Jackson Wang Glasses - The Arbiter of Cool

Jackson Wang Glasses - The Arbiter of Cool


Jackson Wang, K-pop superstar, is an icon of cool with his sophisticated personal style and multi-hyphenate status in the fashion world that draws attention from industry giants like Fendi, Armani and Cartier.

Ray-Ban has now joined forces with him to design a collection of frames featuring three unique color combinations of their iconic Ray-Ban Aviator and Square frames, each boasting Wang's signature engraved inside the temple tips.

Ray-Ban Aviator

Ray-Ban Aviators are one of the world's most beloved sunglasses, and for good reason: They provide glare-protecting lenses in a classic frame design that looks as great as it feels. Not only that, but these shades have become staples for men around the world - from Sean Penn to Michael Jackson to Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'.

For over eighty years, the iconic aviator frame has remained a mainstay in Gucci's collection. Invented in the 1930s for military pilots, they feature an elegant double bridge and metal frames that rest comfortably behind the ears.

Today, aviators come in an array of color and lens options to fit any style - from vintage-inspired aviator looks to more contemporary silhouettes. Plus, you can customize a pair with clear or blue-light blocking lenses for an even sexier appearance!

Ray-Ban offers two primary types of sunglass lenses: Crystal (glass) and Plastic (polycarbonate). Both provide 100% UV protection, comfort and clear vision; the difference lies in their weight and impact resistance - with plastic lenses being much lighter while still offering the same optical clarity as their glass counterparts.

Polarized Lenses

All Ray-Ban non-prescription sunglass lenses feature polarization. For Crystal (glass) lenses, the filter is integrated between two layers of glass; for Plastic (polycarbonate) sunglass lenses, it's fused within the material itself. This makes polarization more effective and less susceptible to scratching.

Solid Lenses

Ray-Ban's classic Solid lenses are a popular choice for pilots and athletes. These lenses offer a darker shade of grey that increases contrast while protecting against bright sunlight and UV rays. Plus, they come with an oleophobic coating which repels water and dust particles.

These sunglasses offer the ideal balance of fashion and function. With three lens sizes and colors to choose from, these shades make ideal sense even for smaller faces.

Are you searching for an eye-catching pair of aviator sunglasses or something more daring, look no further than Ray-Ban x Team Wang sunglasses. This collaboration takes the classic Ray-Ban Aviator and Oval design and offers new colour combinations like light brown lenses with copper or gold frames, light azure lenses with silver frames, or violet lenses combined with Havana grey frames that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Ray-Ban Square

Ray-Ban Square sunglasses have become one of the iconic designs in history due to their timeless style, superior materials and enhanced eye protection. For decades now, this iconic style has been a mainstay in many fashionistas' wardrobes.

This style of sunglass comes in a wide selection of frames and lens options, so it's easy to find one that matches your personal taste and lifestyle. For instance, performance square sunglasses feature classic design elements combined with cutting-edge lens tech and lightweight materials for enhanced performance.

These sunglasses are ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities, as they provide excellent visual acuity and high visibility. Furthermore, their semi-flexible material and stylish design make them comfortable to wear all day long.

For those seeking an added layer of fashion flair, Ray-Ban offers a selection of square glasses in various colors and styles. Choose from ombre, printed or sparkle sunglasses to bring some life and pizzazz into your look this spring.

Another popular trend this season is aviator style sunglasses with large flat lenses and gold details that will add an accent of color to your ensemble.

Ray-Ban offers a selection of sunglasses to fit any style, including the Blaze General and Square 1971. Both boast an eye-catching metal frame with an elegant brow bar that will remain fashionable for years to come.

For a retro vibe, Ray-Ban's Square 1970 sunglasses offer the perfect solution. This model boasts a rounded frame and large lenses that capture the funky energy of the 1970s era. Part of their throwback collection, these timeless classics have been reinterpreted in modern colors and styles for an updated take on popular designs from decades past.

If you're a fan of this style, be sure to check out the new Ray-Ban Square x Team Wang collaboration that has just launched. This collection includes different frames with unique havana temple tips and Jackson Wang's engraved signature.

The RB logo should be etched onto the front of the lenses and brand's name should appear on the right arm as well. This helps confirm that the sunglasses are genuine and provide adequate UV protection. Furthermore, make sure the lenses are polarised; otherwise, you can be certain they're fakes.

Ray-Ban Oval

Ray-Ban is the go-to brand for sunglasses, offering a wide variety of styles to choose from - classic models to limited edition releases or online-exclusive items. If you're searching for sunglasses that not only look stylish but also protect your eyes, the Ray-Ban Oval makes an excellent option.

These sunglasses have a retro-inspired shape and feature wire-rimmed lenses with an acetate brow piece and temple arms. These frames come in various colors such as black, tortoiseshell and gold-tone. You have your pick of lens options: polarized or G-15 lenses.

When searching for sunglasses that will complement a suit or something more casual, Ray-Ban Oval sunglasses are an excellent option. Not only is this model sophisticated and suitable for anyone; but men with narrow faces especially will find comfort in this style of lens.

If you're uncertain of your frame size, try on some Ray-Ban sunglasses at your local store and see which works best for you. They come in three different sizes: Small, Standard and Large. To determine your exact fit, use either a bank card or consult the measurements on the inner side of the temples.

Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a range of materials. While most frames are made from acetate, you may also come across some that are rubber or plastic. This material tends to be more durable than acetate and can withstand longer exposure to the sun.

This plastic material looks very similar to acetate, but it has a more matte texture and isn't as glossy as traditional Ray-Ban acetate. Additionally, it costs much less than its more expensive counterpart - making it an attractive alternative for those who want a Ray-Ban but cannot stomach the high price tag of genuine acetate.

Plastic, unlike acetate, is a bio-based material made from wood pulp and other natural fibers - offering a greener option. You can choose from an array of tints, mirror finishes and gradients to suit your personal style. Plus if you need to add prescription lenses, these sunglasses come with doctor verified lenses!

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

If you're searching for a pair of glasses that will make an impact, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are your perfect fit. These iconic frames have a history dating back to 1950 and have been donned by celebrities like Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson.

When selecting sunglasses, it's essential to take into account your face shape and skin tone. These factors will determine which frame best fits you; if you have an oval or heart-shaped face, a frame that squarishly resembles your shape will flatter you; on the other hand, if you have rounder features on your face, opt for frames with wider shapes which will better frame the profile of your face.

No matter your face shape, there are several Ray-Ban Wayfarer options to suit. For instance, the new Wayfarer Mini minimizes forward tilt for a more modern aesthetic that's lighter and easier on smaller faces.

Another option is the Mega Wayfarer, featuring thick temples and a bold front. You can wear this style on its own or with a t-shirt; perfect for anyone wanting to add some personality into their ensemble.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is one of the world's most beloved sunglasses models, and for good reason. Its iconic shape has been featured in classic films and on some iconic cultural icons throughout history.

jackson wang perfume

Jackson Wang Perfume

K-pop star Jackson Wang made an exclusive appearance at Louis Vuitton's latest menswear show. Fans took to social media platforms to celebrate his stylish ensemble.

Wang, currently on his MAGICMAN tour, is one of a growing number of ethnic Chinese idols who have seen remarkable success in China's music and fashion industries. Additionally, he serves as global brand ambassador for prestigious brands like Armani Perfume, Hennessy, Fendi, Pepsi and Ray Ban.

Fragrance Notes

Are you a fan of K-pop singer Jackson Wang and curious to know what fragrance he wears? A recent TikTok video from an exclusive fan meet revealed that the 28-year-old wears Giorgio Armani's The Yulong Eau De Toilette. This fragrance features tea notes such as green and black tea, along with citrus zests; top notes include Mandarin Orange, Petitgrain and Cardamom; middle notes are Green Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine and Orange Blossom; base notes comprise Vetiver Ambrette (Musk Mallow) and iris.

He is just one of many brands who have chosen him as their ambassador, including Louis Vuitton and Creed luxury perfume brand.

While some of these scents might be a bit too over-the-top, there's no denying the trend: celebrities are getting more creative with their fragrance choices and selecting unique favorites. Young Chinese idols such as Zhu Yi Long and G-Dragon have recently ventured away from safe, trendy or popular colognes to experiment with unique creations.

Jeongyeon, a singer from Seoul, occasionally ventures away from the more common colognes and perfumes to try something different. Her favorite scent is Citron 28, which features lemon and ginger; jasmine middle notes; musk and cedar base notes.

Jin and G-Dragon both prefer Diptyque Philosykos, a unisex fragrance featuring fig leaf and fig top notes; green and coconut middle notes; and a base of fig tree, cedar, and woody notes. This gentle scent is ideal for those who want to smell like an ancient temple without overpowering them with too much musk.

Top Notes

Are you searching for a perfume that smells just like your favorite celebrity, there are plenty of options. The best ones offer great quality at an unbeatable value - particularly those from high-end brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. Besides these high-end names, there are also lesser known labels offering quality at reasonable costs.

For instance, Bulgari's popular Eau de parfumee au The Bleu can be yours for under 100 dollars. While it may not be the most expensive cologne around town, you can rest assured that its top-notch scent will last years to come. Maybe it's time to up your fragrance game?

Middle Notes

Chinese-born K-pop superstar Jackson Wang is one of the world's most celebrated artists. A former member of popular Korean group GOT7, he's since built an acclaimed solo career and currently ranks number one on Billboard 200.

Magic Man, his second album after 2018's MIRRORS, explores darker themes of mystery and temptation with 70s rock influences. The singer-rapper also displays impressive vocal range with raspy low tones to high falsetto notes.

Jackson Wang achieved worldwide fame after leaving his role in the popular Korean boy band Got7. Since then, he has released his debut EP and become a global phenomenon, touring around the world with an international fanbase. Collaborations with artists like Joji, GoldLink, Major Lazer and Gucci Mane followed, with FENDIMAN topping both U.S. iTunes singles and pop charts worldwide.

He's set to be in Singapore from December 21-26 for a few events, and during an exclusive fan meetup on TikTok last night he used Giorgio Armani The Yulong Eau de Toilette as part of his fragrance selection! Luckily, there are still some online places you can get your hands on this fragrance!

Base Notes

Top notes are usually the most sought-after, but this jackson wang perfume really stands out with its base note offerings. These include Italian cypress, myrtle and rose; sandalwood and cedar; amber and musk. While these fragrances may be expensive, they're composed of high grade ingredients that last all day long on even sensitive skin types. Plus, you can purchase them from various retailers including Tangs online platform! The biggest challenge for aficionados is choosing the right one; research will help make an informed decision.

jackson wang merch

GOT7 Rapper Jackson Wang Brings K-Pop and Streetwear Together

Jackson Wang is a K-pop sensation with an impeccable fashion sense. As such, he's earned campaigns and capsule collections from industry titans such as Fendi and Adidas.

His brand, TEAM WANG Design, fuses K-pop aesthetic with streetwear fashion to express his vision. Now the group is teaming up with resale site StockX to bring his aesthetic to a wider audience.


If you're a fan of K-pop singer Jackson Wang, then you likely already know him from his work as the lead rapper and dancer for South Korean boy band GOT7. But the Chinese-born artist has ventured into other areas of entertainment as well, founding both his own record label and fashion line.

At the start of his career, he was represented by one of K-pop's premier agencies, JYP Entertainment. However, in 2021 he and fellow members Mark, Youngjae, Jay B, and Yugyeom decided to depart the agency in order to pursue independent projects.

Now that GOT7 are independent, they've released several new songs and starred in various K-dramas. Furthermore, they released a self-titled EP that showcased their uncompromising style and musical vision.

The EP's title track, "Nana," is an upbeat celebration of love and closeness. The music video showcases all seven members of GOT7 in an idyllic setting as they effortlessly dance through their choreography with joy and ease.

This song has the feel of an eclectic blend of old-school RnB and deep house hits, with its beat distorted and layered in a unique manner compared to the mainstream K-pop we've come to know and love.

The EP features a strong K-pop sound, but is also diverse and showcases Jackson's individual style as a singer. While some tracks are upbeat and energetic, others include more somber songs for reflection.

One of the highlights of the album is the title track, a slowed-down version of their previous hit "Cheer Up." This uptempo track boasts more energy and danceability than its predecessor and showcases their signature pop aesthetic perfectly.

Many other tracks on the EP have a more experimental feel, especially lead single "Don't Care." Co-written and produced by 19-year-old Yugyeom, this track serves as an exemplar of what GOT7's future songs may sound like with its creatively distorted beats.

On the whole, "Flight Log: Arrival" serves as a testament to what can be achieved when artists have complete creative control and aren't bound by contracts. It's an inspiring listen that showcases GOT7's potential, as well as evidence of how much they have matured as artists.

Jackson has been working on his own fashion line called Team Wang Design for three years. The brand launched with "The Original" collection in July and is now available worldwide. Renowned for its sophisticated aesthetic, Wang's line has become an integral part of both his personal and professional life. Additionally, he's collaborated with luxury brands like Armani and Fendi on campaigns and capsule collections.


Jackson Wang, the Chinese-born K-pop star who achieved international success as part of Got7, is expanding his fame into fashion design with his brand TEAM WANG. Combining K-pop aesthetic with streetwear elements, Jackson Wang's collection offers something special for fans everywhere.

TEAM WANG merch was created out of Wang's desire to create a platform for his creative vision. His aspirations are to bring his rap skills and dance abilities into fashion, where he hopes to carve out an exclusive niche for himself.

The brand features a minimalist aesthetic inspired by his sporting background and serves as an inspiring example of how K-pop culture can be translated into fashion. The merch line offers T-shirts, stickers, wall art and other merchandise designed and sold by independent artists.

Jackson Wang and Henry Cheung founded TEAM WANG design, a contemporary streetwear label based in Shanghai. Their minimalist essentials are inspired by Wang and Cheung's creative DNA, seen through subdued hues and signature "EYELETS" motif.

This season, the SPARKLES - MUDANCE Summer Collection brings to life the national flower "peonies" in vibrant shades of olive green and tiger stripes, along with an exclusive pattern to capture its vitality. The bright silver on copper "EYELET" motif serves as the central element of this ensemble and symbolizes all that summer has to offer.

TEAM WANG continues to push boundaries with their SPARKLES - MUDANCE Summer collection, offering 13 items in monochromatic black hue. Each piece features monogram motifs and signature metal eyelet accessories - an extension of their core identity.

TEAM WANG design recently unveiled their "MUDANCE" Concept Space pop-up store in Singapore, decked out in nude pink interior and featuring beach-themed decorations like parasols, sun umbrellas, and tropical plants. Here you can check out the brand's shirts, bikinis, and beach floaties from its SPARKLES - MUDANCE Summer 2022 collection which are available to purchase at this location.

In addition to showcasing his newest line, Wang has collaborated with Club 21 Thailand for the "MUDANCE" Summer Party on July 20th at GAYSORN URBAN RESORT in Bangkok. This celebration embodies TEAM WANG design's brand spirit "KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY," as well as being an expression of summer vitality.

At the event, Wang appeared wearing pieces from his latest collection and expressed his enthusiasm to bring his "KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOU OWN HISTORY" brand vision into streetwear. He expressed that he hopes people "come together to celebrate their individuality, encourage them to get to know themselves better, and define their own standards of happiness."

TEAM WANG Design is a brand with an innovative and modern sense of style that encourages you to "Know Yourself, Make Your Own History". Their collections feature minimalist essentials infused with Jackson's unique vision which draws from his sports background and preference for simplicity.


Jackson Wang of GOT7 fame has always had a passion for sports, which can be seen in his new streetwear line Team Wang Design. This brand, which he founded and designed himself, offers various apparel pieces like T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and beanies for men and women with prices ranging from $50 to $220.

TEAM WANG Design's mantra "Know yourself, Make your own history" serves as the guiding principle behind all collections, providing customers with style and self-assurance in their unique identity. Each piece of apparel features an all-black silhouette, monogram motifs and signature metal eyelet accessories for a modern take on classic looks.

While in town for various events, GOT7 member took to Instagram Stories and showcased merch from his brand's latest collection at MixC World in Nanshan District on August 4. The pop-up concept store will also display outfits from Wang's summer collection which will be available until August 31, 2022. As seen wearing jackets and sweatpants from "STANDARD", each item featured Wang's name on the front along with logo and monogram at the back.

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