A 8x8 tile calculator

A 8x8 tile calculator

8x8 Tile Calculator


It's not enough to offer numbers and facts - you need to connect them in meaningful ways. Otherwise, they're just arbitrary numbers. For example, if a contractor wanted to find out the cost to tile her porch, she could plug in all of the number she knows, like tile size and porcelain, and instantly get a price - but all the math will still be just that: numbers. The builder would need to do the math herself to calculate the cost to construct the porch.


To find how many tiles you need. The first step is to find out the area of the wall or floor on which you want to install the tiles. You can use a measuring tape to measure the area. Make sure you measure area in common unit such as foot, meter, inches, yards, millimeters or centimeters. All of these units are supported by our calculator. Other than maintenance, tiles are also easily replaceable. Our calculator does recommend to buy at least 5% extra tiles to makeup for tiles that get damaged during installation or over time. It is a good practice to buy extra tile even if you don’t expect tiles to get damaged during installation. Because sometimes, specific design may not be available at the time, when you floor tiles get damaged.

To use this calculator change the above fields as desired and click on the Calculate button. Units: To change the units select the desired units and click on the Change Units button. Tile Width: Enter the width of the your tile in inches. Length: Enter the length of the your tile in inches Area. Width: Enter the width of the area you want to calculate Length: Enter the length or height of the area you want to calculate. (Source: www.calculator.com)



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