6 Highlights From Stockholm Design Week 2023

6 Highlights From Stockholm Design Week 2023


6 Highlights From Stockholm Design Week 2023

Stockholm Design Week takes place every February 6-12th, when more than 100 furniture brands, design studios and museums open their doors to an international audience. From exhibitions and talks to events spanning the city's streets, Stockholm Design Week promises a week of unforgettable experiences for visitors from around the world.

In 2023, Alvsjo Gard (one of Stockholm's oldest still-existing manors) became the site for an exhibition dedicated to experimental and collectible design. Spread across 13 rooms, this platform serves as a reflection on how mass-produced products and gallery commissions interact within contemporary design circles.

1. The Nude Edition

Stockholm Design Week began in 2002 as a celebration of Scandinavian design. It's an inspiring week full of news and events where professionals come together to exchange ideas, form new connections and get motivated.

One of the highlights from Stockholm Design Week this year was The Nude Edition, a pilot project designed to demonstrate sustainable ways of exhibiting at an exhibition. Partnered with Recoma and Tarkett, small stands made out of 100% recycled materials were placed throughout the fair to demonstrate how a more circular exhibition industry could be fostered.

Additionally, The Nude Edition also houses a gallery space which showcases contemporary galleries, producers, design dealers and independent makers who are pushing the boundaries of art and design. Situated at Alvsjo Gard manor near the furniture fairgrounds in Stockholm, this curated selection provides an international perspective on experimental design.

In addition to The Nude Edition, the fair also featured The Gallery Edition to further cultivate the relationship between SFF 2023 and Stockholm Design Week. Here, Sophia Bratt beautifully designed an exhibition featuring selected news from the tradeshow.

Essence Cosmetics will launch their very first makeup collection during Stockholm Design Week - The Nude Edition! Featuring nine vegan eyeshadows with highly pigmented formulas for endless looks, The Nude Edition palette can be used for either natural everyday makeup looks or dramatic styles and is easy to apply thanks to ingredients designed to improve product spreadability.

2. Moooi

Moooi is one of the top home furnishings brands worldwide, boasting products made with top-notch materials that will last for years to come.

Established in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is an iconic brand renowned for its beautiful designs that have captured the world's attention. Drawing inspiration from Dutch word "mooi," meaning beautiful, they added an additional 'o' to each design to add extra charm and uniqueness to each piece created.

Moooi's collection is one of a kind; daring, playful, exquisite - and founded on the idea that design should always be about love. Ethnic in spirit and always at the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest, their lighting and furniture pieces provide an outlasting mix that adds an extra touch of creativity & beauty to everyday interiors.

Martien Valentijn, the company's CEO, says: 'Moooi is about bringing beautiful things indoors.'

In 2015, Moooi Collection also unveiled their stunning Moooi Carpets line of carpets featuring designs by Bertjan Pot and Noortje van Eekelen. These carpets will add a vibrant flair to your workspace with eye-catching patterns that will surely turn heads wherever they go.

Moooi stands out with its uncompromising product quality and lighting standards, guaranteeing its pieces will last for years to come. This is why many people choose Moooi to furnish their homes and offices.

3. Alvsjo Gard

Stockholm Design Week 2023 will showcase limited-edition design from galleries and independent designers across 13 rooms on both floors of Alvsjo Gard Manor House, celebrating the timeless appeal of small-scale, collectible design.

This 16th-century manor house, situated close to the fairgrounds, had long been an overlooked space for contemporary design. But this edition of SDW2023 saw its transformation into a vibrant showcase featuring experimental, research-driven and collectible designs from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Alvsjo Gard not only provided visitors with an exciting chance to view the work of emerging Scandinavian designers, it also brought into focus the significance of sustainability within this industry. For instance, Emma Olbers' Now or Never - 1 kg CO2e exhibition by EY Doberman illustrated how furniture and other built environment materials can have an enormous impact on our climate if we are unaware of it.

Similar to this initiative, NK Interiors and Reijmyre Glassworks' 'Together' Project sought to showcase the connection between glassware and modern design. They showcased glass candlesticks by Lisa Hilland and Maxjenny, as well as Anki Gneib's glass floral display.

4. Sculptures from the Factory

Sculptures are three-dimensional works of art that offer viewers a unique perspective. Artists create these masterpieces from various materials like marble, metal and clay - some of the most renowned being instantly recognizable and housed in museums worldwide.

Stockholm Design Week welcomes an innovative selection of experimental design from across Scandinavia at Alvsjo gard manor house, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice. Exhibitors include Pyton Gallery in Norway and Folkform in Sweden as part of this exhibition featuring work that challenges conventional thinking.

These limited-edition pieces are essential for any serious designer or collector. In addition to these stunning objects, the museum also hosts an array of exciting events and activities throughout the week.

In addition to showcasing an array of contemporary pieces, the museum also hosts workshops and talks by prominent Scandinavian artists and designers. This is an invaluable chance for visitors to get acquainted with some of the country's most talented creators.

One such project is Sculptures from the Factory, which incorporates Brutalist architecture with rolling balls. This installation features steel rods that roll down from a tower top through various architectural elements like a spring-like spiral or massive arcade.

The rolling ball sculpture is inspired by the Industrial era and designed to be interactive for visitors. Its shapes and textures resemble animals such as gorillas and horses, while its steel construction pays homage to both natural elements and modern technologies.

5. Misschiefs

Misschiefs, a Swedish all-female art collective, has recently expanded its platform to include 1,000 square meters for womxn artists. This location houses open studios, a showroom and gallery space; plus it's hosting an exhibiton featuring Ellen Hedin, Lotta Lampa, Linea Matei and Josefin Eklund - all exploring identity and the world through their artwork.

One of the most exciting new initiatives at Stockholm Design Week 2023 is The Gallery Edition, designed by Sophia Bratt to foster collaborations between the fair and city. This space showcases selected news from furniture- and lighting brands exhibiting at Stockholm Design Week.

Additionally, The Gallery Edition will debut a range of smaller stands made out of recycled materials which will be reused after use. This initiative takes an eco-friendly approach to exhibiting and its material partners include Recoma and Tarkett.

Sweden's design community is renowned for its progressive attitude toward sustainability, and this year's program will highlight how they are working to reach the UN's 2030 goals. Throughout the week, talks, interviews and panel discussions will bring together experts in design, fashion and architecture to explore how they can transition towards a more sustainable future.

Magniberg Bedlinen Company will host an exhibition of Casper Sejersen's Polaroid photographs at its studio and 1945 restaurant Teatergrillen, while Jenny Nordberg's Accumulations floor lamp is made from recycled steel from producers like Orsjo, Lydotech and Malmo Upcycling Service - providing a prime example of how responsible design can have a beneficial effect on the environment.


Stockholm Design Week is an inspiring week full of design news and events. It also serves as a platform for professionals and design enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, forge new connections, and be inspired.

SHELTER is an initiative that brings together Swedish glassmakers Reijmyre Glassworks with designers. Through contemporary designs crafted from the material, SHELTER plans to travel internationally in order to demonstrate how public spaces can be more connected to their users.

Stockholm Design Week 2023 will feature the SHELTER area at Alvsjo Farm, featuring experimental and research-driven designs and collectibles from galleries and producers alike.

Additionally, there will be a Gallery area featuring smaller stands made from 100% recycled materials. This space promotes sustainability by featuring smaller galleries, producers, and independent makers who push design boundaries.

Sheltering is the process of placing someone inside a building or other structure for safety and protection. It may be temporary or long-term depending on the circumstances.

Emergency shelters are constructed to safeguard people in times of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and pandemics. While they provide temporary protection during these times, emergency shelters should not be relied upon as a long-term solution.

They play an essential role in preventing disease spread, maintaining proper hygiene and shielding people from environmental elements. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to monitor and maintain. Furthermore, building them requires highly skilled labor at a pricey cost.

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