Best shoes for standing all day

Best shoes for standing all day


Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Workers Who Stand All Day, According to Podiatrists

Being on your feet all day puts your lower extremities under a lot of stress. If you’re consistently wearing unsupportive shoes, you could develop achy arches, joint pain, and other discomfort. Fortunately, there are lots of footwear options perfect for people who stand all day. You just have to know what to look for, you can find a comfortable pair of comfy shoes for your feet. In addition to the right shoes, check out the best shoes for work in the ER and operating room.

Pair of Brown Leather Shoes

How to shop for the best shoes for nurses

Clogs are also a good choice, says Howard Friedman, D.P.M., a New York-based podiatrist. Clogs tend to have a wide toe box, which helps accommodate feet as they expand throughout the day. A shoe’s cushioning becomes compressed after six hours and no longer offers support, Dr. Freidman cautions. Having two great pairs allows you to change halfway through your shift, he says. The options below are perfect for nurses and anyone else who spends most of their workdays on their feet.

The 10 Best Walking Shoes to Work and Stand on Concrete All Day

New Balance 626V2 Work Sneakers are slippers-resistant, lightweight shoes? Loom Sneakers for women: H2-GO & Merino Wool; Work Sneaker: Work, Work Sure Track Sneakers; Work Work & Wool. Clogs: Alegria Women’s Erin Clog; Timberland PRO, Work Powertrain Sport Shoe; Rockport Pro, Work Work Work; Merrell Prosole; Work Sneakers ; Skechers Men's Segment The Search Loafer.

New Balance 990GL5 Women’s Walking Shoe

This New Balance Women's walking shoe features motion control and ROLLBAR stability technologies and ABZORB midfoot cushioning. In addition, the shoe comes with a padded tongue and a comfort foam collar to protect your feet and ankle from rubbing. Not to mention, the rubber outsole is great for maximum outsole durability. The shoe is a control walking shoe developed for all-day comfort. Shop New Balance Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day at New [link] New Balance.

Best Traction: Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel Slip-Resistant Shoe

Skechers garner high praise for their comfort and durability for long work days. Water-resistant with memory foam insoles and non-slip rubber bottoms. Reviewer: 'To my pleasant surprise, I was able work on them for 10.5 hours the first day and no swelling.” 4.4 out of 5 stars from 5,200+ Amazon customer reviews. Priced between $99 and $299,000 (£99) and are made from durable, durable and comfortable.

Why Suitable Standing Shoes Are Important:

We all find ourselves standing on our feet all day at some point during the week; whether it’s a part of your work and you’re standing for long periods of time on most days, or you’re running around after energetic kids on the weekends, it’s inevitable.

But standing all day can be exhausting. Especially, if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes that’ll protect you from blisters, shin splints, and joint pain.

But it’s not just blisters you should be worried about… Studies show that standing for longer than five hours a day, can contribute to an array of prolonged conditions, such as muscle fatigue in the lower limbs, and long-term back pains.

However, if you have to stand for long periods, and you’re starting to panic, we’re here to tell you: you can prevent the amount of damage done to your body by making sure your feet and ankles are properly supported. How? You need the correct pair of shoes.

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Features of Good Shoes For Standing:

Shoes for standing that’ll prevent damage, both short-term and long-term, typically have similar features. You want a shoe that is non-slip or slip-resistant, with memory foam, a rubber outsole, a soft footbed, cushioning in the heel, arch support, shock-absorbent, and breathable lining.

Of course, it also depends on your needs; whether you’re after a work shoe or a shoe that can double as a running or walking shoe. Plus, each brand tends to employ different technologies to achieve different protections.

Therefore, you must consider exactly what you’re after in terms of protection, and weigh up any past injuries you may have that need extra support. Ultimately, the best shoes for standing all day will keep your feet cushioned and comfortable.

We’ve Done The diligence For You:

If you're after a pair of suitable shoes for standing all day, that’ll support you and keep your feet cushioned, but you’re still unsure of where to start; you’re within the right place. We’ve curated an inventory of the simplest shoes for standing all day which will keep your feet proud of support, foam cushioning, slip-resistant, and shock absorption features.


Plus, it doesn’t matter what sort of shoe you’re after, an informal shoe, smart-casual shoe, dress shoe, or formal shoe, you’ll find the proper option below. All of the brands featured will keep any foot, from the heel to the toe, comfortable and cushioned, and can protect you from damage whether or not you’re standing all day long.



If you’re after a dressier shoe to face all day in, opt for new brand, Amberjack. Despite only being launched in 2020, the Amberjack team has had years of experience, working with a number of the most important heavyweights within the men’s footwear industry like Cole Haan, Allen Edmonds, and Adidas.

They only have one shoe to supply, ‘The Original’, which may be a stylish dress shoe available in four timeless colours. But this shoe is secretly a significant game-changer when it involves men’s dress shoes. The soles of the initial are crafted with new, proprietary materials created by Amberjack that deliver comfort all day long! The shoes also feature heat-activated support made with foam (that’s more durable than memory foam) that when heated by your body warmth will mould to your foot for custom support.

Not to mention a dual-density outsole with high-performance athletic technology within the front for flexibility and robust hiking boot material within the back for support. Oh, and also the sustainably sourced Italian suede used for the upper is water repellent, meaning you'll wear these dress shoes in rain or shine, and therefore the suede will stay protected and fresh. Seriously, you’ll stay cushioned and cozy whether or not you stand all day in these stylish dress shoes.



When it involves finding comfortable shoes that you just can wear whilst standing all day, Casca could be a brand you cannot ignore.

All of Casca's footwear is intended with orthotic experts and are constructed with a triple-thick cushioning with Everest-grade rubber, to make sure premium comfort and long wearability. Casca believes that each foot is more unique than a fingerprint, which is why they launched Smartfit, in 2020. what's Smartfit, you ask? Made to order custom insoles tailored to your exact foot measurements, to supply optimal cushioning and support.

Any of Casca's shoes, especially once you upgrade them with a Smartfit insole, will keep your feet feeling happy, supported, and ever comfy, whether or not you are doing stand all day. Casca's shoes are available in a very huge range of designs, materials, and hues, including leather upper, suede upper, and knit upper sneakers.

Oh, and did we mention the added bonus? All of their shoes are ridiculously stylish. Seriously, Casca's shoes are perfect for walking or standing throughout the day.



Created to fill a spot of versatility present within the men's sneaker market, Tropicfeel is devoted to making travel gear that's lightweight and sustainable, and specifically may be worn for nearly any and each situation or adventure.


The Sunset, another one in all the simplest shoes for standing all day, is an all-terrain sneaker; it's waterproof and features the identical benefits as aqua shoes, sports shoes, and hiking boots, bushed the one incredibly comfortable sneaker.


These sneakers are often worn either with or without socks, because the Agion technology will keep the shoes breathable & odourless for his or her entire life. Plus, because these shoes are specifically designed to tackle any terrain, they'll be worn all day whether or not you're standing for long, long hours without causing any blisters or pain in your feet.



New Zealand-American company, Allbirds is devoted to making eco-friendly shoes made of sustainable resources, but that does not mean that Allbirds' shoes don't deliver within the comfort department.


The Tree Runners are made up of renewable materials that unsurprisingly have amazing benefits; the body of the shoe is crafted from eucalyptus fibres for breathability, and therefore the insoles are made up of physic layered with ZQ Merino wool to cushion, moisture-wick, and odour reduce your feet while you're wearing these shoes.

The lightweight and breezy Tree Runners are flexible and can conform to your movements while your standing or moving on your feet for long hours. Plus, they're mechanically cleanable, meaning they're easy to wash whether or not you wear these shoes all day, every day; which you may because they're one in all the simplest shoes for standing all day.

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