A Shein Clothing

A Shein Clothing

Shein Clothing


Yeah, where did you get the money to buy that?


The only available USA phone number has NOT been set up?! Trying to deal with their customer service in CHINA is most frustrating and a complete waste of time. After the "chat" they always stated "issue solved" but NOT at all. Trying to request a change of address took 12 chats to no avail. They kept saying info "updated" but never gave permission to delivery company to change the address. Will never order from them again even though the prices are great! (Source:

The amount of clothing available on Shein’s website is overwhelming, to say the least. So while the site is easy and intuitive to navigate, know that a “shopping trip” won’t be quick. I spent nearly an hour clicking around before I settled on my pieces: an oversized leopard-print cardigan, a green button-up dress, and a teddy jacket.


I ordered this striped pullover from Shein in 2021 and have worn in on repeat for the last few weeks. It is a knock off of this more expensive Sezane sweater (a French brand I own pieces from and love). It has a boxier fit, thick knit, and cute chunky buttons (I don’t always love Shein’s hardware but these buttons are great). It isn’t scratchy but isn’t crazy soft. It looks like something I’d buy at Madewell for 5 times the price. It comes in three colors and is under $20.

I love shopping at Shein, I have only ever had to return one item to them before due to it being a bit small. I have ordered numerous items from them including shoes, clothes, fashion jewelry and hair accessories and I have never had any issues with the website. Delivery's and refunds have always been processed quickly as well considering they are not based in England and come from quite a distance away. Their clothes are such good quality for the price also and always fit amazingly. I have spent hundreds on Shein now and refuse to shop anywhere else. I love their app also, it shows previous buyers reviews under each item which helps you make a better decision on it before buying. You can earn points to take money off orders too by checking in each day, buying stuff and reviewing products you buy. I like that they do coupons and discounts every so often too. Love love love Shein! (



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