How Much is 7kg Gold Worth in 2023?

How Much is 7kg Gold Worth in 2023?


how much is 7kg gold worth 2023

If you are wondering how much is 7kg gold worth in 2023, then you have come to the right place. This article will explore some of the factors that will affect gold prices in the coming years. Some of these factors include the supply side dynamics of the global economy, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, and the Chinese economy's economic recovery.

World Bank forecasts decline from $1,700 in 2023 to $1,775 in 2022

The World Bank has updated its gold price forecasts for the next six years. Based on these estimates, the price is expected to average US$ 1,775 in 2022, a drop of nearly 3 percent from the previous forecast of $1,700.

In the first half of 2022, the global economy experienced a rebound in East Asia and the Pacific. But by the end of the year, the region would slow down again. Growth was also expected to slow down in Europe and Central Asia.

Global growth is projected to be 3.2 percent in 2023, a significant decline from the 5.8 percent in 2021. Growth in emerging markets is expected to remain low. This could lead to stagflation.

The global economy is also threatened by rising debt, income inequality, and inflation. The combination of all of these factors could lead to a sharp tightening of monetary policy.

In addition, the war in Ukraine has affected commodity prices and supply chains. It also contributes to the instability and financial vulnerabilities of some emerging market countries. Consequently, the simultaneous tightening of monetary policy could trigger a series of financial crises.

Although the global economy is expected to remain relatively stable, the EM7 (Emerging Markets) are forecast to grow slightly slower. These include Mexico, India, Brazil, and Turkey.

The world economy is expected to grow 4.1 percent in 2022, a decline of 1.2 percentage points from the January projection. However, this is still below the 4.2 percent growth projected in January.

The economic outlook is particularly worrisome because the rate of economic growth is expected to be lower than the pre-pandemic period. The output of small island states and fragile economies is also projected to be 8.5 percent lower than before the pandemic.

Federal Reserve's monetary policy

Gold prices have enjoyed a strong rally over the past few months. After falling to a low of $1,800 an ounce, gold has now recouped some of its losses and could trade higher in coming months. However, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy outlook will be crucial to the gold price in 2023.

The Fed's rate hikes have been the most aggressive in 40 years, and the economy has not felt the full impact of its actions. Now, as the world enters a recession, the central bank may opt to reverse course. That would have huge implications for the price of gold.

Central banks have been increasing their holdings of gold over the last few years. Their move is driven by the flight to safer assets caused by rising inflation. With an expected global economic slowdown, gold could continue to climb in 2023.

A weaker US Dollar will help support gold price friendly 2023. But if inflation continues to rise, the price could be limited.

In October, the 10-year US Treasury bond yield reached its highest level in 15 years. This helped drive the gold price higher in November.

While recent data showed cooler-than-expected consumer spending, inflation remained above the central bank's 2% target. Still, Powell noted the non-housing service sector was still running high. He also acknowledged that the peak rate could fall if inflation continues to soften.

The Fed has yet to commit to a cut in interest rates for 2019, but many analysts think the next step is a cut. Other market participants expect that the dollar will continue to weaken, and that monetary policy will ease at some point in the future.

Chinese economic rebound

Gold prices have been under pressure from monetary tightening and interest rate hikes. This may change in 2023 with an expected recession. The Federal Reserve could cut rates and the dollar might weaken against rival currencies. However, this is largely dependent on how the economy performs.

If the US and other countries are able to rebound, the price of gold might rise. In particular, the Chinese economy is expected to improve. That is why some forecasts have predicted that the price of gold will reach $4,000 in the first half of 2023.

The World Bank and other organizations have been forecasting the gold price to average $1,650 in the next five years. Despite that, some analysts have warned that the price of gold will not hit that high.

Nonetheless, Gold prices will rise in 2023, driven by two factors. Firstly, the Fed's monetary policy and secondly the Chinese economy.

Inflation is expected to ease but it may take time to achieve the 2% target. A weakened dollar will also help gold prices.

While the price of gold has declined steadily since its all-time high in March of 2022, its recovery is expected. It could even make a new high sometime next year.

Another driver of the gold price in 2023 is the global economic outlook. Global growth is expected to slow down to 2% in the next few years. With the US and the eurozone facing recession, the US Dollar may weaken.

During the economic downturn of 2007-2008, the gold price rose by 16%. Since then, it has been stuck in a range between the lows and highs of the past three decades.

Supply-side dynamics

In the supply-side world of gold, there are two primary factors to consider. The first is the gold mining industry, which accounts for seventy-five percent of the annual supply. The second is the market - what consumers buy and demand.

Gold has been around for centuries, but in recent years its supply has stagnated. This was largely due to high leverage in the mining stocks. However, the price of gold has recently climbed, and has retraced its recent downward trend.

Central banks have been buying gold in record numbers for a number of years. These purchases have been driven by rising inflation and a flight to safer haven assets. A strong Chinese economy could help to boost gold prices in the long run.

While the Federal Reserve has been hiking rates at the fastest pace in a while, it's likely to slow down or even reverse course in the near term. Nonetheless, this could create some market volatility. Even so, some analysts believe the dollar will fall during the latter half of 2023.

Another factor that has the potential to boost the price of gold is the reopening of the Chinese economy. This will give a boost to gold jewelry demand, which currently averages around 1,500 tons annually. Moreover, China will likely relax some COVID-related restrictions to stimulate the market.

Although there is no clear consensus on the exact timing of the reopening, some reports indicate it is already underway. Whether or not it occurs will depend on the state of the economy and the strength of the currency.

Nevertheless, the most important factor is the timing of the Fed's policy changes. In particular, taming inflation is a top priority, and there are signs the Fed is about to start cutting rates.

Saxo Bank's latest gold price prediction

Saxo Bank's latest gold price prediction for 2023 indicates that the price of the yellow metal could soar to $2,075 an ounce. This would be a 69% jump from the current price of $1,778 an ounce. The price of the precious metal is mainly driven by the Federal Reserve's monetary policies. If inflation continues to run high, the price of the yellow metal may skyrocket in the coming years.

Gold prices have fallen since their record high earlier this year. In the wake of the 'UnBrexit' vote in the UK and French President Emmanuel Macron's resignation, many investors have become frustrated. However, these concerns are likely to be temporary.

As a safe haven, gold remains in demand. However, economic and geopolitical tensions could also support the price of the precious metal. Ultimately, it's important to consider the future of the Fed's monetary policies before making any major investment decisions.

Central banks around the world hold varying amounts of gold in their reserves. These are kept in a variety of currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen. The Japanese yen is expected to sink against the US dollar, which could give gold bulls some breathing room.

Last year, a number of developed nations began to raise interest rates aggressively. Many analysts believe this could lead to recession. Fortunately, the global recession is slated to be mild, and central banks will likely ease off their rate hikes in the coming months.

In the meantime, the growing war economy mentality will drive large investments in national security priorities. This includes energy security and supply chains. Global liquidity will support the price of gold.

Where is Real Madrid Game Today 2023?

where is real madrid game today   2023

If you're looking for where is Real Madrid game today, you've come to the right place. Here we'll cover the team's upcoming schedule and the matchup with Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid. We'll also look at the best places to buy cheap tickets for a match, so you can make sure you're in the stands to cheer on Los Blancos when they take on their rivals.

Real Madrid's rivalry with Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the world's most famous clubs. Not only is the club in the top echelons of the European sports world, but it also has an almost unrivalled fan base.

Atletico Madrid has also been a rival to the Spanish giants for quite some time. The team has won its fair share of titles and glory, and has even disrupted Real and Barcelona's dominance of the sport.

The first clash between the two teams took place in 1959. In fact, this was the first time a team from the same city had ever played for the UEFA Super Cup. Earlier, teams from smaller cities had been unable to compete with Madrid FC.

El Clasico is a football match that features the two biggest teams in Spanish soccer. It's an occasion that's incredibly popular around the globe, and one that is highly debated.

In recent years, the two teams have had some huge matches. They've also had some incredibly memorable goals, such as Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in the 2014 final.

While the rivalry between the two clubs is one of the most intense in European football, it's one that doesn't devolve into violence. Fans of both teams have a reputation for being harsh critics, but the rivalry between these two storied clubs is more social than physical.

Real Madrid and Atletico's rivalry began in 1903. Initially, it was an intra-city rivalry, but as the competitions between the two clubs have evolved into the famous El Clasico, the rivalry has shifted.

Originally, the term El Clasico referred to a Spanish championship game. However, in the modern era, the term now refers to all games between the two football clubs.

Los Blancos' match schedule for May 2023

Real Madrid is on a roll this season. They have won their league, defeated rivals Barcelona in a Copa del Rey final, and beat Liverpool in a Champions League final. The club is looking to avenge a 0-4 loss to the Catalans in the last meeting.

Los Merengues have won more than 30 Spanish titles, and three Intercontinental Cups, as well as a record thirteen Champions Leagues. Their most recent triumph came in the form of a 1-0 win over Liverpool in Paris in May.

In 2022/23, the club is aiming to defend its La Liga crown and win a quadruple. It has also been tasked with a challenge to Barcelona in the domestic competition. Currently, the two teams are tied on points. Both clubs have one match in hand, and it is possible that they will end the season with a similar number of matches on the pitch.

Real Madrid will be able to use the UEFA Champions League to their advantage in 2022/23. They will be a strong contender for the title, and it would be very nice to see them take home the trophy. If they do, they'll need to keep themselves fresh during the winter months.

Real Madrid will have plenty of other games to look forward to in the coming months. For starters, they will play four league matches at home and two away. This will be their most demanding stretch of the season.

In the other direction, they will have to contend with Atletico Madrid, a cross-town rival. Although they have not been particularly impressive in La Liga recently, they reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in the last campaign.

Cacereno vs Real Madrid live streaming

Real Madrid is preparing for a big match against Cacereno. This is a crucial Copa del Rey match for Real Madrid as they look to end their nine-year long drought.

If Real Madrid are to win this game, they will need to perform better than they did in the previous two matches. They also need to keep pace with a team that is on an impressive seven-match unbeaten streak.

The match will take place at the Estadio Principe Felipe in Caceres, Spain. Fans in the United States will be able to watch the game on ESPN+. A subscription may be required, but the service is available on cable, satellite, and online.

The Caceres stadium is one of the smallest in the Spanish Second Division. It has a capacity of about 7,000 fans. Despite its small size, the stadium is home to one of the best clubs in Europe.

Real Madrid will be without Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, and Kroos. However, they should still be competitive with a strong playing eleven.

Cacereno, on the other hand, have won four of their last six games and haven't been defeated since October. That has them in sixth place in the group of Segunda Federacion. With this match, Caceres could take joint-second spot with Melilla.

Moreover, Real Madrid has won their last seven matches and has a winning streak of 15 in their last 20 matches. Caceres will be motivated by the opportunity to beat the Real Madrid. In addition, Caceres' record against other teams is quite good.

CP Cacereno SAD will be looking to break into the next round with a win against Real Madrid. It has a record of beating other teams 2-1.

SeatPick is the best place to book cheap Real Madrid match tickets

Cheap Real Madrid match tickets are hard to come by, but luckily there are ways to get your hands on them. One such option is SeatPick, which is a centralized ticket marketplace that brings together multiple ticket sellers to offer a variety of ticket options. This makes it easy to compare prices and find the best deals.

The most basic premise behind the site is to aggregate the ticket market and show consumers what they're looking for in real time. With this, you get a comprehensive list of all available tickets and a comprehensive interactive seating chart.

For example, you can check out the seating plan for the Santiago Bernabeu. From there, you can sort through a number of available tickets, according to their location and price. After you've decided where to sit, you can click "buy" and complete the process.

Aside from the stadium plan, you can also sort through a number of other relevant features on the website. For example, you can sort through a number of cheap Madrid match tickets by cost.

You can even see what the best seats are in the venue. There are six stands to choose from in the Santiago Bernabeu, and each stand has a different level of prestige.

In addition to providing the above functionality, SeatPick is also one of the only websites to provide a 100% guarantee on all tickets. Its team of professionals are on hand to help you if you encounter any problems.

Other features of the site include the ability to browse through dozens of available ticket sites and compare them to each other. Among these sites, SeatPick stands out for its comprehensive selection of UEFA Champions League tickets.

The next Supermoon

The next Supermoon in 2023 will take place during the month of August. It will be the brightest and closest full moon of the year. This will happen on August 31, 2023.

Supermoons occur when the Moon is near its apogee and perigee. Its closeness to Earth causes the Moon to be larger and brighter than regular full moons. These supermoons can be up to 30% brighter.

There are usually three or four supermoons every year. The Supermoon of June was called the Super Strawberry Moon.

The next Supermoon in 2023 is the Sturgeon Moon, which is also known as a Sturgeon Full Moon. When the Moon is near its apogee, the full moon appears slightly bigger and brighter than normal.

In December, the next Full Moon in 2023 will be a Blue Moon, which will be the second full moon of the month. The month will end with the Geminid meteor shower.

A Blue Moon occurs once or twice a year, and the second one will happen in 2023. A Supermoon can only happen once a year, so the next Supermoon will be in 2023.

During the year, there will be 13 Full Moons. In addition to the Sturgeon and Blue Moons, there will be a Super New Moon, which is when the Moon is closest to the Earth.

Depending on your time zone, the exact dates and times may vary. For example, the Full Moon on October 2023 will be in Taurus, but the Full Moon on February 2023 will be in Libra. You can find out the exact times on the NASA website, which will also take into account Eastern Daylight Time in the United States.

Where is Real Madrid Vs Liverpool 2023?

where is real madrid vs liverpool   2023

If you want to know where the 2023 Real Madrid vs Liverpool match will take place, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you some information about the match schedule, venue, and ticket prices.

Match schedule

The 2023 Champions League schedule is set and Liverpool and Real Madrid will face off in the final. This is the most important match of the season and it is a must-watch event. There are some good tickets available and you can book them with SeatPick.

It is always a great occasion to watch the world's most popular club. This time, Real Madrid and Liverpool will have their best shots at winning the title. They will need to come up with something special to win the game.

Real Madrid has a record of 33 La Liga titles and 13 champions league titles. They are the most decorated team in the history of the tournament.

Real Madrid have won four group stage games in the Champions League. They have also drew one. In this year, Liverpool finished second in the group. Now, they will face the reigning Champions, who have won six out of six matches in the group.

Real Madrid are led by Jose Mourinho and Sergio Ramos. They have been unbeaten in La Liga this season. However, they have had to play extra time to defeat both Manchester City and Liverpool in the group stage.

There is some inconsistency in the Liverpool squad. Some players are coming off an exceptional season but others are struggling. This will test Jurgen Klopp and his squad.

There are several ways to find out the official match dates and times for Real Madrid vs Liverpool. You can look online or check out the official Madridista card.

A ticket for this match is in high demand. It will be a rematch of last year's final. That was a very good game and a lot of people traveled from all over the world to see it.

The first leg of the match will take place in March. Tickets are available at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. While there are several well-known ticket websites, you can find the best prices on SeatPick.

You may be asked to pay a small booking fee when buying a ticket from the club. If you would like to get discounted tickets, you can register on the site to gain access to presale information.

Ticket prices

In 2023, Liverpool FC will take on Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. The match is set to be held at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid. If you want to attend the game, there are some ways to go about it.

First, you should check the official website of the stadium. They have a section on their site for purchasing tickets. There are also phone numbers to call. You can speak to an English speaking operator.

Next, you should check out SeatPick. This website compares ticket prices and gives you the best deals. By aggregating all ticket sites into one place, you can easily see which is the best deal on the spot.

Finally, you should look into the UEFA Champion's League calendar. It will show you which matches you can expect to be involved in. These are generally big games, and the ticket price will probably be higher.

However, there is one big caveat. It is not possible to attend a game that you don't have a ticket for. Also, you may need to pay a booking fee. But, as always, you should do your homework before you buy.

One of the easiest ways to find the cheap tickets you need for the upcoming Champions League game is to visit the Official Real Madrid Stadium Ticket Office. Located in the first floor of the commercial centre, they can give you all the information you need to get your fix.

Lastly, you can search for other options online. In fact, a few ticket sites, including SeatPick, will allow you to sort by price or location.

Using all these methods, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to attend the Champions League final. With the match scheduled for March 15, you should not have too much trouble figuring out if you should go or not. And, with a few weeks to go before the big game, it is not too late to start planning for the trip of a lifetime.

Hopefully, you can enjoy the UEFA Champions League in style.


If you are planning on watching Liverpool FC vs Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League in 2023, you're probably wondering where the game will be held. The two clubs have met nine times in European competitions. In each of those matches, Los Blancos have won.

Real Madrid have had more success than Liverpool in the Champions League. In fact, they have won more titles than the Liverpool team. But in recent years, the teams have met in different cities for finals.

When it comes to the venues for the next three Champions League finals, UEFA has a few options. For instance, Istanbul's Ataturk Olympic Stadium will host the final in 2023. It's a venue that has hosted several of the Champions League finals.

Another option is the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid. The stadium has a capacity of 54074 seats. While only about half of the seats are reserved for fans, there is a good chance that you can find tickets.

Meanwhile, fans of Liverpool can watch the match from the Anfield Stadium in the city of Liverpool. This is the home of the Reds and it has a capacity of nearly 70,000.

The match between Liverpool and Real Madrid will take place on the evening of Tuesday, February 21, 2023. The game kicks off at 20:00 GMT. Alternatively, you can watch the event on the big screen at the River North on Berry Street. You can also find a sports bar in the same area that will be open during the game.

Tickets are available through the official ticketing provider, Ticketmaster. Customers can pay by debit card or credit card. However, there are some rules that you must follow. Specifically, you should have a European PSD2 or 3D Secure protocol compliant card. Also, you cannot bring bags into the stadium.

So, if you're planning on attending this event, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance. Otherwise, you could be disappointed. A limited number of tickets remain for this particular match.

Moreover, if you want to get more information about the game, check out the official UEFA website.

UEFA Champions League final host city

The UEFA Champions League final is the most eagerly awaited football match of the year. The best teams in Europe will battle for the title and glory.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are two of the best teams in the world, and their battle will be a stern test. Despite their contrasting methods, they both have the grit and the experience to win. Both teams have made it to the final in recent years.

While UEFA has moved the final venue several times in the past decade, it has been decided that the UCL final will be held at Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Paris, on May 28. There will be a notable artist performing before the game.

Tickets for the Champions League final are hard to get. Depending on your location and your choice of ticket, they range from EUR70 to EUR690. It is possible to secure seats for the match, but it will be up to the club to distribute them.

Liverpool has reached the final three times in five years. It is a fixture that the team has become accustomed to. They have defeated Benfica and Villarreal in their respective semi-finals, and they will be aiming to become the seventh club in history to win the trophy.

The UCL final will be played on May 28 at 21:00 CET. Tickets can be purchased through the club website. You will need to be registered to the club's website to access the tickets.

Real Madrid's players have won 13 Champions League titles. That puts them in the top three of the competition. Since 2014, they have won the tournament four times. However, they did lose to Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League final.

It was a great game between the two clubs, but Real Madrid lost 1-0. That result put Liverpool in a better position for next season. In the first leg, they drew 0-0 at Anfield. And in the second leg, they went up by a goal just before the end of the period. Rodrygo then scored a late goal to level the score.

Real Madrid, like Liverpool, is part of the European soccer aristocracy. But the team has never been a shock entry to the Champions League final.

How Many Real Madrid Champions League 2023 Matches Will Take Place?

how many real madrid champions league  2023

If you've been looking for an opportunity to buy Real Madrid Champions League tickets in 2023, you've probably come across the question of how many times the Spanish club will compete in the competition. The answer is a whopping 13 times.

Real Madrid has won the Champions League on no fewer than 13 occasions

Real Madrid has been a dominant force in European football for the last half century. Their success in the Champions League has been particularly notable. They've won 13 titles, more than any other team in the competition.

The most memorable Champions League moment has to be Gareth Bale's overhead kick in the final against Liverpool. Other standout moments include Zinedine Zidane's volley against Bayer Leverkusen.

While there are numerous other clubs in the history of the tournament to have won the Champions League, no other club has achieved the feat of three straight UCL titles. And if that isn't enough, Real Madrid have won the most European Cups.

It's important to note that the first European Cup was not known as the UEFA Champions League until the 1970s. When the two clubs met in the final, the trophy was still called the European Cup.

In fact, the UEFA Champions League is an abbreviated version of the European Champion Clubs' Cup. This was the precursor to the Super Cup, a meeting of Champions League and Europa League winners.

The Champions League has a lot of hoopla surrounding it. In fact, it has the second-most trophies in the world after the FIFA World Cup. Considering that, you can understand why the club that has won more European Cups than anyone else is the most famous in the sport.

Real Madrid is the only La Liga representative in the knockouts

It's been an eventful year for Spanish football. A Champions League-bound Real Madrid and Barcelona are tied with the most appearances in the competition. Yet it may not be enough to bolster the league's reputation.

The LaLiga season is still not over. This week, it will be back to business. But for now, Real Sociedad can silence the talk of Spanish clubs' demise. They've been battling for a spot in the European competition for three years, and have a chance to make it a fourth in five.

For the moment, however, Real and Barcelona are the only Spanish teams left in the knockout stages of the Champions League. And that means a trip to the FIFA Club World Cup in February.

Real Madrid has a strong chance of securing a spot in the last 16 of the tournament, but they'll have to wait until the final group game to find out where they stand. Their squad is a lot less deep than it was last year, but they've had a great start to the season. In fact, they have won all of their nine matches since the beginning of the 2022-23 campaign.

The UEFA Champions League is an excellent competition, but it's also a tough one. That said, there are some key numbers to look out for.

The draw for the semi-finals will take place on March 17, 2023

The semi-finals will take place on the first two days of May. They will be held at Wembley Stadium. This is the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup.

The draw for the semi-finals will be hosted by Rob Fowler and former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler. It will be broadcast on ITV at 5:30pm GMT on Sunday, March 20.

After the quarter-finals, the last 16 ties will follow a similar pattern to last season. Teams will play six matches, with one of those teams playing away.

Group stage will conclude on Thursday evening. Teams will be divided into four groups. Each group will consist of two teams. Those teams will be ranked according to their performances in the group stage. Those winners will advance to the Round of 16.

Group D will include Tottenham Hotspur, Marseille, Sporting Lisbon, and Eintracht Frankfurt. Manchester City will be in Group G. AC Milan is in Group E.

There are eight teams left in the tournament. These clubs will be drawn into the seeded groups. The top two from each group will advance to the round of 16 and will face the winner of the other three groups.

In the quarter-finals, Chelsea will play Real Madrid and Liverpool will take on Wolves. Tottenham will face Eintracht Frankfurt.

Liverpool face Real Madrid in the last-16 tie

Liverpool and Real Madrid are set to meet in the last 16 of the Champions League next season. This is the fourth time in six years that the two clubs will face each other in the knockout round of the competition.

While this may seem a bit unsurprising, the draw is still a big deal. The first leg will take place at Anfield. However, the second leg will be held at Santiago Bernabeu.

The draw also contains some other interesting ties. Among the other teams are RB Leipzig, which finished fourth in the Bundesliga last season. In addition, Chelsea will play Borussia Dortmund.

The draw is a bit disappointing for Liverpool fans. They were paired with an Italian team (AC Milan) and a German one (RB Leipzig). Moreover, they were grouped with other Premier League teams. Thankfully, they avoided a potential relegation war.

The draw also features the usual suspects: Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and RB Leipzig. Also, Tottenham Hotspur was drawn against AC Milan. These are all big hitters in European football.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, are the defending champions. They have won eight of the 13 European finals they have played in.

Ajax are among the eight seeded teams for the group stage

Ajax have been drawn against Liverpool and Tottenham. It's the first time that they've been in the group stage in 12 years. They've been one of the top teams throughout the season.

They've been beaten by both Manchester City and Liverpool in the Premier League. But the club has qualified for the Europa League knockout rounds.

They've finished third in their group. The club is still in need of a win to move up the ladder. If they do win, they'll draw level with Ajax.

Their group also features Napoli, who are top of the league. The two teams have a similar effect.

There are six teams from the same league association. Each team will play three games against each other. One team will be eliminated from the competition.

The other six teams are: Maccabi Haifa, Dinamo Zagreb, Sporting CP, Leipzig, RB Salzburg, and PSV Eindhoven. As well as playing in the round robin format, teams play home and away.

Ajax have won UEFA's seventh-ranked league. They haven't lost competitive matches since March. However, the club has lost players like Noussair Mazraoui and Sebastien Haller.

Ajax also won the Europa League last season. Carlo Ancelotti won the fourth title with the club. He's the most decorated manager in the Champions League's history.

Benfica are the least daunting of the group winners

Benfica have a strong track record in the Champions League. They reached the quarter-finals last season and have a more comprehensive Champions League experience than many of their competitors. That will serve them well in their quest for a third European crown.

The group is a competitive and open affair. With six teams in the top eight, it will be an uphill battle for any one club. Defending champions Liverpool have an advantage in that they have already qualified for the knockout phase. But the likes of Napoli, Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea will also be in the mix.

Benfica have a knack for scoring. Their latest victory was a 6-1 triumph over Maccabi Haifa. Moreover, they showed the ability to win in stoppage time.

Benfica's latest success is just one of their achievements this season. The Portuguese side has also managed to beat the likes of Juventus twice in Group H. However, the team has not been able to maintain that success throughout the campaign.

It is also worth noting that the Champions League has had its share of memorable moments. Real Madrid made the most of its opportunity and knocked out a few rivals to reach the final. Nevertheless, the Champions League trophy has yet to be handed to a team from Spain.

Liverpool's inconsistency in 2023

Liverpool are in a battle to secure their place in the top four. They are currently seven points behind fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur. If they can overturn the gap, they will be guaranteed a place in the Champions League for next season. However, they have lost three games in the Premier League and one game in the Champions League.

The pressure has grown on Klopp to bring more consistency to his squad. He has tried changes to his tactics, as well as changes in his personnel. But the problem lies in his midfield.

Liverpool have struggled to control the game this season. Injuries and lack of cohesion are a major issue. When moves don't go according to plan, they become vulnerable to counter-attacks. This week, Liverpool suffered a 3-1 loss at Brentford.

Although they're now only two points ahead of Brentford, they still have to overcome their rivals to get into the top four. Liverpool have yet to win on their travels in the Premier League, and have lost five of their last six away matches.

As the competition for the fourth spot becomes tighter, Liverpool's inconsistency will only grow. Injuries, poor form and injuries to key players have contributed to their inconsistent results.

How to Share Time With Your Fans on the YouTube App

how to share time youtube app 2023

When you use the YouTube app to upload videos, you have a number of ways to share time with your fans. This includes adding automatic timestamps to your video, as well as using the Chapters feature to share just a certain part of your video.

Add automatic timestamps

Google is testing an automatic timestamp feature for videos on YouTube. This will make it easier for users to locate specific moments in a video. However, it is a limited function and will not be available for all users.

It is important to have timestamped videos, as it is a way to prove the date of recording the video. Also, timestamps help people with disabilities to access the video easily. They can jump to a specific point within the video, or skip to certain sections.

Adding timestamps to a YouTube video is relatively simple. You can manually insert a timestamp or you can share a link that contains the timestamp. Once you have added a timestamp, you can also add it to a description or comment. Then, you can use the timestamp in Google search results.

You can get started by logging into your YouTube account. Add a timestamp to your video by clicking the blue button called "Edit", then click "Timestamp". If you haven't already added a timestamp to your video, you can do so by tapping on the icon in the "Start at" box.

Using a time stamp on your video helps researchers to identify the exact time a subject was discussed. You can also use timestamps to jump to a certain point in an audio file. And, of course, you can use them to get an overall sense of what a particular video is about.

To make sure your timestamps are as effective as possible, you need to be sure to include them in the right places. For example, the start of the chapter, the beginning of a break in a conversation, or the beginning of a new subject. These points should reflect the intent of the user and increase the engagement of the audience.

By keeping your content organized and your audience engaged, you will be more likely to see more views and subscribers. Also, your chances of ranking higher in search will increase. Getting your videos timestamped and organized will improve your chances of being featured in the Key Moments section of the Google search.

Link to a specific part of the video

You can use the YouTube app to link to a specific part of a YouTube video. This is especially useful if you see a great part of a video and want to share it. To do this, you will need to set a start time for your YouTube video.

There are two ways to set a start time for your YouTube videos. First, you can use the built-in timestamp feature in YouTube. Second, you can manually add a start time to the video's URL.

To create a start time link for your video, you will first need to pause the video. Then, you will need to enter a minute and seconds later than the original paused time.

Once you have inserted a start time in the video's URL, you can share it via any number of methods. For example, you can email it, post it on social media, and even send it to Whatsapp messages.

If you'd rather not manually input a time, you can use a start time link generator. This helps simplify the process.

In order to generate a start time link, you must find the "YouTube Start at Time" shortcut. This can be found in the Shortcuts app library. When you tap the shortcut, a pop-up menu will appear. From there, you can select which sharing options you want.

Next, you will need to copy the link to your clipboard. Now, you can paste the link in your browser's address bar. Alternatively, you can share it through any app. Using this method, you can start your video at the exact time you specify.

While you can now deep-link your YouTube videos on your desktop, it can be a little more difficult on your mobile web browser. However, it is possible to share your links through apps like Telegram and Facebook. And, if you have the time, you can also try to automate the process using a script.

Hopefully, this tutorial helped you to find the right way to create a link to a specific part of a video on the YouTube app.

Use the Chapters sharing feature

If you haven't had a chance to check out YouTube's new Chapters sharing feature yet, you're missing out. This new feature could make it easier to navigate longer videos and may even help you get more views.

The new feature was initially spotted testing in April, and has since been made available to all users. To take advantage of the new Chapters feature, you'll need to download the latest version of the YouTube app. Once you're in the app, you'll see a list of chapters. You can either tap on a chapter or click on it to skip forward.

As you might expect, there are limitations. While the feature may be useful for longer videos, you should not rely on it to sift through your library of content. A better approach is to repurpose some of your more popular videos into a series of short videos. For instance, you might choose to make a series of videos on how to assemble a robot. These videos will allow your audience to skip to the parts that interest them.

Besides, YouTube offers a variety of other features to help you make the most of your time. In addition to the Chapters feature, there is a Single Loop option, which puts individual videos on an endless loop. Plus, you can opt out of the automatic Video Chapters feature in bulk.

The best part is that YouTube makes it easy to use. With the Chapters feature, you can choose which sections of a video you'd like to share with other users. It also offers a simple share button.

Another cool feature is YouTube's ability to offer suggested clips, which jump you to a specific point in the video. The Suggested Clips feature is especially handy for users who need to rewind or replay portions of the video.

While it's not a complete list of all of the features and functions you'll find in the YouTube app, it does cover the basics. And, it's fun to test out the newest features and see which ones work for you. Of course, there are some things you'll want to avoid.

Monetize YouTube Shorts

YouTube has recently announced plans to monetize its new Shorts feature. The new feature will allow viewers to show appreciation for their favorite creators. In addition, it will provide more ways for content creators to earn money.

According to YouTube's Chief Product Officer, Neil Mohan, the company is testing ads in its Shorts player. This ad format is expected to roll out next year. With this update, YouTube will make monetization easier for short-form channels, as it aims to reclaim the TikTok audience.

YouTube will also monetize its Shorts through its Partner Program. Creators will be rewarded for views with a share of ad revenue. Traditionally, members of the Partner Program have kept 55% of ad revenue. But with Shorts, YouTube will share 45%.

In order to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, Shorts creators will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million public Shorts views over 90 days. Once creators reach these thresholds, they will be able to join the YouTube Partner Program and begin earning ad revenue.

To get the most out of the Shorts feature, it is important for creators to stay true to their channel's voice. It is also a good idea to incorporate trends into your Shorts. These may include how-to-videos, fun facts, and trending music.

YouTube also has a brand sponsorship program. Brands will pay creators to advertise their services. However, there are concerns about security with this model.

For the time being, YouTube will not let you upload movie clips to Shorts. Nonetheless, Shorts has the potential to be a great way to grow your subscriber base.

Another potential monetization method is using the Super Thanks for Shorts feature. This feature is currently in beta. Users can purchase a super thanks comment for their favorite creators. They can then highlight the message in chat. Depending on the creator's performance in the previous month, they may receive a bonus.

As with any type of monetization model, it is essential to stay true to your audience. Many creators have struggled with this aspect of the YouTube platform.

Who is Penn State Football Coach 2023?

who is penn state football coach  2023

There is a lot of speculation about who will be the next Penn State football coach. And the answer isn't very clear, although a few players have been mentioned. The most notable names in recent years include Mike Morgan, Matt Millen, and James Franklin. Other big names on the horizon include Rocco Washington, Matt Bezdek, and Kevin Robinson.

James Franklin

James Franklin is a very successful coach and has helped the Nittany Lions to a 11-2 record this season. He has led the team to three New Year's Six bowls and a Big Ten Championship. In fact, he's earned a contract extension that will keep him at Penn State until 2031.

The new deal gives Franklin a hefty raise in base pay and a supplemental payout worth $7,300,000 per year. While it's not the most lucrative contract in the history of college football, it certainly offers the longest coaching tenure of any head coach in the nation.

There's no doubt that Franklin has the talent to turn Penn State around. His success in his first stint as head coach speaks for itself. However, he may have some competition for the top spot in 2023.

He has won the Big Ten and he's the first coach in program history to have a winning season in each of his last five seasons. It also doesn't hurt that he has a lot of tools to help make the Nittany Lions a contender in the conference and the national scene.

Franklin is a great recruiter and has plenty of options for next year's roster. This is a big change from the past, when the Penn State coaching staff was in flux every few years.

The other big change is that many football players live off campus after their freshman season. They do so for a variety of reasons, but one is the cost.


Hugo Bezdek is the commander-in-chief of the Penn State football squad. This former college and NFL coach has been at the helm of the Nittany Lions since 1918, but his legacy goes far beyond the field. His work on the athletic fields led Penn State to become a powerhouse. He was also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Throughout his tenure at Penn State, the varsity teams enjoyed 11 national championships. The school made five Rose Bowl appearances. In addition, the athletic department contributed $21,000 from the 1923 Rose Bowl to the Emergency Building Fund.

Bezdek is the only coach to have three different teams play in the Rose Bowl Game. Bezdek brought the University of Oregon, Mare Island Marines, and Penn State to the stadium.

Bezdek is famous for his rough practice tactics. He also is noted for his ability to connect with his players. Players often said games became breaks because of preparation.

Bezdek coached the Nittany Lions to a 29-game winning streak in 1919-1922. The team also tied Syracuse and Pitt. They went undefeated in two years, earning their first bowl invitation.

During the 1920 season, the Lions won a 14-3 victory over USC. A few weeks later, they lost 14-0 to Pitt. Before World War I, the Nittany Lions had a talent-rich roster. However, the travel required for the season and the preseason departure of several varsity players caused the roster to be thinned.


Danny Rocco is going to be the new defensive analyst at Penn State. He is a former Nittany Lion letterman and has been a coordinator at several different FCS schools.

In addition to his college coaching experience, Rocco has also worked with NFL teams. He has been an assistant with the New York Jets, the University of Virginia, and Maryland. He has also been the head coach at Liberty and Richmond.

Rocco, who is a native of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, coached at six high schools in Pennsylvania. During his career, he served as an assistant coach at the Highlands, Pine-Richland, and Shaler high schools. Rocco was named athletic director at Shaler in 1992.

Rocco is a member of the Alle-Kiski Valley Sports Hall of Fame. His son, Michael Rocco, is currently a signal-caller for the Virginia Cavaliers.

Rocco began his coaching career at Wake Forest, where he was a graduate assistant on the 1982 national championship team. After completing his college football career, Rocco transferred to Wake Forest. Rocco then spent five seasons as the head coach at the University of Delaware. Rocco earned 31-23 records while at Delaware, including two 10 win seasons.

When Rocco was let go in November, the former head coach at Delaware had just finished his first 5-6 season. He had reached the FCS playoffs twice. But the Blue Hens lost their final game of the season.


Penn State is adding a big name to its defensive line with the addition of a recruit from the McDonogh School. Mason Robinson is a three-star prospect who is expected to play defensive line.

He was previously committed to Northwestern. But after a 1-11 season with the Wildcats, Robinson flipped to Penn State. His commitment is significant for the Nittany Lions. It also gives the program a new option in the 2023 recruiting class.

Robinson has been a top defensive end prospect for the entire cycle. He could potentially move to linebacker next season, but he could also be a part-time player in the future. Currently rated as a 3-star prospect, he is projected to join Dani Dennis-Sutton on the defensive line.

Mason Robinson is a big-time recruiting priority for the Nittany Lions. He recently took an official visit to the program, and he could be ready for his senior season.

Robinson is from the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland. The school has produced five scholarship pickups in six recruiting cycles. Four of the current Nittany Lions defenders attended the school, including Curtis Jacobs, P.J. Mustipher, Dvon Ellies and Dani Dennis-Sutton.

Robinson is a three-star recruit and is considered one of the best players in the state of Maryland. After taking an official visit to the Nittany Lions, he verbally committed to the school.

A former Penn State player, Robinson graduated in 2008. Robinson has been an assistant on the coaching staff at the school since 2009. In addition to serving as the director of player development, he is responsible for community service initiatives and liaison with admissions and housing.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State is a powerhouse football program. They are the second best in the country and have a 20-6 W-L record in their last 26 games.

The Buckeyes play a large number of nationally ranked teams in conference play. One of those is Michigan. A victory over the Wolverines on Saturday will have a huge impact on the Buckeyes' chances of winning the Big Ten Championship Game.

The Buckeyes are rumored to be considering bringing back former coach Urban Meyer. But the former Florida Gators head coach has denied that he will return. He is instead searching for a program he can run his own.

Stroud is an elite passer in the college game. In addition to being two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, he led the nation in touchdown passes in both 2021 and 2022.

Ohio State's receiver corps will be tested by the Penn State secondary. Among them is Ji'Ayir Brown, an NFL prospect. Despite not reaching the end zone for the third time in eight games this season, he made the most of his opportunity with 10 receptions for 185 yards.

Stroud is also a threat as a runner. In the second half of the Ohio State-Iowa game, he picked up first downs in several offensive situations.

Day previewed the game against Penn State in his weekly press conference. While he said the Buckeyes need to get a quick start on the road this week, he praised his team's ability to respond after an early fumble.

Recruiting rollercoaster

Penn State head coach James Franklin and his assistants have a lot of work to do in the 2023 recruiting class. The Nittany Lions have just under twenty-three players in their group and haven't signed any commitments yet.

However, that number could go up as Franklin and his team add more players. On Wednesday, Penn State's recruiting class added 22 players. One of those players is a six-foot, five-inch defensive end named Joseph Mupoyi.

Another key player is four-star linebacker Kaveion Keys from Virginia. He was committed to the Tarheels before he decommitted, but now has an offer from Penn State.

There's also four-star safety Conrad Hussey. Hussey visited Florida State in December, but hasn't made a final decision on his commitment.

There's another four-star recruit in the Class of 2023. Alex Birchmeier is a Virginia product. He's expected to start at guard or tackle.

There's also three-star prospect Tyriq Blanding. Aside from Blanding, Penn State is looking for another player at defensive tackle.

The team also has a number of needs at wide receiver. Coach James Franklin says there's a sleeper in the class, but it's not yet on the recruiting radar.

Another player that's receiving a lot of attention is the five-star offensive lineman J'ven Williams. Williams' athleticism has been demonstrated in a Hudl film. He's expected to move to the tackle position as his career progresses.

Easy Ways to Watch Penn State Football Today

how to watch penn state football today 2023

If you are looking for some easy ways to watch Penn State football today, then you've come to the right place. Whether you have cable, satellite or are a Sling TV user, you can still keep up with the action.

QB Sean Clifford

Penn State will take on Utah in the Rose Bowl on January 2nd. The game will air on ESPN. This will be the Nittany Lions' final game of the season. If they win, they will break a tie with Trace McSorley for the most wins by a Penn State quarterback.

Sean Clifford will be a big factor in this game. He is the Nittany Lions' all-time leader in passing yards, completions, and touchdowns. It is also his last game in college football.

With two losses to Ohio State, Penn State will be an underdog against the Utes. However, the Utes are coming off their first Rose Bowl appearance. They defeated USC in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Clifford will have a chance to make history at the Rose Bowl. While he has had success in State College, Clifford is not the most popular player in Nittany Lions' history.

He has been a lightning rod for fan criticism. However, Clifford was named honorable mention All-Big Ten this year. In addition, he is tied for the third-most games played among active FBS quarterbacks.

Clifford was the Nittany Lions' top passer this season, and he threw for 279 yards. The two touchdowns that he scored were both to KeAndre Lambert-Smith.

He had a tearful lap around Beaver Stadium, and he was recognized for his contributions to the team. He received a standing ovation from the crowd. His teammates were ecstatic as well, and he has earned the respect of his coaches and teammates.

He is a sixth-year senior at Penn State. He has been the starting quarterback for the last four seasons. Besides being a two-time Rose Bowl champion, he holds the school's all-time records for completion percentage and passing yards.

Defense creates holes for running backs

Penn State has a good defense, but they could use a little more pressure up the middle. They are the nation's 116th worst against the run. And they haven't been able to beat a top-five team on the road since the 1990s.

Their run defense is not the best, but it is better than it was a year ago. It's a combination of the players on the line and the coach's ability to attack.

Penn State has an offensive line that is capable of opening holes for running backs. However, the Nittany Lions haven't been able to keep up with the more explosive running backs on the roster.

PJ Mustipher and Hakeem Beamon anchor a solid run defense. Both play more than ten snaps per game. Each makes stops at a rate of 8.9%, which is above average. Despite the absence of starter Joey Porter Jr., the linebackers and defensive backs are capable of breaking up plays.

Jayden Reed had a nine-catch, 117-yard performance in a win over Wisconsin. He will likely be snubbed by Big Ten All-First Team selections, but he's a good player.

John Tarburton is a Maryland transfer who has beaten up the opposing offensive line from the jump. He leads all Penn State defensive ends with 13 tackles. PJ Mustipher is also a senior.

Adisa Isaac is a redshirt junior and plays a lot of snaps as well. His recognition skills are solid. But, he misses tackles at a 25.9% rate.

The Nittany Lions have the linebackers to stop the runs. But, they've been unable to get enough pressure on the quarterback.

Sean Clifford has thrown 22 touchdowns against seven interceptions this season. He's also thrown for 2,543 yards.

Offense is humming

In the 2023 Rose Bowl, the Penn State Nittany Lions will take on the Utah Utes. It is the first Rose Bowl appearance for the Nittany Lions in over 29 years. The team is made up of young talent.

The 2023 Rose Bowl Game will be played in Pasadena, CA. On Saturday, Jan. 2, the Penn State and Utah Utes will kick off at 5:00 p.m. ET. You can watch the game on ESPN and ESPN 3!

Penn State has a young team with a couple of high-upside underclassmen. They will need to put their best foot forward in order to win the Rose Bowl. Some of the young players will be on the field, including quarterback Sean Clifford, tight end Dalton Kincaid, receiver Mitchell Tinsley, and linebacker Abdul Carter.

Aside from the defense, the offense will be a key part of the game. Utah has been able to score a lot of points this year with their efficient offense. That isn't something that Ohio State has faced yet, so it should be a tough matchup.

Utah has also been able to score a lot of yards on the ground. They are 10-3, and their rushing game is among the best in the country. If Penn State can slow down their offense, they should have no problem getting a win.

Sean Clifford is the starting quarterback for the Nittany Lions, and he is expected to be a focal point of the team. He has completed over 63 percent of his passes in his four seasons as a starter.

Nick Pinegar is the man for field goals. He hit a record 11 of 12 in the year. But his college career has been a bit of a roller coaster.

Sling TV is a handy way to watch without cable

Sling TV is a great way to watch football without cable. The service offers tons of sports channels and some of the best live stream options. Unlike Hulu, which only has one game per day, you can catch your team's games anytime, anywhere. There are two packages available, and each comes with over 50 hours of DVR storage.

The most expensive package has over 65 channels. However, you can save a little cash by opting for Sling's two cheapest packages. Both offer Fox and NBC local channels, which is a great way to get coverage of your favorite team. For those looking to save even more, you can combine two packages for just $15 more per month.

The Sling TV app is available on iOS, Android, and Chromecast. In addition to watching games, you can access your favorite shows and movies via Sling's streaming service.

Those interested in watching sports should opt for the Sling TV Orange package. It features plenty of premium sports and entertainment channels, including ESPN2, ESPN3, and Cartoon Network. You can also add IFC Films unlimited for $6 a month.

The best part about Sling is that the picture quality is nearly identical for all three packages. Additionally, you can record 50 hours of content in the Cloud DVR. The company also offers a free Roku Express for those who prepay their first month.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive package, consider the Sling TV Blue package. With it, you get 45 channels plus the NFL Network. Moreover, you can add on the Sports Extra package for $10. This provides you with the best football coverage, as you can watch games on both the NFL and Big Ten networks.

Key players for either team

Penn State's 2023 recruiting class is loaded with talent. It could have more than a dozen starters in a few years. They signed 22 members of the class, including four of the top six prospects in the state.

The linebacker corps includes three of the top four in the state. There are also some intriguing players on the edge. DaKaari Nelson is 6-foot-3 and can play any position in the secondary. He can be a SAM linebacker or a box linebacker, depending on the team's needs.

On the offensive line, the class is led by four-star recruits Alex Birchmeier and J'ven Williams. Alex Birchmeier is a mauler who can play guard or tackle. Both he and Williams have the potential to be all-conference players early in their careers.

While the defensive line is a weaker part of this class, there are a number of other talented players in the group. Three players rated three stars or higher could add a new dimension to the front seven.

Several true freshmen will get a lot of playing time in their first season, but most will not. Tyler Smolik was a relative unknown when he committed to Penn State. He almost certainly will not start games in 2023.

Another player to watch is three-star prospect Anthony Donkoh. Donkoh can play both inside and outside, and he's a versatile player with a high basketball IQ.

In the receiver room, Penn State lost the top two in the class. Tavian Thomas and Parker Washington will both leave the program after this season. That will leave them with young, unproven receivers buddying up with Allar.

There are some questions surrounding every recruiting class. There are a number of candidates for the Day 1 pick, but some of these prospects are more likely to be late round selections than first-round picks.

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