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mina starsiak clothes

Mina Starsiak Hawk has a keen real estate eye and an inspiring sense of mission: to save old homes while revitalizing entire city neighborhoods one house at a time.

She's taken her passion for community transformation to new heights with the launch of Two Chicks District Co. Located in Indianapolis' Bates-Hendricks neighborhood, this retail store exudes Midwestwestern hospitality.


Mina Starsiak Hawk is one of HGTV's beloved "chicks with hammers," whose DIY home-rehab show Good Bones has won over viewers' hearts. Whether they're taking down dilapidated houses and rebuilding them from the studs or creating vibrant interior designs, this Indianapolis mother-and-daughter team are passionate about what they do.

After six seasons on HGTV, Mina is set for her own spinoff series titled Good Bones: Risky Business. In this new project, 8,000 square foot Victorian-style home will be her biggest and most challenging yet!

This historic mansion, situated in Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, was constructed in 1886 and features a carriage house. With its unique architecture and rich history, it has become a sought-after spot for families; however, renovation of this home will require considerable effort and patience.

Mina has plenty of support in her effort to convert this century-old property into the bed and breakfast she desires. She's collaborated with Ayres Group's restoration team, who have assembled an experienced team for the job.

When renovating these homes, she always takes into account the windows - an integral factor in energy efficiency. She'll install larger-than-normal windows for natural light and to give the space a more spacious feel.

She's an expert at adding personalized touches like window frames and curtains. In her bathrooms, she loves bringing in bold-patterned shower curtains for a splash of personality.

Home renovation specialist Jennifer Moore loves to create a cozy cabin atmosphere, but isn't afraid to go all out on her projects. In fact, she may even create custom stair rail/wall accents similar to what she used in her twin house for added visual interest.

Mina's home renovation project, featured on HGTV spinoff show Good Bones: Risky Business, has already gained widespread media coverage. She's taking on the daunting task of restoring an historic Indianapolis mansion and turning it into a bed-and-breakfast and event center. The episode premiering Tuesday, September 6th will follow Mina as she transforms the century-old mansion and carriage house into something entirely new.


Mina Starsiak is an Indianapolis-based reality TV personality, real estate agent and renovator. She's featured on several HGTV shows such as Good Bones where she renovates people's homes. Additionally, she launched Two Chicks and a Hammer with her mother Karen Laine to do renovations in people's homes.

She is married and has two children with her husband Steve Hawk. Their firstborn, Jack Richard Hawk, was born in 2018; later that same year their second daughter Charlotte Drew Hawk was born.

Recently, HGTV star shared a screenshot of an Instagram comment that body-shamed her for losing weight. However, her response was that she doesn't feel this way and her weight loss has not altered who she is as an individual.

She not only works as a realtor and renovator, but she owns her own store too - Two Chicks District Co. in Indianapolis' Bates-Hendricks neighborhood - an area close to her heart.

Mina sells home decor and furniture in her shop. She and her mother have been in the renovation business for seven years, but this is their first venture into retail sales.

The shop is small and intimate, emphasizing Midwestern hospitality and home goods. Here you'll find an eclectic mix of new and vintage items hand-picked by the owner for her customers.

Mina boasts an ardent fan base and shares many pictures of her life on social media platforms. She boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram and nearly 400,000 on Twitter.

Her estimated net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Most of her income comes from the show Good Bones, but she also makes money through her own business ventures and commercials.

She is a proud mother and loving wife who often shares photos of her family on social media platforms, thankful for their love. She instills confidence in her kids by showing them they can follow their dreams without hesitation, while encouraging them to never hold back on following their heart's desires. Additionally, she believes families are made in God's grace and strength - thus her desire is always to bring out the best in them.


Since 2016, HGTV show "Good Bones" has been thrilling viewers, and now its star is expanding into physical retail stores. In June, Mina Starsiak Hawk opened Two Chicks District Co. in Indianapolis so locals and fans of Good Bones can shop the items they've been loving on-the-go!

Bates-Hendricks neighborhood welcomes Mina Store & Cafe to their vibrant community! Here, customers can find everything from apparel and gifts to home decor in one place. Plus, the space also has a small restaurant where shoppers can grab lunch or enjoy some refreshments while admiring Mina's signature style.

Mina's Jack and Drew collection for kids has become a hit with both parents and children alike, offering vibrant patterns with an easy-to-wear relaxed fit. Perfect for summertime adventures, the clothing can be found online to keep everyone comfortable while looking great.

Prices are competitive, especially if you're searching for unique pieces not found at big-box retailers. Most pieces fit within Two Chicks and a Hammer's aesthetic: earthy-Bohemian meets modern glamour.

Starsiak's business has become so successful that she's struggling to keep up with demand! Recently, she hired her sister Kelsey Gray to assist in running the business.

As a mother of two, she understands the value of having an optimal work-life balance and strives to do her best for her family. That's why she has launched a line of homegrown clothing for babies and toddlers that she can't wait to see her own children wearing.

She hopes to expand her brand by opening a store in Los Angeles this spring, too. But for now, it's all about providing customers with the hottest trends and helping them find her unique merchandise in her hometown of Indianapolis. She has collaborated with local vendors such as Twigs and Twine jewelry, Ambre Blends fragrance, Wildwood Market, 4 Birds Bakery, and Circle City Sweets to bring customers beautiful pieces that reflect current tastes.

mina starsiak engagement ring

HGTV's Good Bones Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Wears a Diamond Engagement Ring

Mina Starsiak of HGTV's Good Bones fame has made an impact in the home renovation world by revitalizing older homes in Indianapolis. But behind the scenes, she also has an amazing husband and family of two kids to support - making this project possible!

Mina's book, Built Together, conveys an inspiring message about families of all types and how they are all imperfectly perfect. Now that she and her husband are expecting their second child, we can't wait to see more of these adorable littles!

1. Diamonds

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak and her husband Steve Hawk are expecting their second child, though the couple struggled with infertility before becoming parents. Thankfully, the couple has remained strong and now enjoy a beautiful life together.

As with many couples, the star and her husband met online. But according to Karen Laine, her mother who also stars on the show, their relationship didn't start off well at first. At that stage in their relationship, Karen didn't approve of what her daughter's newfound flame was doing - something which would later prove true when they started dating again. Starsiak eventually got over her initial reservations and fell for him. They started dating, and when Hawk proposed on the 50-yard line of Indianapolis Colts' training field, Starsiak knew she had found true love. Since then they have tied the knot and welcomed son Jack into their world - it's easy to see why: they make an incredibly beautiful couple. We wish them many happy years together as a unit!

3. White Gold

Mina Starsiak, star of HGTV, is an enthusiastic renovator at heart but she also finds time for cooking and playing golf. Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to carve out time for meaningful philosperic moments each day - whether that means taking care of home improvement projects or going on family outings - while staying within budget and on schedule. Plus, unlike many of her peers, she's an astute shopper who knows a good bargain when they see one!

4. Platinum

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak has an enchanting tale to tell about how she and her husband, Steve Hawk, met. Initially connected through mutual friends, it only took a few dates for her to realize this was the man of her dreams.

The 31-year-old HGTV star and her husband got engaged back in 2016. They tied the knot at a stunning reception held in June 2016 at an historic building in Indianapolis.

After their nuptials, the couple welcomed their first child together - Jack Richard - into the world in August 2018. Recently, the delighted family announced that they are expecting another addition to their family.

Being pregnant can be a challenging endeavor, but Mina is determined not to give up on her dreams if she experiences difficulty. That's why she is currently seeking acupuncture treatment in order to enhance her chances of conception.

She is also trying to find other ways to maintain her physique. So far, the 31-year-old has tried a number of approaches including wearing a bracelet that tracks ovulation and following an eating plan.

Mina and her husband have become renowned for not only their stunning engagement ring, but also for their endearing relationship. After being together for five years, we're sure they'll remain happily ever after! Their love story has become so popular that it even earned itself its own reality show!

5. Diamonds

Mina Starsiak Hawk's engagement to Steve Hawk was marked by an exquisite diamond ring. The HGTV star and her stylish friend tied the knot in September 2017 at an elegant reception held in a historic building.

Mina, 31, is busy renovating her hit show Good Bones while owning a home decor store and being the mother of two. Her son Jack was born almost one year ago, while Charlotte will join them in March 2020. Additionally, the 31-year-old revealed she's trying to conceive another child - using acupuncture for help!

The HGTV star and her mother, Karen Laine, own Two Chicks and a Hammer, an established home renovation business. They're beloved on the network for their comedic banter and serious skill at renovating houses; but it's not all about work: both love to accessorize off camera too - often sporting layered gold necklaces and hoop earrings. Here are some of their best looks! If you're a fan of the show, be sure to follow along on Instagram for more updates on their adventures; catch them every Tuesday at 10 pm on Good Bones!

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Mina Starsiak Jeans

Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk are experts when it comes to home renovation. Together, they own Two Chicks and a Hammer in Fountain Square - an expert design and renovation company.

But beyond the sledgehammers and drywall, this dynamic mother-daughter team is more than just house porn. They're a family, doing their best to build each other up with love.


Mina Starsiak of HGTV is no stranger to the spotlight, yet her company remains at the top of the home improvement industry. As a mom of two and proud owner of Toronto's first condo, Mina has plenty of knowledge to share and isn't afraid to show it off on camera. Furthermore, she's got plenty of books on her reading list as well as an equally knowledgeable husband in decorating projects. Plus she's one of the key figures behind Toronto's renaissance as well as being an active participant in its renaissance while having lots of friends around - plus there will be mint-scented tees coming soon!


Mina Starsiak Hawk is more than just an HGTV personality; she's also a mom, author and store owner with an expansive fan base thanks to her work on the hit show Good Bones. An Indiana native at heart, Mina proudly represents both her alma mater and the Indiana Colts year-round through various activities.

Since her rise to fame on Good Bones, she's been sharing photos of her transformation online. Often, they feature side-by-side shots of herself to showcase her remarkable weight loss.

On January 22nd, 2022, she shared a story on Instagram featuring two photos of herself: one six months ago and the other one six months later. The post included a caption explaining why she chose to lose weight and how it had transformed her life.

In her caption, she acknowledged the amount of body shaming she'd experienced due to her transformation, yet never gave up on her health journey. She thanked both her therapist and personal trainer for helping her stay motivated throughout this period.

No matter a woman's weight, people will always body shame her. That is why it's essential for women to share their fitness goals and progress on social media - especially if they have an extensive following on Instagram.

As such, Mina Starsiak Hawk has received a great deal of criticism regarding her transformation. Social media platforms provide an easy platform for body shamers to target celebrities regardless of their fame. Ultimately, each individual must decide how they feel about their body and how best to treat it.

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