Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


thin mens hairstyles

Men with thin hair don't need to let it stand in the way of looking stylish. There are plenty of haircuts for thin hair that will help conceal any bald spots or thinning strands.

One of the best haircuts for receding hairlines is the comb-over. This straightforward style requires minimal product application - such as pomade or gel - and requires little upkeep.


The comb over is a timeless men's hairstyle perfect for anyone seeking to add some edge. It may also be suitable for those with thinning hair who wish to maintain their natural texture.

Thin hair can be caused by a variety of factors, such as stress, products or diet. As people age, they may begin to notice less hair on their head. Therefore, finding a hairstyle that works with thinning locks and gives you confidence is key for maintaining your style.

A classic comb over features long sides with short, faded hair. This haircut is ideal for men who enjoy short styles and want a versatile style that can be styled into multiple looks.

Another variation of the comb over is a low fade. This version places the fade transition lower on one side, helping to build weight and blend in towards the parietal ridge. Men with thin hair often opt for this style since it's easier to manage than more traditional styles.

Asian men often opt for this look when they want to shed some pounds but still achieve a slimming effect on their face. It's an effortlessly classic style that works well with facial hair and beards alike.

This comb over is one of the quickest styles to style, taking only minutes to complete. All that's needed is minimal product and some heat from a blowdryer - perfect for those who don't have much time to devote to hair maintenance.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is an eye-catching style suitable for any face shape, but it's especially ideal for men looking to make a statement. This design features a longer top with shorter sides, which can be paired with either a fade or undercut for additional flair.

This faux hawk hairstyle is ideal for thin men as it allows them to achieve the height they desire without worrying about hair loss. Furthermore, it draws the eye away from a flat hairline and creates an edgier appearance.

For those with thick or coarse hair, this style can be enhanced with highlights for added dimension and texture. Additionally, styling products can help maintain this look at home.

Luke Disapio of Newtown, CT suggests a low fade on the top for an eye-catching look. To achieve this look he suggests using sea salt spray and easy hold cream with a blow drier for texture; then finish by dusting on texture powder for added shine.

You have the option of getting this hairstyle shaved or clipped, but be mindful that if you want to maintain its spiky effect, be mindful with how much hair is removed. Before shaving your locks, consult with a professional stylist who can suggest the best way to maintain its aesthetic.

For men with thin hair, the faux hawk is an ideal style option as it's easily styled into any desired look. However, be mindful that this haircut may be difficult to maintain if you don't use proper products.

Side Part

Side part hairstyles are an ideal choice for men with thin hair. They can be styled for any special occasion, from formal to casual. Plus, these easy-to-maintain styles look great on both long and short tresses alike!

Another viable option for thin hair is a fade, which takes most of the hair away from sides and back, making it less obvious that you have thin locks. Furthermore, this style creates a more defined top and makes the hair on your head appear thicker.

The hard part is a modern take on the classic side part, featuring a shaved line that acts as the part instead of brushing it into place. It's an effective way to update classic haircuts while looking very contemporary.

Men with thinning facial hair often opt for this style, as the hard part helps conceal receding temples. You can add styling products to keep the hair in place and add shine, or simply let it air-dry naturally.

Thin curly hair can be disconcerting for many men, but you don't have to hide the issue with a simple square cut featuring back and side fades. The square shape will give your curls extra body, while keeping the back and sides kept fairly tidy to avoid an untidy appearance.

This haircut is one of our top choices for men with thin hair, especially those who have curly locks. It offers a classic aesthetic and you can achieve it even without using hair gel!

The side part is versatile enough to suit any event, from casual to formal. Plus, it's super easy to maintain with just some hair wax for added shine and structure.

Square Cut

A square cut is a timeless hairstyle that will flatter any face shape. Whether you prefer something short or long, the choice is yours - whatever works best for your needs!

These top strands are combed over and combed on one side for a sleek, professional finish, perfect for office-going men.

This military-inspired hairstyle is ideal for thin men, as it conceals thinning areas and gives the illusion of thicker locks. However, to achieve optimal results you must keep your locks well conditioned and blow dried before opting for this cut.

You can also style your tresses with styling waxes and creams designed for thin hair, such as Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax. This will give your locks extra body and hold.

Another way to style your hair is with a comb over and pompadour. Apply some pomade on your locks, then brush with your comb while holding it in one hand towards the back.

Alternatively, you could go with a faded style. This takes the hair away from the sides so it appears less obvious that you have a bald head.

Fading your hair's sides can also give it a fuller and denser appearance, especially for fine or thin locks.

Aside from a fade, there are other short haircuts for thinning hair to consider. A razor undercut and side part will draw attention to your wide cheekbones and strong jawline.

You could also try a faux mohawk. This classic and versatile hairstyle works for men of all ages. The shorter sides are tapered while the longer top is brushed up for an eye-catching style that will make you stand out among peers.


The pompadour is a timeless hairstyle ideal for thin men who desire more volume and texture in their locks. It requires minimal effort to maintain, making it an easy style to create.

Hair extensions can be an ideal solution for those suffering from hair loss. Not only will they conceal thinning areas, but it gives you more control over how much of your natural locks you want to keep.

The pompadour was traditionally associated with women until the 1950s, but is now widely popular among men of all hair types and ages. You can style it however you like - from faded sides to an undercut for a more dynamic aesthetic.

This style is ideal for formal events and can be dressed up or down with suits and jackets. It also looks good paired with casual wear like a t-shirt and jeans.

In addition to having a long top, it is recommended that the hair on the sides and back be kept short as well. This creates an outline which keeps your style neat and tidy.

Thin and thinning hair can be challenging to style, so styling products like mousse for men are ideal. Avoid anything gloopy as this will weigh down the locks and give them a dull appearance.

Pompadours can be a lot of fun and add an elegant flair to your look. Not only that, but they may even help boost your self-esteem!

The pompadour is a timeless classic that never goes out of style, making it the ideal hairstyle for any male. To add an edge, create defined contour lines along the forehead, temples and cheekbones by pairing it with high taper fades on both sides and back for an incredibly sharp appearance.

mens hairstyles for medium length hair

Mens Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium length hairstyles for men can add texture and depth to your style. The key is selecting a style that works with both your face shape and hair type.

To guarantee you find a style that works, talk to your barber about all the available options. They can suggest products and styling techniques that will give you optimal results.

1. Pompadour

If you want to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching hairstyle, a Pompadour is an ideal option. This haircut is popular among men with medium length locks and features a clean fade combined with a slicked-back top that flatters any face shape.

The classic pompadour is a popular hairstyle choice for men with medium length locks, but there are many modern variations available as well. What's great about this hairstyle is that you can customize it to suit your individual taste and needs.

For instance, you can add color to your pompadour for a bolder style. Not only will the hue draw attention to your hair, but it is an excellent way to express who you are as an individual.

Create a unique look with your pompadour by selecting colors that flatter your skin tone and facial features. For instance, if you have brown hair, try dyeing it blue or green for an even brighter style.

A side part is an ideal choice for this haircut, particularly if you have long hair on the sides and short on top. This will provide a neat and tidy appearance that makes maintaining your hairstyle much simpler.

Another great option for styling a pompadour is using a blow dryer. This will create volume and height in the style, which are essential features when creating such an expansive hairstyle.

The pompadour is a timeless men's hairstyle, made popular by Madame de Pompadour of France over centuries. Even today it remains popular among men with medium length locks.

2. Quiff

The quiff is a timeless style that can be tailored to suit all face shapes and hair types. However, it's essential to find a style that complements your unique features.

This cut is ideal for men with receding hairlines, as it emphasizes the volume on the front of the head. Additionally, it works well on men with thinning locks or older men by adding height and softening facial features.

A classic quiff is an effortless style that requires minimal upkeep and can be worn with various types of clothing. Whether you're searching for a formal or casual hairdo, the quiff is the ideal option for men looking to achieve a modern, classy and masculine aesthetic.

Maintaining a quiff is simple; just semi-regularly trim it. Plus, this versatile hairstyle can be worn with various other hairstyles like side parts or pompadours for added versatility.

The textured quiff has been a trend that has been around for some time now. It's an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your hair, especially when combined with a handlebar mustache.

For a textured quiff, begin by adding some product to your hair for thickness and volume. Then use a brush to shape the top section into a quiff; make sure the length on either side matches up closely to match the height in the front.

You may need to invest in a high-quality hair wax to achieve the texture needed for this haircut. This will guarantee your style has natural shine and gives your locks a more structured appearance.

3. Undercut

The Undercut hairstyle for medium length hair is one of the most versatile looks men can sport. Not only are these cuts easy to style, but they boast an ageless aesthetic that works well no matter what the occasion calls for.

Pairing this style with other popular hairstyles such as the pompadour or faux hawk is a great way to achieve a uniform appearance that requires minimal upkeep. Additionally, those wanting long locks without sacrificing personal style will find this option ideal.

You'll need a substantial amount of hair to pull off this style, so consult your stylist before making the cut. If you're concerned about maintaining it, get a trim every couple of weeks for freshening up the style.

Another great choice for this type of style is to pick a color that stands out and draws attention. Consider using dark hues such as smoky purple or silvery gray for an updated take on classic styling.

If you're searching for a hairstyle that will add some pizzazz to your medium length haircut, try adding a side part. It helps define the face shape and brings out the texture of your locks.

This hairstyle will flatter your natural curls, offering you a sultry and attractive appearance that flatters most facial shapes. You can style this hairstyle several ways: straight and slicked for an uptight appearance or with waves for something edgier that's sure to turn heads.

You can opt for an intricate undercut style with subtle shaved patterns combined with more traditional hair, creating an eye-catching effect.

4. Brow Flow

For a casual yet stylish hairstyle for medium length locks, the Bro Flow is your answer. This popular look is often seen on surfers, skateboarders and hockey players; however it can also be worn by men who prefer a more preppy lifestyle.

The Bro Flow is a mid to long-length haircut featuring layers that flow backward and away from the forehead. This messy style harkens back to 90s grunge but conveys an air of coolness that today's teens crave.

This fashionable hairstyle works well on either straight or curly hair, and its natural texture adds to the appeal. A great hair product can further enhance this effect for even greater impact.

No matter your age or gender, this look will add a youthful edge and make you appear more daring. Plus, it allows you to stand out at parties or other social gatherings.

For optimal results from this style, visit your barber every two or three months for a trim. They will know precisely where to trim and where ends need new shaping.

When your hair is longer, it may take more effort and time to achieve the perfect brow flow. However, if you have naturally wavy locks, it's not impossible if you have medium length locks and some skill with scissors.

You'll need to invest some time and patience, but the reward will be worth it. In just a few months, you could have one of the world's most sought-after hairstyles - like a bad boy with a heart of gold!

5. Wavy

Wavy hairstyles for medium length hair offer a fun, updated style. You can create waves using various techniques like twisty buns, braids or pin curls - the possibilities are endless!

For a stylish twist on wavy hair, try balayage blend. This silvery ombre hairstyle boasts dark roots and honey highlights for plenty of dimension.

One way to style your hair with waves is by doing a half updo. These simple styles offer an effortlessly stylish hairdo that's ideal for casual lunch dates or parties.

When selecting a haircut for wavy hair, factor in its thickness and desired movement. Bobs are ideal for thick or textured locks since they enhance natural movement within your strands.

To make this hairstyle work for you, ask your stylist to cut pieces into your strands that complement the texture and movement of your locks. Additionally, request for pieces to be layered throughout to avoid looking too formal or finished.

Add volume to your strands with a blow-dryer and styling spray for an eye-catching finish. You could even try curling your hair for extra flair!

The great thing about bob haircuts is that you can style it in multiple ways. Keep things casual by misting some sea salt spray over your locks and tousling them, or go all out by using a tong to create loose waves that will last all day long.

mens hairstyles receding hairline

Mens Hairstyles For Receding Hairlines

Receding hairlines can be a major issue for many men. But it doesn't have to be!

Men can hide their receding hairlines with style. These simple yet effective styles will help conceal bald patches without looking too unattractive.

Clean Shave

A clean shave may sound like an impossible dream, but this classic hairstyle can help you achieve a receding hairline with style. The key to getting the perfect clean shave is having your legs smooth and close so as not to clog pores or leave behind any unsightly stubble or rash.

A well-groomed clean shave can give off a polished image and draw attention to certain features such as your strong jawline.

For the ideal shaving experience, use a quality shaving cream. This will keep your skin soft and supple for an easier shave.

Another good option is to invest in a razor with an anti-frizz blade. This will make shaving much simpler and faster, so you'll be ready for work in no time!

Finally, using a high-quality shaving gel is recommended. This will help prevent ingrown hairs and minimize the likelihood of experiencing a rash or other unwanted facial conditions.

Recessing hairlines can be embarrassing, but with the right style you'll look better than ever! A skilled barber should be able to suggest the most stylish option that will enhance both your appearance and confidence level. Whether it's the latest buzz cut or something daring like going bald - your local barber has plenty of styles and prices to suit everyone's budget. Plus, with just some planning ahead of time, you'll feel confident and look your best in no time! And with careful planning ahead of time - ready to hit the office in style in no time!


If your hairline is receding, you might be feeling discouraged. But there's no need to give up style - simply find a haircut that helps mask your thinning locks and makes it appear thicker.

For those with receding hairlines who desire a longer, thicker style, the quiff is an ideal option. This classic men's hairstyle has been around for centuries but recently it has become one of the hottest trends in menswear.

This versatile hairstyle combines elements of the pompadour, fauxhawk and fade to create an upswept front silhouette with long locks. It can be tailored to fit a variety of head shapes and styles, making it perfect for those looking to take their mane-game to the next level.

To achieve the perfect quiff, invest in quality hair styling products. These will allow you to shape and style your locks into whatever shape and style desired, keeping it in place throughout the day.

No matter which style you opt for, make sure your locks are clean and damp before styling them. This will make styling difficult, particularly with a cut like the quiff.

You can add some flair to your quiff with some styling products that add texture and grip. Sea salt spray for men is especially handy, as it provides extra hold without making your locks too stiff or difficult to manage.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is an easy-to-care for men's hairstyle that works great with receding hairlines. This style features a tapered back and sides with longer length on top (typically 1-2 inches).

For over a century, celebrities have been sporting this timeless style. It was originally popular during Ivy League universities and is now considered an essential cut for men of all ages.

A classic short crew cut can be styled to suit your face shape and looks great when paired with a full beard for an all-in-one style. The shortest version of this cut features a short fade at the sides which softens the contrast between your temples and sides of your head, making receding hairlines less visible.

Another option is a mid-length cut with textured points at the front and sides that can be sprayed with texturizing sea salt spray for a choppy texture. This style works best for men with square face shapes or hardened facial features as it hides lines around the eyes while helping to minimize receding hairlines.

Thick hair or natural waves will love this style, as it adds a relaxed vibe to the overall appearance. It's an adaptable style that can easily be combed over and spiked up with gel or wax such as GATSBY Inside Lock Natural Lift.

This look is ideal for receding hairlines, as you can spray with texturizing pomade to keep the top portion of the hair up and out of your eyes. Alternatively, you can brush forward as needed for a less formal aesthetic.

Buzz Cut

Fortunately, there are numerous hairstyles that can help conceal a receding hairline. It is essential to select a style that flatters your face shape and lifestyle.

The Buzz Cut is a timeless men's hairstyle that suits many face shapes. When styled correctly with consistent length, your locks may appear fuller and thicker.

A buzz cut is an ideal haircut for men with thinning hair, as it helps conceal the area where your hairline is receding. Additionally, it helps define your face and keeps people's attention on other features instead of your receding hairline.

Another advantage of this haircut for men with receding hairlines is its ease of upkeep. You only need to wash it once or twice a week, and make sure you brush your hair after each wash. It makes maintaining this type of style very straightforward!

Why not give this timeless style a shot? Simply keep the top hair longer and taper the sides for an effortlessly chic look.

Maintain a slicked-back style for this look, and add some texture with some products on the front for extra dimension.

Fading your top hair can create the illusion of a pompadour. If you have a vertex receding hairline, this will help conceal it and draw attention towards your chin or jawline.

Additionally, this style can be combined with other facial hair styles to give the illusion of a more balanced head shape. It is especially helpful for those with asymmetrical hair as it creates the illusion of a straighter line across their face.

Pompadours are a timeless men's hairstyle that can be styled in various ways. While they're most commonly seen with side parts, there are plenty of modern takes on this classic style that will flatter different face shapes.

Another popular way to style a pompadour is with a clean fade. This look works great for elongating the face and can be paired with a short-boxed beard to further emphasize facial features.

To achieve this style, find a barber or stylist with extensive experience in this style and ask them to leave plenty of length on top.

Furthermore, make sure your hair stays clean and condition to avoid breakage. Try using Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo for strong strands that look full.

If you want to show off your natural texture, a messy pompadour is a great choice. This style looks more casual and cool when paired with sunglasses.

Add volume to your hair without damaging it with finger combing. A little effort goes a long way and gives off an organic appearance.

This hairstyle is ideal for anyone with thin or thick locks. It may take some effort to get the top section of your locks to stand up and roll back, but it's achievable.

If you're searching for a hairstyle that can really boost your confidence, the pompadour is an ideal option. This timeless classic works well with any face shape and adds an element of individualism.

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