GOT7's Jackson Wang Walks the Line at Louis Vuitton

GOT7's Jackson Wang Walks the Line at Louis Vuitton


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Jackson Wang, from Hong Kong, is a multi-hyphenate: rapper, dancer, producer, singer and K-pop band member. Additionally to being an accomplished businessman he's collaborated with major brands such as Armani Perfumes, Fendi, Ray-Ban and Pepsi; most recently serving as Louis Vuitton ambassador.

He owns both an entertainment agency and fashion label called Team Wang Designs. No matter if it's onstage or in the street, Wang always manages to combine classic looks with his unique creative vision.


Jackson Wang, 26-year-old Chinese rapper with global superstar status, has achieved it all - from collaborations with Fendi and Adidas to fronting campaigns for Cartier and Armani. As ambassador for Louis Vuitton he's recently launched a collection in partnership with French Impressionist painter Claude Monet. The GOT7 star boasts over 24.2 million followers on social media.

He stands out for his daring style and vibrant colors. Fashion enthusiasts have taken notice of him since his unique looks first emerged.

Jackson remains humble despite his success, remaining loyal to his fandom and always available for them.

The Chinese pop star loves to keep things casual. He often dons beanie hats and opts for transparent glasses with colored lenses.

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Jackson Wang is an artist that possesses the talents of a rapper, singer-songwriter, and designer. He has made waves in fashion by fronting campaigns for Fendi and Cartier; additionally he founded his own luxury streetwear label called Team Wang Design.

In 2019, he released his debut English album, Journey To The West. Additionally, he signed contracts with brands such as Nescafe, Adidas, Beats by Dre, and Hogan in Hong Kong; plus his music has been featured in magazines like Super Elle.

He is a true triple threat, as he not only performs music but also coaches fencing and basketball. His playful take on fashion has served as an inspiration to countless others.

His fashion style has had a major influence on Chinese youth culture, which has earned him recognition in the international music scene. Recently he graced the cover of Super Elle magazine - a Chinese lifestyle and fashion publication.

In addition to his music career, he is the CEO and co-founder of TEAM WANG. This brand emphasizes minimalist design with a positive vibe.

Established in 2020, this company has quickly formed partnerships with some of the world's most luxurious brands. Their products are ethical, conscious and sustainable - an approach which they take very seriously.

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K-pop star Jackson Wang dazzled fans as he walked the runway at Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week. Donning an oversized black blazer with perforated sleeves over a dark blue and black top, Jackson paired his bottom piece with black high-waisted trousers featuring dangling straps. To finish, Jackson finished off his ensemble with white and orange sneakers from Louis Vuitton that contrasted against his suit.

Wang, who boasts 25 million followers on Twitter and Weibo, is an incredibly versatile performer with an eclectic style. Not only is he an accomplished singer-rapper, but also adept in dancing and modeling. He has collaborated with major brands such as Armani and Fendi, fronting numerous fashion campaigns and shows.

In 2017, Wang launched his label Team Wang with Henry Cheung, also a member of GOT7. The slogan of this brand is "Know Yourself. Create Your Own History."

Hong Kong-born rapper Tiny has been making headlines worldwide since launching his solo career in 2017. In September 2022 he released his second album Magic Man and has been touring globally ever since, recently announcing that he will be part of Coachella 2023 lineup.

Wang, despite his impressive career, still finds time for family. He and his wife Xiao Wei reside in Shanghai with their two kids - a boy and girl.

He loves to travel and is a polyglot who speaks four languages fluently. His passion for languages has earned him an international following, earning him the China's National Cultural Prize as well as numerous honorary titles.

His rap skills are equally impressive; his style and sound is reminiscent of his idols Eminem and Rihanna. Additionally, he's highly active on social media, posting daily photos from his adventures.

The rapper's Instagram account boasts over one million followers and his tweets often trend on Twitter. He enjoys a devoted fan base in Asia with millions of followers on Sina Weibo and Wechat platforms.

He's a pop sensation, comedian and multilingual polyglot. He was appointed ambassador for Fendi and has collaborated with numerous brands like Adidas. Additionally, he launched his own fashion line called Team Wang in addition to his music career.


Jackson Wang is an international superstar who has achieved global fame as a fashion icon and household name. As an accomplished rapper, singer, dancer, model, he's collaborated with major brands like Fendi and Adidas. Additionally, Jackson Wang founded his own fashion brand called Team Wang that strives for high-quality products.

One of the things that has made him so beloved is his funky style, which can be seen through his outfits. He loves wearing matching tracksuits and hyper-pigmented statement pieces - making him a fashion inspiration to many around the globe.

He's been working with several fashion houses recently, the most notable being Fendi. He's fronted their campaigns and released a song exclusively for them.

In the meantime, he and former schoolmate Henry Cheung launched Team Wang as a way to showcase their personal style and values through clothing.

At the recent Paris Fashion Week show, MAGICMAN rapper showcased his stylish side by donning an all-black suit and bright orange sneakers. Fans praised his look, hailing it as "stylish!"

The 28-year-old Hong Kong star is currently touring Europe on his MAGICMAN World Tour and made a stop at Louis Vuitton's menswear show yesterday.

Wang is the most high-profile Chinese ambassador for Louis Vuitton since Kris Wu was terminated two years ago due to sexual assault allegations. Additionally, he's part of their esteemed "house ambassador" program.

When not touring or making music, Wang spends his free time developing his brand - a collaboration with close friends and family. The monochrome color scheme of the collection offers apparel, accessories and shoes that reflect Wang's laid-back attitude.

The rapper boasts an expansive fan base and often posts humorous captions and videos to his social media accounts. His lighthearted sense of humor makes him a favorite among his followers, despite being very busy. Additionally, he still finds time to keep fans up to date on all his projects and news.

jackson wang official website

The Official Website of Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong-born rapper, singer, dancer and television host. He's part of South Korean boy band GOT7 and Chinese hip hop collective PANTHEPACK.

Multi-hyphenate Wang speaks four languages fluently, storyboards his own music videos, writes and produces much of his own material, runs a fashion brand, and was previously an accomplished fencer before entering the music industry. Despite all this, Wang never experiences writer's block.


Jackson Wang's official website offers up a wealth of information regarding his upcoming releases, social media accounts and other fun stuff. Additionally, there's an impressive gallery with music video clips as well as live chat functionality to connect with fans.

Jackson is a member of K-pop group GOT7 and his debut solo EP, 'Wang Jia Er', was released in May of this year. Additionally, he has an eight-track English mixtape called 'LOST & FOUND' as well as a collaboration single with Coogie entitled "Blow."

GOT7 was formed in 2014 by JYP Entertainment (Rain, Wonder Girls). They consist of seven members: Jay B, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam.

In addition to their captivating rapping, singing and harmonies, the group members are renowned for their incredible dance abilities. Synchronized movements and impressive choreography have been a signature element since their inception.

GOT7 began as a training project for JYP but quickly blossomed into an iconic group with their own sound and aesthetic. Their debut EP, Got It?, reached number two on the Gaon Album Chart and number one on Billboard's World Albums Chart; followed by hit single 'Stop Stop It' and full-length debut Identify, both topping the charts.

They have been featured in several TV shows and films, as well as being brand models for IT'S SKIN, BAUSCH+LOMB softlens brand and Est Cola.

On their latest album, 'Flight Log: Turbulence', fans were shocked to learn that all seven members had contributed to writing and producing 11 of the 13 tracks. This release marked an important milestone in their career as it helped restore their reputation as a commercially successful group.

GOT7 members have always maintained a close bond with one another and their fans, even after signing with different entertainment companies or going independent. Their friendship and loyalty in the K-pop community is truly inspirational.

This year, they've gone all out to reignite their popularity with 'Skyway', a song which sees them release their worries and take flight into an exciting new world. In this track, they come face-to-face with the fact that it takes courage to break away from an old habit and start over fresh - creating something truly breathtaking in its beauty.


After a year filled with struggle and hardship, Jackson Wang has found his way back to himself. He's released several singles over the last few months to show his fans that he is still here and has plenty of stories to tell.

On his official website, Wang shares a letter that outlines how music has enabled him to break out of his shell and rediscover his passion for art. It's an inspiring letter that we all should read.

On September 9th, Wang released his sophomore album MAGIC MAN and takes on the role of "Magic Man" in a world filled with temptation and desire. In its opening video 'Cruel', Wang displays dramatic visuals alongside contemporary choreography for an engaging performance.

His 2019 solo release, Mirrors, set the bar for dramatic artistic statements made by Wang so far. Filled with poignant vocals and gritty production, it's an album that serves as much a testament to him as it does its fans.

From the opening track, 'Blow', this album takes the listener on an emotional journey from anger and allure to desolation and loss. Songs like 'Cruel' and 'Just Like Magic' boast stunning choral harmonies; but so too are falsetto vocals on 'Champagne Cool', 'Come Alive' and 'Dopamine'.

At the same time, Wang's performance of 'Magic Man' also displays his playful side. When he's on point, it sounds almost effortless - borderline juvenile yet still captivating enough to draw listeners into the story.

Jackson has always been more than just a musician or performer; he's a storyteller who uses music to tell his own narrative. With 'Magic Man,' Jackson ventures further from his comfort zone by exploring rock and grunge music in order to craft something truly special.

Magic Man' is an album that's both powerful and delicate, signaling that Jackson's music has entered a new era. With such an evocative and ambitious title, we can only hope this journey continues to develop and blossom over time.


Jackson Wang is a Chinese pop star best known as the lead singer of K-Pop band Got7. But he also has an eye for fashion; partnering with industry heavyweights like Armani and Fendi as an ambassador, plus creating his own clothing line called TEAM WANG which debuted this summer.

The brand's mission statement is "Know Yourself, Make Your Own History." This philosophy offers a refreshing take on fashion. Established by Jackson Wang and Henry Cheung in Shanghai, this label stands for "Know Yourself, Make Your Own History."

TEAM WANG's inaugural collection, The Original, launched on July 18 and can be purchased in both a pop-up concept store in Shanghai and online. This selection of tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and tops ranges in price from US$54 to US$224.

Jackson Wang and Henry Cheung founded this label with the philosophy, "Know Yourself, Make Your Own History," that encourages self-exploration. Their signature minimal aesthetic has been elevated with each new release - COOKIES-STANDARD for FW21 featuring 13 newly designed items such as a double-sided bucket hat and long down jacket.

TEAM WANG Design will launch a series of pop-up events across China this month, in addition to their Shanghai location. At each location, an exhibition featuring artwork created through collaborations with other artists will accompany the pop-up store experience.

TEAM WANG is not only a fashion label, but also an independent music label. Their latest single "Drive You Home" has amassed over 50 million streams and debuted at No. 32 on Billboard charts worldwide.

It has also been featured in a documentary film entitled Invisible Man. Through their mission, they aim to shatter social barriers and foster self-transcendence.

TEAM WANG Design's ambitious goals have earned the label recognition both within China and beyond. Recently, they joined Hypebeast and StockX, two e-commerce platforms that specialize in sneakers.

TEAM WANG Design has an active social media presence and its aesthetics reflect the culture of Chinese youth. Its products can be found both mainland and Hong Kong, produced at its factory in Shanghai. In collaboration with many premium and luxury brands such as MAC, Fendi, Cartier, and Armani Beauty, TEAM WANG has built a reputable name for itself in this space.


Jackson Wang's official website is a multilingual destination offering music, news, tour dates, videos, photos and more. You can sign up for concert alerts with your favorite artists or receive notifications on new releases - plus download or stream tracks directly.

Jackson's music is deeply rooted in Chinese and Asian culture, and he strives to share this heritage on the international stage. He has collaborated with global brands such as MAC, Fendi, Cartier, Armani Beauty, Rayban, L'Oreal, Pepsi and BMW in order to spread awareness of his heritage.

He has performed at numerous major events, such as the Global Chinese Music Awards, NetEase Indie Music Awards and Global K-Pop Summit. With 55 million followers across social media platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, his music can be found everywhere.

His debut solo album Mirrors, released on September 2019, has been met with critical acclaim and was named Billboard's highest-charting Chinese artist debut. It includes songs that capture the energies of today's youth while drawing inspiration from Chinese culture.

On September 24th, Mirrors released their debut single "Bullet to the Heart", a tale of triumph over life's obstacles. Produced by Wang across China, South Korea and America, this album tells an inspiring tale.

Wang, in addition to his music career, is also a fashion designer and creative director for TEAM WANG. His designs have been featured on brands like MAC, Fendi and Cartier; in 2018, he was even appointed an ambassador for Fendi China.

Wang was raised competing on the sports floor as both his parents were members of Hong Kong's national fencing team. At eleventh place during the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics and first place at Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships, he has earned himself a place among elite competitors.

After passing a music audition, he signed with JYP Entertainment and made his debut with GOT7 in 2014. On January 16, 2014, they released their debut single "Girls Girls Girls" from their EP Got It?.

He has been nominated for several awards in the Chinese music industry, with his debut album MIRRORS being named one of the top 10 Chinese albums of 2019. Billboard even named it as one of the fastest-charting Chinese artist debuts!

ray ban x jackson wang

The New Ray Ban x Jackson Wang Collection

Recently, K-pop singer Jackson Wang was named global ambassador for Luxottica Group eyewear brand Ray-Ban. He serves as the face of their #ProudToBelong campaign.

This collaboration reinvents two classic designs, the Aviator and Oval, to celebrate a sense of belonging. You can choose between shiny copper with light brown lenses, gold frame with light azure shades or silver frames with violet lenses engraved with Jackson Wang's signature.


Ray-Ban's iconic Aviator sunglasses have been a symbol of style and passion for decades. Initially created to protect US fighter pilots' eyes from sunlight glare, this iconic style remains an enduring testament to their dedication.

This classic frame boasts adjustable nose pads, covered temple tips and a double bridge, available in three sizes and various color options. Crafted from durable yet lightweight acetate material, they're suitable for both men and women alike.

Team Wang has given this timeless style a contemporary update with three bold combinations designed by Jackson Wang. Choose from shiny copper combined with light brown lenses, gold with light azure shades or silver combined with violet lenses for an eye-catching look.

The Ray Ban x Jackson Wang sunglasses are perfect for when you're out and about or attending any special occasion. Crafted with lightweight yet durable acetate material, their engraved signature by Jackson Wang adds an air of glamour to this sleek and fashionable frame.

Although the Ray Ban x Jackson Wang sunglasses are a great pair, there are a few drawbacks that should be taken into account before purchasing them. Most notably, their fit may be too large for some individuals.

Another issue with these glasses is that they don't come with a hard case, something every sunglass owner should have in their collection. If you want these lenses to remain scratch-resistant and lasting, then investing in an appropriate hard case is necessary.

Sunglass styles with an oversized fit are often plagued with this problem, but the Ray Ban x Jackson is no different; this version allows you to show your love for the original Aviator while adding some unique flair and personality to your ensemble.

Ray Ban x Jackson sunglasses come in an array of colors, such as red, black and navy. Crafted with acetate material for lightness and thinness, these lenses to frame ratios make it the ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight frame without sacrificing style. Additionally, this model has slightly higher lens to frame ratio so your face appears more proportionate.


Ray-Ban is known for their iconic sunglasses and cool style, so they've joined forces with Chinese KOL Jackson Wang to create a collaboration that keeps up with culture. The ray ban x jackson wang collection offers an updated take on classic Aviator and Oval frames in three new colour combinations with washed lenses featuring Wang's signature inside the temple tips.

The Oval's most distinctive feature is its eye-catching color combination, reminiscent of the first sunglass icon. Choose from gradient light brown lenses with copper frames, light azure lenses with gold frames or violet lenses with silver frames - each accented by Havana grey or brown temple tips.

Each frame comes with adjustable nose pads to guarantee a secure fit, and the iconic brand's logo is printed inside each lens. Furthermore, ray ban x jackson Wang capsule offers an array of accessories including a limited-edition case.

It's no wonder why the Oval is considered a timeless classic. Since 1937, it's been an iconic icon for celebrities, artists and musicians alike.

This 82-year-old company has always kept up with cultural trends, remaining a beacon of passion and true style. Their latest capsule combines the Oval with Aviator for an array of colour combos sure to please even seasoned observers.

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Clubmaster Classic

The Clubmaster Classic is a timeless frame that's found in most collections. Boasting an elegant browline right above the lenses, these frames can be worn casually or formally depending on your face type.

Established in the 1980s, Ray-Ban's iconic pair remains one of their most sought-after designs and has inspired countless imitations. Crafted with lightweight metal and bold acetate, this mixed composition design offers both functionality and visual interest. The acetate browline is refined at both the nose bridge and temples while metal details adorn both frame fronts as well as eyewires to support bottom lenses.

The RB3016 Clubmaster is an iconic design that has come to symbolize timelessness and urbanity. Available in black or brown frames with crystal green lens treatment, this model will make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Clubmaster Classic sunglasses come in an array of colour combinations and prescription lenses for added protection from the sun while being light enough to wear all day.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are all UV protected, providing your eyes with protection from damaging rays. Furthermore, these shades come with an adjustable nose pad so you can position it to suit any face shape or size perfectly.

This frame is Asian Fit and features a narrower nose bridge than standard Fit frames. It's ideal for those with square faces or who have smaller foreheads and lower facial features.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses boast an irresistibly cool combination of cool and classic looks that appeals to people of all ages around the world. Perfect for your next date, lunch with clients or evening garden party at the country club - the Clubmaster will surely turn heads wherever you go.

Ray ban x Jackson Wang have given this timeless design an exciting update with new colours. Choose between light brown lenses paired with copper frames or violet lenses combined with gold frames; plus choose Havana grey or brown temple tips to complete the look.

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