A$AP Rocky and Under Armour AWGE x Under Armour SRLo Sneaker Collaboration Revealed

A$AP Rocky and Under Armour AWGE x Under Armour SRLo Sneaker Collaboration Revealed


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According to reports, A$AP Rocky has inked a deal with Under Armour for sneaker designs. Though the Baltimore-based athletic company has had difficulty breaking into the footwear space, a partnership with Rocky could give them an extra push.

As part of their agreement, Drake will collaborate with Under Armour on his own clothing line and undertake philanthropic activities. Furthermore, he plans to open community centers in Baltimore, Los Angeles, and New York.

AWGE x Under Armour SRLo

After months of speculation and previews, A$AP Rocky and Under Armour have officially given their collaboration the green light. The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo is Rocky's first signature sneaker, boasting serious style credentials to back up its high-performance claim.

As expected, this chunky shoe pays homage to the Osiris D3 that A$AP Rocky himself took a liking to in his youth. UA's HOVR cushioning technology and reflective lacing systems add aesthetic value as well as eye-catching design elements and cool accents.

The AWGE x Under Armour 'SRLO' is a limited-edition shoe unveiled at an NYC pop-up skate rave in September. It boasts an all-black upper, reflective lacing system, and Under Armour's HOVR technology on the midsole.

This shoe can definitely hold its own at a rave, thanks to its patented anti-slip coating that prevents liquids from getting stuck to your foot's bottom. No one wants to walk around with shoes that have sticky substances stuck onto them!

In celebration of the AWGE x Under Armour SRLo shoe release, A$AP Rocky and AWGE are hosting an "experiential" pop-up shop in Harlem where visitors can try on the shoe and see how it would look on their feet. The experience spans over four floors with a skate park, rave, retail shop, and food options.

Although there are only two colorways of the AWGE x Under Armour ominous available now - Triple Black and Black/White - there's still plenty to look forward to in the future. In the meantime, take a look at some of the more detailed pictures below for now.

The AWGE x Under Armour Skate Rave Lingos (or 'SRLo' as they're known in Harlem) are the latest addition to A$AP Rocky's collection and you can get your hands on a pair for $250 at an exclusive pop-up event in NYC on September 14. Keep an eye out for a full launch date, but if you happen to be nearby on that day then make sure you stop by for some retail therapy!

Release Date

After months of speculation and previews, A$AP Rocky and Under Armour are finally ready to unveil their sneaker collaboration. The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo brings back the chunky skate shoe design from the '90s while adding Under Armour technology and reflective laces.

The '90s skate and rave culture inspired this pair, designed by former pro skater Dave Mayhew with Under Armour technology including its latest Hovr cushioning technology. It comes in two colorways (black/black and black/blue), each limited to 500 pairs worldwide.

Though UA's new kicks come at a cost of $250, their fanbase believes they're worth investing in. With aspirations to become an influential brand within lifestyle circles, this millennial favorite rapper has all of the necessary credentials to succeed.

Rocky's debut Under Armour sneaker was teased during his May Lab Rat performance piece and is inspired by the Osiris D3 skate shoe that became a craze in the '90s. This chunky silhouette can be easily identified thanks to its bold side panels and midsole.

The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo brings back the skate-inspired silhouette that was once only found at local skate shops but is now sought after by celebrities and the general public. Constructed with mixed material uppers, Under Armour's HOVR cushioning technology keeps this lightweight shoe super comfortable to wear all day long.

The iconic chunky skate shoe of the '90s has been reimagined with an eye-catching chunky design that extends throughout its reflective lacing system and intricate sole. Available on January 22nd at a pop-up shop in Harlem that spans across three floors, these colors will be available to purchase.

Complex reports that the pop-up will include installations, retail spaces and a sneaker release party where fans can purchase the kicks. With demand expected to be high, make sure you get yours before they sell out!

UA has made history by being the first company to have an internationally-renowned rapper endorse their product. Receiving such a prominent figure like Rocky is an excellent way for them to increase visibility and establish credibility with millennials.


When it comes to endorsements, brands need someone whose enthusiasm for their gear is genuine. Furthermore, brands should try their best to keep deals exclusive if possible so the star doesn't appear as though they're simply paying for the privilege of wearing the brand. Rocky has been one such star and this collaboration with Under Armour has been in development for some time.

The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo is a new sneaker from A$AP Rocky's AWGE imprint that's available now. Inspired by 90s skate and rave culture, these shoes boast an upper made up of mixed material plus UA HOVR cushioning technology and feature an attractive reflective lacing system for those who enjoy wearing chunky sneakers.

Who wants to get their hands on this limited edition shoe can do so at an experiential pop-up shop in Harlem. The first floor will offer a retro skate experience and retail section on the second. After purchasing the AWGE x Under Armour SRLo shoe, customers are invited to the third floor for an unforgettable dance party with Rocky and his ASAP Mob crew!

Under Armour has a longstanding tradition of collaborations with sports-related stars, and A$AP Rocky is no exception to that rule. The rapper has been featured on multiple brands over the years and is renowned for adding his unique spin on classic designs.

Rocky often wears Jordans and Vans, but he also occasionally sports Under Armour gear. Generally though, Rocky opts for their products more for aesthetic value rather than performance benefits.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate it. On his Instagram, you'll often see him wearing their shoes when attending concerts or shooting videos with his crew.

The AWGE x Under Armour collaboration offers a fresh take on classic silhouettes, making it an excellent addition to anyone's shoe collection. Its eye-catching design, inspired by Osiris D3, will surely be a hit with fans.


Rumors of A$AP Rocky's Under Armour sneaker have swirled for months, yet little information has been revealed about it. On September 14, however, AWGE and Under Armour SRLo will finally get an official release date: two colorways - black/black and black/white - will be released at a pop-up skate rave in New York City on that same day.

As part of their launch celebration, AWGE and Under Armour will open a four-floor experiential pop-up in A$AP Rocky's hometown of Harlem. The event will include a skate park, house party, retail shop as well as musical performances. Exclusive to this location are 500 pairs of AWGE x Under Armour sneakers in both colorways - each available for purchase!

Beyond having an array of celebrity endorsers (Steph Curry, Tom Brady and Dwayne Johnson are just a few), Under Armour's partnership with Rocky is a smart decision. The millennial-focused MC with certified influencer credentials could potentially draw in a younger, fashion-oriented crowd to their brand - helping Under Armour break away from its "athletics first, casual wear second" mentality that it has often struggled with in the past.

The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo features a hybrid design, drawing inspiration from both technical runners and chunky skate shoes. It boasts a mixed material upper with reflective laces as well as Under Armour's signature HOVR cushioning for optimal comfort and support.

The chunky silhouette is inspired by 90s skate culture, which featured puffy shoes with oversized aesthetics. Additionally, this shoe features a reflective lacing system and intricate design details on the midsole.

As such, the AWGE x Under Armour collaboration will likely be highly sought-after by streetwear enthusiasts. These kicks boast an eye-catching colorway and reflective lacing system as well as UA HOVR cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Limited quantities of the AWGE x Under Armour sneakers will be sold at $250 each at their Harlem pop-up on September 14. To purchase one pair, visit AWGE and Under Armour on September 14 to take advantage of these limited offerings!

aap rocky vans collab

A$AP Rocky Takes His Influence to the Fashion World

A$AP Rocky has long been one of the music world's leading tastemakers, and now he's expanding his influence into fashion. The Harlem rapper recently joined global streetwear brand Pacsun as its first Guest Artistic Director.

Rocky is working with Pacsun on a variety of products, such as Vans sneaker drops. The latest release will launch in early 2022 and features reworked versions of Vans' classic slip-on sneakers and slip-on mules in black and white colorways with multi-colored flame graphics.

A$AP Rocky is more than a rapper; he's one of fashion's most influential tastemakers. He's collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands, from Guess to Parisian cult brand Marine Serre and Brit label JW Anderson.

Early this year, the Harlem rapper donned a pair of shoes from his Vans collaboration in New York City. The shoes feature an all-white base with flame decorations on the side.

In July 2021, Harlem rapper JAY-Z joined PacSun as their first Guest Artistic Director - giving him control over all designer collaborations, campaigns and in-store activations. Since then he's designed four pairs of flame-emblazoned trainer-mules which sold out almost immediately upon release.

As such, Rocky is set to release another pair of sneakers in collaboration with Vans. Based on the classic slip-on model, Rocky has "completely reinvented" it according to American GQ magazine.

In an Instagram post to announce the upcoming launch, Rocky has shared that his new pair of sneakers will be available starting January 14th at Russell Athletic stores and online.

A$AP Rocky has often donned flame-emblazoned Vans shoes during events, such as a Black Lives Matter march. Now the rapper is gearing up for the release of his tenth studio album DONDA, which will mark his twelfth studio record to date.

This year, he's sporting an updated version of the flame-emblazoned sneaker inspired by the side-striped Old Skool design. Crafted from canvas and suede materials with a signature rubber waffle outsole, these sneakers boast classic Old Skool styling.

He's also worn them with an ERL puffer and matching hoodie from his third AWGE x Needles collection, along with pants from New York City-inspired pants from his third collection. In early December, the rapper donned this ensemble to showcase the shoes that will soon be available to the public.

As a fan of the rapper, it's inspiring to see him breaking into fashion by joining Vans. The Harlem-born artist has an established history wearing Vans sneakers, so these new sneakers will make a welcome addition to his wardrobe.


As one of hip hop's most successful artists, A$AP Rocky hasn't forgotten his sense of style. As a fashion influencer, the rapper has collaborated with numerous top brands like Gucci, Dior and Balenciaga just to name a few.

A$AP Rocky's style draws inspiration from skateboarding culture as well as athletics, and he's found success in the fashion world by combining relaxed streetwear with an edgy aesthetic. Recently, A$AP Rocky debuted two capsules with PacSun that feature collaborations with Vans and Russell Athletics.

His latest collection of apparel and sneakers from PacSun is full of nostalgic vibes that feel modern enough to appeal to both fashion-forward and casual audiences. As the guest artistic director for the brand, he's reworked classic Slip-Ons in order to create something nostalgic yet forward-thinking.

These shoes come in black and white colorways with flame graphics across the sides. Topped off with an ASAP Worldwide x Vans label, these sneakers boast a vulcanized rubber waffle outsole for superior grip.

He's also taken the classic Vans Slip-On Mule and given it a fiery makeover to match its Side Stripe. This subtle addition takes the sneaker to another level - exactly what A$AP Rocky intended when redesigned it for his latest collaboration.

On January 14th, A$AP Rocky will release their latest line of apparel and sneakers in stores and online. This collection features reworked versions of their Old Skool and Slip-On sneakers as well as Russell Athletics logo T-shirts, valley shorts and hoodies.

Contrary to some celebrity collaborations, these sneakers are quite affordably priced at $75 - making them a great option for budget-minded shoppers.

In early December, the rapper made an unexpected visit to PacSun's Soho flagship wearing a pair of AWGE x Vans Slip-Ons decorated in orange flames. To complete his ensemble, he also donned an ERL puffer and an AWGE x Needles hoodie - creating the ideal ensemble.

A$AP Rocky is one of music's most renowned emcees and also a fashion expert with an eye for major brand collaborations. He's collaborated with companies such as Guess and Marine Serre, most recently joining Los Angeles-based retailer PacSun as its first guest artistic director - giving him full control over designer collaborations and campaigns.

He previously released a pair of flame-emblazoned trainer-mules in partnership with Cali brand Vans in August, and now they're prepping for another sneaker collaboration. According to PacSun, this Vans x A$AP Rocky model is an updated take on the classic Slip-On shoe and features white flame graphics along the sides reminiscent of those previously released.

Early December, the Harlem rapper donned Vans x A$AP Rocky for a fashion show in NYC. To complete his look, he added pants from his third AWGE x Needles collection for added warmth and style.

Priced at $75 and $80 USD respectively, PacSun's cheap rocky vans collab is sure to be a hit among hip hop fans and fashionistas alike. You can find them on PacSun's web store or in stores nationwide beginning September 16.

Rocky has also joined forces with Russell Athletics on a range of T-shirts and shorts. The Russell Athletics logo T-shirts come in green, black and red while matching valley shorts feature an exclusive "Russell" graphic on one side. Complementary graphic hoodies come in green, black and red as well as blue and rust colors.

As PacSun's first guest artistic director, A$AP Rocky has had an illustrious journey thus far and left his mark on the brand. For his latest collection, he's taken two classic Vans styles - Slip-On and Mule - and updated them with modern details. The shoes feature flame motifs and Vans' iconic Sidestripe while the Mule boasts a co-branded footbed, contrast white toe cap, and Vans logo on the laterals.

Where to Buy

Rapper A$AP Rocky has made a name for himself as an influential fashion tastemaker, representing designers such as Louis Vuitton and Stefan Cooke. As such, the Harlem native has secured several high-profile collabs with major brands, from Nineties icon Guess to Cali label Vans.

Rocky has also collaborated with several streetwear brands, such as Marine Serre, JW Anderson and most recently PacSun. As PacSun's inaugural guest artistic director, Rocky has full control over designer collaborations and in-store activations.

Since July 2021, Rocky has reimagined several classic styles with PacSun. Most recently, this pair of backless Vans mules features flame graphics and can be easily acquired if your closet allows it.

If you're searching for a pair of sneakers with flame-emblazoned sole, A$AP Rocky's Vans collab is an excellent option. Boasting a classic white canvas base and signature flame graphics, these sneakers provide instant style upgrades.

In a market where celebrity-branded sneakers are almost impossible to locate, Rocky's Vans are an affordable and accessible option at $75 per pair. Not only are these shoes great value but they should remain part of your footwear rotation for years to come.

Mule-style footwear provides men with a comfortable, laidback alternative to sneakers. The shoe's padding on its flame-emblazoned soles adds extra cushioning which makes it more likely to be worn for extended periods of time.

Vans mules feature flame-emblazoned detailing that makes them easy to style. Try pairing them with high-waisted jeans or cropped cardigans for an edgy yet relaxed aesthetic.

Though he hasn't always been known for his fashion sense, his latest Vans release serves as a reminder of why he's so beloved in the world of rap. These shoes bring his laidback attitude to a wider audience--particularly those who appreciate slip-on shoes for their ease and comfort they provide.

Last month, A$AP Rocky stopped by Pacsun's Soho flagship wearing an ERL puffer and matching hoodie, plus a pair of Vans x A$AP Rocky Slip-Ons that will be released for purchase on January 14. Expected to sell out quickly, these shoes were snapped up by fans before they knew it!

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