Grailed Review - The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Sell Menswear

Grailed Review - The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Sell Menswear


Grailed Review - The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Sell Menswear

Grailed Largest Online Marketplace to Buy  Sell Menswear

Grailed is a large online marketplace for menswear. Its primary focus is on high-end pieces. The site charges a 9% fee plus 2.9% PayPal fee. Moreover, it features its own social media properties and a curated community. It is an excellent option for anyone interested in buying or selling menswear.

Grailed is the largest online marketplace to buy sell menswear

Grailed is an online marketplace for selling and buying menswear. It has quickly become the go-to place for fashion insiders and menswear nerds, with 70,000+ listings posted by 200,000 active users monthly and hundreds of sales being conducted every day. The average selling price of items on Grailed is $150, and the site is geared toward high-end, high-fashion items.

Grailed has an easy-to-use interface, and the community is incredibly friendly. Items are rated by other users using a five-star system, including delivery speed, packaging cleanliness, and presentation. Buyers are encouraged to look at sellers' ratings and avoid low-ranking sellers.

Grailed also has a money-back guarantee to ensure buyers get their items. Whether an item is fake, or the item they've purchased doesn't match what they expected, buyers can request a full refund. The site's knowledgeable moderators will handle any disputes between buyers and sellers.

Grailed allows buyers and sellers to make offers directly to each other. If the buyer accepts, the seller will release the money into his PayPal account. If the item has not yet shipped, the buyer will need to provide tracking information before receiving payment. If the item has shipped, the buyer will be notified of the payment within three days of receiving it. If the item is brand new, however, a delay of up to 28 days may occur. During this time, Grailed may need more information about the buyer, or it may ask for verification.

Grailed is one of the largest online marketplaces for menswear. The site accepts clothing from multiple brands and makes it easy to categorize items. It also allows buyers and sellers to search for exclusive pieces. Users can also purchase or sell items that are too expensive to buy new.

While Grailed is still a young startup, it has already made a splash in the fashion industry. Since its creation in 2012, it has undergone a number of ambitious projects. One of its first projects was the Grailed 100, a project that offered rare and hard-to-find menswear items for sale at unbeatable prices. The initiative has already sold 99 out of 100 items, except for a pair of waxed Dior jeans.

It has a fee of 9% plus 2.9% PayPal fee

Grailed's fee is 9% plus 2.9% PayPal. The payment processor provides buyers with an option to change the merchant account or PayPal account that is linked to their Grailed account. Grailed allows sellers to add a shipping label, which is included in the total selling price. When selling an item on Grailed, buyers can choose between a range of options, including a guaranteed buyer and a buyer who offers a guarantee. Items listed for sale on Grailed are generally of high quality and from high-end designers. Alternatively, buyers can choose from a variety of items, including vintage or mass-market items.

Grailed is a popular online marketplace for selling menswear items. The site offers a large number of buyers, which makes it an ideal place to sell rare and coveted pieces. It also offers a higher rate of success compared to other marketplaces. To sell an item on Grailed, sellers must make sure that they include photos of the items and include a detailed description.

Grailed is a community marketplace for menswear. Its free listings offer up to 23 items, but if you want to list more, you will need to pay a fee of $9. The site has sections for mainstream brands, hype streetwear, and high-end designers. Listing products on Grailed can be as easy as taking a photo of an item and writing a detailed description. You can also use the site's price comparison feature. The site takes 6% commission per item, and a 2.9% PayPal fee applies to payments.

It has a curated community

Gupta, who is a college student, founded Grailed out of his love for high-end menswear. He was inspired by online communities where style-conscious men could exchange advice and share news of new collections. He also found that these communities often included a classifieds section. Today, Grailed is one of the leading online marketplaces for used menswear.

The site is easy to navigate and is designed for simplicity. It offers three categories for quick search and browsing. It also features a curated community of menswear lovers, who can purchase and sell a wide selection of fashionable clothing.

In the future, Grailed will become more community-focused by allowing shoppers to follow individual users. The site will also curate Instagram photos of individual sellers. This will help users remember that they are buying from a real person. In the meantime, it plans to update its mobile app to make buying and selling easier. It will also introduce a binding offer system to protect buyers and sellers from people who don't pay.

The website is still in its early stages, but the service is already catching on with designers. In September, Helmut Lang launched his Re-Edition collection on Grailed. The same month, Robert Geller released his "Immigrant" T-shirt. Another recent collaboration was with Can't Skate. The service is currently targeting menswear buyers, but it hopes to add a women's site in early summer 2017.

Grailed's curated community is becoming one of the leading online marketplaces for menswear. In addition to featuring premium labels, it also features exclusive streetwear and contemporary fashion brands, as well as high-quality secondhand pieces. It's mission is to bring the best clothing to everyone, and it's all made possible through a community-driven approach.

Users can create an account on Grailed and search for the items they want to buy. Once they find the items they like, they can purchase them by visiting the product page or listing. Additionally, buyers can contact sellers directly to ask questions about the items. The Grailed app uses PayPal for marketplace transactions, so it's safe for buyers and sellers alike.

It has its own social media properties

The women's division of Grailed has its own social media properties and editorial content. It will have its own personality, and the same "for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts" mantra as the men's side. If you haven't yet registered, you can browse their current selection and watch the video below to learn more about what to expect from the marketplace.

The app features a massive inventory from over 3 million items from over 10,000 designers. A "Feed" feature will make it easier for style enthusiasts to discover new items. It will also give sellers more exposure and help them build their following. This new feature will help Grailed increase its following and attract new buyers. Grailed recently closed a $60 million Series B funding round led by GOAT Group. This new funding round will help the company continue to invest heavily in its community.

Users outside the U.S. must be 18 years or older to use the Services. Grailed also discourages sharing contact information prior to transactions. Such activities are considered "off-site" activities and may result in charges being incurred by users. Further, users must not engage in financial or commercial activities that are prohibited by the U.S.

Disputes arising under the Terms will be resolved by arbitration. The parties waive their rights to participate in a class action or representative action. The arbitration will be held under the rules of JAMS. The Rules are available on the JAMS website. The parties acknowledge that they have read and understand the Rules.

Once the sale is complete, Grailed will release the funds to the seller's PayPal account. In some jurisdictions, Grailed will hold the funds until the buyer has received the item. If a buyer has not received the item, Grailed will hold the funds until the buyer confirms shipment or provides a tracking number, then Grailed will release the funds. It takes about three days for the funds to clear PayPal's account. This process can take a bit longer for new sellers. Additionally, PayPal may ask for more information from the seller before the funds can be released.

Grailed Review - The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell Menswear

Grailed Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Sell Menswear

If you are interested in purchasing high-end menswear, Grailed is the site for you. This online marketplace is the largest of its kind. It features rare and vintage artifacts, including clothing and accessories made by legendary designers. The site also lets you buy and sell menswear.

Grailed is the largest online marketplace to buy sell menswear

Grailed is a massive online marketplace for men's clothes and menswear accessories. Before selling on Grailed, you will need to link your PayPal account. In addition, you will need to provide 3 quality photographs of the item you are selling. These photos will make your listing stand out and encourage more clicks.

Grailed has over 75,000 listings, most of which are designer menswear for under a few hundred dollars. However, Vogue recently reported on a Grailed listing for a $20,000 Raf Simons parka. Such items are highly sought after and considered "grails" of the menswear industry. The platform claims that 40 to 50% of listed items sell within a month.

The site offers both a mobile app and a website for buying and selling menswear. It has a wide selection of clothing from popular brands, and its easy-to-use categorization features help make browsing and buying easier. Additionally, Grailed has a dedicated section for rare, limited-edition, and hyped pieces. Grailed also accepts clothing in its consignment section.

Grailed has two payment methods: PayPal and a 9% fee charged by Grailed. Sellers will be paid after receiving the item. Typically, buyers will have 24 hours to complete the transaction. This time-sensitive process makes it vital to avoid any delay.

It charges a 9% fee plus 2.9% PayPal fee

Grailed is an online marketplace that focuses on selling menswear. The site charges a 6% commission on all items sold, as well as a 2.9% PayPal fee on domestic and international sales. This fee varies depending on the buyer's PayPal billing address.

When you sell on Grailed, you charge a fee of 9% of the price of the item and 2.9% of the seller's fee, which is less than most other marketplaces. You can list up to 23 items for free, but if you want to sell more, you must pay the fee. Grailed has sections dedicated to mainstream brands and high-end designer brands. Listings are made by taking pictures and filling out detailed descriptions. The site also includes a price comparison button to help shoppers see what they're getting for their money.

Grailed offers a space where men can find and explore sustainable fashion. It accepts PayPal as payment and offers a money-back guarantee if an item is damaged or incorrect. Its online platform is available both for desktop and mobile.

Although it has an excellent reputation for customer service, it's best to be careful. There are some scammers out there who try to pass off counterfeit designer goods. Be sure to follow the site's guidelines to avoid scams.

It has Kanye West

If you're looking for the most expensive menswear at a fraction of the cost, Grailed is the site for you. The website features a plethora of designer pieces from some of the biggest names in the industry, from high-end brands to streetwear. With prices that start at just $370 for a pair of Balmain biker jeans, you can own them at a fraction of the cost. The website also sells pieces from brands like Rick Owens, Raf Simons and Enfants Riches Deprimes.

One of the most prominent features of Grailed is its community feel. Members of the site can message each other, making offers for specific items, or simply buy them at their listed prices. Grailed helps promote exclusivity in an industry that is typically very crowded. Previously, top fashion brands could only be found in flagship stores located in select cities. Now, their online storefronts can be accessed by any device with an Internet connection.

Grailed is an online marketplace similar to eBay that specializes in high-end menswear. It was started by Arun Gupta five years ago after realizing that there was a need for an online site to buy and sell menswear. Now, Grailed has over 3.7 million active users and an A-list clientele.

Aside from its community-first approach to selling menswear, Grailed also offers white-glove services to help influential people find rare pieces. Though it would not disclose names of its clients, images from the site's Instagram account show that it has some very influential clients. A$AP Rocky and teen model Luka Sabbat have been spotted at Grailed's headquarters.

It is free for buyers

If you're a fashion insider looking for unique and rare menswear pieces, Grailed is the place to look. The site has 70,000 listings posted every month by more than 200,000 registered users and facilitates hundreds of sales every day. With an average selling price of $150, it's a great place for fashion-conscious men who want to buy or sell designer menswear. Grailed's team consists of menswear-addicts and experts with an eye for fashion. Its founder, Lawrence Schlossman, was a former editor-in-chief of Four Pins and is the brand director for the site.

For buyers, Grailed is free to join, but sellers must pay a 9% commission. They must also pay for PayPal fees. There are some important tips to remember when selling clothing on Grailed. First, photos are crucial. Make sure you take photos in a distraction-free environment and present your items in a clean and organized way.

Secondly, Grailed's community marketplace is highly curated. The site makes high-quality clothing accessible to everyone. The selection is carefully curated and the prices are unbeatable. It is the best place to start building a wardrobe. Brands like Supreme and Raf Simons can be found here for prices that won't make you break the bank. Grailed also offers streetwear brands, including Rick Owens and Balenciaga.

Mercari is another website where buyers can buy and sell menswear online. The site is free to join and doesn't charge any fees if you sell more than $100. You can make your first 100 auction style listings for free and use them for up to a year. Sellers can choose to sell their items for a fixed price or to have an auction and limit the negotiation parameters to attract buyers.

It has a tagged photo feature

The tagged photo feature on Grailed allows you to tag photos of your clothes in a specific way. If you want to sell a certain type of clothing, you can tag it with a certain category or brand. If you want to sell a pair of jeans, you can tag them with their brand. You can add as many photos as you want as long as you include all the details about the item.

To sell clothing on Grailed, you must link your PayPal account to your account. Then, take 3 high-quality photos of the garment you are selling. High-quality photographs make your listing stand out and encourage more clicks.

Before selling on Grailed, you should know how much your item is worth. Selling an item for too little or too much will turn off potential buyers and cause you to lose money. Grailed has a price comparison feature that helps sellers determine the value of their items. With this tool, you can see what other similar items have sold for. After an authentication review, you can publish your item.

Grailed - The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Fashion

Grailed Largest Online Marketplace to Buy Fashion

There are a number of reasons to sell your fashion products on a POD marketplace. For one thing, you're not charged until your product sells. This means you can avoid the hassles of holding inventory or purchasing items in bulk. Furthermore, you can sell any style and design you'd like. On the other hand, POD platforms don't offer free traffic, so you need to invest in marketing and uploading at least three high-quality photos. And then there's the cost of marketing: Grailed charges 6% per sale.


Grailed is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell fashion items from a variety of brands and designers. The site is mainly dedicated to menswear but is growing quickly and has even attracted some female users. Recently, Kendall Jenner wore a Sterling Ruby x Raf Simons bomber from Grailed. The site is focusing on building a community for women and will soon launch a sister site for women.

Grailed's men's marketplace is a great place to find unique and coveted menswear items. The site accepts clothing from all brands and allows users to sell designer and niche sneakers. The only caveat is that it is best to get your sneakers digitally authenticated first. This will help you establish a positive reputation with buyers. Grailed may also ask for more information about a particular brand, so be sure to include it in your listing.


Grailed is an online marketplace for menswear, emphasizing sneakers and hyped streetwear brands. It charges sellers 6% of the sale price, plus PayPal fees. It also includes a social selling element. Buyers are typically on trend and look for items with unique styles.

Many people are intimidated by the large fee, but Depop is a friendly and safe place to buy and sell fashionable clothes. It has 30 million active users, with 90% being under the age of 26. The site caters primarily to Gen Z. Popular categories include One-of-a-kind, Vintage, Streetwear, and Y2K. This social platform enables buyers to find a unique piece of clothing at an affordable price.

Although it has some advantages, Depop is unlike most online marketplaces. First of all, it has a different culture. Buyers on Depop don't expect big-box shipping, so they are more willing to accept shipping delays. Second, it is important to weigh packages carefully. Using a kitchen scale to weigh packages will help you determine how much to ship and the size of the shipping label. This way, you can avoid package returns and damage claims.


Grailed is an online marketplace for fashion enthusiasts. It capitalizes on the growing market for vintage clothing by offering sellers the ability to create and sell auctions for prized pieces. The buyer who offers the highest bid wins the item. In the past, sellers on Grailed specialized in high-end designer pieces, but now they offer a wider range of items, including more practical and grounded pieces.

The platform also helps sellers find buyers. Its buyers can browse and purchase clothing from local and international sellers. Its editors offer design inspiration, making it easier for buyers to choose what they like. The marketplace features a large user base of buyers and sellers and allows users to search by category and location.


Grailed is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and purchase unique and vintage fashions. It offers sellers a unique opportunity to de-clutter their closets and find some great fashion finds. Sellers do not pay until after a sale is complete. Sellers can choose to sell their own clothing items, or buy others' items. Regardless of what the buyer prefers, Grailed makes the process simple and affordable.

One of the most popular items on Grailed is sneakers. The marketplace accepts sneakers priced over $200, including niche and designer sneakers. Before selling a pair, make sure to have them digitally authenticated to build trust with buyers. Some buyers will also want more information on specific brands to ensure that they're getting the genuine article.


Mercari is the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling fashion. It has become a preferred place for fashion resellers and casual sellers. It's a marketplace where you can find new styles for a low price. Mercari also offers a small social selling aspect for sellers. The platform offers more than 80 million community members, making it one of the largest social e-commerce marketplaces.

To sell on Mercari, sellers must take pictures of the products they're selling and fill out a description. Sellers can set the price and receive payments via direct deposit, standard checks, or site credit. Mercari also offers tracking numbers for items. The site offers a wide variety of brands, including high-end brands and budget brands. Buyers can also browse fashion items by category.

Facebook Marketplace

Grailed is a men's clothing marketplace. Although it is largely geared toward men, many women use the site to find menswear, too. In fact, Kendall Jenner recently wore a Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby bomber she bought on Grailed. The company has been building up a community of women who are interested in fashion, and plans to launch a women's version of the marketplace in early 2017.

For men, Grailed offers luxury men's fashion, with a particular focus on high-end sneakers and designer pieces. Founded in 2013, Grailed has grown to over five million members and over 3 million clothing listings from more than seven million users. Limited-edition sneakers and other pieces are especially popular on Grailed, making it a reseller's paradise. The site features high-end designer pieces and vintage items, and even offers a marketplace for collectors to find rare pieces.


Kidizen is an online marketplace where moms can buy and sell kids' clothing, accessories, and more. The site promotes responsible consumption and advocates for an online community of moms. Unlike eBay, buyers and sellers can interact on Kidizen. For a fee, sellers can list their products and sell them to their fellow moms.

Sellers can choose a target market by selecting the type of clothing or brand they want to sell. The site will then display your items to the potential buyers who are most likely to purchase them. The site also offers a feature to check the prices of similar items. This helps sellers determine the prices to set for their products.

The marketplace has a growing network of individual buyers and sellers. The site offers designer and brand names, as well as items from boutiques. Brands like Kate Spade and Patagonia have a presence on the site. You can even find a brand new Kate Spade diaper bag with a stag still on it.

List Perfectly

If you've ever wanted to purchase a rare Raf Simons jacket, you've probably checked out Grailed. This online menswear auction site has grown with the Internet-powered menswear scene and is becoming a hotspot for resellers of high-end gear. To combat this, Grailed has a dedicated "Hype" section and a trust and safety team to ensure that buyers don't get ripped off.

Although Grailed is primarily geared toward menswear, women have become regular buyers. Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner wore a Sterling Ruby x Raf Simons bomber from Grailed. The site is building a community and is gearing up to launch a sister site for women in early summer 2017.


If you're looking for the best online marketplace to buy and sell fashion, Vendoo may be the place for you. The website has over 30,000 active users and more than 11,000 paying users. In addition, it automatically removes sold-out items from its marketplaces to prevent customers from ordering items that are no longer available.

Vendoo is free to use and allows you to list multiple items for free. There are also free analytics that show sales by month and year. In addition, the site has activities and events for sellers to participate in. You can also get a free one-month subscription by registering, as well as access to video tutorials. The site also offers cross-listing on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Depop, Etsy, Tradesy, and a variety of other marketplaces.

Vendoo is the biggest online marketplace for buying and selling fashion online. However, the process can be tedious and time-consuming if you don't know what you're doing. Vendoo offers a free trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also save money by rotating add-ons between markets. For example, the free version allows you to list your products on up to three marketplaces, while the premium version allows you to list your items on up to five.


Crosslist is an online marketplace that enables sellers to post their listings on multiple marketplaces in a single transaction. This helps sellers sell their items efficiently, and turn a profit while doing so. However, it has some limitations. Here are some of them: It only supports single import, and it does not support bulk import.

Not all marketplaces are compatible with Crosslist. Some have different rules and regulations. For example, the platform does not work in the EU. For this reason, users outside the US should consider using another marketplace to sell their items.

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