Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Wear a Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Halloween Costume

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Wear a Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Halloween Costume


machine gun kelly halloween costume

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Wear a Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Halloween Costume

At Casamigos Halloween party this year, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly transformed into another iconic rock 'n' roll couple by wearing costumes inspired by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who were married in 1995.

They arrived dressed as Pam and Tommy, recreating the iconic 90's rock star's pink and red latex mini-dress with Anderson's iconic blonde hairstyle. Machine Gun Kelly donned a black priest's robe embroidered with crosses accompanied by an equally red goatee to mimic Lee's facial hair.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee from the '90s have been thrust back into the spotlight with Hulu's limited series Pam & Tommy, which dramatised their private sex tape. As such, many celebrities have been seen dressed as them for Halloween this year, including Machine Gun Kelly and his fiance Megan Fox.

At Friday night's Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Beverly Hills, Fox and MGK donned their best Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee looks to pay homage to the '90s era. Drawing inspiration from Baywatch star's 1995 grand opening of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Fox donned a pink and red latex mini dress that looked straight out of her dreams. She completed the look with a voluminous bleached blonde wig, smoky eye makeup and larger nails for an oh-stylish glamourous finish.

MGK chose to let his tattoos take center stage as he donned a white tank top vest and leather pants that perfectly complemented Lee's style. To complete the ensemble, MGK dyed his hair a darker shade and donned a goatee in imitation of Lee's iconic look. Finally, MGK added sunglasses clipped onto his neckline as well as an accessory of choice: cigarettes.

Anderson and Lee may not be the most popular celebrity couple, but their looks remain timeless classic. Since Pam & Tommy hit theaters earlier this year, there has been an influx of celebrities wearing costumes inspired by Anderson & Lee for Halloween costumes - from Jesy Nelson and Rebecca Black to Liam Payne and Laura Whitmore.

With so many stars sporting similar costumes for Halloween, it's no shock that there has been some criticism over their choices. However, this isn't the first time Anderson and Lee have reimagined their costumes for this holiday, and it likely won't be the last either.

No matter who or what inspired them, the costumes are certainly eye-catching. And with so many famous faces wearing them, it's likely that they were heavily inspired by their explosive '90s romance and stolen sex tapes.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue was one of the most iconic glam metal bands during the 1980s. They gained notoriety for their hard-edged riffs and heavy-handed lyrics, as well as drug references. Their hit track "Dr. Feelgood" featured a cocaine reference and became their first Top 10 single.

They achieved worldwide fame with the 1989 album Dr. Feelgood and tour across the globe. Their sultry image was also evident in their music; many hits featured explicit lyrics and sultry visuals.

Motley Crue have never shied away from their drug use, despite their fame. Their early albums featured explicit drug references and explicit lyrics; however, later LPs took on a more subdued tone as the band's chemistry improved and their sexuality became more openly explored.

It didn't take long for their sleazy image to reach mainstream popularity in Los Angeles, as they quickly became one of the most sought-after groups. They had several hits during the 1980s, including "Looks That Kill."

Fans were immediately entranced by the sleazy sound and music of the band, featuring heavy metal riffs with a sexually charged message. Their lyrics often focused on bad boy imagery, sex and drugs - often leading to an explosive success.

Their seductive image was undoubtedly their main selling point, but they also garnered attention for their provocative music videos. Their 1984 video for "Smokin' in the Boys Room" was praised by Tipper Gore and would later inspire a music video for their hit track "Girls, Girls."

Many weren't pleased with their sultry images. Many criticised them on Instagram and some Christians even called out the couple for being distasteful.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly donned similar costumes to the Casamigos Halloween party in Los Angeles over the weekend, paying homage to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - two of pop music's iconic hunks.

Link & Zelda

Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's beloved video game franchises, and actress Megan Fox and her fiance Machine Gun Kelly have joined the ranks of celebrities who have cosplayed as its elvish characters for Halloween.

Fox, known for her roles in the Transformers series and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, donned a stunning Princess Zelda costume inspired by the character from the popular video game franchise. For her look, she donned long flowing blonde locks cascading down from the center part of her hair; additionally wearing a maroon corset, an ornamented long skirt featuring the Triforce symbol, thigh-high golden heels, and elf ears.

Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Link, the protagonist of the video game series. He donned a khaki green shirt and matching hat, along with baggy pants, brown leather gloves, and a harness around his chest. Additionally, he carried a small single-bladed sword not often used by Link in the games.

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly took things to the next level by posting three snaps of themselves wearing Communion wafers in their mouths on Instagram, captioning each photo: "On Sundays we take communion."

Megan exuded sexual appeal in her busty burgundy corset, emphasizing her ample bust. To finish off her Zelda costume, Megan added a white embroidered skirt featuring daringly high slits up the front. Additionally, she donned white gloves and metallic gold boots that laces all the way up her legs for added flair.

She donned a long blonde wig that replicated Zelda's locks and perched a sparkly crown atop her head. To complete the look, she donned glittery purple eyeshadow and pink lipgloss for added glitz.

The "Good Mourning" actress and her fiance, who has been married to her since 2015, shared a set of photos that showcase their daring Zelda and Link costumes that are more daring than the traditional Princess Zelda garb.

They took a chance by opting for an outfit more daring than the classic Princess Zelda costume, but it paid off. Fans were quick to comment on their sultry look, with many accusing it of mocking religion.


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have created quite a stir this Halloween with their daring costumes. At Casamigos Tequila's Halloween party earlier in the week, the duo donned an outfit inspired by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee from their 1995 grand opening celebration.

But their most controversial costume may have been their dark dominatrix and priest look that was posted to Instagram this weekend. In the provocative pictures, Fox appears chained to her boyfriend dressed as a priest with both a leash and dog collar around his neck.

Over the weekend, The Expendables actress and rapper donned latex lingerie - including a bondage-style bra - to attend a West Hollywood Halloween party. She accessorized with a black velvet robe and thigh-high boots for added warmth.

According to Halloween expert John Bannatyne, this year's Halloween costume trends have taken a turn for the more daring with popular choices like Disney's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and "Saturday Night Live," adding an element of sexuality to this beloved holiday.

Though it may appear that Halloween costumes were all the rage in the '90s, they actually began in the 1920s with mass-produced paper costumes like aprons or masks made of buckram that could be discarded when not needed. This marked a significant departure from previous century's paper-and-silk creations which usually only lasted one day before being torn apart, according to Bannatyne.

In the 1960s, costume options grew even wider as television became a dominant cultural force and established its own distinctive style. "It was very much '60s era," Bannatyne noted, noting that this era also brought forth gory and scary costumes as a way of acknowledging Halloween's darker side.

According to Bannatyne, the 1970s brought about a new era of sultry Halloween costumes that took inspiration from popular culture. Popular looks from this era included "Saturday Night Live" coneheads and John Travolta in Grease from the 1980s; as well as Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from their Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse outfits.

In the 1980s, however, Halloween took on a darker tone as it evolved into an occasion for horror and violence. Popular Halloween films depicting sexually related violence included "Halloween" and "Scream."

coi leray concerts

Coi Leray Concerts

East Coast emcee Coi Leray blends melodic vocals and poetic verse over energetic beats and heavy bass. She successfully balances uncompromising toughness with an infectious personality.

In July, she performed at Rolling Loud 2021 in Miami but failed to wow the crowd. Despite her best efforts, it appeared that there were still some unanswered questions for the singer-songwriter.

No More Parties

Coi Leray has made a name for herself as an innovative, daring pop star with her raw rhymes and captivating vocals. From her groundbreaking mixtape Everythingcoz to numerous platinum-certified hits, the New Jersey native has created a path filled with the vibrant energy of her personality.

She's achieved great success in a relatively short amount of time, growing from an animated teenager to an energetic twenty-something who stays the course and reaps the rewards for her dedication. With music that alternates between high energy and mid-tempo melodic rap and back again, she makes for memorable artists with the ability to connect with a wide range of listeners.

After taking a brief hiatus in 2018, she returned with the braggadocious banger "Huddy," which quickly went viral on Soundcloud and TikTok. Its boldly written lyrics and catchy melody made its way onto Billboard Hot 100, where it reached platinum within weeks of release. Her follow-up single, "No More Parties," followed in January 2021 and became her most passionately sung hit yet.

Her subsequent release, Trendsetter, hit the charts and cemented Leray's fanbase with a string of viral hits such as "Blick Blick" featuring Nicki Minaj and "No More Parties (Remix)" featuring Lil Durk. This album stood out in an ocean of TikTok froth, cementing her place as one to be reckoned with.

Coi Leray's skill as a musician and dancer are evident in her songs such as "Anxiety," which gives some insight into Coi's struggle with anxiety while she strives to pursue what she loves most - music. With this perspective, Coi Leray has gained an insightful perspective on her craft.

Coi Leray's creativity is showcased in this song with guest appearance from Wallo267, who adds his unique touch and provides the backdrop for the poignant line "I need to be me." This track serves as proof that Coi Leray's talents extend beyond the studio.

She's a talented performer who never fails to wowed audiences during live performances. Her hits are always crowd pleasers and she knows how to get everyone up dancing! Hopefully her career continues to progress as she expands her music catalog!


Coi Leray's career has been on the rise ever since her viral hit "G.A.N." at 14 years old. After several years of building her fan base, Coi released her debut album Trendsetter in April and quickly became one of hip hop music's biggest successes this year with its biggest opening week ever for a female artist.

Trendsetter's music often features boastful luxury rappers, but most of her tracks are personal and honest. She is not afraid to speak her mind about love, relationships and mental health; furthermore, she strongly supports women in rap which is something important to her.

On her debut LP, Leray experiments with a variety of modern sounds: Sad Guitar Rap ("Heart in a Coffin," "Mustard's Interlude"), Moody New York Anthems ("Mountains," "TWINNEM") and Plucky Pop Hits ("Aye Yai Yai"). While Leray never lacks energy, her blend of bold raps and melodic honesty often works better against certain genres than others.

For instance, her delicate vocals don't quite mesh with G Herbo's "Thief in the Night," but her rhyming flows work better over Chicago drums like on "Box & Papers," her solo track.

Leray often follows an unfortunate trend, which is evident on her debut album. She relies heavily on guest stars to make her songs stand out from the competition, which unfortunately becomes evident throughout the record.

She possesses a great deal of talent, but what truly sets her apart in the music industry is her unique ability to set trends rather than following them. This ability will be showcased on her upcoming tour which kicks off later this summer with TBA as its openers.

She is an accomplished artist with much to offer and deserves to be heard. Despite her shortcomings, she holds the potential to make a major impact in hip-hop; all that needs to happen is for her to find success on her own. If successful, she will go down as one of history's greatest rap artists.


New Jersey rapper Coi Leray is taking her career to new heights and has already tasted success. Her hit single "Huddy" has been a huge hit with fans, making for some thrilling live performances in front of an enthusiastic audience.

The singer has released several mixtapes and a single to date, working with artists such as Gunna and Lil Durk. She's currently on her Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents: Coi Leray Trendsetter Tour that will take her across cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and beyond.

In the video below, she performs her hit single "Huddy." The summer party jam features Mike Rosa - a New Jersey rapper with an equally popular hit to his name.

Though it may appear to be a straightforward feat to wow an impressive crowd at concerts, it takes considerable effort and skill to keep attendees engaged throughout the performance. Many artists possess various tricks up their sleeve in order to keep their audiences enthralled by their performances.

On her Rolling Loud 2021 stage performance, 24-year-old Boston rapper faced a crushing disappointment as her hit songs such as No More Parties and Slide weren't well received by the audience. Despite her best efforts to engage them, fans remained silent throughout her performance.

Coi Leray's audience has not always responded positively to her performances, and it appears this won't be the last. While some Twitter users made fun of her attempt at romance, others took to social media in support of her efforts.

After releasing her debut project 'Everythingcoz' in 2018, Coi Leray went on to release her breakthrough song "Huddy" in 2019. It became an instant hit with fans and skyrocketed her popularity. Soon after signing a deal with Republic Records, Coi released another hit single called "No More Parties", which reached Billboard Hot 100 as well.

The rapper's breakthrough single has become a smash hit and earned her place on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack with her track, "Huddy." Now on tour with Mike Rosa across America, she promises to leave an indelible mark on those in attendance.

Big Prr (Prrdd)

Coi Leray has achieved success with her hit songs "No More Parties" and "Big Purr (Prrdd)". Now, Coi will be performing at her Atlanta concert - be sure to catch it if you're in town!

The Boston-born, Hackensack, NJ-raised rapper has already achieved success on social media with her viral video of herself dancing to her song "No More Parties." But it's not all about her Instagram and TikTok posts; she also made headlines due to a public family feud with her father Benzino, an iconic rap veteran.

She's been nominated for two BET awards, including Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, and she has big plans. Currently on tour across America, she's eager to release her debut album in 2021.

With a string of releases and collaborations, Leray is on the rise. She's amassed millions of streams and scores of hits since her inception, making her success no surprise.

Leray has established herself as a major force in the hip-hop scene, having collaborated with artists such as Ski Mask The Slump God, Jacquees, Fetty Wap, Trippie Redd and Keke Palmer. Her powerful lyricism and captivating vocals have left many of her peers and competitors behind.

She recently released a collaboration with platinum-selling Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty called "No Stakes", which has already garnered widespread interest. Teased on social media, the track quickly went viral with its simple piano keys and infectious bass line that provides an infectious platform for both artists to showcase their skillsets.

Leray's voice is perfectly balanced by Shiesty's energetic bars in the chorus of this song. Their chemistry is undeniable and they both deliver stellar performances throughout it.

Unfortunately, the track doesn't quite live up to its expectations due to its brief runtime of 1:57. While they may not have been able to wow the crowd with their performance, they still put in effort and delivered a decent set. Plus, they were able to play off each other's bars which helps keep the energy high throughout the song.

J Cruz Dj 2020

J Cruz Dj 2020

J Cruz has had the enduring desire to be a radio personality since childhood. Today, the Burbank studio where he hosts his afternoon show is just a few miles from where that dream began - nearly five miles!

After four years on KPWR (Power 106) mornings, he is taking his talents to REAL 92.3 starting April 18th, joined by executive producer Jeff Garcia and DJ Lechero.

What is J Cruz Dj 2020?

J Cruz Dj 2020 is a radio DJ who has been spinning songs since high school. He currently works at REAL 92.3, an iHeartMedia station located in Los Angeles.

Cruz works as an editor for the Orange County Register in his spare time and also covers pop culture events like Oscars and Emmys as well as attending Comic-Con and Coachella.

He's even penned a book called The Pop Culture Reporter: An Insider's Guide to the World of Music and Entertainment. Additionally, he hosts a weekly comedy show at La Brea Improv every Wednesday night.

Though he has put in a lot of effort, he still hasn't quite cracked the music industry yet. Having worked on some big names and having his own hits, he has yet to experience the kind of success that would propel him to the top tables.

So he set out to achieve that goal, a task which required years of hard work and rejection. Living out of his car and leaving a secure job behind, he pursued his ambition in the hopes of one day becoming a radio star on Power 106 alongside his idol Big Boy.

Luckily, J Cruz succeeded and was offered the job, taking him back to California for the first time ever. After four years at Power 106, he left to take an afternoon slot at REAL 92.3. As the new face of Real 92.3, J Cruz has an opportunity to make his mark on Los Angeles radio and inspire future generations with his daring approach.

Why choose J Cruz Dj 2020?

J Cruz Dj 2020 is a new afternoon drive program airing on REAL 92.3 in Los Angeles that marks a major victory for iHeartMedia in the city. The station hopes that by adding this program, their PPM ratings will soar and give them an edge over Power 106 in competition.

This move is daring and could potentially pay off if they can leverage their sales team to attract advertisers willing to spend more for a top-tier afternoon program. If this strategy works, other stations might follow suit and invest more dollars into their programs in the future.

At the age of 15, Cruz had a dream to become a DJ. As they drove around together in their car, learning all about radio from scratch, Cruz kept his sights set on this goal.

He eventually secured a position at KVEG-FM/97.5 in Las Vegas and worked there for 10 years, working every shift possible while never forgetting his dream of working in radio.

In 2015, Cruz succeeded Big Boy on Power 106 radio station. However, his road to this position wasn't easy - but he persisted and it paid off: his climb through the ranks at that station attracted listeners and artists alike.

Though Cruz' journey to success at Power 106 wasn't always smooth, the experience taught him a great deal about himself and his dedication. He learned not to fear pushing himself too hard and to trust in himself and his instincts.

After four years on the show, Cruz left Power 106 and joined REAL 92.3 in April. He's now hosting "The Cruz Show," with executive producer Jeff Garcia (aka Jeff G), DJ Lechero and Real 92.3's own DJ Lezlee joining them. It features celebrity interviews, prank calls, breaking music news, hip hop news as well as local/national headlines.

J Cruz Dj 2020 Reviews

J Cruz, 39, hosts his afternoon show on REAL 92.3 from a studio in Burbank a few miles away from where he first dreamed of a career on the air. At that time, Cruz from Van Nuys, California had one goal: becoming a DJ on Power 106 radio station where radio icons such as Big Boy played hits and spent time with stars each weekday morning.

He joined Power 106 in 2011 and quickly earned himself the top morning show spot. However, after Big Boy moved to Los Angeles' Real 92.3 in 2015, iHeartMedia's newest rap station had no AM host - so they turned to J Cruz to fill that void on their schedule.

The Cruz Show, airing Monday through Saturday at 2 p.m., marks a significant achievement for REAL 92.3 and the iHeartMedia brand as an entire. It may indicate that some stations might begin looking beyond their morning programs in light of PPM ratings.

Though it remains to be seen if this shift will lead to more investment in the PM hour, iHeart and other radio stations across America have certainly benefitted from this decision. As PPM ratings take hold, industry must continue investing in creating content that resonates with listeners - J Cruz being an excellent addition to Real 92.3's afternoon lineup.

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