AJANI Hustle Jacket

AJANI Hustle Jacket


hustle jacket

Get a stylish look with this Hustle jacket. Its rib knitted collar and front buttoned closure feature soft viscose lining for comfort.

This varsity jacket comes in black and multicolored colors. It also has a logo printed on the front and sleeves. Crafted with high quality stitching for lasting durability, this product will not disappoint you!

Product Description

The hustle jacket is a timeless piece of men's clothing designed to make you look good while feeling comfortable. It comes in various colors and designs, so there's sure to be one that matches your style perfectly.

This jacket is crafted from a combination of wool and leather. It has a rib knitted collar, buttoned front closure, soft viscose inner lining to keep you warm and relaxed, full-length sleeves with rib knitted cuffs, as well as two side waist pockets to store your stuff safely.

This garment is crafted with high-quality fabric that resists wrinkles, shrinkage, abrasion and mildew. Plus, it's machine washable so you can wear it again and again without worrying about its quality.

When you want to look your best during a workout or go out with friends, this jacket will be your go-to. Its unique design makes it suitable for any event; simply pair with shorts or jeans to complete the look and you're set. A must-have item in any active man's closet!

Fans of Bradley Cooper will adore this jacket. It features a maroon and brown leather construction with a coat-style collar and button closure, as well as two large side pockets covered with flaps. Perfect for both men and women alike!

The Hustle Coalition puffer jacket is an excellent addition to your clothing collection. Made of 5K-rated fabric, it keeps you dry and comfortable while skiing or snowboarding. It features an 18-inch long underarm vent so you can vent heat when on the slopes or doing street runs, plus it comes with a bungee cord adjustable hood for extra protection.

Product Details

The hustle jacket is a high-quality varsity jacket available in an array of colors. It has a rib-knitted front closure, full length sleeves with rib-knitted cuffs and two side waist pockets to store essential items securely. Furthermore, its soft viscose inner lining provides ultimate comfort and relaxation when wearing this garment.

Dickies' Hustle Jacket is a must-have in every man's closet. Crafted with durable cotton canvas shell, its cotton canvas shell resists wear and tear while adjustable waist tabs keep you secure while going about your day. Slash-front pockets and utility sleeve add practicality, while nylon inside lining makes cleaning easy.

The Hustle Jacket from Dickies not only serves as functional outerwear, but it's a great conversation piece too. Its white and black color scheme with small ELTSUH logo on the front stands out in any crowd, while its oversized cheetah-print collar adds visual interest. Furthermore, its detachable chenille lettering of HUSTLE OVER MUCKA branding completes the look.

Showing your team spirit when heading out for a game or practice has never been easier with this eye-catching white and reflective lace design. Crafted with a poly/cotton blend that feels comfortable against skin, it also has some unique features like a large zippered pocket and underarm slits that are among the largest of their kind.

Product Options

The hustle jacket is available in a range of colors and styles. This varsity-style jacket has a buttoned front closure and full length sleeves with rib-knitted cuffs, as well as an interior brushed fleece layer for extra warmth. Other functional elements include the sleeve slit for ease of movement and two side waist pockets for storage. Crafted from high-performance poly-fleece fabric that not only looks great, but will stay durable over time too. AJANI Hustle Jacket is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to stand out in style while performing well.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are an invaluable way to discover what other customers think of a particular item. They can help you decide whether it's worth investing in, or simply waste of money. Furthermore, product reviews offer crucial details such as size and quality that consumers should know before making their purchase.

The hustle jacket is a bit of an acquired taste, depending on your expectations for leisure cycling waterproof gear. While not the lightest or most packable choice, it does provide some unique design touches and can be an attractive option for those wanting to make a statement while cycling. Sizing runs small so if you're on the larger size, we recommend going up a size.

For those willing to spend money, the hustle jacket is an ideal option for bikers seeking something special to wear while out riding. It features designer features that will get you noticed and looks fantastic too! Unfortunately, it can be pricey so if you're uncertain if it fits within your budget or style then don't buy it; instead, choose from our extensive selection of other products available in stock.

hustle journal

How to Use the Hustle Journal to Plan Positively, Reflect With Purpose and Manage Your Wellbeing

The hustle journal is your go-to tool to plan positively, reflect with intention and manage your wellbeing through goal and habit tracking. It features a reliable habit tracking technique, gratitude log, affirmation space and crucial task organization!

The hustle economy has created an environment in which workers face tradeoffs and stress that have detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing, commonly referred to as "hustle culture."


Gratitude is an emotion that can make a significant impact on your hustle journaling journey. It helps you focus on what you have and motivates you to keep going when things get difficult or you feel like progress isn't being made as quickly as desired. Gratitude also serves to keep you motivated when things seem unproductive or incomplete.

Maintaining a gratitude journal can be an effective way to foster this positive outlook. It also serves as a great opportunity to reflect on your goals and aspirations. When you take time out of your busy day to list all of the wonderful things in your life, you may discover that there are far more blessings than you realize.

If you don't know where to begin with your journal, create a template that will guide you. Include sections for morning gratitude, lessons learned from experiences in life and who you are most thankful for today.

You can also use a gratitude journal app to help you remember to record the good things that happen throughout the day. These programs can be downloaded for both Mac and iPhone users.

Expressing gratitude can be an effective tool in cultivating healthy relationships with friends, family and coworkers. Studies have revealed that expressing thanks makes these connections stronger, creating deeper levels of satisfaction and enjoyment in each one.

Expressing gratitude to others can have positive social consequences, encouraging them to express theirs as well. Studies have linked this practice with increased empathy, strengthened interpersonal ties and enhanced self-respect.

Teenagers and young adults in particular can benefit from practicing gratitude. It helps them develop better emotional regulation skills, managing feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression better.

Focusing on one's strengths and working towards overcoming negative experiences can help them focus on what makes them unique, giving them a different perspective that may increase feelings of contentment in life overall.

No matter if you're working with a client face-to-face or over the phone, try to incorporate gratitude into every session as often as possible. It's an effective way for both of you to build rapport and trust.


One of the best ways to stay motivated in your hustle is setting goals. This also serves as a great way to monitor progress and assess whether you're making progress toward achieving desired outcomes.

A goal journal is a handy way to store information about your goals and track progress towards them. It also serves as an effective tool for identifying the most effective techniques for reaching those objectives.

Goal setting can take many forms in your hustle journal. Some examples include SMART goals, actionable targets and those that provide a sense of achievement. When selecting your goals for this journal, ensure they align with both your personality and interests.

When setting goals, prioritize your time and resources. Doing this will help you avoid burnout and maximize the outcome of your efforts.

If you have multiple goals, creating a schedule for each one and writing down when you plan to work on them can be helpful. Doing this ensures that you don't forget any days when trying to meet them will help ensure success.

If you're looking to launch a writing side hustle, set goals around how many articles you write each month and how much income you want from this endeavor.

Consider setting goals for yourself each week regarding how many hours you dedicate to your side hustle. Doing this can help assess productivity levels and identify any areas in life which are suffering due to insufficient focus on work.

No matter which goal you select for your hustle journal, make sure it fits perfectly for you. Furthermore, consider what makes you contented and which objectives aren't as significant.

You can use a hustle journal to reflect on the most successful goals you've reached in your career and how you can improve. It's an effective way to learn from past errors and gain inspiration for future endeavors.


Dream journals are an invaluable tool for understanding and interpreting your dreams. They can assist in formulating goals, exploring unprocessed emotions, and improving memory recall. Maintaining a dream journal can help you gain valuable insight into yourself as an individual.

Kelly Bulkeley, a psychology professor, believes that recording dreams can be beneficial for one's mental health and overall well-being. According to Bulkeley, "Dreams have the capacity to elicit emotions as well as create characters we identify with; they serve as an avenue to creativity in our waking life," she explains to Business Insider. "Dreams hold many benefits for those who write them down."

Dreaming itself has been found to become more intense and frequent during times of stress. This could be because the brain is more active during a dream state, encouraging creativity to flow more freely.

It's essential to recognize that dreams can take many forms. They could involve someone, a place, an event or concept. Dreams are often vague and confusing but the most crucial thing is acknowledging they happened at all.

Dreams have another important purpose: they can inspire you to make changes in your life. A dream may offer insight into an existing situation and give you the drive needed to take action on goals.

Dreams may help you recognize that you are denial about your financial situation. They could motivate you to find a better job or find ways to save money.

Dreams can also serve as inspiration for your upcoming project or job interview. The ideal dream is one that allows you to envision an exciting future.

To maximize the benefits of keeping a dream journal, set an alarm before bed to record your dreams. You can choose to write them down on paper, in an app like Evernote, or both - whatever works best for you! That way, when it's time to move forward in life, you can look back at them easily with clarity.


Reflection is a tool that encourages us to pause and reflect upon a situation, offering valuable insights that can inform professional decision-making and shape how we approach work. With reflection, we gain perspective into our professional practice which in turn leads to improvements, developments, and shifts in how we do things.

Maintaining a journal can be an excellent way to stay in touch with yourself and reflect on what matters most to you. It will enable you to assess how far you have come and identify any changes needed in order to become the person that you desire to become.

Reflective journaling can be an invaluable tool for evaluating your progress and planning how to continue honing your skills. It's a great way to identify which aspects of your career need improvement and which abilities need developing in order to be successful.

Hustle culture is a term that's become increasingly common on social media recently and describes those who feel the pressure to work constantly without taking breaks, at full capacity. Unfortunately, this type of mentality can have serious negative consequences for many individuals as it increases anxiety and stress levels.

Sleep deprivation, fatigue and exhaustion can have negative consequences on our mental health and wellbeing, potentially leading to more serious problems in the future.

One of the best ways to manage hustle culture is taking a step back and reflecting on your actions and how they could be improved. Although it can be challenging to do so when life gets in your way, reflecting on yourself and how to improve yourself is an essential part of achieving success and developing character traits.

Another useful example of reflection is the ability to use languages such as Java or PHP to examine classes and objects in order to obtain programmatically information on methods, fields, and interfaces. This type of capability can be invaluable for various tasks like debugging or test-driving applications.

Reflection is an incredibly valuable skill that will benefit many aspects of life, so it's essential to learn how to utilize it correctly. You can use reflection to analyze and improve current circumstances or reflect on past experiences and identify how they could have been different.

mina starsiak bed and breakfast

Mina Starsiak Bed and Breakfast

Mina Starsiak Hawk, HGTV's go-to home renovation expert and real estate agent, is back for another season of her popular show. Her latest spinoff, Good Bones: Risky Business, is set to premiere on September 6.

This time around, the "Good Bones" star is endeavoring to transform an 1800s Victorian home into a bed and breakfast and event center that can serve as an inspirational legacy for her family, business and community.

The Story

Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk, stars of HGTV's Good Bones, have won over audiences with their eclectic style, free-spirited approach to design, and vintage-contemporary aesthetic. Together they have built a business from scratch that has brought Indianapolis to life.

No matter the project they take on in Fountain Square, Fletcher Place or Bates-Hendricks, the mother-daughter team's enthusiasm for home restoration and commitment to community are what sets them apart. Their engaging banter, warm personality and hard work come together in a compelling home rehabilitation show.

Though they've achieved the pinnacle of their industry, their success wasn't without its challenges. Not only have they had to battle against sexism and deal with the sometimes harsh realities that come along with being on a popular television series, but they have also had to overcome personal struggles like dealing with grief.

If you've ever watched or read a magazine featuring home improvement-minded women, then you know it takes guts to rehab a house and transform it into something new. That is exactly what Karen and Mina are doing with their spinoff series Good Bones: Risky Business which will air on HGTV this September.

The show will follow Mina as she transforms an old Victorian property in Indianapolis into a bed and breakfast. It's no easy feat; it requires both time and money.

She must figure out how to manage this project within budget and overcome the many obstacles associated with renovating an old structure. While taking this risk could prove costly for her business and community, it also presents her with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

Watch the show to discover how she plans on renovating this century-old building into an overnight stay that will become part of Indianapolis for years into the future. Plus, get a glimpse at her team who's helping her bring this property back to life!

The Space

Mina Starsiak Hawk, HGTV personality and owner of Two Chicks & A Hammer home renovation company, has an impressive track record when it comes to revitalizing dilapidated houses. Her efforts have been visible in several neighborhoods around Indianapolis - where two Chicks & A Hammer has completed many transformations.

For her most recent project, HGTV decided to go all in and create a spinoff show called Good Bones: Risky Business that documents her ambitious plan to transform an old Victorian mansion into an event space/bed and breakfast. Though it's no small feat, with help from Window Nation's team she manages to make it work.

The new Good Bones show takes a big leap from previous versions, which often featured multiple remodeled homes. It is more interactive, HGTV notes, allowing viewers to experience the transformation of a house into an attractive and functional home in real time.

Particularly with regard to a special new feature the company has in store: luxury vinyl flooring specialist Karndean Designflooring has joined forces with Starsiak Hawk for an exclusive two-year deal. She's already featured the company on several episodes of the hit show and will continue showcasing their cutting-edge technology at home for fans to enjoy.

The best part is that she gets to share her expertise with a new generation of homeowners looking to remodel their homes. We can't wait to hear all about it!

The Food

Over six seasons, HGTV's home renovation duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk have amassed an adoring fan base. In fact, their Fountain Square haunts have become so popular that you may have trouble finding a parking spot on the street or in the neighborhood!

The team's latest renovation project is the HGTV spinoff Good Bones: Risky Business, and they've earned themselves the title for best home reno of all time with their high-tech approach to old school home repairs. The show features an impressive roster of talented designers and decorators who can't stop talking about their stunning new digs.

What's not to love about a modern-day hotel that looks like an elegant turn of the century mansion? And for foodies, the team has you covered with plenty of local breweries, restaurants and shops to boot!

No matter if you're in search of the sexiest cocktail or the largest plate of nachos, our staff will be more than happy to oblige.

This charming small town bistro is conveniently situated right around the corner from Fountain Square, home to HGTV headquarters. That means you may just get lucky enough to spot your favorite stars when visiting. Plus, their team often stops in for lunch or dinner! During summer months, this restaurant becomes one of the busiest spots in town!

The People

If you watch HGTV, Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk are well-known for their show Good Bones where they transform run-down homes into cozy spaces with ease. But these sisters don't just rehab homes to become reality stars; they also dedicate themselves to giving back to their community by volunteering their services.

Fans know why Laine and Starsiak are beloved -- they are Indiana natives who cherish their hometown, with a mission to make it better. Fans often spot them wearing work jackets and muddy boots at their favorite local hangouts.

Though their notoriety has certainly drawn visitors to the Fountain Square neighborhood they rehab, there's no denying that Jack Richard and Charlotte Drew - both born in 2016 - are also extremely busy parents. Recently, the family welcomed a baby girl into their family.

They may always be busy, but it never feels like they don't take time out for their family. Their devotion to their kids is evident; in fact, they even wrote a children's book called "Built Together" as an effort to teach their kids that all families are unique.

Mina Starsiak Hawk is renovating an old Victorian home in Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis to turn it into a bed and breakfast. This project is her largest yet, covering 7,00 square feet including both the main house and carriage house; it requires meticulous restoration work to turn the property into her ideal home.

Once she arrives at the property, however, she quickly learns it's not quite ready for renovation as anticipated. With only eight weeks to finish the project, she must contend with numerous unexpected logistical difficulties.

One of the biggest challenges is that there are no plumbing or electrical hookups in place, meaning rewiring from scratch could prove impossible if things don't go as planned. Without adequate funding and supervision, however, this project could collapse completely.

In the end, Mina's dream came true and she now owns Charlotte Hall Bed and Breakfast - named after their daughter Charlotte - which she hopes will serve as a legacy both for herself and their community.

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