Coco Jones Proves She's The Baddest Bunny In Easter Shoot

Coco Jones Proves She's The Baddest Bunny In Easter Shoot


Coco Jones of Bel-Air showed her Easter spirit (sorry Benito!) with an energetic photo shoot. She donned various outfits and poses to celebrate with her Instagram followers.

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1. She’s wearing a white dress

Coco Jones, star of "Bel-Air," has always been a style icon with her impeccable sense of style. Now 24 years old and still making waves in the industry, her new role as Hilary Banks on "Bel-Air" promises to further propel her success even further.

Jones has always been renowned for her incredible voice and captivating stage presence. She began singing at an early age, developing the gift of belting out songs that will have audiences enthralled.

Jones made her big break at age six, landing a graduation gig that launched her career in entertainment. Since then, the singer-songwriter has managed to juggle both a TV role as Hilary Banks and an impressive music career that continues to attract attention from around the world.

Coco is known for her vibrant personality that comes through in every piece she creates, so it was no shock when she showed off her daring side during a curated collection of photos shot by LA-based Creative Director Jacob Webster for seggzy's Easter shoot. From pastel-splashed themes to various outfits and poses, Coco displayed her badass bunny side on Instagram in various sultry looks.

Her looks were complete with flirty accessories and captivating makeup to make her even more alluring. To top it off, she added some glamour to her ensemble with a pair of sultry lace-up heels.

Social media photos shared online featured her wearing a white ruffled dress with an elegant slit and full-sleeved crop top. To complete the look, she added sheer stockings and accessorized with a chic black bag.

Though some were uncertain if she would wear fashion on Easter, the famous Sunday style icon never fails to look amazing! There's no denying that she did an excellent job with this look!

2. She’s wearing a pink dress

Coco Jones, star of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and R&B singer, celebrated Easter 2023 in style. On social media, the former Disney Channel star shared several sultry photos showcasing her fashionable sense in various outfits such as a white ruffled dress with thigh-high slit, full sleeve cropped top with sheer stockings and more.

The multi-hyphenate R&B princess is renowned for her soulful voice that connects with fans old and new. Currently, she plays Hilary Banks on Peacock's hit TV show Bel-Air and recently signed with Def Jam Records.

She is an experienced performer, having performed with rappers such as Babyface, Leon Thomas and Ginuwine both solo and in collaboration. Her debut EP What I Didn't Tell You has become a staple in 2022 R&B genre.

On this project, Jones explores her vulnerability while showcasing her songwriting and production abilities. On the opening track "Crazy For Me," she describes the lengths a man will go to gain her attention; hinting that she's willing to take risks in pursuit of what feels right for her.

On her project, she successfully bridges the generation gap in R&B music with her sound, style and contemporary takes on classic hits. On the second single "ICU," she explores the struggle of growing apart from someone you love but aren't quite ready to let go yet.

She then followed with "Caliber," featuring a guest appearance from Babyface who added his trademark vocals to the track. This track serves as a testament to Jones' ability to craft powerful songs that are not only enjoyable to listen to but also an intense emotional experience.

As a singer and actress, her schedule is constantly in flux; as such, she must often adapt to new projects at short notice. But there are certain items she can't imagine life without when in the studio or out in public.

She's a busy entertainer, yet she always finds the time to look her best. For her latest photo shoot, she decided to buck the traditional Easter bunny-themed picture that tends to feature pastel-splashed themes.

3. She’s wearing a black dress

She's one of our favorite style icons right now, combining her impressive acting talents and blossoming music career as a singer with an eye for fashionable clothing. She truly is a remarkable talent who has already demonstrated it in her role as social media influencer Hilary Banks on Peacock TV's hit series Bel-Air.

Coco Jones, 24, has been on the rise since her Disney Channel days and continues to do so after landing her first major label record deal with Def Jam. On her debut EP What I Didn't Tell You, Jones shows off a more mature side that fans haven't seen before with songs like "Crazy For Me."

With its captivating lyrics, sensuous vocals and infectious production, the earworm is set to become her biggest single yet. Additionally, it gives listeners a glimpse into her emotional side as she shares how difficult it can be to part with someone who has become part of her.

In addition to her EP, the singer/actress has released several other uplifting songs such as the sensual love ballad "No Chaser," featuring Babyface. Despite her rising success, she doesn't take anything for granted as she continues to manage both her busy professional career and budding musical endeavors.

To celebrate the upcoming Spring holiday, she joined seggzy for an Easter shoot that showcased her best and worst bunny (sorry Benito!) fashions and pastel-splashed themes. Captured by LA-based creative director Jacob Webster in a carefully edited series of photos, the 'ICU' singer showcased her alluring personality through various poses and outfits that truly showcased her innate sense of style.

She's certainly the baddest bunny, and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for us in season two of Bel-Air! Check out some of her stylish looks below, then tune in to see if you can spot any onscreen during the show!

4. She’s wearing a blue dress

The R&B singer showed off her daring fashion sense in several photos taken while celebrating Easter day. She donned a white ruffled dress with an a-line hemline, full-sleeved cropped top paired with sheer stockings, and more to capture everyone's attention with her look!

Coco Jones has not always had the chance to pursue her aspiration of becoming a successful artist, but now it appears that her journey is taking an encouraging turn. As an up-and-coming star who has been working steadily since her teens, Jones is making waves in television production as well.

She is currently playing Hillary Banks in Bel-Air, a dramatic remake of 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. In this show, Will Smith plays Will Smith's cousin and Banks family eldest daughter who is in her thirties now.

She's giving Hilary Banks a modern take on the classic look from the original series with her style. As a social media influencer with an eye for fashion and admiration for all things Old Money, she brings fresh life to this beloved character.

Her wardrobe pays homage to the original's glamorous luxe blazers and on-point accessories, yet it also takes on a fresh take. She dresses with Instagram baddie flair - something we can't wait to see more of from her!

Recently, she spoke with For the Record about her current TV role and what fans can expect from the new season of Bel-Air. Additionally, she shared some of her favorite pieces to wear as both an actress and singer.

She also shared her top advice for new and aspiring actresses looking to break into the entertainment industry. She stressed how essential it is to be aware of the difficulties that can arise if you have darker-skinned skin.

Jones has overcome many hardships in her life, yet she remains determined to overcome them and use her experiences as motivation for others. Her success is the result of hard work and perseverance; Jones won't rest until she achieves success.

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