A Rainbow Nails

A Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails

Life is chaotic so please view the below video for our rainbow nails. Learn about our amazing, innovative marketing campaign and how you can get your own rainbow nail!


RAINBOW NAILS is the best destination for nail services in the center of BISMARCK ND 58504. We are dedicated to bring TOP line products mixed with EXPERT technique to the nail salon industry and an AFFORDABLE price. Our sanitation team is committed to providing staff members and clients with the CLEANLIEST work environment. We either use DISPOSABLE TOOLS or thoroughly sterilized implements to protect you from the danger or fungus, diseases and bacteria Our specialties includes Nails, Pedicure, Manicures, Dipping Powder, Waxing,...

“Especially in June, we must give credit where credit is due— the LGBTQ community,” says Miss Pop, an editorial nail artist with a flair for bold designs. “They have made the rainbow a powerful symbol of hope, unity, and fabulousness. The rainbow nail trend has a universal appeal, but a special place in our hearts because of what it has come to mean.” For those of us with a penchant for being late to the party, it may seem like this multi-colored trend is new, but according to Miss Pop, it’s something she’s worn and used for countless beauty stories over the years. (Source: stylecaster.com)


I can wind up down a rabbit hole of nail art DIY videos any day of the week and then wonder what just happened to the past hour of my life. In fact, it took me about three days to write this post for that very reason. But in reality, I have neither the time nor the patience to elaborately paint my nails, or even to sit at the nail salon long enough to get anything complicated done to my nails.

meanmagazine.com)But when I met the lovely lady behind Team Sparkle on my tour of Color Factory (which I’m so sorry to say is completely sold out!) and spied her nails with each finger painted a different color, I thought that might be a nail art project that even I could pull off. (She noted that this was a tame design for her.) So of course I took to Pinterest and found a few more images for inspiration. (Source:



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