NBA YoungBoy Hoodie

NBA YoungBoy Hoodie


nba yb hoodie

Hoodies are a widely-worn clothing item among people of all ages due to their comfort and durability.

NBA Youngboy hoodies are an excellent way to express your style. These unique garments boast high-quality cotton and polyester materials for easy wearing comfort.

Unique Designs

One of the hottest fashion items lately is hoodies. Not only are these garments super comfy and look great on anyone from babies to adults, but there is an array of designs to choose from - some more expensive than others but worth every penny for their comfort and style. If you're looking for some of the best hoodies for men in town, such as NBA YoungBoy-branded ones and many others! You can even find some great hoodie options under $20 here! Plus, their durability means you'll want to buy more than just for yourself...you might even want to give some away to friends!

Easy to Wear

Hoodies have been a must-have streetwear essential for years now. Not only do they show off your individual style, but they're incredibly comfortable to wear too! Hoodies come in various colors and sizes so you can pick the best one for you.

NBA YoungBoy has become a fan favorite since the release of his Life Before Fame mixtape in 2015. His junior album Sincerely Kentrell is due out September 24th and fans can't get enough of his signature style.

His outfits have become highly sought after by fans, with many aspiring to copy his style. Whether it's a puffer jacket or plaid shirt, YoungBoy's fashion has become the go-to for many fans of his music.

Vlone x NBA YoungBoy collection offers an extensive selection of hoodies, T-shirts and sweatpants in various sizes. Each hoodie boasts an eye-catching graphic and is lightweight yet highly durable - ideal for everyday wear. Crafted out of cotton and polyester blend fabric for optimal warmth and comfort throughout the day.

These hoodies are the ideal addition to your closet and also make for great gifts. Not only are they trendy and hip, but also affordable - ideal for anyone on a budget! Plus, their durability means they'll last for years! If you're searching for an awesome hoodie to add to your collection, look no further than Vlone x NBA YoungBoy today.


Hoodies have become a go-to clothing item that's both comfortable and fashionable. Not only are they easy to style up with different clothes items, but you can get them in an array of colors too!

They are durable and designed for long-lasting use, made with cotton and polyester materials that make them suitable for people of all skin types. Plus, these super warm garments will keep you cozy in cold weather conditions.

NBA young boy hoodies come in a wide variety of sizes and prices to fit your budget, making them the perfect purchase. Not only are these hoodies comfortable to wear, but they're also very affordable - you won't break your budget when purchasing one!

The NBA young boy hoodie is a widely beloved item of clothing that can be worn by many people. Not only are they stylish and have various designs to choose from, but they're also very comfortable to wear - ideal for anyone of any age!

These hoodies come in various sizes and are popular among people of all ages. Their vibrant colors can be used to compliment any outfit perfectly, while being highly durable - lasting for years! Furthermore, these hoodies provide comfort while being easy to carry around with you wherever life takes you.

Women of all ages enjoy wearing them due to their comfort and versatility; they go great with jeans or skirts and are very affordable too, available from many online stores.


Hoodies can be heavy and cumbersome, but Nba yb hoodies are lightweight and breathable - ideal for casual wearers. Not only that, they keep you warm in cold weather too! Nba yb offers quality products at great prices that you won't find elsewhere. Their selection of hoodies comes in various colors and styles as well as T-shirts that look cool while being comfortable; many feature the iconic NBA logo! With years of experience behind them, Nba yb has earned many awards including being named the Official T-shirt of the NBA!

harry styles necklace

Harry Styles' Eliou Pearl Necklace

Harry Styles has been a fan of Eliou jewelry brand in Miami for years now and it's become some of his go-to looks. Whether it's an acrylic beaded style or a string of Millefiori beads, all pieces come from Eliou.

On his Love On Tour, Styles donned two necklaces made specifically for him by Eliou. These beauties are known as the 'Golden' and 'Harry' necklaces, respectively.


Harry Styles is a big fan of pearl necklaces. Whether he's wearing it on the red carpet or pairing it with his dapper suit, Harry loves to accessorize with this timeless accessory.

Pearls can instantly elevate any outfit, giving it a polished and sophisticated look. Not only that, but adding this traditional accessory has become increasingly common among men as men seek out to express their femininity.

Pearl jewelry has long been a signature element of women's fashion, but recently it seems like this timeless accessory is being revived by some male models and celebrities. This revival of an age-old feminine accessory is part of an overall trend that's seeing increased interest in pearl jewelry for men--particularly in more formal settings.

Harry has been seen wearing Eliou jewelry multiple times, an Instagram-approved brand from Miami. The singer clearly loves this company and often sports their beaded necklaces in his music videos.

He donned a beaded choker from the label in his "Golden" music video and also donned a beaded necklace featuring "Harry" for "Watermelon Sugar," his latest single from the label.

One popular piece that has been seen in many of the singer's highlight outfits is the Vivienne Westwood Bas Relief Choker. The necklace features three rows of hand-knotted pearls and is adorned with Swarovski crystal-encrusted Orb logo at its centre.

Necklaces like this one reclaim femininity while adding an edge. Celebrities such as Styles and Hailey Bieber have all been seen sporting this trend, along with social media influencers.

If you're on the search for an affordable option, Eliou offers a selection of chunky beaded necklaces inspired by the '00s that can be tailored to suit any style. With various color and length options available, there's sure to be one perfect fit!

No matter which style of pearl you favor, it's easy to see why the trend has made such an impact on today's celebrity wardrobes. With so many famous people sporting pearls, you won't want to miss out on adding some pieces to your jewelry box either!


Harry Styles' gold necklace is one of his go-to accessories and he doesn't hesitate to show it off on multiple occasions. The Dunkirk star loves mixing up his jewelry pieces, often switching between gold cross necklaces, rings, and cufflinks for a distinctive look. Additionally, Harry always remembers to don his classic cufflinks on special occasions.

He's not afraid to experiment with non-stylized fashion items either, like the Gucci banana necklace he wore at the 2021 Grammys. That shows his attitude toward breaking fashion's established rules.

Though he isn't the first to venture away from traditional boy band styles, former One Direction member Liam Gallagher has certainly caused a stir with his jewellery choices. For his latest music video Golden, he collaborated with Miami-based jewellery brand Eliou.

Harry runs along a road in Italy while wearing multiple necklaces that caught the attention of many Twitter users. Two pieces were from Eliou; 'Senna' pearl necklace costs $85 with light blue Millefiori beads, while an 'All The Feels' version retails at $190.

If you're searching for a similar item, there are plenty of online options to choose from. Personalize it with a message or the phrase "Golden." If unsure what to write on it, try something cheerful like "Getting There" or something else that will bring joy into your life.

For example, you could add a line from one of Harry's songs or an image of him to show your support for him. It's an effective way to demonstrate your devotion.

Harry has often been seen wearing vibrantly-colored beaded necklaces, but recently Harry debuted two pieces from Eliou, an Instagram-approved Miami jewellery brand. In scenes where Harry plays in Mediterranean tide pools, he donned both a colorful beaded style and one with "GOLDEN" written across it.

For $85, Eliou offers the 'Senna' necklace featuring light blue Millefiori beads and is available to buy. You can even get a version designed specifically for Harry Styles that comes with a gold cross pendant and tag reading "Golden." It should be noted that Harry first donned this piece back in November 2020.


Harry Styles has earned notoriety for his daring fashion choices. The 23-year-old singer often sports oversized hats that reveal his chest, and recently took things up a notch by opting for chains in one of his new ensembles.

He's been sporting the '00s chunky beaded necklace trend on various platforms, such as SiriusXM, promotional photos for his Fine Line album and now Instagram. Styles has fallen in love with Miami-based jewelry brand eliou's selection of styles - from clear acrylic beaded styles to clay designs featuring beads of various shapes and sizes.

Styles' necklace in his 'All the Feels' music video, known as the "Golden Necklace," is made up of freshwater pearls and acrylic beads. Available on eliou for $185 USD, this is an affordable way to add some gold-themed jewelry to your collection without breaking the bank.

Fans are curious as to why the star chose a necklace with chains, but it could be an indication of his musical preferences. He's been an avid Fleetwood Mac fan since his days in One Direction and fans believe this pendant is likely meant as an ode to the iconic band.

This chain is a statement piece, featuring a diamond-like pattern that looks like diamond dust and pays homage to the chains worn by old school rock stars. It's an adorable nod to Styles' early influences and makes for a stunning accessory during the summer season.

Last night, Styles donned the same necklace he wore during his performance of 'The Chain' on Radio 1 Live Lounge. He paired it with a green feather boa and gold cross chain necklace he also used during his performances of 'Two Ghosts' and 'Sign of the Times.

The chain on the front of Harry Potter's 'Golden Necklace' is undoubtedly its most eye-catching feature, making it a must-have accessory for any Harry fan to add to their collection. Not only is it fun and stylish, but you're guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go - especially at your next event or party!


Harry Styles fans know he loves jewelry. He owns several rings and charms, such as his beloved Gucci lion head ring which he wears often.

His jewelry box also contains some sentimental pieces. One ring features a square portrait of a bird to symbolize his appreciation of nature, while another cross pendant was gifted to him by Olivia Wilde, which he often wears when out and about.

He's become a staple in his collection with an iconic pink stone ring that Stevie Nicks gave him as a gift. This piece has never left his finger and remains something he wears on special occasions.

He's unquestionably a fashion icon, and his daring wardrobe has won over fans. Even making history by wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue magazine - breaking gender stereotypes and sending an important message about rejecting traditional sexual roles - there's no denying his influence over many!

He's become renowned for his signature phallic banana necklace, which has garnered attention across the board ever since he started wearing it. At this year's Grammys, he donned it and it proved to be one of his most iconic moments on stage.

Some fans have even questioned if the necklace was a gift from his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Others believe he is simply trying to send a message and show how much he values his fans by wearing it.

He then added a bronze key around his neck as part of Caitlin Crosby's charity line of engraved keys, which was more subdued than other jewellery but still caught people's eye.

Harry has worn this bling before, but wearing it during the Grammys to accept an award on stage was truly a moment of special significance for him. And to wear such a stunning piece of jewellery in front of so many people and thousands of television viewers is nothing short of incredible.

kane lim fenty

Kane Lim - New Face of Fenty Beauty

Kane Lim is the newest face and ambassador for Fenty Beauty, chosen by Rihanna for his willingness to share his beauty journey and unique style.

He is also renowned for his philanthropic efforts. He has invested in Happy Fish (a swim school for both children and adults), Burgreens, and Green Rebel.

Bling Empire

Bling Empire is one of Netflix's most beloved reality shows, chronicling the lives of affluent Asian and Asian American socialites who live in luxurious houses, purchase designer clothing and invest lavishly in jewelry. Not only does this show provide viewers with an escape, but it has also sparked important dialogues on issues important to all of us.

This series chronicles the lives of wealthy Asians as they navigate familial pressures and cultural expectations. It places special emphasis on mother-daughter relationships, offering a realistic portrayal of how Asian women often struggle with insecurities and social expectations even if they haven't inherited any material possessions from their parents.

Kane Lim, a real estate developer and star of the show, is well known for his extravagant shopping habits. According to Women's Wear Daily, his extensive shoe collection is worth $300,000!

His appearance on the show raised some eyebrows, as it appeared that he had used fillers to make his cheeks appear larger and more youthful. Additionally, it appeared that his eye colors differed from those of his family members.

Lim is proud to represent Fenty Beauty as their brand ambassador, hoping to combat negative stereotypes surrounding men and skincare while elevating both Black and Asian communities. He's been direct messaging Rihanna on Instagram for years, and their friendship has led them to select him as the first Southeast Asian ambassador for Fenty Beauty.

Lim has made several public appearances wearing Fenty Beauty products during his career as a real estate developer. Recently, he even collaborated with the billion-dollar beauty brand to launch an initiative at Sephora's Singapore flagship store earlier this year.

He's currently starring in season three of Bling Empire with his co-stars and is eager to show off his luxury line of jewelry. With various styles such as necklaces and bracelets, plus rings designed for any special occasion, there is sure to be a piece to fit every budget.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand founded by pop singer Rihanna in 2017. Its products are intended to be inclusive and suitable for all skin tones, making it an appealing option for many customers.

Fenty began as a luxury brand but has since made its way to high-street stores such as Boots. Additionally, its extensive range of vegan products makes it ideal for those who prefer cruelty-free and eco-friendly makeup options.

Rihanna, the founder of Fenty Beauty, was inspired to create a cosmetic line that would cater to skin tones not typically addressed by other brands. She has become an outspoken champion for inclusivity within the beauty industry and her foundation and concealer ranges come in an array of shades designed to accommodate all complexions and shades.

Rihanna recently joined forces with LVMH, the world's leading luxury goods company, to launch her beauty line. This collaboration provided her with the marketing expertise and access to an expansive network of talent that could help promote her brand.

Another advantage of partnering with LVMH was that it granted her access to extensive global distribution, an essential feature for any new product. Furthermore, LVMH gave her access to sales data from beauty giant Sephora which enabled her to make informed decisions about which product lines should be launched first.

Rihanna's first launch was a foundation that could accommodate different skin tones, which proved popular. With its extensive shade range and lightweight formula, it was easy to apply and felt comfortable against the skin.

Kane Lim is the newest face and ambassador of Fenty Beauty, making him their first Southeast Asian face. He'll be featured in a campaign that launches at Sephora's flagship store in Singapore later this month.

Entrepreneur and Bling Empire cast member said he is honored to be part of the Fenty family, and has been humbled by this opportunity. Additionally, he added that this journey has taught him a great deal about himself personally as well as his individuality.

Fenty Skin

Kane Lim, a 31-year-old entrepreneur and reality TV star, is Fenty's latest face partner. As the first Southeast Asian face partner, the Singaporean actor will appear in a campaign that launches at Sephora's Singapore flagship store later this month.

Rihanna founded Fenty Skin in 2017 with an aim of providing makeup to women of all skin tones - especially those with darker complexions. Their range of shades extends from foundation and eyeshadow to blush and lipgloss; making it accessible for everyone!

The company's top products include Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler and Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. They also sell body care items such as Total Cleans'r and Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30.

People reports that Lim and Rihanna developed an intimate friendship over social media which eventually lead to their partnership. "Discussions about me working with Fenty first began during the height of both Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate movements," Lim told POPSUGAR in an interview.

Lim revealed that he and Rihanna have been communicating via direct message on Instagram for years. Their connection serves to celebrate the Asian community, eliminate stigmas in the beauty industry, and boost self-confidence among women.

"I am truly honored to be part of the Fenty family and to collaborate with a brand that values diversity," Lim expressed. He believes this partnership is instrumental in making both Asian and Black communities feel beautiful, appreciated and uplifted."

He hopes the campaign will encourage men to take care of their skin as well. He has already started using the brand's products before his appearances on Bling Empire and enjoys using products like Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tone and Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Deborah Aitken predicts that Fenty will expand into Africa, a market with a growing economy and many young and wealthy shoppers. As owner of Fenty, LVMH plans to launch their products in South Africa, Botswana, Ghana and Kenya.

Fenty Jewelry

Rihanna's Fenty beauty line has already become a hit, but she recently unveiled an exclusive jewelry collection to honor the beauty of black women. The trio of pieces (earring, necklace, and brooch) features cameos meant to symbolize everything Fenty stands for: fearlessness; elevation; creativity.

These cameos pay homage to ancient symbols worn by women of color in Greece and Rome that depicted either Eros or Medusa as signs of sexuality and protection. According to the designer, each piece "represents both the beauty of an African woman and Fenty's spirit - everything she stands for".

Although the brand's new jewelry collection celebrates the strength and resilience of black women, it isn't all glitz and glamour. Additionally, the collection aims to inspire a new generation of designers by providing them with an introduction to jewelry-making as an art form.

Kane Lim, star of the show Bling Empire, is a self-described "humble guy" when it comes to fashion and investments. He believes that Hollywood can either build you up or tear you down quickly so it's essential to stay grounded.

When not filming Bling Empire, Lim runs his own Los Angeles investment firm and serves as director for K-ix Capital, a real estate firm that deals in luxury properties. Furthermore, he's an established commercial real estate mogul who owns numerous high-end homes throughout Los Angeles.

Despite his rise to fame, Lim remains a "humble guy". This attitude makes him such an intriguing and relatable character on the show. With the third season of Real Housewives about to air on Netflix, he's encouraging fans that more episodes featuring him are coming soon.

Kane Lim, the newest ambassador for Rihanna's Fenty Beauty brand, is an invaluable addition to their team. His relationship with Rihanna is undeniable and his Instagram account shows just how well-versed he is in her brand.

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