years ahead!

Carti prefers subtle jewelry, but isn't afraid to show some serious pieces off from time to time. One such piece is a skull and crossbones chain featuring large, intricate skulls with sinister red diamond eyes designed by Avianne & Co - a flagship store in New York City that produces high-end jewelry for many prominent hip-hop icons.

This earring is the ideal accessory for any rapper who likes to make a statement. The skull and crossbones pendant is detailed and massive, featuring an encrusted Miami Cuban link fully encrusted in diamonds on all sides. While it may cause Carti some neck issues when wearing it, the piece looks so polished and impressive when on.

He is also known for wearing butterfly rings crafted in solid gold. These rings can be worn multiple times, giving the illusion that a cloud of insects has taken residence on his body.

No matter if you want to design your own custom pendant or necklace or copy his look, 6 Ice has everything you need at prices that fit any budget. Explore our catalog now to see what we have in stock or contact us for assistance in getting started.

Diamond Watch

Playboi Carti, known for his love of sparkles, loves to show off his jewelry collection. Aside from traditional diamond rings and necklaces, he also sports various types of diamond watches that display his affinity for fine jewelry.

Carti may not have the most extravagant budget, but he makes it work with the right pieces. For example, his custom-made "Playboy bunny" pendant is a symbol of both his name and appreciation of opulent things in life. Crafted out of luminant diamonds and hanging upside down for added edginess.

Destroy Lonely and Ken Carson, Opium Records signees of Carti, recently joined forces to give him a unique gift that matches his moniker. To achieve this feat, the duo enlisted Alex Moss to craft Carti's one-of-a-kind piece.

This piece is exquisite, featuring 1.75 carats of diamonds hand set into gold for an exquisite touch. It comes with its own gold chain but looks fantastic when worn alone or layered with other chains for a stunning effect.

Recently, many hip-hop artists have taken to jewelers to dress up their looks. Lil Uzi Vert donned a diamond implant on his earring, Travis Scott showed off an ostentatious new watch and Nav donned some extravagant chains to commemorate Demons Protected by Angels' release.

These celebrity jewelry purchases show that it is still possible to find great deals on high-end pieces. With the assistance of an experienced jeweler, you can have your own personalized items for less.

Last week, Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti's Atlanta home was burglarized, leading to the theft of more than $350,000 worth of jewelry - including custom rings, chains and watches - according to reports from TMZ. Unfortunately for them and their girlfriend who lived in rented housing with Carti at the time, nobody was home when the intruder entered through an unlocked door.

Robbers stole a couple's designer bag of jewelry, which contained custom rings, bracelets, chains and watches worth over $366,000 according to TMZ. Additionally, they took a diamond ring which TMZ reported was an engagement ring.

playboi carti boots

Playboi Carti Boots

Playboi Carti is rapidly ascending in the world of music. His song "Magnolia," featuring trap music for the first time ever, recently achieved platinum certification - making him an international phenomenon.

With his new album, Whole Lotta Red, in the works, Rick Owens is getting more adventurous with his style choices. Recently spotted wearing head to toe in Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton ensembles.


Playboi Carti is a rapper who's taken the hip-hop world by storm. After years of waiting and building anticipation through SoundCloud leaks, his debut mixtape finally dropped in 2017, with platinum selling single "Magnolia" becoming an instant classic. His album went on to reach #12 on Billboard 200 chart at its peak.

Atlanta-based rapper $ir Cartier has gone through several phases, from his early days as $ir Cartier to his current gothic aesthetic. He's a testament to the growth of underground rap culture and its endless potential to continue evolving.

Last year, when Virgil Abloh invited Carti to walk for him at Louis Vuitton, it marked a groundbreaking milestone in Carti's fashion career: it marked his first runway show with an unknown designer! Additionally, this marked the beginning of his rise as an influential icon among today's youth.

In the photos below, Carti can be seen wearing a Rick Owens denim jacket and waxed jeans as well as 1017 ALYX 9SM chelsea boots. This ensemble serves as evidence that Carti has adopted Rick Owens' aesthetic throughout his career.

Carti has recently been photographed sporting cult Japanese fashion, from vintage Supreme box logo T-shirts to Undercover denim grails.

While much of the rap world focuses on hyped sneakers, Carti opts for classic pieces. He recently donned a pair of Off-White ODSY-1000s at Off-White's Fall/Winter 2019 runway show and even posed for an editorial titled FEET.

He's an admirer of Raf Simons, often seen wearing pieces like his iconic "Fathers" fishtail parka while performing at VFILES' Spring/Summer 2017 runway show. While Carti may be one of hip-hop's biggest fans of Raf Simons, he also proves that trickle down economics actually works!

In this photo, he's posing for a shot reminiscent of the cover of his 2018 album "Die Lit." The artwork on the jacket pays homage to Slash Magazine's covers from the 1970s. This outfit embodies punk and grunge style perfectly and provides an easy way to add some edge to your ensemble.


Playboi Carti's style has evolved significantly since his days performing at bars in Atlanta. We saw him wearing playboi carti boots in his '@ MEH' music video, featuring a smooth white leather upper, black lace front, black heel tab with white logo jacquard, and black platform sole with yellow stitching.

Shoes aside, Carti has always been known for his fashion-forward flair. In 2017, we got our first glimpse at some of his signature pieces such as a matching pink Gucci hat and slouchy white pants with an extra-large side pocket for stashing gum.

When it comes to fashion, this man has set the bar high. His taste in footwear and willingness to experiment with cutting-edge materials have been instrumental in his success so far. Here are some of his most remarkable finds so far.

The best part of his outfits is that he always looks perfect, no matter the occasion or weather. From a pink Gucci hat and plaid trench from Off-White to a white Gucci shirt with red and blue paint splattered all over it, this rapper has perfected the art of maximising space while still looking like a million dollars at the same time.


Playboi Carti is one of the hottest new rappers, but he hasn't been without his share of difficulties. He was arrested for possessing three hand guns and had to spend time in jail as a result.

He was found guilty of stalking, which can result in up to two years in prison. Fortunately, he was able to avoid prison and has since made a name for himself as an accomplished rap artist.

His music showcases his snarky, brazen attitude and love of over-the-top style. He draws inspiration from hip-hop, punk and rock bands like Black Sabbath as well as other genres such as R&B and pop.

Carti's self-titled debut was a major success, but his 2017 album Die Lit solidified him as an artist. This collection contains songs with more serious, mature content than previous efforts - best known for the infectious singles "Magnolia" and "Clout Goggles."

He's been working with producers like Pi'erre Bourne on this project, helping him craft his own distinct sound. Additionally, others have been inspired by him which has resulted in many people trying to replicate his style and sound.

Carti has had a major impact on the fashion world with his photo poses and style. His leather pants and shoes have become staples among both men and women alike. Additionally, Rick Owens is clearly an idol to Carti; he's often seen sporting his artwork throughout the year.

In the above Instagram post, Carti can be seen wearing Rick Owens DRKSHDW denim jacket, Rick Owens "Detroit" waxed denim jeans and 1017 ALYX 9SM chelsea boots. Additionally, he wears a vintage T-shirt and sunglasses.

This look is an evolution from his usual streetwear ensembles, which he often wears. It also shows that he's taking his style to a more high-end level and is willing to invest more money into updating his wardrobe.

It's worth noting that his clothing and accessories tend to be more costly than most of his peers, indicating a higher-than-average income.


Playboi Carti boots come in an array of sizes to accommodate any outfit. Plus, they boast a stylish and comfortable design that goes great with any color scheme - so you're sure to find one that complements your style perfectly!

Carti has had a major influence on the fashion world, sporting many different looks. He is renowned for his hip-hop clothing designs and his merch collection showcases designs inspired by his music. These t-shirts and hats showcase unique graphics, logos, and images from throughout Carti's career.

He is extremely popular and boasts an expansive fan base. His social media presence is impressive; millions of people follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

His music is infectious, often featuring personal experiences. His style is both sophisticated and daring - drawing inspiration from artists such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Shawty Lo, A$AP Rocky and R&B singers alike.

Carti is an accomplished stylist with a deep appreciation for fashion. His favorite brands include Balmain and Raf Simons, with him often shopping at thrift stores to find new clothing. In addition, Carti often dyes his hair blonde for special occasions - in fact, he has even worked as a model!

Carti was raised in Dallas, Texas but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He loves the city and believes that it has helped shape him into an even better rapper. With a large social media following and frequent updates of new pictures posted, Carti continues to draw attention from fans around the world.

In one of his fit photos, he's wearing Rick Owens combat boots and a band tee from his favorite brand. Additionally, he's sporting some black sunglasses for added style.

He's a legendary hip-hop artist, and his style has evolved significantly in the years since he started making music. He often wears vintage Public Enemy tees and Dolce and Gabbana denim but recently Rick Owens shoes have also become increasingly popular.

He's been seen wearing an abundance of Nike Air Jordan 3s, which have become highly sought-after among sneakerheads. He donned them in the music video for his single "Magnolia," leading to their rapid rise in value among collectors.

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